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Where can I find the mirror of twilight?

I looked everywhere in castle town and midna wont help. all she would say is that i will find it in the bustle of castle town. so can u please help?

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What temples?


R351D3NT3V1L4 answered:

You get pieces of the mirror at the end of temples.
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CryBaby51 answered:

There are three temples and their names are: Snowpeak Ruins, Temple of Time and City in the Sky. Complete those dungeons and you will have the three missing pieces of the mirror.
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Kureejii_Lea answered:

Speak with Telma's group at her bar in Castle Town. They should tell you of the temples you need to complete to obtain the mirror shards.
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azvin314 answered:

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azvin314 answered:

U need to beat the abriters ground talk to the sages they say you must find the shards zant hid which r in the snowpeak ruins, temple of time, city in the sky. Then go back to the mirror chamber enter the palace of twilight beat zant then go to hyrule castle beat gannondorf. And what midna means by "maybe we can find something in bustle of castle town" is maybe we can find out some thing out about it.
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zigalellium answered:

no no this person hasn't found the original shard that's already in place yet. hunni i made an account jsut to answer this question for you xD so what u need to do is go to lake hylia. there will be a tall tower on the top of a hill there climb onto the tower where u will meet one of telmas friends. he will give you a paper. bring it to the man that owns the giant canon. he will send u to the desert where u will go into arbiter's grounds and find the first mirror shard. don't forget theres a map on the table in telma's bar. that will mark where the tower is on ur own map. i hope this helped :)
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Jason99129 answered:

Beat Arbiters Grounds, go to the castle town into telmas bar, find out where they are (Snowpeak, Temple Of Time, City in the Sky) and visit Zoras Domain For the 2nd Shard because the first one is arbiters grounds, Faron woods (Where you got the master sword) for the 3rd, and Complete the cannon sidequest to access City In The Sky from the cannon in lake hylia
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