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Where do I find the Zora's Prince?

Please need help

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Distant_Rainbow answered:

Later in the game, after you've taken him to Kakariko Village, you can find him in the Graveyard Area behind the village.
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CryBaby51 answered:

I'm not sure where you are in the game, but at some point he can be found in Castle Town (even if it's still in the twilight). Look for Telma's bar (or follow the scent of Ilia).
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lozfan123 answered:

Go to kakiriko village graveyard and there should be a crawl space crawl through it and he'll be there (after u break the ice in zora village and talk to the queens ghost) talk to him and u get the water tunic so u can get into the water temple( 3rd temple)
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pro_gamer19 answered:

Before the 3rd dungeon, he will be bed-ridden, either in Telma's Bar, or in Kakariko (depending on if you completed the transfer mission). After the 4th dungeon, he will be in the room beyond the crawlspace in the Graveyard.
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siyroff4 answered:

castle town in Telma's bar
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lds1anime2girl answered:

If you are after the graveyard talk, you will find him at his palace.
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SneakyLink answered:

Well, if your in the part where you have to find him so you can get the zora armor, then he is located in kakorrko town (sorry, dont know how to spell it) across the graveyard. Go straite, then you'll go under a hole, then you'll see another room with the prince at his mom's grave. ;-) Good luck.
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ZeldaInsane answered:

I think I know what you mean. If you are at the point of the game I think you are, Prince Ralis is at Telma's Bar in Castle Town. He's the Zora boy they were talking about earlier who collapsed, and you might have seen him. If you head into the Castle Town square and head south, then go east down into the little area there, Telma's Bar is at the left. Good luck.
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gamemaster447 answered:

zeldainsane, i think thats the WII version, telma's bar is to the east of castle town
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gamemaster447 answered:

Wait, sry, its south, i just now looked
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