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Truly a link to the pastArkrex10/10
Doesn't Come Close to Living Up to the HypeBloodFalcon643/10
Greatest game ev-- no, greatest <i>creation</i> ever!!!chunkyliver120410/10
Meh. The adventures of Link did not impress this time around.Joke Reviewer5/10
Fan Service, Only Not Done Well.TwilitLeviathan5/10
Long anticipated, trying to live up to the hypeDustyShouri9/10
Wasn't what it was hyped up to be (being a Zelda game and all) but still good.Afrocious8/10
An exceptional game, but worth its salt as a Zelda title?anil8tion7/10
Overhyped and underwhelming, but still a very good gameApolloXII8/10
Yet again Nintendo shows us what they are truly capable of.Arnzillazor10/10
Yes, the GCN version still exists.AtlusSaGa9/10
Nintendo tried innovation,... but poorly implemented it...Calamity6/10
Ocarina of Time+new graphics+new Equipment+Imp=Not as good as Ocarina of Time, but still good.captainvidiot9/10
“The Legend of Zelda has been cleansed of the veil of twilight, so now its light can shine through”Codebreaker12348/10
I can't lie; I thought this would top Ocarina of Time.Crazee Boy8/10
A year late, but, with another year of polish, well worth the waitDarker Zen10/10
This is for the ones who stood their ground...discoinferno849/10
To say that Zelda is getting old would be a understatementDistantVoice4/10
Let the Wolves HowlEJRICH8/10
The new game hype is dead, my praise is as well.exrunnerex4/10
Doesn't quite live up to the hypeFlyinTonite7/10
Another instant classic for the Gamecubegeneral53110/10
Another overhyped game that makes me sad...gizzardgulpe7/10
The Greatest Game of All Time?horror_spooky10/10
The best game I have played in a very long timeJPtheGreat9/10
The greatest thing to happen to gaming since 3D graphicsjsnake910/10
Quite possibly the best overall game in the Zelda series.Lock and Chain9/10
The Best Zelda Game Ever madeLordShibas9/10
Quite simply, one of the best Zelda games.Luke_the_Duke159/10
Caught between darkness and lightMariner8/10
The hero will rise again.MSuskie10/10
Twilight Princess definitely deserves royalty statusNerdcoreWorm10/10
Another fine Zelda adventure, though it just doesn't feel complete.Oliwam9/10
The Mystic Charm of ZeldaOmegaOpt58/10
This should be called "Stunning Princess" instead!pandaramaster9/10
A fun game, but not flawlessRageBot8/10
Taking You Back, Taking You Forward, Taking You Back to Take You ForwardRewikitty10/10
In retrospect: The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princessshezamiah8/10
After a long wait, Twilight Princess has arrived and succeeded in being one of the better GameCube gamesShivan Reincarnated8/10
"And to think Ocarina of Time was my favorite"ShurikenOfLight10/10
If only the bosses were a little harder...Soulavenger699/10
"Overhyped"? I think not.SuperSmashBro1310/10
Another great entry to the series, but not without a few flaws.Tithenion9/10
Even a legend can fade.TomNook209/10
Twilight Princess GCN - The Definitive VersionTSA_ZHQ10/10
You got a below average score (4)!UltimaterializerX4/10
The Grape FactorXtremePlaga10/10

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