Answered Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Boss key? 1
Can't find the wagon to escort? 1
Fado's house...? 1
Help with City in the Sky? 1
HINTS ARE NEEDED (spoilers are aloud)? 1
How do I find the tear things? 3
How do I finish Lakebed Temple? 1
How do I get back to Lake Hylia without the warp? 1
how do I get past the first temple? 2
How do I get the clawshot? 2
How do I get the hot spring water to the goraon? 2
How do I get the treasure chest in the south area of Hyrule castle that is in the midle of the water?? 2
How do i get though Snowpeak without sinking? 4
How do I get to the bottom of lake Hylia? 1
How do i get to the sacred grove to find the master sword??????? 2
How do I get to the sw ich ubuve the door? 3
How do I return cat? 1
How do I solve (getting the Dominain's Rod magic's back)? 2
How do I solve Hot Spring Delivery? 2
How do I solve the snowpeak dungeon block puzzle? 2
How do l get out of Lake Hylia without the warp? 1
How many poe souls are in the sky temple? 1
I am at Lake Hylia, and have to protect the carriage but I've been trying for 3 days how can I get through it? HELP 1
I am stuck in Hyrule Field and cannot get back to Ordon, how do I get past the boulders? 2
I have opened all the treasure chests and have gone in all rooms (excluding the boss room) in Lakebed temple. ? 1
I need help I'm still stuck can't find Big boss key Arbitor's Grounds? 2
I need help with the howling stones? 1
I've finished the game, but i don't keep the starter clothes? 2
Im in zoras domain and missed getting the vessel of light. What do I do now? 2
Missed Eldin Bridge warp...Help!? 5
Money giving sidequest? 2
Ok im stuck can someone help? 2
Scacred Grove? 2
Where are the last two insects hiding in Lake Hylia? 1
Where do I find the Zora's Prince? 10
Where do i go after i get the master sword ? 2
Where is the Cave of Ordeals? 1
Where is the fourth ghost in the prison dongeon? 1
Where is the guy i give the poe souls to? 11
Which ways do I have to go to get the rock statues to stand in there places? 1

Item Location Help Answers
Big Chest in south of Castle Town? 1
Bottle of spring water? 2
Can u get magic power in this game if so how do u get it? 3
Donating doesn't work? 4
Fish journal heartpeice and bottle? 3
How and where do u get the gale boomerang? 2
How can I get the Hylian Shield after I go into Death Mountain? 1
How do i find certain poe souls? 2
How do i get the chest in snowpeak? 4
How do i get the fishing rod? 3
how do I get the silver rupee... ? 1
How do I get to the "unreachable" chest in Goron Mines? 2
How do I get to the howling stone by Lake Hylia? 1
How do you get the treasure chest that's on a colum outside Lanayru Spring? 2
How much percentage (%) in the fishing hole to fish out the rupee bag? 1
Is it possible to catch a 20 inch Hylian Louch or not? 4
Is there a big sword like (biggorons sword) in twilight princess????? 3
Is there a way back into the temple of time? 1
Magic Armor Good or Bad? 1
Mirror sword Fact or Fiction? 7
Orange Rupee on Eldin Bridge? 1
Temple of time boss Key? 1
The sinking lure still obtainable? 1
The Wooden Shield and Ordan Sword, are they ever useful again? 6
what do I do with Ashel's sketch? 1
What is the double claw shot? 5
When do the cuccos appear in Kakariko? 3
Where are all of the bugs in the Zora area? 4
Where can I find (the bridge to hyrule-garudo mesa)? 5
Where can i find all 4 last pieces of the heart containers? 10
Where can I find all the Golden Bugs? 1
Where can I find boomerang? 2
Where can I find bottle? 3
Where can I find Bottles? 1
Where can I find hyurle shield ? sorry for not the right spelling on the main town. 15
Where can I find more water bombs? 1
Where can I find Rare Chu Jelly? 3
Where can I find reekfish? 2
Where can I find small key in desert? 2
Where can I find the boss key in the Twilight Temple? 1
Where can I find the key in hyrule castle? 1
Where can I find the largest fish in the game? 5
Where can I find the last two ghosts!? 7
Where can I find this heart piece? 2
Where do i find the winter coat? 3
Where do you find/get the 2nd sheld? 5

Other Help Answers
(crHow do I enter codes on the cheat codes? 2
Are there any missables? 6
Bird hunting ? 3
Can heart blocks be restored in all enemy battles? 1
Can I keep the master sword with light? 3
can I return to the temple of time? 5
Can someone help? I need to know if this makes sense with the cave of ordeals. 4
Do you guys see the goats on the west side of Hyrule town? 1
Easiest way to get Rupees? 3
Final Blow? 1
G-R-E-E-N-B-A-R-what-is-it? 7
Game freezes, screws me? 1
GC Version on Wii? 1
Headless statues? 2
Help me plz!? 1
How do I correctly perform the "Back Slice" hidden skill? 4
How do I get in to the 2nd temple? 2
how do i get the chest in the main hall in the Forest Temple? 1
How do I get the Reekfish? 3
How do I get to the top of the bomb shop in Kakirko village to get the 16th insect? 1
How do i get to this chest? 1
How do I reach the chest? 1
How do you pronounce the mayor's daughter's name? 5
How is Epona able to trust Princess Zelda? 1
I accidentally erased my sons saved game from his memory card, how can i get him back to the same spot? 3
I have found a glitch, that's right! you thought it was glitch free. were do i sumbit it? 1
I messed up, and I don't know if its fixable. I don't want to start over. HELP? 2
I need someone to explane in detail how to do the master sword early glitch and then contine the game? 2
I opened the wrong door with my key in Snowpeak Manor. Do I have to restart? 11
I saw a vid on youtube were a guy had a lightsaber in tp how u getit? 9
If I didn't get the heart peice in Foron woods (where the purpul fog is) at the begining or the game can I still get it? 5
Is it worth beating fifty rooms in the caves to gain the Great Fairies in the springs? 8
Is there a place were I can always get Rupees? 1
Is there an after game? 1
Is this game playable for ages eleven? 8
Is this game worth getting twice? 5
Is this random? 1
Is this worth getting for Gamecube? 2
Last Outfit ? 1
Long jump? 2
Maditee, what happened? (refering to a certain glitch) 2
Missed Howling Stones/ Restart Game? 10
Missed my Oasis Flight? 5
Mother and Child Rock? 4
My dada got erased is their any way to get it back? 2
Poe glitch? 2
What about the door in ordon village? 2
What do howling stones look like? And how can i activate them? 1
What do i do with a bottle of water? 1
What do the windmills do? 2
What happened to the statue? 4
What is at the end of the tunnel? 2
What is Rollgoal? 4
What is the point in going to the cave of ordels when u finish it? 3
What is the reward for collecting all poe souls? 1
What skill do you think is the best? 7
What's in the chest on the top rotating tier in Lake Hylia? 3
Whats the difference between Wii TP and GCN TP? 9
When do i get to transform freely? 4
Where are all the kokiri? 5
Where is graveyard??? 9
Where is the mine? 10
Who is he and what does he do? 1
Why do people find the gamecube version of this game better than the wii version? 1
Why do you donate money to the man on west road? 3
Why doesn't the poe soul come out of the Armor statue in Snowpeak? 6
WII or GC? 1

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