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Version 1.01

After gettin the crap beat out of you 2-3 rounds in a row very frequently, you 
tend to pick up a few tricks. I have been playing this game as an escape from 
SSBM (which my friends and I played from 2001-2005, believe me it gets old...
and most of them don't have the mental capacity to challenge me in Soul Calibur 
II, so this is the new game to abuse). SO...what I'm trying to say is: This is 
my first FAQ, and I am by no means, and do not claim to be a master at this 
game, just an average gamer/anime fan with some information that may or may not
be useful to other GAMERS. Please do not e-mail me asking obvious or pointless 
questions, and no hate-mail (please and thanks).I also assume that anyone 
reading this has played the game, and understands the terms used. Since there's
a combo/String list in the Paue menu, I'm not going to include those, but I
will include notes on transformations. I'd like to hear from anyone who has any
information I can actually use in this thing. Thanks for reading this, 
I hope it helps!

NOTE: The North American (English) version of Naruto(anime, games, etc.) SUCKS. 
The dubbing sucks, and it (the anime) is cut, censored and substituted with 
lame kiddie jokes..its really awful. I suggest you watch the original japanese
version with subtitles ,its way better, and you may even learn some new words
from reading all those subs! Talk about capitalising and marketing...its the 
American way. Also, forgive me if I stray from the topics at hand...I think 
I have A.D.D. or something...Anyway by episode 135 in the anime, Clash of Ninja 
should be released in the U.S., so if you like the english voices, Mark 
your calendars now!


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any 
other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.

Please respect my wishes, as I spent alot of time on this FAQ. I have no 
problem in letting anyone host my FAQ, BUT PLEASE ASK FIRST. Thanks
GAMEFAQS and NEOSEEKER are the only sites that are currently allowed 
to use this FAQ.
I quickly realised that this whole series is a bit of a button masher,
(See any forum discussing One tail Kyuubi Naruto) with minimal strategy 
involved, but here's what I learned that saved my virtual neck a few times :

[]Learn to turn around : In this game, when you switch sides with 
your opponent, most times your character won't automatically turn 
around, even when you attempt to launch an attack. Don't panic, 
its just a simple tap of the control stick in the appropriate direction. 
Even if it sounds simple, it is a bit difficult when you first pick up 
the game. Don't get mad, just buy some time before your opponent counter 
attacks. try jumping over him/her with your back turned (you can double 
jump in this game) or run in the opposite direction, then turn around. 
Sidestepping also works wonders.

[]Learn to tech roll  : You can execute a tech roll after being launched
into the air. The instant your character hits the floor, tap B and a 
direction to safely roll away. In addition to almost effortlessly evading 
low attacks and wake-up supers, performing a sucessful tech-roll fills up 
a considerable portion of your chakra meter (approximately 25%). You can 
roll back, forward and also into or out of the plane.

[]Punish the bastard : sasuke has teleport attacks! Use them, but 
don't abuse them. u+A (Sharingan), b+A (normal), and run+A (Sharingan) 
are all very useful. Try using them at appropriate times..when the 
opponent is charging an attack; when your back is turned to the opponent, 
etc. Also, evading, then attacking is highly effective as well. A well 
placed sidestep can save your hide lots of times! Follow up with the biggest 
possible combo, try to use a super, but always monitor the opponents CHAKRA!! 
Sidestep and counter attack KnJ attacks, attack when the opponent is grounded, 
whatever you do, try to put as much damage on your opponent as possible in 
the current situation. When your opponent is on very low health, try 
inflicting chip-damage 

[]LEARN TO EFFECTIVELY PERFORM BACK+B ATTACKS!! : This one is important. I've 
dedicated an entire section to this back+B (b+B are combo breakers for all 
characters except CS2 Sasuke (Coincidence? I think not). A well placed b+B
attack has saved me on numerous occasions, and still does regularly.

[]Read your opponent (duhh). Don't fall for the same attacks over and over 
again, try evading then punishing obvious attacks. This is a fighting game,
you know. (Don't fall for Sasuke's u+A over and over again please, Sidestep
and punish!)

[]Use your special attacks ("Supers"). They may be painfully easy to execute 
(X, or [direction]+X), but not very simple to land. The trick is to 
implement them into combos. The most basic being BBX, its possible to get 
40+ hits with some characters. Not all commands with the X button are supers,
however. They may be transformations that alter your character  in some way 
(sasuke>sharingan sasuke;naruto>kyuubi naruto), and they require a fixed 
amount of chakra; also in 3-man cell mode, can be a team super.

[]Projectiles! Use them please, they don't run out you know. Projectiles 
can end a match by damaging an opponent close to death, as they not only
travel far but also cause chip-damage. They can also be used to interrupt
potential attacks (example: interrupting initiating hits in supers, 
stopping running attacks, killing jump attacks/supers)

[]Learn to throw! It's only 1 button. It can be evaded, and punished if 
so, but is a useful move for stting up combos, and a constant blocker's
worst nightmare. Throw them, then follow up with an air-projectile. 
They can be sidestepped as well.

[]Replace carefully. Using the Kawarimi no Jutsu strategically is  a 
very important part of gameplay. Replacing madly whenever you have 
enough chakra is reckless, and can be anticipated, evaded and punished. 
You should use the normal KnJ more frequently than the attacking KnJ, 
so as to escape combos and counterattack. It's best to use 
L-replacement while being hit in the air;
R-replacement should be used while taking hits on the ground.


(!) back+X - Transformation Command, Activates sharingan as Normal Sasuke, 
Deactivates Sharingan as Sharingan Sasuke

(!) Y = cancel - 25% chakra. Cancels the current string so you can branch 
into something else. you can cancel *any* HIT after your opponent is off
the ground.(example:sasuke's 4th B can be cancelled out of 
after it lands). Oh, this is also the grab button, in case you didn't 
know. Hit Y when close to an enemy and watch them go flying. 
Some characters have unique throws, but these are few
and far between (Ino, Sakura, Kisame, Zabuza)

(!) Shi-Shi Rendan (Lion Combo, Barrage of Lions) - 5 hits - 100% chakra. 
Initiating hit can be easily avoided, inadvisable to use as a
wake-up super.

(!) Katon: Housenka no jutsu - Fire Element (Fire Balsam technique/
Phoenix Fire(or flower) technique) approximately 25 hits,75% chakra; 
my best attempt - 24 hits. CAN be blocked, causes chip-damage, wide 
forward spread. Best used at lower jump heights, or near a wall. 

(!) Chidori (Thousand Birds) - 1 Hit (can be charged, longer charge = 
higher damage & range) - 100% chakra. Not much to say here...I don't
really make use of this attack. You can get a good hit after a throw, 
and if you're quick enough, you CAN get a hit as the opponent hits the 
ground. Best used as a Wake up super, but the opponent can jump away 
if you lag even a little...look for the opponent to roll toward/away/
into/out of/ plane before releasing charge. Kakashi's really is better.

>>For sharingan Sasuke all combos ending in u+B can be exchanged 
  with jump X (housenka)
  EXCEPT #9 (duhr.)

>>Normal Sasuke's Fourth hit is a launcher and is 'Safe', in that 
it is not easily punishable on block. Sharingan Sasuke's launcher 
hit (also 4th., no surprise) is NOT safe, and if it is blocked, 
you should press A to start the Fireball attack 
(Goukakyuu no Jutsu - f+A, can be maintained at the constant 
depletion of chakra) This pushes your opponent away, giving you 
a small amount of time to recover, and causing a little chip-damage.

>>This should not be attempted however, as opponents may simply walk
back out of the kick (Rock Lee's Shadow Dance) It is painfully slow..
if it hits, it is possible to cancel immeadiately and execute the 
Air Katon. Obviously, this requires a full chakra meter.

>>Normal Sasuke's BBBB can be used repeatedly, however, the opponent 
CAN sidestep out of the fourth B. Unless they punish immeadiately 
you can evade and restart the combo. After the second consecutive use, 
the gravity on the opponent becomes very difficult to work with, 
so its unlikely you'll get beyond a third full use of the string.

I know you might have your own combos, and they may be way better
than these, but these are combos that work,I have personally tried
them all, and they are also safe and comprise of good mixups 
(Who's going to expect a throw after 2 hits of a potentially 
unsafe combo?). Anyway, I've included some explanations for you, 
assuming you know how fast and what the animation looks like.
Letters in CAPS are buttons, common letters are directions.

|Normal Sasuke|

<1>BBBB,(BBBB), BBX   		 >> basic combo incorporating Lion Combo, very 
				    easy to execute, 4th hit launches.

<2>d+ABB, BBX 			 >> 1st hit causes stagger; a little more 
				    damage than the above.

<3>(f+BABB or BBBB)[Y], BBBBY, u+B  >> 4th hit launches! Y cancels, u+b is an 
    				    attacking throw. (!)If your fast enough, 
				    you won't have to cancel after the launcher 
				    hit(!), but that hit causes the opponent to 
				    spin into or out of the plane 
				    depending on which side you're on.

<4>b+BB,grab,(BBBB), BBX         >> A little more complex here, the first 2 
				    hits are part of his b+B combo, 
				   in which the 1st hit auto-guards. 
				   It's supposed to be 3 hits, but you 
				   stop after the first 2 and execute combo 
				   #1 after a grab/throw attack. 
				   Variations are possible, of course. 
				   Watch your opponents chakra!
<5>d+ABB, (BBBB), u+B           >> Good combo for putting clean damage 
				   on your opponent, without exposing yourself 
				   too much; the u+B is advisable, since it 
				   can be a good mixup, as your opponent may 
				   wait for another hit before KnJ. Also a 
				   good escape tactic from KnJ, I've seen it 
				   pickup the opponent with Sasuke's back 
			           turned. Don't expect this result though, 
				   as it is risky, timing-wise.
				   (First hit staggers)

<6> d+ABB, BBBB, BBX		>>  See combo 11, but it's 14 hits here. Easier 
				    to actually do, but the risk of landing 
				    it is a little higher (i.e. escaping)
|Sharingan sasuke|

~~Normal Sasuke is only a part of the whole character. It's not advisable 
to use only Normal, or only Sharingan mode Sasuke, as you won't be able 
to use him to his fullest, and some of his cooler moves and abilities, 
of which some are "mode-specific" (Thank Rock Lee you ungrateful bastards!). 
Again, I assume you know most of his moves that are somewhat useful
(Don't knock the b+A counter unless you've tried it, its a good 
escape tactic!). Here's his combo list...~~

<6>(BBBB or f+BABB)Y, BBBBY, u+B   >> If you can't figure this out,
				     go shoot yourself.
				     see combo #3 in 
				     normal sasuke. And if you still 
				     can't figure it out, 
				     save the bullet 
				     and go play the game.
<7>b+BB,grab,BBBBY, u+B		 >> Ditto. Except, see #4, or use 
				    the game as a really small frisbee

<8>BBBBY, BBBY, jump X		 >> If performed
				    correctly, you can get up 20+ hits 
				    with this alone.

<9> BBBA, Jump X		 >> Really simple combo right? Well it is,
				    but again, the timing is important,
				    as well as the jump height. Yes, 
				    it really works! Be careful not to 
				    activate X before you jump.

<10>f+BABA, (d+BB) [OR jump X VERY QUICKLY]  

Use this at the risk of your own chakra! It is by no means
difficult to do, but the timing has to be spot on, and the jump
has to be very low for maximum effect. Guaranteed to make your opponents
jaw drop. If you try to use the d+BB, chances are the air-katon will miss 
entirely. Sorry, but because of how much I love this combo, I had to 
include it.						.

<11> --BBBBBB, b+X, BBX-- 

Explanation:1st string- 4th hit launches, 7th hit sends the opponent 
            2nd string- deactivates sharingan 3rd string- 
		You need to run under the opponent and deliver this 
	       to end in Shi-Shi Rendan (Lion Combo) 
Approximately 13 hits possible
               : 75% health on an average defense
This combo is best used/performed after evading/punishing a failed 
super attack (i.e. - 0% chakra, or as little as possible, worst case 
scenario is the opponent may KnJ out of BBX, for this, monitor the 
opponents chakra or simply attempt X if the opponent has close to 75% Chakra). 
However, after running to deliver the 3rd string, you can either choose 
to start another combo (at your own risk, or attempt u+B, an decent way to end 
a combo w/out losing chakra. Opponents cannot KnJ out of this.	
This combo is really easy to get out of, but really damaging when it hits...
I can't remember Exactly how many B's are in the first part, but it's basically
His entire B-string while Sharingan is active.

Back+B with all characters, except Curse Seal 2 Sasuke, when executed, 
performs an attack that has auto-guard properties. This means that 
if/when you are blocking and your opponent is attacking you, 
you can perform an attack without dropping your guard. This move is 
very useful, and can be used to interrupt your opponents attack, and, depending 
on your character, can be used to turn the flow of battle. This move is 
useful, because it can put off an opponent who attacks frequently, and preserve
your shield at the same time. It can also save you from major damage in sticky 
situations. Please note that while performing a b+B, your shield is still 
active, and still absorbs damage. There are other moves that have auto-guard 
properties, but these are character specific (Kabuto has a bunch of them, 
and I THINK Sasuke's u+B does as well, I'm not 100% on that.)

>>His b+BBB combo is marginally safe only in the first 2 hits; his third 
hit can be severely punished on block, the last B can be sidestepped and 
punished.  There's enough delay for the opponent to drop in a string. If this 
happens, wise up and stop after the second B! There's enough time for you to 
attempt a grab maneuvre. It is not advisable to attempt to b+B some 
characters unless you know how their strings/combos operate. This applies to 
all characters generally, as it is unwise to use a b+B attack at just any 
point in a combo. This may also be subject to severe punishment. Also, 
because the last B turns him around, it can be punished. However, it also 
causes the opponent to be pushed back, but even this reason doesn't justify 
finishing the combo if blocked.

>>Not all hits/attacks can be b+B'd, due to the length (in time) of the 
attack, or the speed of the hits. (Example : Kisame's f+A attack. I 
have only seen 1 instance in which this attack was countered w/ b+B, 
and I can't remember who it was that did it. However quick this attack is 
then, it still can be avoided, at the cost of some chip-damage, which 
is significantly less than actually taking the attack at the cost of health a
nd chakra, so don't try it!! If the timing is right though, it is possible 
to b+B Sakon/Yukon's Rashoumon, Neji's Daikaiten, and Kimimaro's Sawarabi 
no Mai. NOTE : Seriously, don't try to b+B Temari's jump X and expect to 
not get hit. She releases 2 HUGE whirlwinds. You can get through the 
first one but you will definitely feel the 2nd. I'd like to hear 
from anyone who disproves this please. Just walk back or sidestep madly!

>>You can't talk about b+B attacks wiothout mentioning Yamanaka Ino! 
She has THE fastest b+B in the NGNT! Series. Do not attempt to combo her 
while blocking, unless you are using a relatively quick character, 
who can destroy her pitiful block-shield.

>>Unless you're a higher level player, or have studied string 
operations on different characters, i advise you to wait until the 
opponent is finished attacking your kisame. He has the highest defense 
and it while take a while for his shield to break. as aforementioned, 
its a last ditch attempt for him, UNADVISABLE to be used against 
charcaters with 7+ hits per STRING. (Damn you, Hinata, I hope you go blind!)
>> Curse Seal Level 2 Sasuke does not have a conventional b+B. Instead, 
he has a teleport drop kick (u+A sharingan sasuke) but unlike sharingan 
sasuke, he can chain this attack to other combos, etc. (Think about 
[b+B, BBX]...yeah, thats pretty nice, considering he got raped by 
Orochimaru...). This works because the hit causes the opponent to bounce, 
like a normal character's jump B. CS2 Sasuke's jump B is that gay flying
tackle attack.

>> Rock Lee and Gai also have special b+B attacks. New in NGNT!4, Both of 
these guys can actually charge their b+B attack. If it is charged, it breaks 
the opponents shield on block in one hit. That's something the Sharingan missed.


Cancelling in a combo reduces the amount of damage you do to the opponent.
This does not mean more cancels = less damage. Any subsequent damage done 
after cancelling is a percentage of the damage it would originally do
Air throws 'negate' the reduction in damage done by cancels, so if you keep 
cancelling in a combo, you do less and less damage (realatively),
but if you air throw in a cancelled combo it (the AT) does the same 
amount of damage as if you didn't cancel.

"This is usually true but there is a simple way to prevent the damage reduction.
It is called stance breaking, and what you do is after a cancel, you tap forward
or backward to break the pose you will be in after the cancel, then attack like 
you normally would." - demon_gaara
Here is a link to a video explanation:


Some unusual stuff can be used in unexpected places, and can save your skin 
in some bad situation, so you shouldn't knock it till you've tried it. I'll 
list these unexpected but useful actions here..I warn you, try them at 
your own risk.

>>Run away from an enemy with your back towards them, then attempt a teleport 
attack, which can either be b+A(smoky tele-kick) or u+A(speedy tele-kick).
This is a little tricky, as the direction you are facing is interpreted as 
forward in the game. (I.E- FORWARD IS BACK AND BACK IS FORWARD).

>>u+B - I call it the Corbeau Renge (The Vulture Lotus)...
Although Corbeau isnt a japanese word, you get the idea. Wow..a great move to 
end a combo, and does QUITE a bit of damage to boot. The C-R is an attacking
throw that (obviously) is executed in real time and shifts into a cutscene.
Known to stop the awkwardly placed super, C-R CAN pick up an enemy when 
Sasuke's back is facing the opponent. This phenomenon has something to do with
hit-boxes, so its out of the scope of my knowledge, sorry.

>>Delays - another great tactic that succeeds in being unpredictable some times,
and fun all the time. It never gets old seeing the look on your opponents face 
when they think your done attacking, and as soon as they drop their guard 
to launch an attack, they're greeted by the continuation of your combo...*sigh*
Anyway, what you're really doing here is just slowing sown the rate at which
you hammer the control. Instead of spitting out string after string, try 
pressing BB, then after about a heartbeat, finish the combo. The delay between
individual hits is usually different, as is the delays for different characters.
Love that Ten-Ten...


>> You CAN safely KnJ out of Some Moves/Supers that have been deemed Anti-KnJ.
The ones that I have confirmed personally are Neji's daikaiten, and 
Sakon/Yukon's Kuchiyose:Rashoumon.
(Both of which I have previously stated can be b+B'd).

>> Although the placement of the bones in Kimimaro's Sawarabi no Mai
(Dance of the Seedling Ferns) is random ( i.e. - sometimes you get alot 
of hits[30+], sometimes you don't[<15]) It helps to get them as close 
to you as possible, or you can attempt it after they BOUNCE on the 
floor. Timing is crucial here. If your back is towards the enemy, this super
becomes unblockable. NEVER stay behind Kimimaro. I also believe that the size
of the stage plays a role in the level of damage this does, as large stages, 
or basically any stage (Away from walls) can be used. It seems to depend on 
how far the opponent can be "carried" by the bones.

>>Mizuki, Iruka, Obito, Kakashi's dad, Yondaime and/or Saddam Hussein are/is 
NOT the leader of Akatsuki..Thank you :P

A Kawarimi is performed by pressing the L or R trigger after being attacked.
This does not necessarily mean taking damage, as you can also replace out 
of Back + A counter moves, and Sakura's/Ino's throw. A well placed Kawarimi 
can turn the flow of battle if performed at the right time. L-replacing 
(Kawarimi using the L trigger) puts You behind your opponent without a 
followup attack. Best for escaping combos, attempted supers and the like.
R-replacing causes you to appear behind your opponent while performing a 
followup attack. Generally, an Air R-replace causes your opponent to 
bounce, which is useful for starting combos. I believe however, that this
can be tech rolled quite effectively, but in  the instance that the
opponent does bounce, it is advised that you attempt to put some damage 
on them. Monitor your opponents chakra!

Moves that are deemed Anti-KnJ (moves that hit you, regardless of your 
position; or moves that hit you even after you have replaced Examples are : 
Daikaiten, Sawarabi no Mai, Gaara's d+B, A,A,A (only the A parts, they 
'home in'). The trick to escaping these attacks is simple. I'll use an 
example : You are caught in 1 of Neji's many strings. You are either 
on the ground, or have been lifted in to the air. Neji cancels the string 
and activates Daikaiten. Now, you look closely, and quickly. What you are 
lookin for is the expansion of the sphere. when you actually SEE the kaiten, 
then you replace. Youu can also listen for it. After neji says his line, 
listen for the sound of the kaiten. just as the sound begins, you replace. 
This one is a little trickier, as you actually have to wait for the sound 
before you hit L or R. With a little practice, it can become 
Second-nature stuff...Good Stuff.

Azu Ali, for helping with the combo lists, practicing, 
and other help concerning string operations
Rishi Khan, for being a training dummy that fights back
Sadesh, for showing me how much I hate Ino (the fighter, not the character)

Thanks to demon_gaara for the note on stance breaking, and the video link!



Copyright 2006 ARIO RAMOUTAR
Version 1.01