Question from nintendobeast83

Asked: 5 years ago

I'm trying to unlock Super Sonic(I know how) but i can't get past the mission in egg factory with the robots, help?

I can't find all the robots in the egg factory it's like, mission 4 or 5 where you have to kill a certain amount of robots i cant find them all i can find 10 but i cant find any more, please help

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From: smashbrosbar21 5 years ago

This mission should be with Knuckles. Well, at the part of the level where you see the big rotating device, there is a wall you can break through on the right wall. There are caution signs along the wall, but one is slanted. Hit this part of the wall with the slanted sign and Knuckles will punch it through. Go through this part and there should be more robots to kill. Hope this helps!

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The thing is grinding. You use the characters motives such as speed,power,and fly. Speed can grind,but to do so first you hold and jump with a but do not let go of the button or before you hit the ground quickly press and hold for 2-6 sec.

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Hit the sign with an familiar ugly face and youre taking a power short cut with ugly robots to crush

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