• Character Unlocking Passwords

    Enter these passwords in the Password section to unlock the following characters:

    down, right, up, left, L, R, AAizen Sousuke
    Unlock UraharaUp, A, Up, A, Down, X, Down, X, Up
    X, X, A, A, X, R, A, L, XShiba Kaien
    Y A Y A L A L A R STARTUnlock Unmasked Komamura

    Contributed By: EternalNewbie, Giga Ganon, and MegaMika.

  • Passwords

    Passwords can be entered with all 4 directions and the A, X, Y, L, and R buttons. Press Start after entering the complete password to unlock.

    Unlocks KomamuraRight Left Right Left Up Down Up Down

    Contributed By: greasedlytning.

  • Special Voice Acting

    Once you enter these passwords, the characters will have a shining star next to their voice part in their extra profile. Keep in mind to complete the single play mode for all characters in order to get all the comical voice clips.

    Down, A, R, up, R, left, Y, upKomamura
    Down, down, left, left, down, rightUrahara
    Down, down, up, RGin
    Down, right, up, R, L, up, right, downKenpachi
    Down, up, A, up, R, rightTousen
    Down, up, up, down, up, right, up, RKaien
    Down, up, up, R, left, down, X, leftGanju
    L, down, right, left, down, up, X, upToushiro
    L, down, X, up, down, left, X, upByakuya
    Left, A, up, down, L, left, up, ASoi Fon
    Left, down, X, left, up, R, left, leftKyoraku
    R, A, R, AHinamori
    R, up, X, left, Y, downMayuri
    Right, down, X, up, right, AChad
    Up, A, Y, down, L, down, R, rightInoue
    Up, down, right, down, down, AIchigo
    Up, down, right, left, down, up, down, leftIkkaku
    Up, left, down, down, right, up, down, rightUkitake
    Up, left, Y, down, X, left, up, leftIshida
    Up, up, up, down, left, right, up, RAizen
    X, A, Y, left, up, down, right, downYoruichi
    X, left, R, down, right, down, down, upYumichika
    X, up, R, up, R, A, right, AYamamoto
    Y, left, down, down, up, upRukia
    Y, right, up, R, left, downRenji

    Contributed By: Mokuro.


  • 13 Bansyoubu Unlocks

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Sajin KomamuraBeat 13 Bansyoubu On Easy Difficulty
    Shigekuni Yamamoto GenryusaiBeat 13 Bansyoubu On Medium Difficulty
    Sousuke AizenBeat 13 Bansyoubu On Hard Difficulty

    Contributed By: EternalNewbie.

  • Single Player

    Beat single player in any difficulty to unlock the following characters:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Evil AizenBeat single play with Hinamori, Toushiro, Renji, Ichigo, Byakuya and Komamura in order.
    Kain ShibaBeat single play with Ganju, Rukia, and Ukitake in order.
    UraharaBeat single play with Yoruichi, Ichigo, Ishida, Inoue, Chad, Rukia and Mayuri in order.
    Wolf KomamuraBeat single play with Komamura, Aizen, Kenpachi, Tousen and Komamura in order.

    Contributed By: Mokuro.

  • Unlockables - Scenarios and Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    HinamoriBeat Renji's Story Mode
    MayuriBeat Ichigo's Story Mode
    RukiaBeat Byakuya's Story Mode
    Scenario 2 - Renji's Story ModeBeat Ichigo's Story Mode
    Scenario 3 - Byakuya's Story ModeBeat Renji's Story Mode
    ShunsuiBeat Ichigo's Story Mode
    Soi FongBeat Single Player with Yoruichi
    TousenBeat Single Player with Komamura
    UkitakeBeat Single Player with Shunsui
    YoruichiBeat all missions in Lesson Mode

    Contributed By: greasedlytning.

  • Unlocking characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Hinamori MomoBeat the second scenario
    Kuchiki RukiaFinish single mode with Kurosaki Ichigo
    Kurotsuchi MayuriBeat the first scenario
    Kyoraku ShunsuiBeat the first scenario

    Contributed By: mettek.

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