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Red Canyon?

At the area before the big river i've noticed CPUs going to the right and going through the gate somehow and i can't find out how to do it. I know you dont need power and that i see it a lot can someone help me?

Distant_Rainbow asked for clarification:

Could you explain a bit further?

Does the 'big river' you say mean that automatic part where you ride the rapids and leap over the waterfall? What is this 'gate'? Is this part after the big cavern at the start?

gasolinecookie provided additional details:

And yes i do mean the river with the big waterfall you leap over and the "gate" i mean is the very low wall on the right side just before the river and after the cavern

gasolinecookie provided additional details:

And yes i do mean the river with the big waterfall you leap over and the "gate" i mean is the very low wall on the right side just before the river and after the cavern.

gasolinecookie provided additional details:

I actually mean the right side and NOT THE LEFT,and I'm not talking about the 1way billboard behind the waterfall and i also do mean Red Canyon. I saw Tails, ulala, and some other guys do it so u don't need power and I'm sorry 4 the confusion but the river rapids that Distant_Rainbow mentioned in Splash Canyon are the same ones I mean in Red Canyon.

gasolinecookie provided additional details:

Don't think I'm messing with you or anything but i tried stopping and let everyone lap me several times until I've seen a close up view of this and i also come from both forks about 50-50ish. I'll try to make a video on this but no promises so...


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Distant_Rainbow answered:

So it IS in Red Canyon, hmm?...

Do you always manage to do a long jump off the first ramp of the course, or take the Speed or Flight shortcuts in case you don't?

After the cavern, the paths converge before the Power-type billboard shortcut; if you did a long jump or took a Speed/Flight shortcut in case you didn't you come from the left fork, while you come from the right if you didn't manage any of those.

I think it's that you always come from the left fork, and what you saw is merely racers who failed the long jump AND taking either attribute's shortcut and thus are coming from the right fork.

Should this be the case... then ignore that path. The right fork is a very long-winded route compared to the left and wastes a lot of time.
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Distant_Rainbow answered:


I think you mean the billboard with the barrels on the left then, and not right, since that's the only thing noteworthy in that part.

And in that case, that 'gate' actually IS a shortcut for Power-type characters, which allows them to enter the river Automatic Trail earlier.

Refer to final_lap's walkthrough here on GameFAQs. His guide has detailed maps of every course in the game(except Digital Dimension and the Sega courses) in ASCII form. If you check Red Canyon's map you'll see that there's nothing special in that part, apart from that shortcut and the fact that the routes which split at the first major jump converge.
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Distant_Rainbow answered:


In case you're asking about SPLASH Canyon and not Red Canyon, well, there will indeed be some river rapids with something like a gate to the right before the river and the waterfall(though, this would be after the 'lake'; there's no cavern for this course at this part).

Well, to access that... you jump from a ramp when you leave the lake, right? Do a perfect long jump(charged A to jump while holding the Control Stick up) from that ramp to land on an overhead shortcut which takes you to the river rapids Automatic Trail earlier(which goes through something that resembles a gate, I think).
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