FAQ/Walkthrough by Ghost Pikmin

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Shadow the Hedgehog FAQ
Written by: Ghost Pikmin

Table of Contents:
1. Version History
2. Copyright Info
3. The Basics/Introduction
4. Tips and Tricks
5. How to use this FAQ
6.  Stage One - Westopolis
7.  Stage Two
7a.   Digital Circut
7b.   Glyphic Canyon
7c.   Lethal Highway
8.  Stage Three
8a.   Cryptic Castle
8b.   Prison Island
8c.   Circus Park
9.  Stage Four
9a.   Central City
9b.   The Doom
9c.   Sky Troops
9d.   Mad Matrix
9e.   Death Ruins
10. Stage Five
10a.  The Ark
10b.  Air Fleet
10c.  Iron Jungle
10d.  Space Gadget
10e.  Lost Impact
11. Stage Six
11a.  GUN Fortress
11b.  Black Comet
11c.  Lava Shelter
11d.  Cosmic Fall
11e.  Final Haunt
12. Last Story
13. Bosses
14. Secret Keys
15. Library
16. FAQ
17. Special Thanks

1. Version History

Version 0.3
I've finished the basics, tips and tricks, how to use this FAQ, the first three
levels, and only two bosses.

2. Copyright Info

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Document  Ghost Pikmin
All rights reserved 

3. The Basics/Introduction

Shadow the Hedgehog stars the mysterious character from Sonic Adventure 2,
Shadow. Shadow is trying to find out about his past, when he gets caught in
the middle of a fight between Black Arms (an alien army) and G.U.N
(Earth's military). Throughout the game, you can make choices to decide which
side you want to join up with, or you can just ignore it all. You'll learn
different things about Shadow's past depending on what path you take.

Your health in this game is the same as any other: Rings. If you have a ring
and you get hit, you'll lose all of your rings, and if you're hit and you
aren't holding one, you die. Different in this game is instead of having to
deal with losing all your rings when you get hit, you'll only lose ten, even
if you have two hundred. This makes fighting bosses a lot easier.

A path through this game is six stages long followed by a final boss fight.
There is, however, a grand total of 326 different paths you can take in the
game, and you can see which paths you have taken in the Library menu in the

Every single level in this game has two or three different missions, and
depending on which you complete determines which level you go to next. You
can view the different missions on the start screen and change it.

Something new in this game is the option to use guns. I say option,
because for the most part, you don't have to use guns to complete the game. If
you prefer, you can just use the Homing Attack on an enemy instead, but
compared to some of the weapons this is a very weak attack.

Something else that is new is the Hero and Dark bars at the top of the screen.
Whenever you do something good (killing an alien, healing a soldier), a little
bit of the Hero bar is filled, and whenever you do something bad (killing a
soldier, blowing stuff up), a little bit of the Dark bar is filled. When either
of these bars are filled, you become Hero or Dark Shadow, respectively. As
Hero/Dark Shadow, you are invincible, have unlimited ammo, and can use a
special move depending which bar is filled. Chaos Control (Hero) warps you
through the stage super fast(but you can skip some important stuff), and Chaos
Blast (Dark) destroys or deals heavy damage to everything near Shadow.

That's basically all you need to know, and you can always look in the
instruction booklet for the controls (I'm not sure what version of the game
you're playing, so I don't know).

4. Tips and Tricks

The following are some very handy tips and tricks which make the game a lot

- Don't fight when you can run: Simply put, unless there's some sort of sheild
or if it is part of the mission, you're better off skipping most of the enemies
then you are fighting them, especially if you are going for an "A" rank on a

- Find a gun and stick to it: Don't switch weapons all the time, just keep one
weapon (I usually go with the first one I find), and stick to it and focus on
finding ammo for it. You can end up with around 200 ammo on most stages if you
pick a common weapon.

- The Chaos Powers Are mostly useless: Having invincibility and unlimited ammo
is a very nice luxury, and you should try to hold on to them as long as
possible. You can deal plenty of damage without using Chaos Blast, and you can
slow down the bar by dashing through the stage and shooting everything in
sight. Chaos Control, however, is very useful on some occasions. You see, you
will continue to boost forward even if your bar is empty as long as you are
warping over a bottomless pit, toxic, or lava. Some parts of the game will have
you use a hover disc that moves pretty slow over an area, so when you can try
to use Chaos Control at these spots to skip a huge chunck of the level.

- Move the camera around: Many things in this game can be missed easily by
running through a level, so remember to stop and swivel the camera around to
make sure you aren't missing anything.

- Don't be afriad to kill your allies: Unless one of the missions is to kill
all of a certain type of enemy, feel free to kill everything in your path and
take some ammo from them.

- Vehicles are slow: The only time you should use a vehicle is when you must
have one to cross a certain area (such as toxic or high platforms). Other than
that, they are slow and hard to control, and most of them can't even jump.

Those are all the tips I have now, I plan to add more when I find them out.

5. How to use this FAQ

First off, the main focus of the guide is mainly on the hard spots. If a
mission is easy, I'll write some tips to follow, but for the most part you
should be able to figure it out on your own. Generally, if there are ten or
less "mission items", I will list their locations, though there are a few

If you're having trouble on a stage I covered (I'm saying that for now because
I'm not finished writing this yet), E-mail me at GhostPikmin@Yahoo.com, and I
will not only help you with your problem, but also add the solution in the next

6. Stage One - Westopolis

The first stage is an easy one, though it can be annoying at certain parts in
the Hero and Dark missions.

Dark Mission: Annihilate the GUN forces!

There are 35 GUN soldiers and beetles, and you have to kill them all. If you
plan on doing this mission, don't forget to kill the soldiers in the beginning
of the mission with Sonic. For the most part, they are out in the open, though
there are a few that hide behind a box, bus, debris, or building, so be sure
not to run too fast. Also, don't forget about the ramp behind the giant ring
(DON'T TOUCH!), as there are a few there too.

One more thing: All of them can be killed in a single Homing Attack, so you
don't need to bother with a gun. After you kill them all, you'll go to Digital

Neutral Mission: Find the Chaos Emerald!

Generally, the Neutral mission is the easiest mission to beat. For this
mission, all you have to do is reach the giant ring at the end of the level.
You can skip most of the fighting, just be sure no to go too fast or you'll run
into a laser beam from the sky.

After this easy mission, you'll go to Glyphic Canyon.

Hero Mission: Drive off the black creatures!

There are 45 Black Arms to kill, but it still is pretty easy. Like the GUN
fighters, most of them are out in the open, though there are one or two you
might miss because of the debris. Also, keep an eye open for the bats, as they
can be easy to miss.

You can kill them all with one or two homing attacks, but using a gun wouldn't
hurt. Don't forget the three over the ramp behind the giant ring. When you're
done wiping them off the streets, you'll go to Lethal Highway.

7. Stage Two

Hopefully the first stage didn't give you too much trouble, because things can
only get harder. No matter which mission you choose to complete on any of these
levels, you can still reach any of the ten endings, so feel free to do the
easier ones if this is one of your first times through.

7a. Digital Circut

This stage can be very confusing, so before I get into describing the missions
themselves, I want to highlight a few basics that apply to these "cyber space"

The first new thing you'll do is travel through "light rails" at high speeds.
You can control your course by holding left and right. These parts can get
frustrating if you aren't paying attention, because there are Firewalls that
will appear on certain paths, so keep a lookout for those.

Next thing I want to point out are the green platforms/walls that appear as you
make your way through. You should just jump across pits using the platforms,
and you can dodge most of the walls. Some walls will block your path, but you
can take them out with six Homing Attacks (It isn't worth wasting ammo over).

After that, there are the light beams which will teleport you if you touch
them. Some times you'll have to jump into them, other times you have to kill
an enemy to get the tower's attention.

And finally, there are horizontal and vertical green bars you can grab onto.
The horizontal one will rise and fade away when they reach a certain hieght,
and you are pretty helpless to enemy attacks when you are on one (be sure to
kill any nearby enemies, especially worms, before you jump on it). The vertical
bars are normal, just grab on and hold down to slide down. If you want to go
up, it's much faster just to press the jump button. While on the vertical bars,
you can shoot stuff much easier, though most of the time you won't have any
problems with enemies at these parts.

I think that covers all the basics for this level. On with the missions!

Dark Mission: Destroy the core program!

You will need a gun to destroy the core program, and you'll need roughly 30
bullets to do so. Luckily, the first few enemies you meet all have the same
weapon, so you should have a surplus of ammo to last you the whole stage
(provided you don't die).

Also, just because you're siding with the Black Arms doesn't mean you have to
be nice to them. Kill them if they get in the way, nothing bad will happen
(in fact, you might even fill up your Hero Bar).

Continue onward using the basics I highlighted above, and eventually you'll
reach the giant ring. That's all good and fine for the Hero Mission, but you'll
need to go farther. Jump into the beam of light behind the tower and after some
platforming fun you'll reach a warp hole. Jump through it, and you'll have a
little farther to go. Kill all the enemies in rooms to open the path, and
you'll reach a much bigger tower than before. Make your way up, and while
hanging on to a green bar shoot the core program and watch it go boom.

Next is Cryptic Castle. Have fun!

Hero Mission: Find the Chaos Emerald!

Yeah, there's no Neutral mission for this level. This is the easier mission,
as all you have to do is touch the giant ring. Like in the Dark Mission, feel
free to kill anything that gets in your way. Also, I recommend you kill the
beetles in the beginning of the level and throughout it for a good supply of
bullets to use. Using the basics I pointed out at the beginning of this
section, you shouldn't have much trouble reaching it.

After you get the Chaos Emerald, it's off to Prison Island.

7b. Glyphic Canyon

This stage is mostly speed, with the occasional stop here and there to kill
some enemies. Pretty easy and basic.

Dark Mission: Activate all the jewels!

There are five wonderful jewels that you have to activate via touching. For
this level, I like to use the "fork gun" that the Black Arms have. Use it
mainly to kill those annoying worms that get in your way. Just don't get
carried away killing the Black Arms or you might complete the Hero Mission by

Also, pay close attention to Black Doom: He'll let you know if you passed a
jewel. Here is a list of their locations, in order of encounter:

1: In the first temple you go in. It's in the open.

2: After the "secret door", there will be some platforms with wind that will
carry you. The last space has wind strong enough to lift you to this one.

3: In the second temple, also in the open.

4: Right after you leave the second temple, you'll see it dead ahead after
some platform jumping.

5: Right after going through the tornado, you'll see a large group of Black
Arms. Kill them all to open the red box, and use the spring to reach the
final jewel.

After activating them all, you'll head to Cryptic Castle.

Neutral Mission: Find the Chaos Emerald!

The giant ring mission, all you have to do is reach the end of the level. I
prefer to use the "fork gun" that the Black Arms have, though you don't really
need a weapon because you can dash past the worms (the only real reason for
having one). Just don't touch any jewels and don't get carried away with
killing the Black Arms, and you'll reach the end with no problems.

After grabbing the Chaos Emerald, you'll head to Prison Island.

Hero Mission: Drive off the black creatures!

There are 60 Black Arms to kill in this stage, but it's pretty easy. All of
them are out in the open and charge at you, so you won't pass them. Just be
careful with the larva and make sure you destroy all of them, though Knuckles
will automatically. Finally, when you grab on to a pulley, there are three 
larva sticking on the wall that you will need to shoot, so make sure you have a
gun with plenty of ammo, because they are easy to miss.

After you kill them all, you'll go to Circus Park.

7c. Lethal Highway

Well, the Hero Mission of this level might give you some trouble, but other
than that, a fairly striaghtforward level. 

Dark Mission: Escape from the city!

A giant ring mission. You can ignore the tank and just rush to the finish. For
this mission, you won't need a gun at all, but you can get one if that makes
you happy. Very easy mission.

After you run away, you'll fight Black Bull (see boss section for details),
then make your way to Prison Island.

Hero Mission: Stop the alien's tank!

Three very important things you must pay attention to if you want to beat this
mission. First, you have a limited amount of time to destroy the Black Arms
"tank", so keep moving. Second, Sonic is an idiot, and using guns is the best
way to harm the creature (he is NOT immune to it). Finally, ALWAYS have ammo
(it doesn't matter what gun), and save all of it until you can actually shoot

At many times during the level, the "tank" will drop bombs on the road.
Believe it or not, you can take a short cut by using the dash pads and
concrete ramps to jump over most of the segment before it blows up. It isn't
that important to do this, but it still might make the difference.

Also: Whenever you fire, make sure there are no other closeby enemies. Shadow
will aim for whatever enemy is closest, and you don't want to waste ammo.

Finally, after you shoot it enough, the "tank" will explode. You'll fight Black
Bull (see boss section), and then move on to Circus Park.

8. Stage Three

Well, after Stage Three, there will be plenty of zig-zagging to be done, with
five different levels in each vertical bar. Things will start to get pretty
tough soon, depending on which path you choose to take.

8a. Cryptic Castle

Eggman's fantabulous castle. It's simple, really.

The game introduces balloons in this level. When you jump on to the handle of a
balloon, it will beging to float around a set path and eventually return to
where it was before you jumped on. It's up to you to jump off when you need to.

Also new in this level is the "Black Hawk". First, it acts like a normal flying
enemy that you must kill, but after you drain its health it falls to the floor
and stops moving. Walk up to it and press the indicated button to jump on. It
then will fly along a preset path, though you can move around the screen to
avoid obstacles and shoot stuff with your gun. You can also accelerate, but be
careful not to accelerate striaght into something, because I have gotten stuck
behind a wall and the Black Hawk's health drained, resulting in death for me.

Torches are scattered about this level, and occasionally you will have to
knock one down (use the spindash), and pick it up to light some lanterns. You
don't have to swing it to light something, just make sure the tip touches it.

When you encounter a cracked wall, you can break them down using a TNT box or a
gun. If you don't have anything, you can spindash or homing attack it until it

That should cover just about everything. Don't forget to hit a help bubble if
you get stuck, because they do actually help.

Dark Mission: Light all giant lanterns!

You're helping Eggman this time. There are five giant lanterns for you to
light, which somehow serve in Eggman's defense systems. Most of the mission,
you will be carrying a torch, though there is a torch next to all the giant
lanterns. If you want to carry something else, I usually go with Eggman's
robots' guns. There are plenty all over the stage, so you can work up a lot of
ammo pretty quick.

Also, pay attention to Eggman; He'll let you know if you pass a lantern without
lighting it.

1: Right after you run into Eggman, you'll run into the first one. There are
plenty of torches all around you, grab one and light it.

2: Soon after lighting the first torch, you'll find a pumpkin balloon. Grab on
to it, and jump off when you are over the middle tower. Instead of going
forward, go back and light the smaller lantern, which will inflate a white
balloon over the rail. Jump on it, and you'll be boosted up to the second
giant lantern.

3: After riding through the weird "red wire" (you have to spindash in order to
use it), you'll be infront of a balloon. Grab on to it, and jump off when you
are right next to the white balloon and hit it to get boosted up to the third
lantern with a few torches nearby for your use.

4: Continue onward into the chao room and you'll see the fourth lantern in the
middle of the room. If you don't have a torch, go to the right of the area you
entered and you should see a spring. Use it to reach two torches.

5: From the entrance of the chao room, turn left and go through the door. Grab
a torch, grab on to the balloon, and lean left and right to hit the lanterns as
you float around the tower (make sure you are in the upright position before
you float over the platform you started from, or else you will fall off). Go
over the new bridge, flip the switch, light dash over the rings, ride the Black
Hawk, and you'll find the final lantern (there are two torches behind it).

After you light them all, you'll fight the Egg Breaker (see boss section), then
you'll go to Central City.

Neutral Mission: Escape the mysterious castle!

Another giant ring mission. Just go forward normally (you'll have to light the
first giant lantern you find), and when you reach the chao room, go forward.
You'll pull out the floor, and you'll have to grind away from a weird spider
thing. At the end of the rails, you'll find the giant ring.

After you hit the ring, you'll fight the Egg Breaker (see boss section), then
continue onward to The Doom.

Hero Mission: Find Cream!

You have to find both Cream and Cheese for this mission, which is actually
pretty easy. To find Cream, break down the far left cracked wall inside the big
tower after the balloon ride along the three smaller ones (you'll have to light
the first giant lantern to reach this area).

To find Cheese, go forward until you reach the chao room, and walk over to
where the right path should be from the entrance and touch the wall. It will
begin to move back, revealing Cheese.

After you find both of them, you'll fight the Egg Breaker (see boss section),
and you'll continue on to Sky Troops.

8b. Prison Island

This is a fairly long, simple level, though the path forks occasionally. 

New to this level is the Black Arms "Hover Disc". You'll usually find a Black
Arms riding it, so kill it and you can get on. You'll need it to cross the
toxic rivers that you find, just be careful: Running into walls lowers the
health of it, and if it gets destroyed, you'll fall in the toxic and die. It's
slightly annoying to control, it is pretty slow, and you can't jump high, so
try to limit riding it in the toxic areas.

Also new are "jump pads" When you stand on one, it will lower slightly.
Press the jump button, and you'll jump to a different area of the level.

Dark Mission: Eliminate the GUN robots!

There are 40 GUN guys to be killed in this level, and like in the other ones
before this, most of them are out in the open. Stick to the main path, and
don't try to take any shortcuts, or else you will miss them. Also, when riding
on a hoverdisc over the toxic river, move slowly or else you might miss a
beetle or two. Be sure to stop at every land area you can while on the toxic
river as there are usually a few GUN guys on those areas as well.

For this mission, I usually use the gun that the first few beetles drop. Always
try to save some ammo for when you are on the hover disc, because the only way
to kill those beetles is to use a gun.

It's a pretty simple stage overall, and once you kill all the robots, you'll
move on to The Doom.

Neutral Mission: Find the Chaos Emerald!

Once again, a giant ring mission. The giant ring is located in the bottom area
of the second triangle jump area, you can't miss it. A very handy trick is to
try to fill up your Hero Bar before you reach a toxic river, and then use Chaos
Control right infront of one. You'll be warped over the entire river, and
you'll save plenty of time.

I prefer to use the gun that the first few beetles drop, but it doesn't matter
too much because you don't have to kill anything for this mission. Once you
reach the giant ring, you'll go to Sky Troops.

Hero Mission: Find the top secret disks!

There are five "top secret" disks for you to find (if they're so secret, why
are they scattered over the ground?). You don't have to kill anything for this
mission, but if you must, I prefer to use the gun that the first few beetles
are carrying.

If you miss one of the Secret Disks, Charmy will usually let you know.

1: After you meet Charmy, you'll soon run into this one. It's in the middle of
the path, so it's hard to miss.

2: Once you pass through the first toxic river, you'll eventually reach the
first triangle jump area. Use the pully over the rail to reach the second
floor, then use the triangle jump to reach the second disk.

3: As you start going down the second toxic river, there will be a jump pad in
the middle of your path after your first turn. Use it and continue down this
alternate path and you'll see the third disk right infront of you.

4: At the second triangle jump area, get to the second floor and use the
triangle jump to reach the fourth disk. Be sure not to touch the giant ring.

5: It's at the very end of the path. Use the jump pad near all the debris to
reach it quickly.

After you gather all five of the disks, you'll go to Mad Matrix.

8c. Circus Park

A fun little carnival stage. There are plenty of ways to get plenty of rings

First, there are the fire hoops. Just jump through the center of one to get an
easy five rings. There are the shooting galleries, which you can activate by
shooting the watch-like thing floating in midair. Red balloons are worth one
point, yellow's are worth two, and the purple Eggman balloons with take away
points. The more points you get, the more rings you win. The last little game
is the "gong" game. You have to hit a certain spring or balloon to hit Eggman's
nose to win an easy 50 rings.

Dark Mission: Eliminate the GUN robots!

There are 20 GUN robots to be destroyed here, all of which are out in the open.
Infact, you'll be killing some of them simply to reach the other side of a pit
with a homing attack. Just stick to the main route and you'll find them all

I prefer to use Eggman's robot guns in this level, as there is plenty of ammo
to be found. Once you kill all 20 of the GUN robots, you'll move on to Sky

Neutral Mission: Find the Chaos Emerald!

Another very simple reach the giant ring mission. You can ignore the carnival
games and the enemies, just focus on reaching the end. If you want to use a
gun, I suggest the guns that Eggman's robots use. Overall, this shouldn't
give you any trouble.

Once you get the fourth Chaos Emerald, you'll go on to Mad Matrix.

Hero Mission: Collect 400 Rings!

This mission sounds much harder than it truly is. The most important thing to
remember is to not get hit, because you can lose up to ten rings. You should
probably use Eggman's robots' guns so you can kill enemies at a distance before
they can hurt you. It's also a great choice for all the ammo you can find;
you'll need it for all the shooting galleries.

Also keep an eye out for the Eggman gongs. Each one you hit will get you 50
rings, so you don't want to miss any of them.

Just keep at it and grab all the rings you see and you'll eventually find 400.
Once you do, you'll go on to Death Ruins.

9. Stage Four

Updated Soon!

10. Stage Five

Updated Soon!

11. Stage Six

Updated Soon!

12. Last Story

Updated Soon!

13. Bosses

Just scroll down to the boss that you need, and make sure you're reading the
strategy for the stage you're on, as the tactics do change from stage to stage.

Black Bull

Lethal Highway: Three little bats will appear and the fat guy will start
shooting fire balls at you. Use the homing attack on the three bats to get
you up to his eye, then homing attack it. You should be able to pull off
about five hits before he runs off to another corner of the building. Follow
him and repeat the pattern. After you get him down to half health, he'll use a
different fire attack (it's still easy to dodge), and it gets harder to pull
off five hits in each homing attack session. Keep at it a little longer, and
he'll die.

Death Ruins: Updated Soon!

Egg Breaker

Cryptic Castle: This fight will be over in about thirty seconds
if you know what you're doing. Make Eggman use his "Lights Out!" attack to
break the two boxes, and grab the guns inside. Wait a few seconds for an Eggman
robot to appear, kill it, and grab its gun. You should have about 60 ammo, so
just shoot him until he blows up. Just be sure to move out of the way of his

Mad Matrix: Updated Soon!

Iron Jungle: Updated Soon!

The rest of the bosses: Updated Soon!

14. Secret Keys

Updated Soon!

15. Library

Updated Soon!

16. FAQ

If you have a question that's not here, please E-Mail me at
GhostPikmin@Yahoo.com and I'll add it up here along with the answer.

Q: How many paths are there?

A: 326. 

Q: WOW! Do I get anything for beating all of them?

A: I have no idea. I've only beaten about 30 of them. I don't know if anyone
will be able to get all them anytime soon, so we just have to wait.

Q: What do I get for getting all the 'A' ranks?

A: Expert Mode.

Q: What's the best way to get an 'A' rank?

A: SPEED. The time bonus can get really high if you're fast enough,
so just focus on beating the mission quickly.

Q: How do I get the Last Story?

A: You have to get each of the ten different endings once.

Q: UGH! I can't stand this level!

A: Well, you don't have to do it. It's possible to skip almost any level in the
game and still get all the endings (execpt for the Stage Six, but those aren't
that hard anyway).

Q: This game is way too short!

A: Well, have you tried: Getting all 326 paths, getting all 71 A ranks, or
getting all five secret keys in each stage? There's really a lot to do in
this game if you know where to look.

17. Special Thanks

GameFAQs, for hosting this FAQ and being the best gaming help site on the web.

SEGA, for making this game in the first place.

You, for taking the time to read this FAQ.

That's all!

Ghost Pikmin