Android 17, KibitoChuck Huber
BabidiDuncan Brannan
BulmaTiffany Vollmer
CellDameon Clarke
DaburaRick Robertson
Dr. Gero, Supreme Kai, KibitoshinKent Williams
Frieza, Mecha FriezaLinda Young
Gohan, Great SaiyamanKyle Hebert
Kid Trunks, GotenksLaura Bailey
KrillinSonny Strait
Majin Buu, Kid BuuJosh Martin
NappaPhil Parsons
Teen GohanStephanie Nadolny
Tien, Tiencha, SaibamenJohn Burgmeier
Trunks, World Tournament AnnouncerEric Vale
Vegeta, Piccolo, Recoome, Yamcha, Tiencha, Vegito, ShenronChris Sabat
Videl, Goten, GotenksKara Edwards
Voice of Android 16Jeremy Inman
Voice of Android 18Meredith McCoy
Voice of Captain GinyuBrice Armstrong
Voice of Goku, Gokule, and VegitoSean Schemmel
Voice of Hercule and GokuleChris Bager
Voice of Raditz, Cell Jr, and Super BuuJustin Cook


Data and credits for this game contributed by Chaos Control, psykoantwon, Xcarvenger, Blueberry Buttface, Llamaman2, Mookiethebold, odino, PZT, _Genesis, and oliist.

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