Question from Snoopy44291

Asked: 6 years ago

Can anyone give me any ideas to make a perfect team?

I want to make a "dream team" but I dont know where to start. Please give the characters of the team, the possitions and the batting order (its better if they have good chemistry).

Accepted Answer

From: Overlord27 6 years ago

I don't know if this is good or not but the team I always own with is:

1. Yoshi- SS
2. Boo- Catcher
3. Daisy- Pitcher
4. Petey- 2B
5. Shy Guy- 1B
6. Luigi- RF
7. Koopa- CF
8. Magikoopa- RF
9. Dry Bones- 3B

Chemistry is not great but it's my best team.

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