Additional Level DesignFlorian Kernler
Additional Level Design/Art DirectionStefan M. Haleggar
Additional Level Design/Art TechnicianMiguel Marn
Game & Level DesignJulian Breddy
Game & Level DesignGerhard E. Kodys
Game & Level DesignMichael Paeck
Graphic ArtistMichi Brandstetter
Graphic ArtistSteffan Golles
Graphic ArtistStefan M. Haleggar
Graphic ArtistMiguel Marn
Lead Game DesignerGerhard E. Kodys
Lead ProgrammerAndreas Meissl
Music Composer/Arranger/ProducerWolfgang Tockner
ProducerLisandro Aguilar
ProducerIan Cunliffe
ProgrammerBernhard Gruber
ProgrammerRainer Morwald
ProgrammerUwe Pachler
Sound DesignRobbie Ost
Sound LeadHarald Riegler
Studio Manager/ProducerMichael Paeck


Data and credits for this game contributed by wellington, KeeperBvK, akeboshi, Mookiethebold, LordAndrew, PZT, bcks, and oliist.