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"Amazingly Fun"

This game is terrific. It's the most fun I've had with a video game in months, and I recommend it to anyone. Most people think that it's only for younger children because of the LEGO label, but it's NOT!

Graphics: 7/10
This game was originally written for the PS2, and when they released it for the gamecube, they didn't do much to change the graphics. The graphics are great, but leave a little to be desired.

Sound: 10/10
AWESOME SOUND! The hum of the lightsabers, the blasters, Darth Vader's breathing, John William's's all here! The sound is amazing.

Story: 8/10
You know the story...the game follows the first three episodes of the Star Wars films (and one short mission from the fourth). However, there is no voices in the cut-scenes and they are very short (if you don't know the movies you won't understand the game). Why a high rating? They are funny! My friend and I got many laughs out of the cut-scenes.

Gameplay: 10/10
I have to say, this game excels in almost everything. Multi-player is a blast. You can play any mission co-op with a friend. They have a neat system called Drop In/Drop Out where anyone can join at any time. This game is worth it for multi-player alone. Then there is the get over 30 of them! Most Star Wars games only give you around 5-10. You get Darth Vader (finish the "?" story), Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, even a Gonk Droid! The controls are easy to use and feel natural. B is attack/block, A is jump, Y is change person, and X is special ability/force. Simple.

Fun: 10+/10
To few games get a high rating here. What is there to say? This game rocks.

Re-playability: High
You'll defiantly re-play the missions many times.

Rent or Buy?
This is a tough call. You can beat the game with a rental, but to unlock everything in the game, you'll probably have to buy it. Also, multi-player is awesome so you'll defiantly want it around for when you have your friends over. Also, this game is cheap. I got it for $30 at Best Buy, but you can probably get it for $25. I say: BUY

OVERALL: 10/10

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 12/12/05

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