• Cheats *updated*

    Hold down the shoulder buttons while you are on the CompStat/Map screen before pushing the following buttons:

    Clean cityA,B,Z,X,Y,A,B
    Double DamageA, A, B, A, A and A
    Get a Million DollarsB, B, Y, B, Y and B
    Ghetto CityA,B,A,Y,Y,Y
    Open All Fights In CityB, B, X, X and B
    Open All Street Races In CityY, Y, A, A and Y
    Play Redman Gone Wild MinigameY, A, A, X, Y, B
    Super CopY, A, Y, A, Y and Y
    Ultra Easy ModeX, B, A, A, Y and X
    Unlimited AmmoX, B, A, B, B and Y
    Unlimited EnduranceX, B, A, B, A and X
    Unlock all musicX, B, X, B
    Unlocks Puma Outfit at Puma StoreY, A, X, B
    ZombiefiedX, Y, B, A, B, A


  • Have the precinct sell new weapons and cars.

    Reach a new detective rank to gain access to new weapons and cars

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    .45 Special,Tactical Shotgun,5.56mm Bullpup AR,Sledge Hammer,Precision Aim AssistReach Detective Rank 2
    2.5L L4 SedanReach Detective Rank 3
    4.6 MM PDW,Assault Rifle,Tranquilizer,Sunt Baton,Zoom 4xReach Detective Rank 3
    5.4L SC V8 CoupeReach Detective Rank 2
    5.56mm Carbine,7.62 Auto Sniper,Flashbang,Slo-Mo Dirve x2Reach Detective Rank 1
    6.0L V8 CoupeReach Detective Rank 4
    6.5L V8 Custom SUVReach Detective Rank 1
    Stun Gun,9MM SMG,Standard Shotgun, Slo-Mo DiveReach Detective Rank 4

    Contributed By: MetalSonic700.

  • Puma Shoes Outfit

    Collect all 10 pairs of Puma shoes around the city and then visit the Puma Shoe store to get this Outfit.

    Contributed By: Oedipus Complex.

  • Red Man Gone Wild Mini-Game

    Complete the game 100% and after you get a call from Redman go to his location to unlock this mini-game on the main menu.

    Contributed By: Oedipus Complex.

  • Skills

    After reaching the required Rank, the following skills can be bought at the garage in the precinct.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Insta-turnRank 5 Detective
    Nitro BoostRank 1 Detective
    Peel BoostRank 3 Detective
    Side WheelieRank 2 Detective
    SwitchbladeRank 4 Detective

    Contributed By: B.lu4R.


  • Debug Menu

    While in the game, press the Start button to bring up the regular menu. If you're not at the CompSTAT map, switch to it. Now, press Right on the D-Pad and immediately hold both triggers. If this was done correctly, no sound will be heard and you'll see the music player menu with the map in the background. Release the triggers and press Left on the D-Pad and you'll see the debug menu, which contains cheats such as all weapons, level select, car and random crime spawning, etc.

    Contributed By: UnknownMercenary.

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