Question from garrettawsome

Can you walk without your board in this game?

Im thinking about buying this and I want to know.


xdude408 answered:

Yes you can walk without your board all u have to do is press z.
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edk0811365 answered:

Pressing Z will only let you walk while holding the skateboard in your hand. If you want to walk without holding the board, first press Z to walk, then run and press B to throw the skateboard. That's it, now you can walk without holding the board in hand. When you are tired of it or want it back, find it where you threw it and get back on. Repeat the action if you want that sometimes.
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ACsternhead101 answered:

Just press B while walking.
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asoaso14 answered:

Yes you can, no matter wheather you are playing it on XBOX, PlayStation2, or GameCube. I do not know how to walk without your board on the XBOX or the PS2 version but on the GameCube version press Z, then press Z to get back on,or press B to throw the board.
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