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What is the best Eevee evolution?

I need to know which Eevee evolution is the best. I want a somewhat easy game to play, so i can trade with my Ruby/LeafGreen/FireRed.

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Elementalninjam answered:

I used Jolteon, and he did wonders throughout the game. He's fast, and he can hit hard. If you use the right TM's, he can have a fairly varied move-set as well. The only one I would recomend against, however, is Flareon, as he is sub-par in every game he has been in. Kind of a shame, really...

Anyway, it really is up to what you prefer.
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undertakerjoey answered:

Go with espeon that's who I used and I breezed through the game and also in leafgreen and firered you are unable to evolve Eevee into espeon or umbreon I'm not sure about ruby or sappfire
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6th_Dimensional answered:

If you want to think strategically, then I certainly wouldn't go with jolteon or flareon. Their stats, types, and movesets just don't make the cut. Perhaps I'm biased, but I've always found Vaporeon to be the most balanced, able to take and deal out damage, with a decent moveset. Espeon is the best of them offensively, but it lacks defense, and if you have Colosseum, then you'll already be able to get both Espeon and Umbreon. So it depends on what style of play you do best with; offense or balance.
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Snoopy44291 answered:

Umbreon, its really the only one I would recomend becuse it has well balanced stats. Also its hard to get in other versions. And he has few weaknesses.
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deadly_link answered:

I think umbreon is the best because it hase great defence and its easy to level up. also it has great resitences against most shadow moves so yeah i think umbreon would be a good choice
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