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Whats the difference between Wii TP and GCN TP?

I know besides the fact that the controls and graphics, but whats it mean when it says it's reversed [the gcn version] from the wii one?

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Cy_Gogetenks answered:

The Wii and GCN version's are story wise the same. Only difference is the control scheme and mirror effect. For the Wii they added a fairy to help you with aiming aswell as a target reticle. So say for instance you're heading to Kakarioko Village and it's to the right on the GCN version. You'd have to go left to get there on the Wii version. Since everything was mirrored in the Wii version Link of course got mirrored aswell in order to allow the right handed people of the world to be able to swing the Wii remote and make it feel more realistic.

Other then that i believe they're pretty much the same.....
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gamefreakdotcom answered:

The game cube version is mirrored to the wii version. ie: The 4th temple is to the west in the game cube version. But in the wii version it's to the east. And there might be diffrent cut scenes.
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CryBaby51 answered:

So in the Wii version, Link is right-handed! (Shocking, isn't it?)
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twilight1227 answered:

When it says it's mirrored, it means everything to the left on the gamecube,is on the right for the wii,and vise versa.
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lopston answered:

Controls are different, and for some reason the Wii made Link right handed! Why?
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Jercoyan answered:

They mirrored the wii version to better aquaint the right-handed players who use the wii remote since most people hold it in their right hand.
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Bdog978 answered:

basically the difference between these two is that they are switched around,which means if there is a rock on the RIGHT side in the GC version,the rock will be on the LEFT side in the WII version. its basically just switched around.the story is still the same, though
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knux_boy answered:

The graphics are the same in both versions so that isn't a difference the only differences besides the already mentioned controls is that every thing is flipped. Let's just say that all the stuff that's on the left side of the screen on the CG verson is now on the right side and vise versa. Also for the aiming there is a circular aiming reticule.
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robbert802 answered:

Yes ive noticed on youtube pepole who have the wii have tings on the left while gcn has the same things on the rights i noticed when i went hunting for gbs using yt and i think minda says funnier things on wii
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