Additional SupportYutaka Minobe
Art DirectorSatoshi Sakai
Assistant ProducerTakao Miyoshi
DirectorShintaro Hata
Game Design - Battle/Enemy/CharacterAtsushi Kanno
Game Design - FieldMasaya Amano
Game Design - ItemAsahiko Kikuohi
Game Design - Quest AssistantsYasuhiro Imai
Game Design - Quest ASsistantsYuya Kimura
Game Design - Quest AssistantsHiroshi Satori
Game Design - Quest DirectorHidenobu Hasebe
Game Design - ScenarioAtsushi Kanno
Game Design - Word SelectKenjiro Morimoto
Graphic Design - Action CoordinatorMitsuo Abe
Graphic Design - Action CoordinatorWataru Koga
Graphic Design - AssistantYonosuki Miki
Graphic Design - Character MotionTomonori Dobashi
Graphic Design - Character/ItemYuki Takahashi
Graphic Design - Character/ItemWataru Watanabe
Graphic Design - City ManagerAi Ikeda
Graphic Design - FieldMichio Abe
Graphic Design - FieldHaruka Haginoya
Graphic Design - FieldKobei Kitamura
Graphic Design - FieldAkira Mikame
Graphic Design - FieldBakae Tabata
Graphic Design - Motion ActorTony Hosokawa
Graphic Design - Motion ActorAkira Oohashi
Graphic Design - Motion ActorKazuniko Shinyako
Graphic Design - Motion ActorJun Yamashita
Graphic Design - Motion CaptureYasuyo Hirao
Graphic Design - Motion CaptureMasakatsu Inoue
Graphic Design - Motion CaptureMasaaki Murakami
Graphic Design - Motion CaptureKazuhisa Nishimura
Graphic Design - Motion CaptureShigeaki Nunokawa
Graphic Design - Motion CaptureShigeru Ohata
Graphic Design - Motion CaptureRyuichi Yamada
Graphic Design - Motion Capture(Lobby Action)Hideaki Fukai
Graphic Design - Motion Capture(Lobby Action)Takeo Iwata
Graphic Design - Motion Capture(Lobby Action)Fujita Katsuhiro
Graphic Design - Motion Capture(Lobby Action)Hans Van Veenendaal
Graphics Design - Characters IllustrationAkikazu Mizuno
Graphics Design - Symbol ChatHaruka Haginoya
Graphics Design - Web DesignMiho Bonkohara
ProducerYuji Naka
Program - CharacterMasanobu Yamamoto
Program - Character CreationYasuhiro Takahashi
Program - Data SavingShinya Matsunami
Program - EnemyRyuichi Ishiouro
Program - EnemyAkio Setsumasa
Program - EnemyMakoto Suzuki
Program - EnemyYasuhiro Takahashi
Program - EnemyJunichi Takeda
Program - EnemyMasanobu Yamamoto
Program - Field/City/QuestMasato Nakazawa
Program - ItemMakoto Suzuki
Program - Menu WindowRyuichi Ishiouro
Program - NetworkYuji Hirukawa
Program - NetworkAkio Setsumasa
Program - NetworkKazuhiro Tonogi
Program - SequenceNobuo Nakagawa
Program - SoundShinya Matsunami
Program - Technical SupportYoshitaka Kawasata
Program - Technique/CameraShinya Matsunami
Program - Word SelectYasuhiro Takahashi
Program DirectorShinya Matsunami
Server Program DirectorAkio Setsumasa
Sound Creator & DesignerHideaki Kobayashi
Sound Creator & DesignerFumie Kumatani
Sound DesignerTomonori Sawada
Sound DirectorHideaki Kobayashi
Sound ProducerFumitaka Shibata
Sound Technical DirectorShigeharu Isoda


Data and credits for this game contributed by KeeperBvK, A Man in Flames, Blueberry Buttface, Fossil, LordAndrew, Guard Master, PZT, and oliist.

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