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Author: Swwatter
E-Mail: swwatter@mail.com
Platform: SonyPlaystation2 (PS2)
Game: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
Version: 0.1a

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|                   ---===|0 - TABLE OF CONTENTS|===---                   |
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9.3 - BANK
9.8 - SEOUL



|		  		                                              |
|                        ---===|1 - INTRODUCTION|===---                       |
|		 	                                                      |

This FAQ/WALKTHROUGH will give detail to the game: Tom Clancy's Splinter 
Cell Chaos Theory. I will cover ONLY the PlayStation2 (PS2) version of the
game, NOT the XBOX or the GameCube (GC) version. This FAQ/WALKTHROUGH will
give you a full guide on finishing the game 100%. Also, DO NOT ask me about
ANY of the Co-Op or Multiplayer parts of the game as this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH 
does NOT cover them.

If you wish to E-Mail me about anything regarding the game, or regarding 
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|                            ---===|2 - STORY|===---                          |
|		 	                                                      |

(As from the Manual)

Japan's creation of an Information Self Defence Force is deemed a violation
of international law and of their own Constitution and ignites rising 
tensions between Japan, China, and North Korea. Facing North Korean and 
Chinese blockades of shipping across the Korea Strait, Japan requests US 
assistance in the accordance with American obligations under Article 9 of 
the Japanese Post War Constitution.

Mounting evidence gathered by the I-SDF indicated that the devastation of 
the Japeanese economy on the now infamous 'Black Gold Day' may have been 
caused by intentional Information Warfare attacks.

As nations begin to mobilies and the United States activates the USS 
Clarence E Walsh, the world's premier Electronic and Information Warfare 
platform and dispatches her to the region, Third Echelon gets wind of a 
small and seemingly unrelated incident that may end up having global 

(As from Me)

Oooooooo.. Scary things are happening! The worlds biggest nerds are being 
kidnapped and nobody knows where they are, what they're doing, or who has 
them. Except for Third Echelon of course because they just seem to know 
EVERYTHING in the world, eh? But the scary thing about all these 
kidnappings is that these nerds, well, they were behind the mystery 
blackouts over the world in 2003, and now there are more Blackouts in 
America in 2007, as well as a crash in the Chinese Market, and even an 
Anti-Ship Missile strike on ships! AND these guys have seemingly gone 
missing just before all these events started to happen. Coincidence? I 
think not!

World War III seems to be only a few days away, and you play Sam Fisher, a
deadly Splinter Cell that is his own shadow, and master of defensive arts 
and whatnot. In short, Sam Fisher is a Third Echelon Field Operative that 
kicks the living crap outta the enemy, as well as intimidates them enough 
to wet themselves. So go on, see if you can stop World War III from 
happening, otherwise, we're all gonna die...

|		  		                                              |
|                          ---===|3 - CHARACTERS|===---                       |
|		 	                                                      |


BORN: 1957 (AGE IN-GAME: 50)
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 170lbs

Third Echelon's calpel, field operatives use the latest high technology and
espionage techniques to infilrtrate sensetive locations, retrieve 
information, and execute operations the US government cannot acknowledge.

Fisher has been on the front lines of espionage through several key 
decades of world history. He has not only survived but excelled in the 
field of espionage through hard work, insatiable curiosity, and brutal 
honesty. He has little time for polite niceties and even lessfor lies. He 
is quiet, instinctive, and observant, somebody who watches from the 

Though fully aware of his skills, Fisher understands that his survival has
often been a gift of chance. He knows he is human and fallible and does not
want to die. He covers his fears with strange and slightly dark sense of


And I can't believe this guy's 50 years old! Look at him! My dad can barely
hold his own weight and this guy goes around shooting people, hanging off
ropes, going upside on pipes to pick up someone and bust their neck. All 
that! I wish this guy was MY dad.



BORN: 1961, Batcave, South Carolina (AGE IN-GAME: 46)
HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: 270lbs

Lambert is the Third Echelon director of operations, answering to the Third
Echelon director. He is in charge of all Third Echelon field operations.
Lambert became involved in intelligence as a young man and rose quickly in
rank and responsibility. He was in the Gulf for the months leading up to 
Desert Storm, coordinating SIGINT and running double agents. Once the war 
began, he was aiming lasers and arranging for television coverage of the 
good parts. He is a popular and well-connected man in Washington, D.C., 
though minimally trusted and never publicly acknowledged.


I know Fisher is old, but I thought Lambert was older. Much older in fact.
But it obviously seems that he wasn't older. But he is extremely serious 
about his work, even when Fisher tries to joke around or be sarcastic.



BORN: 1974, Boston, Massachusetts (AGE IN-GAME: 33)
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 128lbs

Anna Grimsdottir is a civilian computer and signal intelligence technician.
Her job is to provide technology and communications support to a field
operative. She is calm and confident of her abilities and capable of 
tackling the best computer security systems in the world. Grimsdottir is a
second-gerenartion American; her mother came to the US alone from Akureyri,
in Northern Iceland. Grimsdottir dropped out of St. John's college in the
mid-nineties and worked as a programmer in different private communications 
firms contracted by the US Navy. She was recruited into the NSA in the 
late nineties, and rose quickly in rank as the Internet became more and 
more important to national security.


She's disgustingly sexy (I don't care if she's a 3D Character, she's still
screwdgeable). And often flirts with Fisher. I think she likes him. He 
doesn't think so. And neither does she. But I know they do. Flirting always 
goes so far. Just wait 'till they get back together after this whole ordeal
*growl growl*.


BORN: 1969, San Diego, California (AGE IN-GAME: 38)
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 180lbs

Fisher's new field runner is a calm, book-wormy type. He is fanatical about
his planning, preparation, and data, and is meticulously accurate in every
facet of his job. He is a bit of a fetishist when it comes to weapons and 
vehicle specifications and could list from memory every item aboard an 
Osprey at any time, including its weight and location.

Will attended the University of Chicago where he received a BA in political
science with a dual major in history. He then applied for admittance to the
Marine Corps where he trained as a communications specialist and rose 
quickly to the rank of Captain. He left the Corps to work for the NSA as a
signal intelligence analyst. He soon found that his experience as a Marine
ended up getting him assigned to atypically dangerous locales - and 
bringing him a lot or recognition.


This guy is definitely a book-worm nerd, yet calm. I like him cause this 
guy knows his weapons and gadgets, and he's the one that sets you up with
his own recommendations before you start a mission, or if you wish, you 
can choose Stealth or Assault specifications for the mission. Yup. This guy
sets you up with the stuff. It's just your choice to use it.

|		  		                                          |
|                         ---===|4 - CONTROLS|===---                      |
|		 	                                                  |

Here is a list of the basic controls for the game:


B-Pad (Button Pad)


D-Pad (Directional Pad)


T-Pad (Top Pad)


M-Pad (Middle Pad)






|		  		                                          |
|                       ---===|1 - MINI-GAMES|===---                      |
|		 	                                                  |

In this section, I will explain how you use the Lock-Picking and Hacking
Mini-Games in the game.

|		  		                                          |
|                     ---===|1.1 - LOCK-PICKING|===---                    |
|		 	                                                  |

Found a locked door that has a lock on it, but you don't have the key? Well
you DO have a key, but it's just harder to use. It's called the Lock-Pick.
To unlock a door, Pick Lock on the Interaction screen.

Now you'll have the interface of the lock itself, and the pins. Now you 
have to pick the lock. Rotate the Left Analog Stick until Sam starts to 
jiggle one of the pins. Once he jiggles, hold the Left Analog Stick in the
general direction where Sam began to jiggle. Now you jiggle slightly from 
left to right in the general direction where Sam began to jiggle, and Sam 
then jiggles a little more. If you do this for long enough, the pin will 
lift up, and Sam will go onto the next pin.

Keep doing this until enough pins of the door are unlocked, and Sam will 
unlock the door for you. It's as easy as that. But I do not recommend you 
try unlocking a door through Lock-Picking if you're being chased by an 
enemy. Instead, break the lock yourself. It's quicker to get away from the
enemy, however, breaking a lock is loud and guards will notice the lock is
broken if he happens to walk by.

|		  		                                          |
|                       ---===|1.2 - HACKING|===---                       |
|		 	                                                  |

Oh no. You found a Computer that cannot be accessed due to the security. 
You found a keypad and have no idea what the code is. Or you found some 
damn retinal scanner, and have nobody to co-operate with you to open it 
yourself. So now, you have to go hack these machanisms.

All right, we'll start from the top. You have a Key Pad that needs to be
hacked, right? Well, go up to the Key Pad, interact with it, and choose 
"Hack Keypad". Now you'll get an interface popping up.

On the top you have 15 - 20 possible port combinations. And one of these, 
yes that's right, only one of these is the right one. What you're going to
have to do now is choose the right one. To do this, you're going to have to
break down the possible combinations to just one, if possible.

On the bottom shows four fragment squares that are scanning the ports. 
Every one or two seconds, a number will highlight. This is one of the 
numbers of the combination. And only one of these squares are highlighted 
by you. It is your job to move to the different highlighted squares and 
break down the possible combinations.

To the right of the four fragment squares is the amount of times you can
lock a fragment. This number ranges from 2 - 4. The harder the security 
system, the less times you can lock in a possible fragment.

Pressing the SQUARE BUTTON will lock a fragment. The X BUTTON will choose
the selected combination. The TRIANGE BUTTON will exit the hacking 
interface. The LEFT and RIGHT BUTTONS on the D-PAD switches between the 
fragment squares. And the UP and DOWN BUTTONS on the D-PAD switches 
between the combinations.

Just above the four fragment squares is a countdown timer. See the line on
the bar decreasing each second? Well if that bar reaches the left, the 
alarm will sound. So we're going to have to do this hacking thing quickly.
Oh yes, I almost forgot. The countdown bar changes colour as the line gets
closer and closer to left-hand-side. You can always quit out of the hacking
interface no matter where the countdown line is, however, once the 
countdown bar reaches the final 1/4 of the bar, the bar starts to turn red.
If you quit out of the hacking interface whilst the bar is red, the alarm
system will sound. Hopefully you can choose the right combination with the
remaining seconds you have IF you end up reaching the red colour on the 
countdown timer.

Now I'm going to explain how to use the HACKING MINI-GAME to hack a keypad,
computer, or retinal scanner, with visuals.

Here you have 15 possible combination IP addresses: ?? <------ POSSIBLE COMBINATION ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? xx <------ COMBINATION SHUT OFF
SELECTED COMBO  ======> ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
COUNTDOWN TIMER -------------------> $| 3 <------ NUMBER OF LOCKS LEFT
			xxx|xx|xx|xx <------ FRAGMENT SQUARE(s) (FS)
			 *     __ ## <------ LOCKED FRAGMENT
			 ^      ^  
			 |      |  
			 |      |  
                         |      \-------- HIGHLIGHTED NUMBER FRAGMENT (HNF)

Now the COUNTDOWN TIMER has started, some random numbers are popping up in
the FS. When a number in the FS is highlighted, switch the HFS to the HNF 
and press the SQUARE BUTTON. **NOTE** That you have only one second to 
choose the HNF. So make sure you have the HNF highlighted before you press

If you press the SQUARE BUTTON when you have highlighted the HNF, the
possible combinations will break down and the NUMBER OF LOCKS LEFT will
reduce by one. However, if you press the SQUARE BUTTON when you have a 
number highlighted, however, the number fragment is not highlighted, the 
NUMBER OF LOCKS LEFT will reduce by one, yet the combination possibilities
remain the same. So make sure you have your HNF highlighted before you 
press the SQUARE BUTTON to lock a fragment!

Now lets get down to locking down the possible fragments, and reducing the
number of combinations to one.

STAGE 1: **NOTE** There are only "3" NUMBER OF LOCKS LEFT. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
		======> ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
			|	    $ | 3

Now since HFN is 33, and I have highlighted the box, I will press the 
SQUARE BUTTON in time, I have locked the number fragment 33 in its place, 
and many of my possible combinations have been reduced.
STAGE 2: **NOTE** That there are only "2" NUMBER OF LOCKS LEFT. ?? xx xx xx
		======> ?? ?? xx
 xx xx ?? ?? ?? xx xx ??
			|	  $   | 2
		        ___ __    ##

Now that I've locked 33, time to wait a little for the next fragment number
to be highlighted. Turns out 45 AND 193 get highlighted, and I quickly 
change the HFS to 45 and press the SQUARE BUTTON. However, I am too slow to
lock the 193 FRAGMENT NUMBER, so I'm going to have to wait for the next 
opportunity. **NOTE** That there are only "2" NUMBER OF LOCKS LEFT.

STAGE 3: **NOTE** That there is only "1" NUMBER OF LOCKS LEFT. ?? xx xx xx
		======> ?? xx xx
 xx xx xx xx ?? xx xx xx
			|      $      | 1
		            ## __ ##

Two fragments locked, and I have only one more NUMBER OF LOCKS LEFT. I wait
a fair while and the number 69 is highlighted. I highlight the number 69 
and press the SQUARE BUTTON and lock the fragment.

STAGE 4: **NOTE** That there are no more NUMBER OF LOCKS LEFT.

		======> ?? xx xx xx ?? xx xx
 xx xx ?? xx ?? xx xx xx
			|   $         | 0
		        ___ ## ## ##
CRAP! I still have 3 possible combinations, no more NUMBER OF LOCKS LEFT, I
have only a few seconds left on the COUNTDOWN TIMER, and it looks like that
I am going to sound an alarm! Luckily for me, the final number gets 
highlighted and it's a 193. I quickly change the SELECTED COMBO from to and press the X BUTTON. The combination is 
correct, and the door is now open. Phew!

Yes I know I made it look hard, but it really isn't all that hard at all! I
have mastered the HACKING MINI-GAME in no time at all. For those who still
find it hard, here are a few tips that can help:

-- Lock down as many fragments as fast as possible
-- DO NOT lock down a fragment that isn't highlighted or you will waste a 
-- Sometimes the number of possible combinations will go down to 1 in 2 or
   3 locks
-- DO NOT RANDOM GUESS!!! The possibility of guessing wrong is 14/15 in 
   this case. So MAKE SURE you lock down and many possibilities as possible
   before you go on and choose a combination.
-- If you run out of NUMBER OF LOCKS LEFT, QUIT.. Unless of course the
   COUNTDOWN TIMER is down to the last 1/4, you'll have to figure out the
   combination yourself
-- Don't be afraid to quit and start over
-- If you quit, the possible combination will change itself when you try to
   hack again

|		  		                                          |
|                 ---===|6 - ACTIONS AND MOVEMENTS|===---                 |
|		 	                                                  |

In the game, Sam does some pretty nifty things to get through the life of
a Field Operative. You should use ALL of these moves throughout the game as
it helps to survive. Keep in mind all the moves that Sam can do.

|		  		                                          |
|                     ---===|6.1 - BASIC MOVES|===---                     |
|		 	                                                  |

CROUCHING  -  Press the CIRCLE BUTTON to CROUCH. Your movement does get 
              slower, but you're more quieter and less visible whilst 

MANTLING  -  Press the TRIANGLE BUTTON and push foward into low objects 
	     such as cratesn tables, beds etc. and you will crawl, or 
	     "mantle" onto them.

CLIMBING   -  Climbing a pipe, ladder, virtical cable, or fence is a piece
              of cake. Just walk into it. Press the CIRCLE BUTTON to jump 

CLOSE ATTACK  -  You got spotted from trying to grab someone from behind, 
                 now they got their guns pointing at you, yet you're really
		 very close. So close-combat is faster and more efficient 
		 instead of taking out your weapon, pointing, and firing. 
		 To CLOSE ATTACK on someone, make your way very close to 
		 the enemy and press the R1 BUTTON to use your knife to 
		 kill them, or press the L1 BUTTON to knock 'em out.

BACK TO WALL  -  Whilst CROUCHING or STANDING, and near a wall, press the 
		 L3 BUTTON and you will put your back to the wall. You are
		 less visible when you have your back to the wall.

SHIMMYING  -  Reminds me of Tomb Raider. Anyway, press the TRIANGLE BUTTON
	      to jump and hold onto a a ledge. Move the LEFT ANALOG STICK 
	      left to shimmy left, and right to shimmy right. Press the 
	      TRIANGLE BUTTON again to climb up if there is room. And press
              the CIRCLE BUTTON to drop off the ledge.

HAND-OVER-HAND  -  Press the TRIANGLE BUTTON to jump and hold onto a 
		   horizontal pipe. To bring Sam's legs up to clear 
		   obstacles, press the TRIANGLE BUTTON again. Press the 
		   CIRCLE BUTTON to let go.

INVERTED NECK SNAP  -  My favourite move. When you're holding onto a 
		       horizontal pipe with your legs up, move to a 
		       position above an NPC. Once the interaction window 
		       appears, press the R1 BUTTON for a LETHAL ATTACK, or
		       the X BUTTON or L1 BUTTON for a NON-LETHAL ATTACK.

WATER KILL  -  This is really cool and new to the SPLINTER CELL series. 
	       When you're in water, get close to an NPC. When the 
	       interaction window appears, press the X BUTTON, and you will
	       grab your enemy into the water, and drown them to death. 
	       Pretty cool, huh?

ZIP LINE  -  Press the TRIANGLE BUTTON to grab hold of a sloped wire or zip
	     line. You will slide down automatically. Press the TRIANGLE
	     BUTTON to raise your legs, and the CIRLCE BUTTON to let go.

|		  		                                          |
|                  ---===|6.2 - ADVANCED MOVEMENTS|===---                 |
|		 	                                                  |

ROLLING  -  Whilst running, either crouching or standing up, press the 
	    CIRCLE BUTTON and you will do a roll. When standing up and 
	    rolling, you will end up in the crouching position. Same goes 
            for when you are crouching, you will role, and end up crouching

SPLIT JUMP  -  This is really cool. When you're in a corridor that isn't 
	       too wide and pretty high, face the wall, press the TRIANGLE
	       BUTTON to jump, press the TRIANGLE BUTTON again to push off
	       the wall and you will do a SPLIT JUMP.

HALF SPLIT JUMP  -  Same thing as SPLIT JUMP but used when you're in a 
		    smaller corridor.

DROP ATTACK  -  If you can some how get above an enemy and drop down on 
		them, you will knock the enemy out.

RAPPELLING  -  To rappel, stand near the hook point indicated by the
               interaction window and press the X BUTTON. Sam will hook a 
	       rope onto the hook point, hook the rope onto his waist, and
	       will slowly lower himself down. Same can move both up and 
	       down the rope. Press the TRIANGLE BUTTON to kick off the 
	       wall. Press the TRIANGLE BUTTON and hold down on the LEFT 
	       ANALOG STICK to jump off the wall and quickly go down like
	       you see on the movies.

RAPPEL SHOOTING  -  When RAPPELLING, you can take out your pistol or the
		    SC-20K, and shoot people you can see around the place.
                    Grenades and other throwable objects cannot be used.

HANGING SHOOTING  -  When hanging from a vertical pipe and when your legs 
		     are not tucked, press the SQUARE BUTTON to take out
		     your pistol. You will hang off with one hand, and 
		     point around with the other.

SWITCH SHOULDER  -  This is more useful than you think. When equipped with
		    your pistol or SC-20K, press the L3 BUTTON and you will
		    change the arm you use to aim the weapon, as well as 
		    change the trigger hand. That way if you wanna look 
		    around the corner to the right, press the L3 BUTTON, 
		    and you will have a better view around the corner with
		    your weapon equipped, and have a lesser chance of being
		    discovered when you go peeking.

BASH DOOR  -  This is SOOOO cool! Remember how in the first two Splinter 
	      Cells you'd put the optical camera under the door and see 
	      some guy with his back towards you just standing there, and
	      you had to open the door quietly then grab him to knock him 
	      out? Well now there's a better way to do it. In the 
	      interaction screen, you can choose to bash open the door in 
	      the interaction screen. This will make some noise, but if a
	      guy is on the otherside, KA-BLAMYs! And KO.

              **NOTE** Remember how in the first two Splinter Cells you 
	      could push the door closed if enemies were trying to get into
	      the same room you were in? Well now that has all changed. 
	      Instead of the stupid enemy going "Oh well" and walking away,
              if you push the door closed again too much, the enemy will 
	      ALSO bash the door open. If you're close enough, you will
	      also go KA-BLAMYs! And KO.

BREAK LOCK  -  Aaaaah yes. This is real good to have. Instead of having to
               pick every locked door, you can down bust it open. However,
	       this IS noisy, and guards will wonder what the hell happened 
               if they hear the noise, then see that the lock is busted.

|		  		                                          |
|          ---===|6.3 - NON-PLAYER CHARACTER-LINKED MOVES|===---          |
|		 	                                                  |

MOVE BODY  -  If you don't want the dead and/or unconscious bodies to be
              discovered, you're gonna have to move 'em into dark areas 
	      where nobody will look. When you get to a downed enemy, press
	      the X BUTTON in the body interaction screen to pick up the 
	      body. You CAN move around whilst you're holding someone. 
	      Press the X BUTTON to put the enemy down quietly, or the 
	      TRIANGLE button to chuck 'em down. If you're discovered 
	      carrying a body and need to start shooting the hell outta 
	      people, tap the R2 BUTTON. This will make you drop the body 
	      and pull out your guns as fast as you possibly can.

GRABBING  -  To grab the enemy, sneak up behind them. When the interaction
             screen comes up, press the X BUTTON to grab the character. You
             can still move around with the enemy whilst you're grabbing 

HUMAN SHIELD  -  Oh yeah, this is pretty good while they last. If you need
		 to use your pistol for anything, press the SQUARE BUTTON.
		 Enemies don't care about who you've got, they'll still 
		 fire on you. So kill them before they kill your human 
		 shield, then kill you after that. You can also move around
		 when you have your pistol drawn, holding onto someone.

INTERROGATION  -  Some enemies can be interrogated to get useful 
		  information. To do so, grab the enemy, and press the X 
		  BUTTON on the interaction screen to interrogate 
		  character. Try to interrogate as many opponents as 

FORCE CO-OPERATION  -  Some object cannot be used by you, such as the 
		       Retinal Scanner. When you need a door to be unlocked
		       by a Retinal Scanner, and you don't want to hack it,
		       get a nearby enemy and drag them towards it. Press 
		       the X BUTTON when near the Retinal Scanner, and you
		       will put your gun to the enemies' head, and they 
		       will open up the door.

|		  		                                          |
|              ---===|7 - WEAPONS, ITEMS, AND GADGETS|===---              |
|		 	                                                  |

There are some pretty cool things you can use in the game.

SC-20K RIFLE  -  It's your main weapon, and it can be equipped with one of
		 four attachments.

SC-20K AMMUNITION  -  You use standard NATO 5.56 x 45mm rounds. Each 
		      magazine contains 30 bullets.

SC-20K ATTACHMENTS  -  The rifle can be equipped with four different types
		       of attachments. Each attachment is used for a 
		       specific purpose. And the attachments will be 
		       unlocked as you go through the game. To attach a 
		       certain attachment, tap the R2 BUTTON and you will
		       change the attachment.

1. FORE-GRIP ATTACHMENT  -  This attachment gives you a helluva lot more
			    accuracy when shooting.

2. LAUNCHER ATTACHMENT  -  This attachments lets you launch different 
			   devices. Each device has its own 
			   characteristics. The launcher attachment lets 
			   you shoot four different types of projectiles:

> STICKY SHOCKER  -  Ths STICKY SHOCKER releases electrical surge when it
		     hits the target, rendering the target unconscious. 
		     It's also really cool when some enemy is in the water
		     and you shoot one of these into the water, they will 
		     get electricuted. Make sure you're not in the water 
		     when you do this! To shoot a STICKY SHOCKER, equip it
		     in your launcher and press the L1 BUTTON.

>> STICKY CAMERA  -  Used for surveillance operations. Once the camera is
		     launched you will automatically switch to the camera's
		     perspective. You can control the point of view at
		     which the camera is, AND the camera has zoom 
		     capabilities, thermal, AND night vision lenses. You 
		     can trigger the camera to make noise by pressing the 
		     L2 BUTTON. When an enemy or enemies are around the 
		     STICKY CAMERA, press the R1 BUTTON to release 
		     poisonous gas from the camera. This will render the 
		     enemy or enemies unconscious, and the camera will 
		     destroy itself.

>>> GAS GRENADE  -  The gas grenade produces harmful hydrochloric fumes 
		    that will KO anyone in its radius who is not wearing
		    protective gear. So don't try KO someone with the GAS 
		    GRENADE who is wearing a mask cause that's just stupid.

>>>> RING AIRFOIL  -  This is pretty cool. I never use it, but when I'm
		      mucking around, the RING AIRFOIL is my best friend. 
		      Shoot the RING AIRFOIL at an enemy's head. They'll be
		      KO'd instantly.

3. SNIPER ATTACHMENT  -  This attachment lets you use your sniper view with
			 better accuracy, and shoot with a helluva lot of
			 power. You can hit targets from long distances. 
		         But it makes a lot of noise, so handle it with 
		         care. Press L1 to shoot a sniper round. You can 
			 still shoot your primary fire using the R1 button.

4. SHOTGUN ATTACHMENT  -  Yeah man, this is what I'm talking about. High
			  power, close-quarter, shoot-em-up SHOTGUN 
			  ATTACHMENT. Shoot someone at close distance and 
			  watch them FLY! Press L1 to shoot a shotgun 
			  round. You can still shoot your primary fire 
			  using the R1 button.

5 - 7 PISTOL  -  Yeah. The pistol It's cool. With a 20-round magazine, no
		 flash and low noise, who wouldn't be happy to have this 
		 thing on their belt?

OCP (Optically Channelled Potentiator)  -  Long name. That's why it's
					   abbreviated. You know what it 
					   does? Well, it disables exposed
					   light sources (meaning lights 
					   that aren't covered up by 
					   coverings or mesh), disables
					   computers, AND cameras! Only 
				           temporarily, however. But it's
					   an awesome tool. Just point the
					   crosshair at what you want to 
					   disable, and press the L1 button
					   to watch it fry. But you can't
					   use it over and over again. Once
					   used, you gotta wait for it to
					   charge up to use it again.

EEV (Electronically Enhanced Vision)  -  Another long name. These things
					 are so cool. You can scan objects
					 from a distance. You can zoom in 
					 to see what the enemy is doing. If
					 you want to listen in on a 
					 conversation, the EEV has a laser
				         microphone (just like on the first
					 Splinter Cell) planted within the
					 EEV so it enhances conversations.
					 You can toggle Thermal, Night, and
					 EMF vision modes as you normally 
					 would. You can even hack 
					 computers, keypads, and retinal 
					 scanners via wireless link! 
					 However, it's slightly harder to 
					 hack. Now isn't this a great 
					 present to buy your children for 

EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency)  -  I think Third Echelon has something 
				    with long names. Anyway, this is a new
				    thing in the Splinter Cell series. When
				    you go into this vision (by pressing 
				    the UP button on the D-PAD), everything
				    will turn blue. And the things that can
				    be disabled using the OCD is displayed.
				    It's pretty cool, and very useful.

NVG (Night Vision Goggles)  -  Just like in the first two Splinter Cells,
			       the NVG lights up darker areas, but goes 
			       REALLY bright when you put the NVGs on in 
			       lighted up areas.

TVG (Thermal Vision Goggles)  -  Just like the first two Splinter Cells, 
				 the TVG shows hot and cold wave patterns.
				 Useful to see who or what is behind closed
				 doors and inside tents.

WALL MINE  -  A motion-sensetive explosive that can be attached to almost 
	      ANY surface. To place a mine somewhere, go up to a wall and 
	      press the R1 BUTTON. To deactivate a WALL MINE, sneak up to 
	      it as slow as possible. See how the light flashes from red to
	      green. Well on green, press the X BUTTON, and you will 
	      deactivate the WALL MINE. You can also take the WALL MINE 
	      for yourself if you wish. However, if you deactivate the
	      WALL MINE when the light is on red, KA-BLAMYs!

FRAG GRENADE  -  The M67 FRAG GRENADE. Anyone whose played shoot-em-up 
		 games before loves the M67 FRAG GRENADE. Throw is, and 
		 when the grenade detonates, shrapnel goes EVERYWHERE, 
		 killing anybody who is close enough to the detonation.

SMOKE GRENADE  -  Useful if you wanna get through a room or corridor 
		  without being spotted. You wanna give the enemy 0 
		  visibility? Well, chuck one of these at them, and walk on

FLASH GRENADE  -  Kind of the same as the SMOKE GRENADE, however, it 
		  doesn't show smoke. Instead, a nice big flash happens, 
		  and everyone who was looking at the grenade is flashed. 
		  They can't hear, nor see for a small while. So use this
		  opportunity to either kill 'em, choke 'em, or run past 

|		  		                                          |
|              ---===|8 - 100% COMPLETION REQUIREMENTS|===---             |
|		 	                                                  |

Wanna be better than James Bond? Well complete the following and you will

[ ] 0 Enemies Killed
[ ] 0 Detections
[ ] 0 Alarms Raised
[ ] 0 Times Identified As Intruder
[ ] 0 Bodies Found
[ ] All Objectives Completed

If any of these objectives are missed, skipped, or done wrong, you will 
not reach the 100% completion even if you meet the other requirements.

Cancellation of objectives during missions does not have a negative impact
on your 100% completion score.

Knocked out enemies and civilians does not have a negative impact on your 
100% completion score.

Killing an enemy an objective specifically tells you to kill does not have
a negative impact on your 100% completion score.

By All Objectives Completed I mean EVERY SINGLE OBJECTIVE. Primary, 
Secondary, AND Optional. If you do not complete all objectives, you will 
not get your 100% completion score.

|		  		                                          |
|                      ---===|9 - WALKTHROUGH|===---                      |
|		 	                                                  |

Yes I know. You probably just skipped everything else and came straight 
here. It's okay, I understand. But this is where the hard part comes in. I
played this game through all three levels, all three times, starting off 
with HARD, then EXPERT, then NORMAL. NORMAL was of course pretty damn easy.
But the levels DO NOT change no matter WHAT difficulty level it is.

Just note that I will be assuming throughout this whole entire section that
you know the controls, so I'm not gonna be saying things like "To grab this
character, press the X BUTTON whilst in the Interaction Screen, and press 
the X BUTTON to Interrogate them".

This WALKTHROUGH will show you how to complete the game for the PS2 version
of the game. XBOX is TOTALLY different to PS2, so if you're trying to find 
something for XBOX, consult the XBOX WALKTHROUGH/FAQ. If you follow the non-
lethal ways in the game, this WALKTHROUGH shows how you can finish the game
100% as well. So without further ado...

|		  		                                          |
|                      ---===|9.1 - LIGHTHOUSE|===---                     |
|		 	                                                  |











You have been inserted on a beach. You have your boat sitting there. And 
yeah. Anyway. It's dark, so get your NVGs on and walk through the small 
pool of water up ahead. You'll see some rocks that are amazingly cube-like 
Climb your way up and go into the cave. Whilst making your way through the
cave you will hear gunshots. Lambert is concerned and asks if everything is
okay. Yeah, everything's okay. But the gunshots are coming for a furthur
up. And they're not AK-47s either. They're some other kinds of weapons. So
now you have a new PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:


Crawl through the space and climb your way up. You'll come to an opening of
the cave and a bridge. If you go straight ahead, you'll fall down the 
crevace. So watch yourself in here. You'll hear two guards talking about 
how smugglers used these caves to smuggle things in and out of the island.
One guard is concerned and scared that it might be dangerous to go 
searching, the other guard, being all tough and marcho, says it's all good.

One guard crosses the bridge. Make sure you hide either back in the hole
from whence you came, or in the pool of water not too far away from the 
bridge. The best way to go through here is without killing anybody. So 
wait for one of the guards to cross the bridge and make his way towards the
crevace and almost falling. The other scared guard is too chicken so he 
announces that he's going to "head back". As the confident guard is 
enjoying the cravace, walk behind the guard, grab him, and interrogate him.
He makes a reference about Metal Gear Solid 3 which is pretty funny. Well 
I thought it was funny.

Anyway, once done, knock him out and cross the bridge. You'll find yourself
a hallway. Make your way through it. Once you reach the end you'll find the
scared guard watching another guard shoot it out against a wall. Slowly,
sneak up to the guard shooting when he has his back turned and grab him. 
Hear that motor noise? Well it's loud enough so you can grab the guard 
doing the shooting, and the scared guard will not even notice you 
kidnapping his best friend. Interrogate the guard to complete the PRIMARY


Whilst doing all this, Lambert gave you your first OPPORTUNITY


CRATE #1 in the room where you got the OPPORTUNITY OBJECTIVE. It's the
camoflaged crate, different from the rest, on the left wall if you're 
looking at where the guard was shooting. Use the EEV to scan the crate.

Continue down the hallway. When you reach the turn point, CRATE #2 is 
sitting on top of another crate. Scan it, and pick the lock to the door. 
You'll enter the TORTURE ROOM where you hear poor Dr. Morgenholt being 
tortured to death. Don't try to kill the guys before they torture him to 
death. No matter how fast you try to kill these guys, Morgenholt always 
ends up dead.

So the best thing to do is go down the ramp when you enter the TORTURE ROOM
and hide behind that big metal crate. Listen to the conversation and the 
final screams of Morgenholt, and patiently wait for one of the guards to 
"take a walk" towards you. Once the guard makes his way up the ramp, go 
into the room where Morgenholt's hanging, dead, rotten body is.



Is cancelled. Make your way around the bathtub and grab the guard that was
torturing Morgenholt. If you want revenge, kill him. If you want to finish
the level 100%, just knock him out and hide the body in a dark area.

If you wanna hear Lambert and Fisher get into an argument, free Morgenholt.
Then if you wanna hear some more arguing between Lambert and Fisher, shoot
Morgenholt AFTER you've freed him.

Anyway, once you're in this room, make your way past that big light and 
into the next area.




You find yourself a tent. See it? Well if you want, slice the fabric on 
the back of the tent, sneak up behind that civilian, and interrogate him. 
However, there's really no point as he gives you no information. So just 
skip this if you wish and go past the tent. Open the brightly lit doorway.
If you don't want to get discovered, use the OCP on the light, and open the
not-so-brightly lit doorway.

In here is a room full of crates. You can knock out the guard patrolling 
the room, or just make your way out. Either way it doesn't matter. Just 
don't get spotted

When outside, to your right, you'll see a tent. In the tent is Crate #3.
Yes, that's right. Crate #3. Scan it with your EEV. Now you have ways in 
which you can go.

#1 - See that big spotlight on the side of the tent? Well when you pass it
     you will get to crawlspace. Make your way through that crawlspace, as
     well as two others, and you'll reach a hallway with stairs.

#2 - Head past the tent, forget the crawlspace, and make your way to the 
     gate that's closeby. You'll find yourself up against two more guards,
     but in the end, you'll get to the same hallway with the stairs.

I recommend #1, but it's your choice.

Anyway, once you get up the stairs, open the door. You'll see a man laying
down in bed, and another man sitting by the fire in a chair. Next to the 
guy in the chair is a small table that has bullets for your SC-20K. If you
want them, you'll have to grab the guy in the chair and knock him out. But
you really do not need to do this, so just sneak past these two.

Make your way past this long hallway to the stairs. Go up the stairs. 
You'll see a man doing stuff on a computer. Grab him, interrogate him, 
knock him out, and use the computer.



Now you have a new PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:


Is done. Turn around and you'll see Crate #4. Scan it, and make your way
through the door in the room and open up the trap door which leads to the 
next area.




Now you'll see two guards having a conversation between themselves. In 
front of you is Crate #5. Scan it, and make your way LEFT of the large 
amount of crates in front of you. Once scanned, you will have completed the


Only if you have scanned the other four crates. If you want to complete the
level 100%, track back and find the other crates.

Make your way down those stairs, down a ladder, over a broken door, which
will lead to an unbroken, closed door. Open the door and you'll reach the
outside, and you'll see a guard that's not facing you. Sneak up behind him
and knock him out and continue on through the cave.

Once you've reached the exit of the cave, you'll see the bottom of the 
lighthouse, a guard, and a light. Once the guard starts walking to the 
right, use your OCP to disable to light just in case, and follow the guard
around. When you reach the door to the lighthouse, enter it. See that guard
sitting there? Wait a few seconds. He'll start talking to someone over the 
radio. Once done, grab him, interrogate him, and knock him out. Shoot the 
radio and search that file cabinet in the room.

Your SECONDARY OBJECTIVE will now be cancelled:


And you will have completed your BONUS OBJECTIVE:


Make your way up the ladder in the room. Once up, you'll see some stairs. 
Make your way up the stairs to a ladder. Go up the ladder. You'll reach a
small locker room. Go up another ladder and you'll reach the top of the 
Lighthouse. Don't enter the top of the Lighthouse until the guard past 
the window in front of you. Once done, get up, and as quickly and as 
quietly as you can, turn off the light. Wait in the room with the big 
lights until the guard comes in to turn the light back on. When he has
his back turned to you, grab him, knock him out, and complete your 

Woo! The Level is finished. Save your game. Watch the Cutscene. And onto 
the next level.

|		  		                                          |
|                      ---===|9.2 - CARGO SHIP|===---                     |
|		 	                                                  |


|		  		                                          |
|                 ---===|10 - NEXT VERSION PROMISES|===---                |
|		 	                                                  |

In the next version (which should be posted in about a week), I promise to
bring you the following:

-- The next 5 levels

|		  		                                          |
|                   ---===|11 - CREDITS AND LEGAL|===---                  |
|		 	                                                  |

(c) Copyright 2005 Swwatter.

This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide
on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
prohibited, and a violation of copyright laws.

Sites that have been granted the allowance of publicly showing this guide:


If you find any website(s) with my WALKTHROUGH/FAQ on it other than the 
ones stated above, please E-Mail me. Cheers.

I would just like to thanks Ubisoft(tm) for adding the best yet Splinter
Cell to the series: Chaos Theory. Keep 'em comin'.

I'd also like to thank myself for making this WALKTHROUGH for all to use.

And thanks to all who use this WALKTHROUGH.