Library FAQ by dungeonconquerorB

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Shadow the Hedgehog
Library FAQ
by dungeonconquerorB

-Table of Contents-

1. Copyright Notice
2. Version History
3. Intro
4. How to read the FAQ
5. List
6. Acknowledgments
7. Contact Info and Closing

1. Copyright Notice

This document is copyright (c) 2006, 2007, 2009 Buck Seward 
(dungeonconquerorB).  The websites that can post this FAQ without my written 
permission are and  If you want to post it on 
another site, contact me and ask me nicely.  I will look at your website and 
E-mail you with my decision.  In the event that you do post it, you may NOT 
alter it in any way.  You CAN: print the FAQ for your own use, or tell your 
friends about it.  You CAN’T: give anybody a copy of it, or sell anybody a 
copy of it.  The same thing goes for giving or selling any part of it.  If 
you want to take some of the information contained in this FAQ and use it in 
one of your own, just make sure to credit me for the information.  All 
trademarks and copyrights in the form of names of characters and places from 
Shadow the Hedgehog are owned by their respective trademark and copyright 

2. Version History

Version 1.00 1/17/2006:  The FAQ is complete, extreme thanks to faintecho.  
I’ll upgrade the version to final once I verify the correctness of everything 

Version 1.25 3/22/2006:  I’ve corrected the wording and spelling on about a 
quarter of the path names, and I’m sending in this version because I’m taking 
a break from the game for a while.  So many good games, so little time.  I 
also added to my list of allowed websites.

Version 2.38 6/4/2006:  I fixed some more path names, and I’m about to take a 
break from the game again, because I’ve got a birthday rapidly approaching.  
However, the big change I made is in my path description system.  You’ll see.

Version 2.50 8/25/2006:  I’ve verified just over half of the path names now.  
It’s coming slow, but I’m getting there.

Version 2.51 9/10/2006:  I had to make a name change on the person now listed 
as Sonic_the_hedgehog in my acknowledgments.  No other changes this time.

Version 2.68 6/13/2007:  More path names fixed, and to make my FAQ even 
easier to read, I decided to capitalize the letters that denote the missions.  
I noticed that I was sometimes having trouble distinguishing between the 
lower case n and h, so I figured other people might have that problem too.  
Also, my E-mail address has changed.

Version FINAL 7/3/2009:  Yeah, you read that right.  I finally finished every 
single story path myself, and everything in the FAQ is now verified 
absolutely correct.  I will still be accepting E-mails with regular comments 
about the FAQ or requests for posting it on other sites, but anything about 
making changes to the FAQ will be ignored, because this time I’m putting it 
down permanently.  After playing this game for much longer than I probably 
should have, I am happy to finally say, in the classic words of Shadow 
himself, “Goodbye forever, Shadow the Hedgehog.”

3. Intro

In now over 16 years of gaming, I don’t think I have ever seen a non-RPG with 
so many things to do!  Possibly the deepest part of Shadow the Hedgehog is 
the Library.  Every time you complete a different path in Story Mode, the 
cinema sequences from that path are recorded and stored in the Library under 
a number and a name for that path.  With all the connecting lines between 
stages, there are a total of 326 different paths that you can take through 
the main story.  What happens if you get them all and complete the Library?  
Well, I can now safely say, nothing.  But if you have that conquering spirit 
like me, you want to do it anyway, just to say that you’ve done it.  I 
believe it would help to have a complete list and description of all the 
paths under their names so that you can not only make a checklist, but also 
know at a glance what you’ve still got to do.  This is my gift to you.

4. How to read the FAQ

The paths will be listed in numerical order as they are found in the Library, 
along with their names, and a series of numbers and letters to show what 
stages and missions to go through.  This is how the numbers refer to the 
stage map from Story Mode:

     /  X  X
 / X X  X  X
 \ X X  X  X
     \  X  X

For the mission letters, a “D” means a Dark mission, an “N” means a Normal 
mission, and an “H” means a Hero mission.

5. List

1. Punishment, Thy Name is Ruin  1D-2D-5D-8D-13D-18D
2. Prologue to World Conquest  1D-2D-5D-8D-13D-18H
3. The March to a Darker World  1D-2D-5D-8D-13N-19D
4. The Ultimate Ego  1D-2D-5D-8D-13N-19H
5. Purification via Ruination  1D-2D-5D-8H-14D-18D
6. Apogee of Darkness  1D-2D-5D-8H-14D-18H
7. True Soldier of Destruction  1D-2D-5D-8H-14N-19D
8. Believe in Yourself  1D-2D-5D-8H-14N-19H
9. An Android’s Determination  1D-2D-5D-8H-14H-20D
10. For Machine, By Machine...  1D-2D-5D-8H-14H-20H
11. Revenge at Last  1D-2D-5N-9D-13D-18D
12. Ego’s Awakening  1D-2D-5N-9D-13D-18H
13. Destruction and Scorn  1D-2D-5N-9D-13N-19D
14. The Last Remaining Purpose  1D-2D-5N-9D-13N-19H
15. The Nightmare’s Insulation  1D-2D-5N-9N-14D-18D
16. The Nightmare’s Sublimation  1D-2D-5N-9N-14D-18H
17. The Loner’s Choice  1D-2D-5N-9N-14N-19D
18. Subjugation in Black  1D-2D-5N-9N-14N-19H
19. Replica’s Depression  1D-2D-5N-9N-14H-20D
20. Machine, Machine  1D-2D-5N-9N-14H-20H
21. Disciple from the Darkness  1D-2D-5N-9H-15D-19D
22. Beloved Clone  1D-2D-5N-9H-15D-19H
23. Revenge Upon the Doctor  1D-2D-5N-9H-15N-20D
24. The Ultimate Replica  1D-2D-5N-9H-15N-20H
25. Sanction’s Demise  1D-2D-5N-9H-15H-21D
26. Along With My Home  1D-2D-5N-9H-15H-21H
27. The Cleansing of Darkness  1D-2D-5H-10D-14D-18D
28. Birth of a God  1D-2D-5H-10D-14D-18H
29. The Last Soldier’s Grim Fate  1D-2D-5H-10D-14N-19D
30. Isolation and Solitude  1D-2D-5H-10D-14N-19H
31. Archimedes and the Tortoise  1D-2D-5H-10D-14H-20D
32. Where Is My Happiness?  1D-2D-5H-10D-14H-20H
33. Seduced By Taste of Blood  1D-2D-5H-10N-15D-19D
34. A Machine Made for War  1D-2D-5H-10N-15D-19H
35. Original Definition  1D-2D-5H-10N-15N-20D
36. Machine Paradise  1D-2D-5H-10N-15N-20H
37. Last Will and Testament  1D-2D-5H-10N-15H-21D
38. Enveloped in Solitude  1D-2D-5H-10N-15H-21H
39. Parricidal Savior  1D-2D-5H-10H-16D-20D
40. Copy of a Savior  1D-2D-5H-10H-16D-20H
41. Excess of Intellect  1D-2D-5H-10H-16N-21D
42. Crystallization of Intellect  1D-2D-5H-10H-16N-21H
43. The Ultimate Confrontation  1D-2D-5H-10H-16H-22D
44. Miracle of Love  1D-2D-5H-10H-16H-22H
45. The World’s Demise  1D-2H-6D-9D-13D-18D
46. The Ultimate Power  1D-2H-6D-9D-13D-18H
47. Dyed in Lovely Darkness...  1D-2H-6D-9D-13N-19D
48. Vainglory or Abandonment?  1D-2H-6D-9D-13N-19H
49. Messenger of Ruination  1D-2H-6D—9N-14D-18D
50. Standing at the Summit  1D-2H-6D-9N-14D-18H
51. Controller from the Capsule  1D-2H-6D-9N-14N-19D
52. Beyond One’s Own Power...  1D-2H-6D-9N-14N-19H
53. A Clone’s Determination  1D-2H-6D-9N-14H-20D
54. Machine Utopia  1D-2H-6D-9N-14H-20H
55. A Toast to the Ruler  1D-2H-6D-9H-15D-19D
56. Answer from the Black Comet  1D-2H-6D-9H-15D-19H
57. Transcendentalism  1D-2H-6D-9H-15N-20D
58. Imperialism  1D-2H-6D-9H-15N-20H
59. The Weight of One’s Crimes  1D-2H-6D-9H-15H-21D
60. Imprisoned by the Past...  1D-2H-6D-9H-15H-21H
61. The Ultimate World Conquest  1D-2H-6N-10D-14D-18D
62. Black Angel  1D-2H-6N-10D-14D-18H
63. Under Darkness’ Control  1D-2H-6N-10D-14N-19D
64. To Love Oneself  1D-2H-6N-10D-14N-19H
65. Revenge and Determination  1D-2H-6N-10D-14H-20D
66. Birth of the Robot Emperor  1D-2H-6N-10D-14H-20H
67. Shadow, the Black Android  1D-2H-6N-10N-15D-19D
68. A Solitary Android  1D-2H-6N-10N-15D-19H
69. Over the Original  1D-2H-6N-10N-15N-20D
70. Machine Sunshine  1D-2H-6N-10N-15N-20H
71. Life is Guilty  1D-2H-6N-10N-15H-21D
72. Fallen Angel of Despair  1D-2H-6N-10N-15H-21H
73. An Eternal Rival...  1D-2H-6N-10H-16D-20D
74. This is Just the Beginning  1D-2H-6N-10H-16D-20H
75. Crystal of Tragic Knowledge  1D-2H-6N-10H-16N-21D
76. Shadow’s Second Death...?  1D-2H-6N-10H-16N-21H
77. The Legend of Shadow  1D-2H-6N-10H-16H-22D
78. Power of Love  1D-2H-6N-10H-16H-22H
79. Deep Black  1D-2H-6H-11D-15D-19D
80. Walk My Way  1D-2H-6H-11D-15D-19H
81. This is Shadow’s Way of Life  1D-2H-6H-11D-15N-20D
82. A Monarch’s Style  1D-2H-6H-11D-15N-20H
83. In the Gap of Sadness  1D-2H-6H-11D-15H-21D
84. To Be Ignorant of the Past  1D-2H-6H-11D-15H-21H
85. At Vengeance’s End  1D-2H-6H-11N-16D-20D
86. Machine Boys  1D-2H-6H-11N-16D-20H
87. Reborn Along with Sorrow  1D-2H-6H-11N-16N-21D
88. With a Fate of Self-Denial  1D-2H-6H-11N-16N-21H
89. I Am Shadow  1D-2H-6H-11N-16H-22D
90. Shining Within Memory...  1D-2H-6H-11N-16H-22H
91. The Rise and Fall of the ARK  1D-2H-6H-11H-17N-21D
92. Requiem for a Fallen Angel  1D-2H-6H-11H-17N-21H
93. Ultimate Shadow  1D-2H-6H-11H-17H-22D
94. For Love’s Sake  1D-2H-6H-11H-17H-22H
95. A Heart Awoken from Darkness  1N-3D-5D-8D-13D-18D
96. Destruction From Perfection  1N-3D-5D-8D-13D-18H
97. Darkness’ Strongest Soldier  1N-3D-5D-8D-13N-19D
98. Severed Chains  1N-3D-5D-8D-13N-19H
99. Retribution Against Humanity  1N-3D-5D-8H-14D-18D
100. To Be Known as ‘Ultimate’  1N-3D-5D-8H-14D-18H
101. Dark Warrior’s Advent  1N-3D-5D-8H-14N-19D
102. Arriving at the Ego  1N-3D-5D-8H-14N-19H
103. Determination of a Fake  1N-3D-5D-8H-14H-20D
104. Path to the Machine Empire  1N-3D-5D-8H-14H-20H
105. Demise Wrought by Tragedy  1N-3D-5N-9D-13D-18D
106. Turning Sorrow Into Strength  1N-3D-5N-9D-13D-18H
107. The Liberated Soldier  1N-3D-5N-9D-13N-19D
108. Stupefaction’s End  1N-3D-5N-9D-13N-19H
109. Humanity’s Folly  1N-3D-5N-9N-14D-18D
110. Surpassing All Else  1N-3D-5N-9N-14D-18H
111. Soldier of Grief  1N-3D-5N-9N-14N-19D
112. Reclaimed Heart  1N-3D-5N-9N-14N-19H
113. Fighting Spirit of Steel  1N-3D-5N-9N-14H-20D
114. Machine Soldier Uprising  1N-3D-5N-9N-14H-20H
115. The Devil Born From Betrayal  1N-3D-5N-9H-15D-19D
116. Beyond the Truth of Impact  1N-3D-5N-9H-15D-19H
117. The Immortal Android  1N-3D-5N-9H-15N-20D
118. The New, Coldhearted Empire  1N-3D-5N-9H-15N-20H
119. A Singular Atonement  1N-3D-5N-9H-15H-21D
120. Spawn of the Devil  1N-3D-5N-9H-15H-21H
121. Black Doom’s Scheme  1N-3D-5H-10D-14D-18D
122. Subjugating Heaven and Earth  1N-3D-5H-10D-14D-18H
123. Road of the Dark Soldier  1N-3D-5H-10D-14N-19D
124. Dark Finale  1N-3D-5H-10D-14N-19H
125. Realization While On Board  1N-3D-5H-10D-14H-20D
126. Birth of a Champion  1N-3D-5H-10D-14H-20H
127. With the Black Arms  1N-3D-5H-10N-15D-19D
128. The Road to Self-Assurance  1N-3D-5H-10N-15D-19H
129. The Pursuit of Dr. Eggman  1N-3D-5H-10N-15N-20D
130. Surpassing His Creator  1N-3D-5H-10N-15N-20H
131. ARK, Colony of Pathos  1N-3D-5H-10N-15H-21D
132. Perfection Lost to Darkness  1N-3D-5H-10N-15H-21H
133. A New Challenge  1N-3D-5H-10H-16D-20D
134. The Machines’ Coup d’Etat  1N-3D-5H-10H-16D-20H
135. A Vow for the Victims  1N-3D-5H-10H-16N-21D
136. The Truth of Sadness  1N-3D-5H-10H-16N-21H
137. The Destined Sonic Showdown  1N-3D-5H-10H-16H-22D
138. The Black Hero’s Rebirth  1N-3D-5H-10H-16H-22H
139. Truth, Thy Name is Vengeance  1N-3N-6D-9D-13D-18D
140. Searching for ‘Ultimate’  1N-3N-6D-9D-13D-18H
141. Reborn Hatred for Humanity  1N-3N-6D-9D-13N-19D
142. A Future Taken from the Past  1N-3N-6D-9D-13N-19H
143. The Devils’ Victory Song  1N-3N-6D-9N-14D-18D
144. One to Succeed a God  1N-3N-6D-9N-14D-18H
145. Disappointed in Humanity  1N-3N-6D-9N-14N-19D
146. Faith Taken from Solitude  1N-3N-6D-9N-14N-19H
147. Planted Memories  1N-3N-6D-9N-14H-20D
148. To Unite Humanity  1N-3N-6D-9N-14H-20H
149. Isolated Soldier Shadow  1N-3N-6D-9H-15D-19D
150. Answer Derived from Truth  1N-3N-6D-9H-15D-19H
151. A Fake’s Disposition  1N-3N-6D-9H-15N-20D
152. A New World Without Betrayal  1N-3N-6D-9H-15N-20H
153. Together With Maria...  1N-3N-6D-9H-15H-21D
154. The Tragedy’s Conclusion  1N-3N-6D-9H-15H-21H
155. The Day That Hope Died  1N-3N-6N-10D-14D-18D
156. Dark Destroyer  1N-3N-6N-10D-14D-18H
157. Diabolical Power  1N-3N-6N-10D-14N-19D
158. For Freedom  1N-3N-6N-10D-14N-19H
159. At Least, Be Like Shadow...  1N-3N-6N-10D-14H-20D
160. Seeking a Silent Paradise  1N-3N-6N-10D-14H-20H
161. The Lion’s Awakening  1N-3N-6N-10N-15D-19D
162. Identity  1N-3N-6N-10N-15D-19H
163. An Android’s Rebellion  1N-3N-6N-10N-15N-20D
164. A New Empire’s Beginning  1N-3N-6N-10N-15N-20H
165. Bullets from Tears  1N-3N-6N-10N-15H-21D
166. Journey to Nihility  1N-3N-6N-10N-15H-21H
167. Shadow Surpassing Shadow  1N-3N-6N-10H-16D-20D
168. Dr. Eggman’s Miscalculation  1N-3N-6N-10H-16D-20H
169. Along with the ARK  1N-3N-6N-10H-16N-21D
170. Requiem for the Heavens  1N-3N-6N-10H-16N-21H
171. Sonic Dethroned!  1N-3N-6N-10H-16H-22D
172. Justice Reborn in Space  1N-3N-6N-10H-16H-22H
173. Steel Ruler  1N-3N-6H-11D-15D-19D
174. For the Sake of the Self  1N-3N-6H-11D-15D-19H
175. Farewell to the Past  1N-3N-6H-11D-15N-20D
176. Steel Paradise  1N-3N-6H-11D-15N-20H
177. The Guardian With No Past  1N-3N-6H-11D-15H-21D
178. The Ultimate Atonement  1N-3N-6H-11D-15H-21H
179. A Fake’s Aspiration  1N-3N-6H-11N-16D-20D
180. Machine World  1N-3N-6H-11N-16D-20H
181. Twilight Ark  1N-3N-6H-11N-16N-21D
182. Compensation for a Miracle  1N-3N-6H-11N-16N-21H
183. The Strongest Hedgehog  1N-3N-6H-11N-16H-22D
184. The Ultimate Punisher  1N-3N-6H-11N-16H-22H
185. Voyage of Reminiscence  1N-3N-6H-11H-17N-21D
186. Wandering’s End  1N-3N-6H-11H-17N-21H
187. The Ultimate Proof  1N-3N-6H-11H-17H-22D
188. Punisher of Love  1N-3N-6H-11H-17H-22H
189. Messenger from the Darkness  1N-3H-7D-10D-14D-18D
190. The New Ruler  1N-3H-7D-10D-14D-18H
191. Dark Soldier  1N-3H-7D-10D-14N-19D
192. The Road of Light  1N-3H-7D-10D-14N-19H
193. The Machine-Laden Kingdom  1N-3H-7D-10D-14H-20D
194. New Determination  1N-3H-7D-10D-14H-20H
195. Birth of the Dark Soldier  1N-3H-7D-10N-15D-19D
196. A New Journey  1N-3H-7D-10N-15D-19H
197. The Android’s Opposition  1N-3H-7D-10N-15N-20D
198. Founding of the Robot Nation  1N-3H-7D-10N-15N-20H
199. The Eternal Protector  1N-3H-7D-10N-15H-21D
200. The Sinner’s Repose  1N-3H-7D-10N-15H-21H
201. A Hero’s Resolution  1N-3H-7D-10H-16D-20D
202. The Weapons’ Empire  1N-3H-7D-10H-16D-20H
203. Perpetual Voyage  1N-3H-7D-10H-16N-21D
204. A Hero’s Atonement  1N-3H-7D-10H-16N-21H
205. Dark Hegemony  1N-3H-7D-10H-16H-22D
206. And the Dream Continues  1N-3H-7D-10H-16H-22H
207. Fighter for Darkness  1N-3H-7N-11D-15D-19D
208. The Path I Believed In  1N-3H-7N-11D-15D-19H
209. Determination’s Daybreak  1N-3H-7N-11D-15N-20D
210. Machine Kingdom at Dawn  1N-3H-7N-11D-15N-20H
211. Sinful Protector  1N-3H-7N-11D-15H-21D
212. At the End of the Journey  1N-3H-7N-11D-15H-21H
213. Surmounting the Nightmare  1N-3H-7N-11N-16D-20D
214. Dawn of the Machines  1N-3H-7N-11N-16D-20H
215. Wandering for Eternity  1N-3H-7N-11N-16N-21D
216. At Vagrancy’s End  1N-3H-7N-11N-16N-21H
217. The Summit of Power  1N-3H-7N-11N-16H-22D
218. Under the Name of Love  1N-3H-7N-11N-16H-22H
219. Eternally Drifting  1N-3H-7N-11H-17N-21D
220. The Importance of Truth  1N-3H-7N-11H-17N-21H
221. The Beginning of Judgment  1N-3H-7N-11H-17H-22D
222. This World’s Guardian  1N-3H-7N-11H-17H-22H
223. Light Born from Darkness  1N-3H-7H-12D-16D-20D
224. The Order of Steel  1N-3H-7H-12D-16D-20H
225. Solitary Journey  1N-3H-7H-12D-16N-21D
226. The Fall Home  1N-3H-7H-12D-16N-21H
227. Sovereign of All Creation  1N-3H-7H-12D-16H-22D
228. I Shall Be the One to Judge  1N-3H-7H-12D-16H-22H
229. Gone With the Darkness  1N-3H-7H-12H-17N-21D
230. The Ultimate Choice  1N-3H-7H-12H-17N-21H
231. I Am the Strongest!  1N-3H-7H-12H-17H-22D
232. Justice’s Awakening  1N-3H-7H-12H-17H-22H
233. Prelude to Ruination  1H-4D-6D-9D-13D-18D
234. A World United by Darkness  1H-4D-6D-9D-13D-18H
235. The Pulse of Darkness  1H-4D-6D-9D-13N-19D
236. To Just Be Myself  1H-4D-6D-9D-13N-19H
237. Punishment in Jet Black  1H-4D-6D-9N-14D-18D
238. The Ruler’s First Cry  1H-4D-6D-9N-14D-18H
239. Darkness’ Conspiracy  1H-4D-6D-9N-14N-19D
240. The Faint Light of Tomorrow  1H-4D-6D-9N-14N-19H
241. Time of Departure  1H-4D-6D-9N-14H-20D
242. Rise of the Machine Kingdom  1H-4D-6D-9N-14H-20H
243. Despair’s Quickening  1H-4D-6D-9H-15D-19D
244. The Beginning  1H-4D-6D-9H-15D-19H
245. Setting Out in the Morning  1H-4D-6D-9H-15N-20D
246. The Weapons’ Dawn  1H-4D-6D-9H-15N-20H
247. Pure Ark  1H-4D-6D-9H-15H-21D
248. Making Up For It in the End  1H-4D-6D-9H-15H-21H
249. The Coming of the Dark Time  1H-4D-6N-10D-14D-18D
250. The Throne of God  1H-4D-6N-10D-14D-18H
251. God of War  1H-4D-6N-10D-14N-19D
252. Howl of Solitude  1H-4D-6N-10D-14N-19H
253. Proof of Existence  1H-4D-6N-10D-14H-20D
254. Ardent Vow  1H-4D-6N-10D-14H-20H
255. A Deal With the Devil  1H-4D-6N-10N-15D-19D
256. A Reason to Live  1H-4D-6N-10N-15D-19H
257. Induplicable Thoughts  1H-4D-6N-10N-15N-20D
258. Steel Struck With Flame  1H-4D-6N-10N-15N-20H
259. A Heart Bound to the ARK  1H-4D-6N-10N-15H-21D
260. Tears Shed by the Stars  1H-4D-6N-10N-15H-21H
261. Imitation Complex  1H-4D-6N-10H-16D-20D
262. Steel Combat Boots  1H-4D-6N-10H-16D-20H
263. Protector of the Ashen Moon  1H-4D-6N-10H-16N-21D
264. A Demon Drifting  1H-4D-6N-10H-16N-21H
265. The Ultimate Pride  1H-4D-6N-10H-16H-22D
266. I Know the Will of Heaven  1H-4D-6N-10H-16H-22H
267. Ego Dyed in Black  1H-4D-6H-11D-15D-19D
268. Isolation By Choice  1H-4D-6H-11D-15D-19H
269. Faith Without Falsehood  1H-4D-6H-11D-15N-20D
270. Machine Empire  1H-4D-6H-11D-15N-20H
271. The Eternally-Closed Door  1H-4D-6H-11D-15H-21D
272. The Sealed-Away Ark of Sin  1H-4D-6H-11D-15H-21H
273. Silver Emergence  1H-4D-6H-11N-16D-20D
274. Pulsating Supercurrent  1H-4D-6H-11N-16D-20H
275. The Reason I Was Born  1H-4D-6H-11N-16N-21D
276. The Dark Part of the Galaxy  1H-4D-6H-11N-16N-21H
277. The View From Atop the World  1H-4D-6H-11N-16H-22D
278. Maria’s Testament  1H-4D-6H-11N-16H-22H
279. A Genius Scientist’s Lineage  1H-4D-6H-11H-17N-21D
280. Distorted Truth  1H-4D-6H-11H-17N-21H
281. A Counterfeit Existence  1H-4D-6H-11H-17H-22D
282. Beloved Memories  1H-4D-6H-11H-17H-22H
283. Birth of a Devil  1H-4H-7D-10D-14D-18D
284. A Dark Myth’s Beginnings  1H-4H-7D-10D-14D-18H
285. Black Thunder  1H-4H-7D-10D-14N-19D
286. The Torn-Away Necklace  1H-4H-7D-10D-14N-19H
287. A Soul Sheltered by Iron  1H-4H-7D-10D-14H-20D
288. Steel Nation’s Decree  1H-4H-7D-10D-14H-20H
289. Coronation of Darkness  1H-4H-7D-10N-15D-19D
290. Opened Eyes  1H-4H-7D-10N-15D-19H
291. The Doctor’s Lie  1H-4H-7D-10N-15N-20D
292. The Uninvited Successor  1H-4H-7D-10N-15N-20H
293. The Closed Pandora’s Box  1H-4H-7D-10N-15H-21D
294. A Heart Bound by Sin  1H-4H-7D-10N-15H-21H
295. Courage from Turning Gears  1H-4H-7D-10H-16D-20D
296. Fullmetal Prince  1H-4H-7D-10H-16D-20H
297. Time’s Watchman  1H-4H-7D-10H-16N-21D
298. Galaxy’s Requiem  1H-4H-7D-10H-16N-21H
299. Charm of the Chaos Emeralds  1H-4H-7D-10H-16H-22D
300. Promise of a Far-Off Day  1H-4H-7D-10H-16H-22H
301. The Grim Reaper’s Horn  1H-4H-7N-11D-15D-19D
302. A Flame Extinguished by Fate  1H-4H-7N-11D-15D-19H
303. Shouting at the Morning Sun  1H-4H-7N-11D-15N-20D
304. Iron Ambition  1H-4H-7N-11D-15N-20H
305. Sleeping on Hallowed Ground  1H-4H-7N-11D-15H-21D
306. Explanation of the Truth  1H-4H-7N-11D-15H-21H
307. An Android’s Dream  1H-4H-7N-11N-16D-20D
308. Metallic Quickening  1H-4H-7N-11N-16D-20H
309. Funeral Procession in Space  1H-4H-7N-11N-16N-21D
310. Lost to the Universe’s Abyss  1H-4H-7N-11N-16N-21H
311. Destiny for Two  1H-4H-7N-11N-16H-22D
312. The Spun Threads of Fate  1H-4H-7N-11N-16H-22H
313. Ark of the Heavens  1H-4H-7N-11H-17N-21D
314. Ghost of the ARK  1H-4H-7N-11H-17N-21H
315. A Pair of Shooting Stars  1H-4H-7N-11H-17H-22D
316. The One Who Maria Entrusted  1H-4H-7N-11H-17H-22H
317. A.I.’s Enlightenment  1H-4H-7H-12D-16D-20D
318. A Dying Empire’s Cry  1H-4H-7H-12D-16D-20H
319. Moon of Atonement  1H-4H-7H-12D-16N-21D
320. Tear-Soaked Hometown  1H-4H-7H-12D-16N-21H
321. Sparks on the Horizon  1H-4H-7H-12D-16H-22D
322. A Use for a Saved Life  1H-4H-7H-12D-16H-22H
323. Coffin of Memories  1H-4H-7H-12H-17N-21D
324. The Self-Imposed Seal  1H-4H-7H-12H-17N-21H
325. Pretense in the Mirror  1H-4H-7H-12H-17H-22D
326. A Missive from 50 Years Ago  1H-4H-7H-12H-17H-22H

6. Acknowledgments

A million thanks to faintecho for sending me totally complete info on every 
single path.  I was expecting to have to work with at least 20 or 30 people 
to complete the FAQ.  Thank you for making it so easy.

Thanks to Sega for making Shadow the Hedgehog, the second most unique game I 
have ever played.

Thanks to GameFAQs, as always.

Thanks to Sonic_the_hedgehog for E-mailing me and getting me concerned about 
the readability of my FAQ.  After much thought, I hope I have found a 
solution that will please everybody, including me, without having to do a 
major overhaul of the whole FAQ.

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