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--- Ryokazendriel’s Baten Kaitos Origins FAQ ---

Before we get started!
Like the previous Baten Kaitos, Origins is spoiler-
ific!  Don’t read farther than you have to if you 
doing want to be spoiled right to death.  That’s your 
only warning!

Don’t know how to search?  You haven’t hung out at 
gamefaqs long enough!  Try Cntrl-F to find what you 
want.  Use the handy search tags in [brackets] in the 
table of contents, or just search for the name of 
whatever area you’re stuck in. 

--- Updates ---
10/10/06 – Decided to post it, despite not being even 
close to done, because people on the boards are lost 
early, and I’ve got the walkthrough done through 
Zaurak Keep.  Still only a few monsters in the Field 
Guide (that thing takes FOREVER) and not all the 
sidequests are fully complete.  But hopefully those 
people who are stuck early on will find what they 
need here.

10/11/06 – Added the HoloHolo bird, since I’ve seen a 
lot of that going around the boards, and fleshed out 
the Sidequest list some more. 

10/16/06 – Through to the sidequest area, tried to 
finish up the Sedna list, still missing one or two.

10/17/06 – Cross-referenced my own stupid-long 
walkthrough to find the Sedna Magnus locations and 
immigrants.  All done there. Next up, sidequests.

10/23/06 – I am DONE.  Well, with the main quest 
proper, and I don’t know when Crazy will strike me 
next to finish the Field Guide and the few Sidequests 
I haven’t gotten to writing down. 

>>>>Table of Contents<<<<

>>>>Intro, Tips, FAQs  [A00]
 Legal Stuff  [A10]
 Should I Have Played the First One?  [A20]
 Controls, Etc.  [A30]
       Walking [A31]
       Stacking [A32]
       Fighting [A33]
       Mixing [A34]
 Tips  [A40]
       Creating Decks / Battling [A41]
 FAQs  [A50]

>>>>Walkthrough  [B00]
Disc 1
 Alfard  [B10]
       Dark Service HQ [B11]
       The Emperor’s Residence [B12]
 Otherworld 1 [B20]
       Albali Sandhollow [B21]
       Rasalas Village [B22]
 Mintaka  [B30]
 Hassaleh  [B40]
       Thornwood [B41]
       Sheratan Village [B42]
       Lake Botein [B43]
 Otherworld 2 [B50]
       Sandfeeder’s Nest [B51]
       Hassaleh Wrap-Up [B52]
 Alfard [B60]
       Mintaka [B61]
       Greater Mintaka [B62]
       Quaestor Verus’ Residence [B63]
 Azha [B70]
       Nihal Desert [B71]
       Azha [B72]
       Azha, Take 2 [B73]
       Lava Caves [B74]
 Otherworld 3 [B80]
 Alfard [B90]
       Lava Caves [B91]
       Alfard Wrap-Up [B92]
 Diadem [C10]
       Sheliak [C11]
       Castle Elnath [C12]
       Cloud Passage [C13]
       Nashira [C14]
       Cloudvents [C15]
 Otherworld 4 [C20]
       Cujam [C21]
       Diadem Wrap-Up [C22]
 Sadal Suud [C30]
       Pherkad [C31]
       Nunki Forest [C32]
       Cebalrai [C33]
       Rodolfo’s Estate [C34]
       Nunki Woods, Take 2 [C35]
 Otherworld 5 [C40]
       Zaurak Keep [C41]
       Sadal Suud Wrap-Up [C42]
       A Word on Pac-Man [C43]

>>>>>Disc 2
 Anuenue [C50]
       The HoloHolo Bird [C51]
       The HoloHolo Jungle [C52]
       Komo Mai [C53]
       Where are the Ballots? [C54]
       HoloHolo Jungle, Take 2 [C55]
       Komo Mai, Take 2 [C56]
       All that is Holy, HoloHolo Jungle AGAIN [C57]
       The Village of Opu [C58]
       The Celestial Tree [C59]
 Otherworld 6 [C60]
       Zaurak Keep, Round 2 [C61]
       The Battlefields of Atria [C62]
       Anuenue Wrap-Up [C63]
 Through the Looking Glass [C70]
       Alfard [C71]
       The Children of the Earth [C72]
       Vega Building Site [C73]
       Hassaleh [C74]
       Matar Highlands [C75]
 More Character Quests [C80]
       Return to Dark Service HQ [C81]
       Durh [C82]
       Nekkar [C83]
 Payback Time [C90]
       Return to Diadem [C91]
       Return to Sadal Suud [C92]
       Return to Anuenue [C93]
       Return to the Battlefields of Atria [C94]
       Boss Battle Troubles? [C95]
 Tarazed [D10]
	Vega [D11]
	Map of Tarazed [D12]
	Block A [D13]
	Block B [D14]
	Block C [D15]
	Block D [D16]
	The Bridge [D17]
	Tarazed Core [D18]
	The End [D19]
 A Final Word [D20]

>>>>All That Other Stuff [Z00]
 Mix Recipes [Z10]
 Sedna [Z20]
 Greythorne / Salty Water Locations [Z25]
 Side Quests [Z30]
 Field Guide / Boss Battles [Z40]
 Pac-Magnus [Z50]
 Credits [Z60]
 Contacting Me [Z70]

>>>>>>>>>Intro, Tips, FAQs<<<<<< [A00]

I hate it when I’m stuck and there’s no walkthrough.  
In these cases (counted: one, previously) I make one. 

========Legal Stuff========= [A10]

I daresay no one with a single moral fiber would 
plagiarize from a walkthrough, written only in the 
spirit of platonic brotherly gamer-love, but here’s 
the disclaimer anyway.  I, Ryokazendriel 
Qin’Xanthanthalas, didn’t create this game, nor 
profit from it; don’t sue.  I don’t profit from this 
writing, but I did spend considerable time on it; 
don’t steal it.  Finally, only gamefaqs.com is 
allowed to post this on their site.  I hope you can 
abide by those rules.

=======Should I Have Played the First One?====== 

It’s not absolutely necessary.  I will make mention 
of characters that show up in both, but as a prequel, 
this one can hardly spoil Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings 
and the Lost Ocean too badly.  They spoil eachother 
to some degree, as you will see, so I’d say it 
doesn’t matter what order you play them in.

=======Controls, Etc.========= [A30]
Lost the manual?  Bought a gimped copy with no 
manual?  Look no further, here’s all the important 
stuff contained therein. 

---------------Walking [A31]

Control stick: Move.  (Tilt softly: Sneak)
A Button: Confirm selection, jump, interact, etc.
B Button: Heartwing dash, cancel
C-Stick: Display / scroll quest magnus
X Button: Release quest magnus (when selecting quest 
Y Button: Camp menu
L / R Buttons: Switch with mixer (when selecting 
quest magnus)
Start: Pause

Buy: Regular old ’buy’ function.
Sell Junkpile: Sell all the magnus cards you’ve put 
in your junkpile.
Upgrade: Upgrade battle magnus you already own using 
gold, and sometimes quest magnus
Magnus Pack Coupons: Trade any coupons you’ve found 
for 10 random battle magnus

Class Upgrade: With enough TP, you can upgrade the 
class of your deck, allowing you to carry more decks, 
hold more cards in each deck, increase the MP Gauge 
size, and increase the number of cards you can 
discard in one turn.
Buy Aura: After collecting the necessary charms and 
talismans, auras will be available for purchase.  
Buying an aura negates any one you already have on, 
so only get one at a time for a given character.

++ Heartwing dash is good stuff, but the bar fills 
faster when there are enemies about. Don’t exhaust 
yourself dashing away from enemies!

++ If you touch a sleeping enemy on the worldmap, 
they’ll be asleep to start the battle.

++ You can do most quest magnus functions without 
going into the camp menu screen. 

++ Red save flowers just save.  Blue ones save and 
teleport you to those esoteric locales.

---------------Stacking [A32]

Control Stick: Move cursor
A Button: Confirm selection / Move magnus
B Button: Cancel
C-Stick: Change window sizes
Y Button: Sort cards
X Button: Discard magnus card.
Z Button: Change info window size
L / R Button: Move from stock side to deck side, and 
vice versa

++ You only have one deck!  All your characters are 
played from it, so activate them all for every deck, 
because you want to use them!

++ Use the Z button to open the info window and read 
about the card, see its properties (attack, defense, 
element, etc) and who can use it – their face will be 
highlighted on the top right side.

++ As you move up in class, you can create multiple 
decks for different situations using the same stock 
cards, but you must still have only one active deck 
that all your active characters are sharing.  This is 
different from the last game. 

++ The junkpile is for cards you don’t need and will 
be sold en masse if you click ”Sell Junkpile” at a 
magnus shop.  You can ’undelete’ these cards by going 
to the junkpile and clicking A on them.

++ An R in the upper right hand corner of a card 
means that the equipment can be used in the middle of 
a Relay Combo without disrupting it. 

++ The MP cost of a card (if there is one) will be in 
the middle, near the bottom in black.  For Sagi, it’s 
written in a circle, for Guillo, a diamond, and for 
Milly, a square.  If all three can use the card, it 
will be in a triangle. 

++ A green arrow appears in the upper left of cards 
that have been upgraded.

++ The color of the card, naturally, gives an 
indication of what element it is.

++ The elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Holy, 
Darkness, Physical / Variable

---------------Fighting [A33]

Control Stick / D-Pad: Left-Right selects magnus 
cards, Down initiates magnus sorting
A Button: Confirm selection
B Button: Discard magnus card
C-Stick: Switch between ready characters
X Button: Pass / Cancel Combo
Y Button: Release burst
Z Button: Show / hide magnus card info window
L / R Buttons: Change targets

++ Your choice in cards in one turn must always 
ascend in spirit number (that number in the bottom 
corner).  So start low and try and move sequentially 
in order to max out your combos.  Using an item or 
other card with no number means that’s the only card 
you’ll use on that turn.

++ Equipment has a durability, shown near your 
character’s info window at the top of the screen.  
You needn’t be equipping something every turn, 
because they’ll just replace what you had equipped.  
Durability for armor goes down when you’re hit, 
durability on weapons goes down for every strike you 
make.  Special durability goes down in special cases.

++ B button is your friend, it frees up space in your 
hand so you can draw something you actually will use.  
The character discarding cards is ready again almost 
immediately, especially if you’re just sitting around 
waiting for everyone else to take their turn.  Don’t 
forget that if you start discarding cards, you can’t 
start using cards in the same turn, but discarding is 
absolutely a must if you really need something, like 
a healing item.  Don’t be hesitant to throw away 
almost anything if you desperately need healing – 
after all, all cards will simply cycle back into your 
hand eventually.

++ There’s a ready list in the upper left hand corner 
(a la FFX) and it also shows who’s standing where by 
a line along the bottom.  Say, Sagi is on the left, 
Guillo is in the middle, and Milly’s on the right; it 
will represent their pictures similar to:
I hope you get what I’m saying.  Anyway it will help 
you determine which enemy is actually up next.

++ The blue bar at the right of the cards is the MP 
gauge, and there’s also a helpful voice that will 
tell you when you busted through to the next MP 

++ The grey bar under each character’s green health 
bar is their delay gauge, which counts down until 
they’re ready again.  

++ Once you reach Deck Class 7, you can use Burst.  
Burst is when you’ve reached MP level 5 and activate 
with the Y button.  You’ll be able to use things that 
cost MP for free for a short period of time, so use 
this opportunity to lay down the biggest combo ever.  
When Burst is over, Mp goes to zero and doesn’t start 
charging for a while. 

++ You can sort magnus in your hand by pressing down 
and moving it and pressing down again.

++ Relay combos are initiated when at least two of 
your characters have turns in a row, and you’ve done 
a combo up to spirit level 4 at least with the first 
one.  If you have a weak attack (1) in your hand, the 
word ’Relay!’ will appear on it, and you can chain 
your attacks by choosing that card.  You’ll need to 
target the same enemy of course, and equipping 
something between will break the combo unless it has 
an R in the upper corner.

Poison: HP will decrease over time for a set amount 
of time
Flames: HP will decrease over time for a set amount 
of time, ice defense is reduced.  Being hit with a 
frost attack while enflamed will deal you lots of 
damage, but the flames will be extinguished.
Freezing: Character will be unable to move for a set 
amount of time, fire defense is reduced.  Being hit 
with a fire attack while frozen will deal you lots of 
damage, but the freezing status will be lifted.
Shock: Resistance to physical attacks is lowered, and 
being struck will result in Down status.
Blind: Chance to hit with physical attacks lowered, 
and being struck will result in Down status.
Sleep: Delay gauge will not count down for a set 
amount of time. 
Down: Delay gauge turns red for a time.

++ Down and incapacitated are especially bad for you, 
as all the cards you have chosen for that character 
to use before he/she/it goes down will all be 
nullified and lost, and any combos you were in the 
midst of are abruptly cancelled.  Extremely 

--------------Mixing [A34]

Step 1) Select the Magna Mixer on the right (move 
over there with R) 
Step 2) Select two quest magnus to mix. 

++ Mixing takes time.  Adding additional ingredients 
beyond the first two also requires you to wait a 
certain amount of time first.  You’ll need to get 
into some battles, so I’d recommend the Coliseum if 
you’re on a mixing spree.  There will be a little 
bubble window pop-up in the corner of your field 
screen when a magnus mixer wants attention – either 
it’s done or wants another ingredient.

++ They won’t let you mix just anything together in 
hopes of creating new recipes, so don’t worry on that 
score.  However, if you’re mixing two ingredients and 
don’t have the third (or more) ingredients on hand 
when the mixture asks for it (represented by a !) the 
mixture will eventually rot on you.

++ Finally, remember that you can’t cancel a mix and 
get your ingredients back.  Once you put them in, 
they’re as good as gone whatever else happens.

++ Quest magnus can decay in time, disappearing 
entirely or morphing into different quest magnus – 
quite often less desirable ones (rotten food, stale 
water, etc) so check your stash at least once in a 
while to get rid of stuff that’s keeping you down.  
These things can lower your stats, so get rid of 

++ Quest magnus also react to what’s next to them in 
the ordering, so sort them as necessary.  For 
example, rotten food will quickly rot any food in the 
slots adjacent to it, and sunlight will mature 
flowers, etc.  You’ll see a purple arrow from the 
quest magnus to whatever slots it is affecting.

++ Some quest magnus have properties that aid you in 
battle or raise some stats, just for carrying them 
around.  For example, carrying around a Blaze makes 
you less prone to being frozen in battle.  But 
beware, carrying other things around, like Fluella 
will lower your stats and resistances. 

++ That Next-Gen Mixer is, in fact, faster at mixing 
than the regular old one.  Whaddya know.

=======Tips============ [A40]


Want to see just the info you want to see?  Use the 
C-Stick in the menu to change window sizes, and the Z 
button to show or hide information windows. 

---------------Sidequest Menu

Hate trying to remember who’s in what town and wants 
what stray item?  Can you never recall things like 
‘the woman in the second house in Mintaka wants a 
Fluffy Pillow’?  Your days of playing Baten Kaitos 
with an open notebook at your side are over!  Baten 
Kaitos: Origins comes pre-equipped with a handy 
Sidequest menu that keeps track of all these things 
for you!  Just go in and read all about it.  Even 
reminisce fondly over sidequests you’ve already 
completed!  Yes, the new and improved Sidequest menu 
solves all your questing problems!

------------------Sidequest Upkeep

I’m not going to tell you when and where to perform 
every single little sidequest, I’m sure you can find 
the time.  Just remember to take a break from the 
main quest every so often when opportunity hits you 
to go to all the hot spots.  Level up at the Endmost 
Bethel, practice your moves and mix things while at 
the Coliseum, and don’t forget to drop things off at 
Sedna.  You won’t be sorry you did. 

-----Tips on Creating Decks and Battling [A41]----

----------------Monster weaknesses

Also included in the new Baten Kaitos: Origins!  A 
field guide (after you talk to the Doc in Sheratan) 
that lists all the monsters you may encounter in a 
given area.  Stack your decks to their weaknesses for 
maximum efficiency.  Don’t have yours filled out and 
need some insider tips?  Scroll down to the bottom of 
the FAQ for a home-made version listed by yours 
truly! (unfinished thus far!)

------------------Discarding Cards

Done discarding after a few cards?  Hit X to be done 
with your turn and not wait for the timer to expire.  
The fewer cards you discard, the quicker it will be 
your turn again, also!

Having trouble making the most out of your burst?  It 
will last as long as you keep up a Relay Combo, so 
it’s best to hit it when all your characters are 
ready to go, and you have a healthy stack of ones and 
higher techs ready.  Of course it helps if you HAVE 
ones and higher techs in your deck.  And not techs of 
the same number, either, since you can’t use two of 
those in one turn. 

-----------------Shorter Decks

Just because you can have 60 cards doesn’t mean you 
need 60 cards.  The cards will cycle without pause, 
so if you only have, say, 5 potions, and you want 
them to come up more often, just make a deck with 
fewer cards. 

----------------Relay Combos

The same goes for Relay Combos.  Just because you 
can, doesn’t mean you should.  A combo will always 
hit the same guy, no matter if he’s dead or not, so 
maybe your turn would be better spent healing, or 
hitting the next guy, if you’re sure the first one is 
going down.  Of course, if you desperately want to do 
a 20 card, 5600+ damage combo to a stupid single 
soldier, I’m not about to stop you. 

=======FAQs=========== [A50]

--------------- I’m stuck!  Can you help me?  

These things happen.  That’s what walkthroughs are 
for.  Don’t want to read it?  Then here’s what to 
1)	Talk to everyone you can possibly talk to, 
twice.  Sometimes the game won’t let you go on 
until you do
2)	Gather all the magnus from the area you can 
possibly gather, twice.  Sometimes just getting 
it is enough, sometimes you have to use it on 
other things.
3)	Search every nook and cranny.  Just cover every 
inch until you get an “!” that you haven’t 
clicked before.
4)	Did you forget what you were doing entirely?  
Check your journal magnus for a reminder, or 
check the sidequest menu for something to do.

-------------Which answer should I choose when Sagi 
asks me things?

I want to say it doesn’t matter, and in a large 
sense, it doesn’t.  In terms of storyline, it often 
makes very little difference what answer you give, 
and I’ll try and clue you in at that time in the 
walkthrough if it does.

The real answer is, the more you agree with Sagi, the 
‘luckier’ you are in drawing your magnus during 
battle.  You’ll see the effects when, for example, 
your party is hurting for some healing, and the 
‘next’ card magically changes from an attack to a 
healing potion, and so on and so forth.  It’s not an 
exact science (as far as I’m concerned or willing to 
go for typing up a walkthrough) so just answer what 
you feel like and try not to be too much of a 
contradicting S.O.B.  As a reminder, nobody likes 
contradicting S.O.B.’s in real life, either.  It’ll 
be good practice. 

------------Your walkthrough isn’t helping me!

Well, (1) that’s not a question, (2) that’s not very 
nice since I went to all this trouble to try and help 
and (3) perhaps you can’t be helped. 

The real answer is that I can’t read your mind, and 
neither am I forcing you to read my walkthrough at 
gunpoint.  Go read somebody else’s then.  I won’t cry 
if you do.  There’s no sense in complaining about it.

------------You just breezed by a boss and I can’t 
beat him!

Also, not a question, but I’ll let it pass.  Firstly, 
I included the Field Guide at the bottom, take a look 
and see if that monster or boss has any elemental 
weaknesses and stack your deck accordingly.  

Secondly, a lot of the boss battles are the type 
where you can ‘try again’ should you fail.  But most 
of them are also battles you can’t win in terms of 
storyline, so if you’re only doing something like 10 
wimpy damage, don’t get too worried, you’re supposed 
to be relatively outmatched.  Just bring a lot of 
Fate Idols to revive your party when they die, lots 
of healing potions to heal them when they get smacked 
around, and do damage when you can until the 
storyline determines that it’s time for you to go 

Short of me coming over there and playing your game 
for you, I’m not sure what more I can do.  Don’t 
forget to save often!

------------I die like crazy, even against normal 
yokels.  Am I doing something wrong?

Unless you’re not getting off card combos due to 
terminal slowness in clicking, the problem must 
inevitably lie in your deck stacking.  Let’s 

++ Do you have enough attacks?  Most every other card 
besides the actual attack cards (spirit numbers 1, 2, 
3, etc) are non-attack cards, meaning, they don’t do 
your opponent damage.  Even high level spirit cards 
(4, 5, 6) should be lead in by a series of weaker 
attacks.  If you find yourself drawing more equipment 
than attacks, something’s not right in your magnus 
deck, as equipment has a certain durability and 
doesn’t always need to be changed each turn.

++ Are you using the wrong element?  Your deck may be 
stacked heavily in favor of one element, and if the 
enemies are resistant to that particular element, you 
will do little to no damage.

++ Are you performing combos?  The more cards you use 
in one turn, the more damage you rack up.  Relay 
Combos require you to have used a higher tech, and 
have a weak attack (1) ready for the next character 
who acts (no enemies acting in between).  You’ll see 
a big RELAY across the 1 when it’s available.  You 
can use equipment before that 1 as long as it has an 
R in the upper corner.  Otherwise it will break your 

++ Do you want to try easy mode?  The monsters won’t 
attack while you’re choosing, so I hear.

>>>>>>>>>Walkthrough<<<<<<<<< [B00]

>>>>>>>>>Disc 1<<<<<<<<

=========Alfard============= [B10]

Welcome to the game.  Try to keep in mind that Sagi 
is *talking* to you.  You are playing no character 
other than yourself.  You are supposed to be separate 
from Sagi, the blue-haired main character.  You are 
nothing more than a guiding spirit and he is the only 
one that can hear your advice.

--------------Dark Service HQ [B11]

Sagi is a soldier.  You don’t know why yet.  Let the 
mystery be for now and get us to the meeting room.  
That’s the one outside the room, up the stairs, and 
down the hall before the exit stairs.  You needn’t 
worry yourself with anything else around. 

You’ll hear the mission briefing.  Afterwards, feel 
free to poke around, talk to folk, think out loud to 
yourself.  Most of the decisions you make as the 
‘guiding spirit’ do little in the way of storyline, 
but I’ll try to let you know when they do. 

When you try to leave, you get your eight blank 
magnus that folks from the previous game will know 
and love.  A fire will helpfully break out near the 
front of the room, and you’ll need to put it out with 
some well-placed water.  Check out the barrels near 
the door and grab some essence of Stale Water.  Run 
up to the fire and investigate that to use the Stale 
Water on the flames.  You use the C-Stick to move 
about in the magnus window, just to let you know.

Outside, you get into your first battle.  Things are, 
of course, straightforward, and if you just don’t get 
it at all, you’ll have to scroll up to where I talked 
about the battle system. 

You’ll want to head downstairs and exit stage left to 
get your ‘paramachina’ but right away you know that 
something’s fishy, since yours can mysteriously talk 
(it’s the one that’s blue on the right side).  Head 
back outside and upstairs near the exit stairs and 
talk to the guy in the corner by the extinguished 
torch.  He will give you a wimpy assignment to light 
four torches.  There’s two on each floor, and you can 
get some fire in any room from one of the lights.  Do 
that and get your measly reward before you go up the 
stairs to begin the mission.

---------------Emperor’s residence [B12]

A bit of talking ensues, but the final product is 
that we are on our way inside.  There’s a fight, and 
then you learn a bit about sneaking.  Just tilt the 
controller softly, it’s nothing that you haven’t done 
before, right?

In the main hall, there’s a fountain – you’ll need 
some water – and a few doors.  On the right side, 
there’s some soldiers who have brutalized a visiting 
engineer, so brutalize them a bit to get the key to 
the place.  Wake up the engineer with some water, and 
he’ll thank you.  Ask him about the crestwall (you’ll 
need to have at least looked at it outside and up the 
stairs) and he’ll be glad to help, as long as you 
have a chunk of rubber. 

In the room on the left, you’ll find two sleeping 
guards.  One of them is conveniently sleeping propped 
up against a large stack of rubber!  Sneak over there 
and nab some and sneak back out.  Give the rubber to 
the engineer and watch the sparks fly.  Might as well 
save your game on the right there. 

Run up and watch yourself a cutscene.  Afterwards, 
make a break for it across the way into the next 
hall.  You’ll have a boss battle burst through the 
walls on you.  You’ll lose, but you’ll have to do 
enough damage to satisfy the storyline.  Another 
cutscene ensues, in which you are magically 
transported to...

=========Otherworld========= [B20]

----------Albali Sandhollow [B21]

Ah, now it’s getting interesting.  Let’s just go with 
it for now.  Follow those guys until you lose sight 
of them.  You’ll see a nice dungeon-map with a few 
bright red spots.  If you trek your way to the red 
spot in the middle, Sagi will tell you that you 
certainly can’t wing-jump that far.  Time to figure 
this one out. 

Using your magnus to suck up some magnetite waves 
will de-magnetize the red rocks and the blue sand 
will fall away.  Using the magnetite waves on de-
magnetized rocks will re-form blue sand bridges and 
walls.  Get it? 

Where you want to go is around to the right and under 
the overhang to the next screen down.   You’ll need 
to suck up the magnetite waves from both sides of the 
ravine to be able to pass.  Next you’ll have to 
approach the big boulder of blue sand at the bottom 
from the right, and push it over until it sticks to 
the big pile of magnetite waves.  Take some magnetite 
waves to the top screen where Sagi was saying earlier 
he couldn’t jump.

-----------Rasalas Village [B22]

When you get to the village, the goal here is to 
speak with *every single person* in order to move on.  
There are:
1)	Two people chatting near the entrance to the 
2)	One person looking at the lake, who speaks 
about reflections
3)	One person in the bottom left, who talks about 
4)	Two people in the back, who are talking about 
their relationship
5)	One person walking around the back, who’s a 
6)	One person in the left house, near the front 
7)	One person in the left house, in the kitchen, 
who talks about food
8)	One person in the left house, in the back, 
watching the baby
9)	One baby in the left house, in the back, 
crawling around
10)	Two old people sitting at the table in 
the first house
11)	One person in the kitchen in the first 
12)	One person in the magnus shop

And… anyone else I may have forgotten.  The point is, 
you need to talk with everyone.  After that, your 
scene will automatically shift.

=========Mintaka===========  [B30]

Your cutscene will take you to the sewers under 
Mintaka (there’s a chest before you go down, don’t 
forget it).  There seems to be nothing you can do 
about the prisoners, but you can jump into the sewer 
water for some chests that hold pretty iffy magnus.  
At any rate, head across and jump up.  Might as well 
agree with Sagi, he’s not going back into those 
sewers for no good reason.  

Head north and left through the archway.  Go into the 
house at the top of the screen.  There’s a woman, two 
kids, and a maid in there.  Talk to the maid until 
she dishes out some of Yesterday’s News, which you’ll 
need to pick up with an empty magnus.

Here’s the key: talk to her *again* and get another 
magnus worth of Yesterday’s News, and she’ll be much 
relieved.  Enough relieved to let you get away with 
pilfering some of her Machina Oil on the left, on the 
stove.  Grab some of that, that’s the important 

Cruise around town to the left and south, dodging or 
fighting guards at your leisure.  The man with a 
breakdown on the next screen will be grateful for 
some Machina Oil, so hand it over.  Go on in (there’s 
a chest in the bottom left corner) and go upstairs. 

To the south will be a chest with Firewheel in it, 
and a house that has a magna mix recipe in the chest 
of drawers on the right.

Your exit is to the north, over the rooftops.  Make a 
route around the city clockwise over the roofs, 
picking up treasures along the way.  Jump down at the 
other side and save at the flower, because there’s a 
long battle coming up. 

You’ll be stopped near the Mintaka Dock by an army’s 
worth of soldiers, and you’ll have to fight 
consecutive battles to get out.  Finally a sub-boss 
of sorts will show up to challenge you, and Milliarde 
will come to your aid, and you’ll all escape to 

=========Hassaleh=========== [B40]

There’s people to talk to at the Hassaleh dock, but 
they don’t say much interesting.  Grab an apple, is 
all the advice I have to give here.

---------------Thornwood [B41]

Head north into the thornwood and into the alcove on 
the left to get the glowing bean.  It’s pretty 
obvious that you want it.  Circle around to the north 
and right and use the bean on the wimpy vine there to 
get it to grow.  Now that you’re able to walk over 
it, head across and through to the next screen.  The 
man there will tell you the rock blocks the way.  
You’ll need another Yesterbean, but where to get one?

You’ll need to pop the pink creature that rolls away 
from you when you approach.  Make your way back to 
the first screen, then up and around so you exit on 
the upper right side.  When you get back to the 
right-hand screen, move down and jump up onto the 
ledge and exit back to the left-hand screen.  You 
should be in front of that thorny green ball.  Push 
it (just run up against it) until it falls down 
below, into the pink guy’s path.  Then, go back the 
way you came and chase him until he pops.  What a 
terrible way to kill wildlife!

Use your newly obtained bean on the rock (the vines 
near it, to be specific) and exit north.  They stop 
to talk, then exit right to get out of this dungeon 
and over to Sheratan.

---------------Sheratan Village [B42]

Trigger a few scenes by walking forward a bit.  Only 
after that, can you explore the town.

The magnus shop is on your right, just talk to the 
girl to get her moving.  The Doc gives you a Field 
Guide to fill in.  Woo, gathering quests.  Grab a 
Quickfreeze cap from the chest in here and move out. 

On the next screen to the right, run over to Gena and 
have a cut scene.  First thing after the cut scene, 
study the table for a mix recipe.  Also, check the 
bunkbeds for another mix recipe and a magnus coupon.  
Talk to Tik and Wacho to the right to gain a quickie 
find-the-hat quest.  Sis in the bottom right corner 
will give you your first lead, and the girl outside 
on the slide will tell you to try the elder’s house, 
but the hat is actually at the left of where you came 
into the village, behind the so-called “Vault Guard”, 
if you really must know.  You’ll need a mountain 
apple to bribe the kid into letting you into the 
“vault” to find the hat.  When you return it to Tik, 
he and Wacho make up and you get an Adhesive Bandage.

Before you finish up in the village, talk to the 
caplin herder to get the quest for the black caplin.  
Then, go into the house under the Brierclock and 
search the blue beds for another recipe, and talk to 
the weird old man about greythornes.  Also, talk to 
the girl in the back near the altar to pick up 
another quest.  That ought to put Lake Botein on your 
map.  Then go grab the two chests at the bottom of 
the screen before running into the house on the 
right.  The shelves in the upper left hand corner 
hold a magna mix recipe.  Lastly, the girl just 
outside the orphanage is willing to make a magna 

(Lake Botein)
Just inside, there’s a sparkle on the ground.  Click 
on it to pick up a strange magnus and go report back 
to the Elder’s granddaughter in front of the altar.  
She’ll give you the magnus mixer and a Will for your 
troubles, and asks you to come back later.  Back to 
the orphanage for the night.  And a suspicious cut-
scene, but having played the previous Baten Kaitos, 
we’re all well aware that nothing is as it seems…

(Sheratan Village)
In the morning, Gena tells you to take a trip around 
the village, as if it weren’t only two screens wide.  
Talk to Sis in the corner, who will ask you to drop 
by the neighbor’s for some thornflower nectar.  Next 
door in this case to mean the southernmost house, on 
the other side of the fence.  Sis will give you a 
magnus and an Element Charm Lv. 1. 

The following day will bring another cut scene of 
Sagi sleeping in and Wacho and Tik telling you about 
the lake monster.  Time to go deal with it.  You can 
get cottoncap fruit from talking with Tik, if you 
like.  Get yourself ready for battle.

---------------Lake Botein [B43]

Talk to Wacho to get an idea of how to jump, and to 
Tik to find out about photosynth lilies. 

Go left to start things off, after grabbing as many 
photosynth lilies as you can carry.  Charge the 
Ogobogo creature just in front of you to reveal a 
chest with Flametongue after its defeat.  Jump down 
the ladderway there and into the water.  There’s some 
idiot who can’t swim there.  Not sure what to do 
about him.  You can give him a photosynth lily, but 
he doesn’t go anywhere after that.  Heck, trying 
giving him a lot of photosynth lilies, at your 

The wall in question is the one at the back, go back 
there and push it for all your worth, using up lilies 
as necessary.  The room above will light up when 
you’re done.  Go back to the right side and do the 
same thing, only now it’s a suspicious-looking box 
instead of a guy.  If you give it a few lilies, the 
box will give you 200G. 

After moving both walls, the water level will drop 
and Tik and Wacho will identify people who need help.  
You can only help Tik’s guy for now.  We’ll be right 
back.  There’s a chest under the stairs, and a new 
save flower to the north end.  Clicking on the winged 
statue will bring you downstairs.  Nobody seems dead, 
but here comes our monster friend.  Wings and weapons 
out, let’s get it on. 

Well, honestly, you’re going to lose this one as 
well, but you’ve got to hold your own for a little 
while at least.  They’ll give you ‘try again’ screens 
if you lose in some cases with boss monsters, so 
don’t stress too hard.  You can even change up your 
battle deck when you try again.

More cut scene speculation follows.  Get some water 
from the lake there and splash it on the village 
elder to get a mini-sub-quest to find the four 
villagers and wake them all up. He’ll give you a 
coupon right off the bat for it.  We already know 
where they are, so let’s get to it.  The woman right 
next to him will wake up and give you potion for just 
clicking on her, but the man upstairs we left behind 
earlier will need some water, so get some more before 
you leave.  He’ll give you the Lightning Club.  
You’ll need to fight another monster for the third 
guy and a whole room full of them to get the girl out 
of the crate in their respective rooms.  The girl 
gave me a mattress and an extra 200G for giving her 
the lily back when.  Go back down to see the elder.  
He gives you a Saber and a Guard Charm.

Everyone urges you back to the village, but don’t you 
get a sense of unease about the whole idea?  I did. 

Yet again, you can’t win the next battle, so do 
damage until they knock you flat in a cutscene you 
and don’t sweat it.

========Otherworld====== [B50]

Where are we?  This isn’t a faq to question life’s 
mysteries, this is to get you through the game.  
Ponder it on your own time. 

--------------Sandfeeder’s Nest [B51]

Don’t let their talk worry you.  The sandfeeders are 
huge green caterpillars and they won’t let you wander 
into a battle with them randomly.  First here go 
left, head down, get a chest, stock up on some 
magnetite waves, and go down again for another chest.  
Down here there is a sleeping something that you 
cannot wake up either way, and a sandfall of pink 
dust.  Grab some of that.  We’ll be needing it. 

Now head back up to where you were and head right.  
You’ve cleared the way of blue sand, and when you get 
down close enough to encounter the Sandfeeder 
(passing an Orvata on your way) use the pink sand and 
walk on by. 

When you get down to the screen below you’ll notice 
eventually that you’ll be needing two magnus’ worth 
of magnetite waves.  So head back up and go into the 
hole the Sandfeeder was sticking out of.  There’s 
some sneakily hidden back there.

On the next screen down take the left path and 
recharge the two red stone areas with magnetite 
waves.  Run around quick and go down to the red 
flower and save.  Go down from there and enter boss 
battle with the very thing we’ve spent all this time 

After the battle you obtain a level 2 ice attack 
(Icebloom) for Sagi and the Sedna Bridge.  There is 
yet more mysterious talk, and your friends wander 
off.  Before you follow them, grab some Sandfeeder 
silk from the corpse (you can come back for it later, 
though) before you and fly up the platforms behind it 
to get the Crystal Edge card for Sagi. 

-----------Hassaleh Wrap-Up [B52]

Now’s a good time to check out that Sedna Bridge 
magnus, so remind Sagi about the rest of the village 
and he’ll go out and take a look.  Buy magnus, talk 
to villagers as you please, but drop by the blue 
flower to get a feel for the new Sedna Village, 
though there’s not much to do there as of yet.  Once 
you’re done, go back to the orphanage and click on 
the table to do some planning. 

I’ll tell you in about three more paragraphs that you 
need two cottoncap fruits combined to form a fluffy 
pillow, so maybe you’ll want to pick some of those up 
from the flowerbed in the left bottom corner of the 
orphanage before you go.  Just warning you in 

Before you leave for Alfard, now might be a good time 
to find that black caplin.  It’s in the thorn forest 
near the end, where you pushed the rock aside 
earlier.  You can also get a Yesterbean and grow the 
thorns near it to get some Thornflowers. 

=========Alfard======== [B60]

-----------Mintaka [B61]

The man crouching near the house on your way in will 
give you Coliseum Dog Tags, which you can try out at 
the nearby blue flower on the dock.  Inside the first 
house here is a man who needs some Love!  We’ll be 
back for him.  I’m just telling you so you can flesh 
out your Sidequest menu.

The first door on your right on the second screen is 
the magnus shop.  The next house will contain the 
same woman you might have heard on your last visit, 
complaining of not having a pillow.  Now I’m not sure 
you did this back on Hassaleh, but two cottoncap 
fruits combined will form a fluffy pillow for her.  
She will give you a Life Charm and a Magnus Pack 
Coupon in return.

------------Greater Mintaka [B62]

Head out to the world map via the south west exit.  
Run over to Greater Mintaka to catch a glimpse of the 
funeral.  There are two houses on either side of the 
stairs.  In the right one, search the table on the 
left for a coupon.  In the left one, there are two 
chests with magnus geared for Milly. 

Let me put an aside here for these spinning freaks in 
the right-side house.  The mix recipe you’ll get here 
involves soot, and there is soot to be had in the 
bottom right corner from those jars, though you 
probably don’t have five slots to spare, hanging on 
to all that soot.  If you do mix the soot together, 
you’ll get a pretty stone, and the spinning guy does 
mention wanting a stone.  As you’ll see later in the 
sidequest walkthrough, you can combine the pretty 
stone with a blaze to make it a Fireglow stone, but 
giving it to the guy only yields a battle shield, of 
all things. 

On the next level on the left and right are more 
residences.  Exiting to the right up here will take 
you to the Emperor’s residence, which Sagi won’t go 
to.  Through the right door there’s a chest on the 
left side of the room, and a magna mix recipe in the 
chest on the right.  Might as well inspect the bamboo 
fountain and grab some water, you’ll need some in a 

On the left side of the second floor are two 
residences Sagi can’t enter yet, so head up to the 
speech area. 

Look out – terrorists!  Man.  Video games emulating 
life?  Anyhow, let’s help.  You’ll need some Water to 
put out the lady running around, some ‘fruit fit for 
an emperor’, a Med Kit, and a whole lot more Water to 
put out the fire.

Let’s start with the lady on fire.  I told you to 
bring some water, didn’t I?  Now, talk to everyone 
else to find out what they need, especially the 
little girl in blue lying on the ground.  She needs a 
Med Kit. 

Run down the stairs and to the second level house on 
the left.  Talk to the guard to convince him to let 
you enter.  The crate in the upper right corner 
contains the med kit you need.  Try to grab the fruit 
also, and the girl will tell you her sister has some. 

Her sister is the girl right at the foot of the 
stairwell on the middle level.  Tell her you need 
fruit and she’ll have some available for you.  Give 
each person what they need, and take three batches of 
water (at once) to the big fire to put it out.  
You’ll get a coupon for your reward.

-------------Quaestor Verus’ Residence [B63]

The name of the guy was Geldoblame, in case you have 
a memory like a sieve or the attention span of a 
hummingbird.  Insults aside, follow him in and get to 
talking.  You’ll need to choose ‘think about it’, in 
case you want to agree with Sagi.  In the room, there 
are two chests, and you’ll have to use the bed to 
trigger another talk sequence where Milly suggests 
going to Azha.  Hey, why not.

========Azha=========== [B70]

-------------Nihal Desert [B71]

Ahh, the desert.  Well, we won’t get far without some 
snow, eh?  Why don’t you buy some.  It’s not like 
you’re short on money, is it?  It will help you run 
like normal, instead of gimping along.  It’s a long, 
long way if you’re staggering the whole way.  Just 
hit A anywhere when the magnus window is not up, and 
Sagi will automatically suggest you use some.  You’ll 
need at least one more than the one you’ve already 
used to make it through to the oasis.

Follow the road, and on the second screen you’ll meet 
up with a man who thinks there’s a shortcut there.  
But there’s more to be had along to the road, so 
follow along with me for a bit. 

On the next screen, another traveler will tell you 
that water will have essentially the same effect as 
snow, and since you have some spare slots from using 
up snow, why don’t you grab some.  You’ll probably 
need at least one or two more to get you through to 
the end, if you have no more snow.

On the screen after that, a man wants some rock salt, 
but doesn’t lack the necessary ‘rocks’ himself to go 
and get it.  Might as well agree, he’ll give you some 
snow and a Hell-Purged Casque for doing it, and it’s 
not even hard to avoid the monsters. 

On the very next screen, you can run up to the rock 
there and obtain some rock salt for your very own, if 
that’s what you want. 

On the final screen, there’s a woman who’s the 
complement to the man selling ice up front.  She asks 
you to take some flame ice to her husband, all the 
way back across the desert.  It’s not that far, why 
don’t you agree?  The flame ice will enable you to 
run as if you had unlimited snow, so you don’t need 
any more. 

She also instructs you to run straight north the 
whole way in order to pass through the sunlight to 
soften the ice.  Do exactly that, and you can pick up 
some sunlight while you’re at it.  When you’ve 
exhausted everything you want to do in here, let’s 
move on out through the south exit.

-----------------Azha [B72]

Up on the platform in the town center is the rock 
salt vendor – you’ll have to cut around the back and 
fly up there.  All he gives you is magnus in return 
for rock salt, though, and after that, 150G, 140G, 
and then you stop in disgust, clearly.

The first hollow on the right has the magnus shop, 
the second leads down into the mines.  The first exit 
to the north here in the mines will take you to the 
kid jogging in place, who will request of you some 
‘eau de mouche’.  Why don’t you agree and move over 
to the right where the lab is. 

There’s a magna mix recipe in each of the tanks with 
handles in the lab, and another in the big steel part 
at the bottom right side.  The guy in purple will 
tell you about eau de mouche, but of course will not 
give you any.  It’s the guy in red walking about that 
has it, but he wants – guess what – his ‘favorite 
snack’.  What is that, pray tell?  Try the guy in the 
upper left corner and the greenish guy pacing on the 
right for some clues.  The jogging kid in pink who 
gave you the quest in the first place will give you 
another hint.  The running messenger girl only stands 
still when she’s delivering a message, so you have to 
talk to her then.  You get a Fire Fruit for finishing 
the subquest. 

The hollow in the back of town leads to a large 
anthill-like area where people work and live.  It 
seems pretty big at first, but the right and center 
tunnels more or less lead in a circle.  The left 
tunnel looks like an exit but is just a dead end 
where you get a magnus pack coupon.  Up the right 
side there’s a residence with not much going on, and 
another exit to the north.  Up here there’s another 
residence with another dead-end tunnel that takes you 
to a Flame Hood on the right.  Moving to the left and 
down, there’s a gun powder factory of sorts, and the 
main lady will ask you to find her assistant and get 
the saltpeter (the assistant is under the desk in the 
lab, you get a Medium Attack B for completing the 
subquest).  On the left is another small tunnel that 
will take you to an Icebloom, and the exit to the 
south will take you back to the hall where those two 
guys are fighting. 

The hollow on the left leads to the three-story 
residence area.  Almarde is on the first level, 
talking with Milly.  After a quick talk, head 
upstairs and circle around to the left to get to the 
second floor.  Here, you’ll talk about your decision 
and meet Bein, one of the leaders of the town.  In 
the chest there is yet another Firewheel!  Farther up 
the stairs there’s a lot of people milling about, and 
there’s a magna mix recipe in the pink jar against 
the north wall

(Quaestor Verus’ Residence)
When you’re done exploring (and I recommend that you 
be done, because this place isn’t as friendly the 
next time you’re here), head to the exit of the town 
and meet up with the others.  Travel back to Quaestor 
Verus’ place and go back to your room for a nap.  
Looks like we work for the Quaestor now.  Did we have 
any other choice, really?

He gives you a cell phone – er, ‘machina 
communicator’ – which is really taking up space in 
your precious few magnus slots.  Luckily, he also 
gives you eight more blank magnus.  Woo!

-----------Azha, take 2 [B73]

Back in Azha, the atmosphere has changed.  Let’s 
investigate, but you might want to drop by the right-
side hollow to open that chest that Juwar prevented 
you from getting earlier.  It had a Red Padma (II) in 

In the three-story building on the left, after 
talking to Lyuvann, there are two people on the first 
floor, three on the second, and a whole host of them 
on the third, but you can’t reach them.  Don’t forget 
to ask everyone in the mines on the right-hand hollow 
from the town center, and then report back to 

Go investigate the bomb site for more clues.  Did you 
forget where it was?! It’s at the very top of Greater 
Mintaka, for crying out loud, you were just there.  
The boy will give you a machina part that you’ll want 
to take back to Mallo (Azha, left hollow, first 
floor).  Once Mallo identifies it as a bomb 
detonator, go tell Lyuvann that you have evidence and 
he’ll gather the villagers together.

What follows is not exactly Law and Order, but play 
along.  Tell them you have evidence, and show the 
detonator. After a Spartacus-style scene, it’s time 
for a little more legwork, in the tradition of 
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. 

The main people you want to talk to are Juwar (second 
floor, left side) and Nollin (mines, right side).  To 
be more specific, talk to Nollin and ask him exactly 
how he set the bomb.  Tell Sagi you think his 
testimony is ‘suspicious’ and then go talk to Mallo 
(our bomb expert, first floor, left side).  Take her 
testimony and tell Lyuvann you have evidence.  He’ll 
round up the villagers, again (it’s terrible) and 
you’ll accuse Nollin of lying, presenting Mallo’s 
testimony as evidence.

In round three of Homeland Inquisition, why don’t you 
talk to Almarde (lady in green, first floor).  She 
gives you vaguely helpful advice, which you take back 
to Lyuvann automatically.  Now, you’ll want to talk 
to our three suspects, Mallo, Bein, and Juwar again.  
Listen to Juwar twice to hear him speak about setting 
the bomb in a building, but we all know the bomb was 
in an airpod, so store his testimony and report back 
to Lyuvann.  Might want to save first, though, and 
get all your magnus upgrading done with all that free 
flame ice.  Heck, why don’t you pick one up and carry 
it around, since you’ve got at least four spare 
magnus slots, right?

Assemble the villagers, AGAIN, and finger Juwar as 
the lying party in this case.  Present his testimony 
as evidence and things go right to hell in a 
handbasket in Japan’s extra-slow dramatic fashion.  
Guess we’re supposed to follow, so head down for some 
more catastrophe. 

Move all the way right and automatically pick up 3 
magna’s worth of Eau de Mouche.  (Again, I hope you 
had three empty slots).  In the lab, those guards are 
still being pissants, so use your communicator to 
call in your higher-ups to deal with it.  

--------------Lava Caves [B74]

Swing to the left side of the screen and take on that 
baddy there.  You have made an Ice Deck, haven’t you?  
Anyhow, you can get the Sedna Toadstones from him, 
and there’s a chest with an ice cudgel in it behind 

Over by the jet of steam, use the eau de mouche on 
the burner and watch the bugs sadly sacrifice 
themselves for your sake.  Check out that little hole 
they flew into.  You can get corpses!  Yum!  But the 
real key is that you should grab as many as you can 
carry, because those three eau de mouche’s aren’t 
going to be enough to get all the treasures we crave.  
Take those corpses back out to the guy in red who 
trades them for more eau de mouche.  You’ll need two 
more to get through the caves and get treasures, 
another if you want to make antiseptic ointment (with 
thornflower nectar, which should have decayed from 
that thornflower I told you to pick up earlier) and a 
woman later will want another eau de mouche, just to 
give you a heads up.

On the next screen to the east, take the north path 
first, and use a eau de mouche to get the chest, 
there’s a level 2 technique for Milly in there called 
Diamond Drop.  It’s ice-flavored, too!  Next, go to 
the south path, grab the chest for a middle potion, 
and use another eau de mouche on the burner there to 
kill the rockflies and have them create a bridge for 

Go north and around to the west and south and cross 
your bridge of corpses.  Yum!  On the other side 
you’ll find a chest blocked by rockflies and a 
burner, so use some more eau de mouche and then get 
the chest.  It’s a level 2 ice attack for Guillo, 
what convenience.  Next you have to create another 
bridge of corpses to cross with yet another eau de 
mouche.  You might want to sneak your way up to the 
sleeping enemy up this incline here. 

There’s a red flower up here, naturally right before 
a boss battle. 

=========Otherworld [B80]

Go back into the room on the left and search the 
globe for a Sedna Mailbox.  Then move to the room on 
the right for a talk scene with Pieda.

Up the stairs, you see an argument.  On the left is 
the magnus shop and on the right are more people to 
talk to.  Up on deck there’s a chest and a blue save 
flower.  Exiting to the south will bring us to a 
revealing talk sequence and then straight back to the 
Lava Caves.

=========Alfard [B90]

---------------Lava Caves [B91]

Back, and already faced with a boss battle with a 
lava fish while the whole place crumbles around our 
ears.  Fabulous!  This fish battle is considerably 
easier than your last battle here, but don’t be too 
quick to judge.  Sagi and the others agree to get the 
hell out of dodge, and so you begin to backtrack your 
path.  Might as well save again at that red flower, 
because your travails are not yet over.

Yes!  The fish is back for more!  The second round 
seems to have upped the ante slightly, and after you 
win, you take a measly three more steps before it’s 
back yet again!  This third time (it’s blocking a 
bridge) you get some nice cards – Arabesque, Empyreal 
Wildfire, and Sedna House 1.  Trample on his corpse 
in a show of disrespect as you leave this place!

-------------Alfard Wrap-Up [B92]

Outside in Azha, you can talk to Almarde to get a 
quest for some medical supplies – you can give her 
the antiseptic oil you’ve likely made from 
thornflower nectar and eau de mouche, and she’ll give 
you a magnus pack coupon.  Then she’ll give you 
another quest for some snow.  Hey, just pop over and 
buy some.  As a final result, you’ll be able to pick 
up on their … covert relationship.  Pick that up, I 
think his wife wants to hear it back in Mintaka (the 
northernmost house). Also you can pick up the 
Terrible Song from the singing man, but that’s about 
all that’s new around here.  

Go back to Greater Mintaka to talk to Verus,  and he 
will direct you to talk to Baelheit.  Baelheit’s 
house, if you don’t remember, is in Mintaka proper, 
all the way in the northeast corner.

When you get inside, you can follow your ungracious 
host or take a detour to rob the house of valuables.  
There’s a chest in the left bedroom, another in the 
library, and a magnus mix recipe by the sleeping man 
in the library as well.  There’s also a chest in the 
soldier’s room. 

After speaking with Baelheit himself, he forces you 
to leave without the two chests in his room, but I 
swear I’ll be back for those.  Just you wait.  

Now that you’re not a wanted man, you can re-enter 
the Emperor’s house.  Way back at the rear of where 
we were before is the armory.  There’s a Thunder 
Element and a Full Plate in there, as well as a chest 
full of Pretty Stones. Anyhow, back to Verus’, who 
sends you off to Diadem, but not before you obtain a 

=========Diadem======== [C10]

---------------Sheliak [C11]

You could probably explore the town, but we’ll get to 
that all in good time.  Celsica is the suspect one 
here.  Follow her. 

Really want to know what’s going down in town?  
Here’s the skinny. 

The house on the right has a magnus pack coupon 
behind the fireplace, while the house on the left has 
a chest with Heavenfall and a magnus mix recipe on 
the bottom-left corner table.  This joint-house also 
has a small sidequest involving feuding in-laws that 
you can do simply by talking to the woman on the left 
side, then the women on the right.  All you get is 
Fate’s Cordial, though.  But hey, you’ve mended a 
broken family, give yourself a pat on the back.

The next house to the west is the doctor’s clinic and 
there’s a magnus pack coupon in the flower vase on 
the left.  While you’re here anyway, have you been 
going to the Coliseum?  Once you’ve moved up to Rank 
2, they make sure you’re moving along in the 
storyline also by requiring you to go to the doctor’s 
clinic and picking up some medical supplies before 
moving on.  The sick girl in the clinic, Elle, will 
give you a mission to become champion (as if we 
weren’t going to, anyway) and the doctor will happily 
oblige you with supplies while you’re there.  Once 
you’ve moved up to Rank 2, Ark will warn you not to 
mess with Panie’s men.

Down the stairs of Sheliak is the magnus shop (you’ll 
have a lot of mail to read), a woman (near one of the 
lightposts) that wants some eau de mouche in return 
for the Sedna Flower Bed.  Inside the house is the 
woman you need to give the song to (but not as the 
Terrible Song, you need to spice it up first) and a 
chest with a middle potion.

---------------Castle Elnath [C12]

As you’re following Celsica, stop at the second 
balcony to talk to some knights and get another of 
those silly sidequests.  There’s also a room on the 
lower right with a chest (Grappler’s Gi) and the room 
on the upper right with a chest (Mattress).  Celsica, 
of course, stops liberally to let you talk, explore, 
and generally appreciate the nice Diadem scenery.

Eventually you’ll meet up with King Ladekahn and 
Gibari (remember those two from the last game?) After 
talking with Rambari, and checking the throne for a 
Sedna Monument, take your leave and head over to 
Nashira by exiting the castle to the south and the 
city to the west.

Oh, you wanted to explore (loot) the castle, did you?  
Well, then let us begin our tour by going left from 
the throne room and up the stairs.  The room up here 
has another chest (Battle Shield) and the room above 
it has only a lonely woman in it.  Father up the 
stairs there’s a man doing pushups who will trade 
magnus and a greythorne.  At the top of these stairs 
you can draw the Diadem Crest, like in the last game, 
but we have no pressing need for it now.  Head up the 
final set of stairs and check out the training ground 
for two more chests (Will & Swallowtail) and we’re 
done here. 

---------------Cloud Passage [C13]

Start off by going to the Lesser Celestial River on 
the worldmap.  Follow Gibari and Ladekahn up to the 

Going north to the other vortex will take you to the 
other side of the celestial river.  I advise you to 
fight the purple-ish toad here, he has a Sedna 

As soon as you move to the left you’ll see Gibari and 
Ladekahn using the Royal mirror.  Watch and learn.  
After they leave, head up there and pick up the 
‘treasured family heirloom’ that they carelessly left 
on the ground and use it.  There’s another barrier to 
the northwest, just leave the light shining on it 
until it disintegrates. .
Okay.  Now hop back up to the cloud path and make 
your way past the two barriers that you just 
disabled.  The sparkly lights are a chest of sorts 
which contains a Frozen Suit. 

You’ll need to go back down to the river to use the 
royal mirror again at the vortex to the south.  There 
are two rainbow barriers, one to your south and one 
above you to the north.  Then return to the cloudpath 
and keep moving.  The path is more or less linear, 
despite the ups and downs.  Down the next vortex, 
there’s a chest, more cancerites waiting to jump out 
at you, and another cloud machina to get you back up 
to the cloudpath.  

Run past the baddies here (remember your heartwing 
dash) and jump down the vortex by the star symbol; 
you’ll see the kids talking about the lost mirror.  
Down by the river there’s another chest, and another 
jump back up to the cloudpath.  Take the left bottom 
exit to see the kids make a daring jump across a gap.  
Here’s where you need to backtrack a little.  Go back 

Head south and east back past a barrier and even 
father east to a sparkly chest that contains 
Ascension.  Jump down at the vortex and go south to 
the patch of light there.  If you try to aim at the 
rainbow directly, Sagi will say the clouds are too 
thick, so point your beam northwards at that strange 
star we passed a bit ago and the light will reflect 
back, hitting the rainbow.  Ah, physics!  Before you 
jump back up, there’s a chest on the east end of this 
precipice containing an Aqua Hood.

Return to the barrier you just dissipated and jump 
down that vortex.  You can wing-hop over to the chest 
with Bandages, and then over to the group of people 
making clouds.  Perfect!  Let’s learn how.  The water 
and fire are right behind the man, and he gives you 
the salt himself.  Like he says, it’ll be three 
battles before you can mix in the salt, and then one 
more battle before you get – not just any cloud – a 
Diadem Cloud. 

Use that cloud on the gap and let’s get out of here. 

-------------Nashira [C14]

Great, more Empire goons.  Before we ‘get caught’, 
let’s save at the flower and take a look around town.  
The glowing doorway is the magnus shop, and the house 
on the right has a chest with Sword of Tears and 
another chest up the ladder holding Canyon Wind.  
Exit to the right and search the fish bucket for a 
magna mix recipe.

In the left-hand house there’s another magna mix 
recipe in the chest on the right, and a lot of people 
to chat with.

Alright then!  Caught on purpose!  Palolo will show 
up and free you pretty post-haste, and you’ll need to 
help Ladekahn come up with a plan to get out of here.  
He will talk to Gibari, and there will be a 
flashback.  Take careful note of how many guards are 
on the top and bottom levels, as well as how many 
little green machinas there are on the right.  Tell 
Ladekahn when he asks, and if you need another look, 
talk to Milly or Guillo.

Once you’ve witnessed all that, grab your magnus from 
the bag on the table and the two chests (Light 
Element & Attack B).  Back out in the town, you 
really only have one option, and that’s to go in the 
right-hand house.  Where Reblys was before you can 
now hop up the ladder and talk to him.  Do you 
remember him from the last game?  Anyhow, move 
forward and hop up again to get the Dark Element out 
of the chest there and then exit to the left.

Keep moving to your left and Gibari will demonstrate 
how to get to the bar without a door.  Guess who runs 
the place?  Ah, Anna.

Back to the Cloud Passage!  And just for fun, let’s 
throw in a boss battle.  After all, you missed 

------------The Cloudvents [C15]

Back at the castle, only to get shipped right back 
out again.  Exit right out the back left of the 
throne room to get to the CloudVents.

It’s a bit labyrinthine in here, but just keep in 
mind that most of the passages loop around.  As long 
as you’ve got a good idea of what direction you want 
to go, you won’t get lost.  Or just follow my 
directions carefully.

Right off the bat, get yourself blown to the left 
exit to fetch a chest with a Sedna magnus in it.  
Then run hard to the left to capture the essence of 
the Gust Boulder.  Then cut around the hall all the 
way to the top and left to get another chest, this 
one with Empyreal Fire in it.  Get gusted down to the 
middle right exit for another chest, with 
Levinsnake’s Rise. 

Now fight your way up to the next upper right exit 
(or just exit left and go up there and across) and 
take a look at the wind stream.  Use your gust 
boulder on it and run back to where that wind was 
coming from (the south exit) to get a Fire Element.  
If you get blown out that hole, you’ll land all the 
way in the Cloud Passage or where-ever, be warned. 

You know as well as I do what’s coming when you see 
that red flower, so, let’s get to it.

Good news: no machina arma.  Bad news: all three 
lieutenants doing Baelheit’s dirty work are facing 
off against you.  Nasca, Hugues, and good ol’ Valara 
all attack you at once.  Do you need a suggestion or 
two for them?  Just take them out in the order 
they’re given – Nasca, because he heals the other 
two, and then whichever you like least.  Once one of 
them is gone, the going is much easier, since they 
won’t team up on big attacks.  Basically just keep up 
your health and lay down big relays when you get the 

And THEN what?!  Another umbra, naturally.  You saw 
it coming, didn’t you?  There’s a pattern developing 
with these umbras, but I won’t tell you what it is...

=========Otherworld======== [C20]

Head out and across the hall to discuss things and 
then upstairs and outside.  Look at all those 
locations.  Well, in case you weren’t paying 
attention earlier, we started this trek in Albali 
Sandhollow, and visited the empty Rasalas Village, 
then passed through the Sandfeeder’s nest to return 
to our boat-in-the-rain by the name of Naos.  We 
haven’t been to Matar Highlands yet, and where we 
want to go is Cujam.

-------------Cujam [C21]

The place looks eerily familiar, doesn’t it?  Head 
into the house on your right for a Strong Attack B 
magnus.  Back outside and up the stairs a bit, there 
are two kids floating around and arguing over a Sedna 
magnus, and if you talk to them, they’ll give it to 
you out of pity.

On the next screen, the elder’s house is now a 
church, and there’s a chest on the left side (Fate 
Idol).  As for the other houses, only the orphanage-
pottery house holds a chest, and it’s only a Medium 
Attack B

Down the stairs is a whole part of town that wasn’t 
there before.  There’s a creepy scene down here, and 
to the left some more, the magnus shop.  Also, going 
down the stairs and along the shore to the far left, 
there’s a chest with Will in it.

Now you might think you’ll be headed into a hopeless 
battle against Wiseman, but here you’d be wrong.  
Nope, instead of actually getting to battle, you have 
another one of those weird-outs and end up right back 
where you were earlier, facing off with Nasca’s 
machina arma, a different battle that you absolutely 
can’t win, but you have to at least survive.

-----------Diadem Wrap-Up [C22]

Unfortunately, after the battle, we are transported 
back to Castle Elnath for a tearful scene.  This 
means that we will have to WALK all the way back 
through the cloudvents to get to the pesky chest 
there.  Besides, Celcisca’s crest fell to the ground 
(it’s a tiny sparkle) and we want that, too.  A man 
at the exit to Castle Elnath wants it, and in return, 
he will give you a magnus mixer and a Sword of Tears.  
Heck, if you didn’t get enough of Nasca the first 
time through, he’s still there, also!

What’s new down in town?  Well, there are new 
patients in the doctor’s office, and you can pick up 
Fluella from them, in case that’s what you’ve always 
wanted.  The boy in the upper left bed also has 
spoken with his sister some more and now wants a 
Spark Shroom.  He will give you a Nurses’ Cap and a 
Life Talisman for it. 

You can also trek over to Nashira and give the Royal 
Mirror to Gibari to cheer him up.  You didn’t really 
need it anyway, did you? 

========Sadal Suud======== [C30]

--------Pherkad [C31]

Great, just what we needed, more roadblocks.  In 
fact, villagers will block almost every doorway in 
town.  Grab the Guillo poster and just head to the 
left and then north for the Sagi poster (on the right 
wall).  You can go through the right doorway there 
and grab a Rabbit Dash from a chest and talk to the 
woman to get a sidequest about Quzman, our polygamous 
friend from the last game. 

Go south with Milly and grab her poster off the right 
wall there.  Move back and forth between screens for 
a while, and people will stop talking about you and 
you can go into buildings, finally. 

Inside the southernmost left entrance is the bar.  
First off, take down the wanted poster of Guillo just 
outside the door, because there are still some kids 
to the north that are talking about it.  The 
bartender in here has a chronic fatigue problem and 
is perfectly willing to take advantage of you, your 
blank magnus, and your generosity.  Filling up three 
magnus with his un-tossable Chronic fatigue will net 
you a Brawn Fruit and a Sedna Fence, but you’ll 
really have to work to get rid of those things and 
free up your magnus again.  Or just wait a long time 
until they expire.  Thank goodness it doesn’t 
actually weigh down your walking like in the Nihal 

In the next house up, there’s a magna mix recipe on 
the far right wall on the bookshelf.  Up farther 
there’s a second exit on the left (above the one to 
the dock) that will take you to some sort of laundry 
area.  Circle around the well to the left and grab 
the poster from the wall.  Don’t worry, you can 
discard these with impunity, in case you were 
wondering.  Don’t forget to take note of the girl 
here who wants to move to another town.  That’ll be 
important for Sedna once you have ten Sedna magnus’.

Inside the uppermost house, once those kids are gone, 
is the source of our headaches: the man drawing those 
stupid-looking posters.  He promises to at least draw 
you properly, but goes right on despite you standing 
right there.

Going all the way to the north nets you another 
sighting of our old friend, Giacamo.  But all you 
really do here is find out that Rodolfo is in 
Cebalrai, so exit to the south of town and go to 
Nunki Forest, but not before you talk to the woman 
near the exit – she will give you the Holy Leaf so 
you can get rid of the Lightbugs.  When you move them 
all off the pathways, she’ll give you an Elemental 

----------Nunki Forest [C32]

You’ll notice the Lightbugs right off the bat here.  
They’re the bright yellow clusters near the blue 
sparkles.  You can load up on Holy Drops at the blue 
sparkles, but you have a very short time before they 
degrade to Pristine Water, so make sure you get the 
bugs off the path quickly. 

As you head south, you’ll find that eventually 
there’s a pair of loving creatures wholly blocking 
the path.  How odd.  You’ll have to head back up and 
hop across the rushing river by the rocks and take a 
detour to the north to grab the chest (Battle Shield) 
behind the waterfall.  Anyhow, there’s a few dead 
ends around, but south is our goal, trust me. 

Once you exit south, there will be yet another pair 
of creatures blocking the way.  You’ll need to 
quickly get a Holy Drop, jump down, jump across the 
river, jump across the gap without getting washed 
out, and push the little buggers away before it turns 
into Pristine Water.

Hop up to the ledge there and exit north to grab the 
chest (Arabesque), then back down and across the 
river in the middle to grab a chest at the very south 
end, in the trees.  When you’re all done here, go 
back across and south to exit to Cebalrai.

---------Cebalrai [C33]

The original town from the last game, Cebalrai has a 
lot of townsfolk and animals about.  The left doorway 
is the magnus shop, and in the back residence, 
there’s a magnus mix recipe on the back bookshelf, 
and a magnus pack coupon on the right. In the 
stables, the boy will give you a small quest, and one 
of the fantail ducks will provide you with a  Sedna 

After fruitlessly trying to talk sense into Roldolfo, 
head left and get a magnus mix recipe from the back 
left of the pow stables.  There’s also a Thunder 
Element in the chest there.

You can also drop by the Moonguile Forest, as there 
aren’t any enemies there, but a Sedna magnus on the 
leftmost screen.  The boy in the stables in Cebalrai 
will give you a Heavenbolt Wrap, just for having gone 
to it.

Also, while you’re around, you might want to move up 
a rank in the Coliseum – the next Rank Quest is to 
guide an old man through the Nunki woods.  Start at 
the north end, and work your way down the same way, 
and you’ll see him eventually at the beginning of the 
third screen.  He’ll ask you which way, and you’ll 
have to say ‘Closer,’ then walk over to him and say 
‘Down’ and finally catch up with him again and say 

----------Rodolfo’s Estate [C34]

Might as well head into battle, it’s not like these 
guys are going to threaten you in any way.  After 
they’re gone, you hide, as if you couldn’t take all 
these schmucks on with one wing tied down.  Anyhow, 
go into the left hollow there for a Fate Idol and the 
right hollow for a save flower. 

Up the stairs, the first right door has a Dragon Claw 
in a chest and the left door has a vine leading to 
the next room.  Use it to arrive in the midst of 
several sleeping soldiers.  Since you can’t be 
bothered by these fools, sneak over to the chest and 
grab the Canyon Wind and then leave back through the 

The left side stairs are blocked off, so don’t bother 
and go up the right side stairs.  Up here is a 
kitchen with some Salty Water and Pow Meat, in case 
you were interested in some mix recipes.  Up the 
stairs again is a Blaze, a person, and a distant 
chest with the Sedna House 2 in it.

After talking to the guy here and thinking about 
smoke, go back to the kitchen and talk to the chef 
there.  After ripping out the hearth and hopping 
down, talk to the guy at the top of the room and 
he’ll tell you about billowsmoke and that you’ll find 
it in the last room, where the soldiers are sleeping.  
The girl in green on your left will trade if that’s 
your thing.

Now we’ll need to get back to the soldier’s room.  To 
the second-left room!  Out the window!  To the crate!  
After you obtain some Billowsmoke, go back down to 
the save flower and use it on the vent there.  Might 
as well save while we’re down here, you know what’s 
coming up next, I mean, we saw Giacamo at the door, 
didn’t we?

Inside Rodolfo’s room, you chat and there’s an 
Apostolos blade in the corner when you’re done 
speaking.  Now we need to go to Nunki Woods again.

---------Nunki Woods, take 2 [C35]

Great, whatever happened to ‘Only You Can Prevent 
Forest Fires’?  Let’s go kick some butt and take some 
names of these anti-forest-friendly Empire jerks.  
Jog down to the south exit and grab some flame ice if 
you don’t have any.  Come back up to the waterfall 
screen and run behind the waterfall using the newly 
placed rusted girder.  Go to the golden machina and 
use the flame ice on it.  Then go all the way back up 
to the top and run down to the next screen.  Here, 
you’ll want to jump across the river and get some 
more flame ice to use on the next machina.  Hey, get 
two while you’re at it. 

Run up to grab a chest with Kusanagi in it, then exit 
the screen to the south.  Hop across the waterfall 
and go down, then go back across the waterfall to 
save and grab a chest with Emerald Thrush in it.  
Now, go back down and use your extra flame ice on the 
last golden machina to go across to the chest there 
(Twin Ice Auger).  Exit to the north, pass the left 
exit and get another chest (Heavenfall).

Now, you’re ready to exit to the left and take on 
Hugues.  Or ARE you?  Naturally it is a battle you 
can’t win, as you may have noticed by the fact that 
you are doing little to NO damage. 

And what would an encounter with machina arma be 
without an afterling encounter and a warp to the 
crazy zone.

========Otherworld [C40]

Did you take the Chronic Fatigue from that selfish 
bartender?  Is it still with you?  Then let me remind 
you to bring some Blaze back to Naos with you.  
They’ll give you a moment to grab all that stuff you 
need and pull yourself together after the last few 
fights.  Talk to Seph upstairs when you’re ready to 

-----------Zaurak Keep [C41]

Everything’s pretty straightforward in here until you 
get to the third screen (you can’t do anything about 
the portal in the second screen for now).  Here, the 
dark rainbow lights indicate places you can jump up 
with your wings.  Over on the far right is a chest 
with Evil Mail in it, and jumping up the center 
causes you to leave Ven behind.  Oh well, no help for 
it.  Let’s move on.

Keep following the trail as it will allow you to move 
north.  When you get to the end, jump down on the 
left side where you can barely see a dark rainbow of 
lights.  Run around to the left and jump up at the 
upper side of the screen.  Move along to your left 
and you’ll see a heartwing icon telling you to jump 
again.  That should get you to the chest you see 
there, a Plasma Blade.

Next you’ll need to go all the way to the left and 
jump down to get another chest (Spirilight Quiver) 
before moving on to the south exit.  Finally, run 
straight to the south end and grab the chest (Cross 
Sophia) and then head through the portal.

Here, you’ll need to grab some Light Powder from the 
contraption in the center of the screen and use it on 
the broken bridge to the north.  Doesn’t quite cut 
it, though, so click on the fin part of the 
contraption to rotate it.  

Wait, stop.  What fin part, you may ask.  Alas, it is 
so small and hard to click on!  You must stand facing 
the direction you want it to turn (clockwise) and be 
right next to it, or Sagi will try and take some more 
Light Powder, and that’s not what we want.  But it is 
there, I assure you, your game is not defunct, and I 
am not lying.  You’ll just have to keep trying until 
you get it and not complain so much.

As it is now, the light door will take us back to 
where we were.  But we’ll need Ven, so let’s go find 
him.  When you get back, rotate the light again so it 
faces west, and remember to grab some more Light 

Sneak by all these guys and head north.  Cut past the 
strange marching skeletons and jump up at the rainbow 
lights for a chest with Sigil Cry in it.  Ven will 
move the boulder for you.

When you get across, use the light powder (you did 
remember it, didn’t you?) on the half bridge, and 
then run across and turn that blasted thing to the 
north.  When you try and run through, the boys have a 
discussion, and Sagi has another headache.  Great.

----------Sadal Suud Wrap-Up [C42]

Man, making me walk all the way back to get that 
chest again. It’s only got a Saber Dragon Horn, so 
you make the decision yourself.  Also new in Nunki 
Woods is the piles of Love Syrup on the ground.  
Well, besides being burned down and harboring all 
kinds of animals and militia.

Now is also a good time to catch up on your 
sidequests, you know, run around giving people what 
they want, etc, fighting people in the coliseum, 
talking to everyone and their dog.  You should, if 
you’ve been following along in the walkthrough thus 
far, have long since repopulated Sedna, so you can go 
about finding more citizens for the quirky clay-town.  
There’s a list near the bottom of the faq for your 

--------A Word on Pac-Man! [C43] --------------------
|								|
|	Taymiya in one of the northern houses will give
|	you a quest to find her wayward husband, 	
|	Quzman.  If you really want to know, he’s in 
the 	|
|	Jail in Mintaka, you get the key from the 
soldiers	|
|	room, the grate to the right of the stairs, a 
little	|
|	sparkly bit.  If you do this at some point in 
the 	|
|	game and return to Taymiya’s house and talk to 
|	Quzman, he will offer you a ‘special magnus’
|	It is merely personal opinion, but I would like 
to	|
|	STRONGLY URGE you not to accept.  Maybe	|
|	later, when you have time and magnus slots to 
|	waste. 						
|	-----------------------------------------------
----------	|
|	IF YOU DID ACCEPT: and assuming you don’t	|
|	want to waste your time doing this ridiculous
|	side quest, here is the only solution: pen the 
little	|
|	guy in with indestructible magnus, such as the
|	Coliseum Dog-Tags, the Travel Log, or the 	
|	Communicator.  Put him in a corner and he won’t
|	move about this way. 				

When you’re all done, you need only go back to Verus’ 
and get your next mission to Anuenue.  Geldoblame 
gives you more empty magnus, too!  They’ll give you 
the option to save as soon as you cross into the 
second disc.  Come closer and listen up, I have 
something to tell you.


The events starting the second disc might cause you 
to throw up your hands in disgust if you’re not 
ready, and they don’t give you any chance to get 
ready.  Oh, they’ll give you a Try Again, but that’s 
little consolation if you’re simply outmatched.  Holy 
Shades of Final Fantasy Tactics, Batman! (sort of).  
No fear?  Then read on.  There are ways to win…

>>>>>>>Disc 2

=======Anuenue========= [C50]

----------The HoloHolo Bird. [C51]

Ye gads, this was annoying.  I half expect people to 
come to this FAQ just for this dumb bird.  My 
experience was to die ten times in a row, then fight 
the bird to a standstill for an hour, literally, and 
finally, rework my deck again, beat it over an hour 
long battle, and went out for fried chicken in savage 

I recommend this for you too (the fried chicken, not 
the dying) so let me help you get through this 
without dying the number of times I had to die.  Just 
to let you know, I was level 27, deck class something 
like 13.  But you can do it no matter what!  Never 
give up!  Never give in!

First off, the main bird is weak to lightning.  The 
chicks are weak to fire.  Now, are you familiar with 
the target system (R)?  Because if you were like me, 
you didn’t have excessive troubles like this with any 
other foe, and pretty much were at liberty to ignore 
the target system.  

Not so for this battle.  The chicks are tiny little 
bastards who get a turn far too often and do huge 
combos, on top of the fact that they can heal the 
main bird for over a thousand health.  Finally, the 
main bird, when flanked by both chicks, will perform 
his big whirlwind move, almost halving your party’s 
health and knocking them all down for the count. 

So, the moral of that paragraph was: get rid of the 
chicks!  They absolutely need to go before you even 
talk about hitting the main bird.  The main bird by 
its lonesome can do a lot less harm to you, and can 
be taken down slowly.  When the eggs/chicks appear, 
hammer the heck out of them with Fire-based skills.  
Keep checking who you’re attacking with R before you 
start a combo, and they all should go down 
eventually.  Heck, throw in things that hit 
everybody, so you can be doing some damage to the 
bird while killing the chicks.

My recommendation on decks is to go with all fire.  
The chicks are your real enemy, the bird will have to 
be secondary to their destruction.  Try to get the 
eggs if you have time, they have less health, but 
throw in big fire combos to make sure the chicks are 
dead, dead, dead.  As always, heal a lot, may as well 
use the Star Earrings if you have them, and don’t 
sweat the bird.  He will go down, lightning attacks 
or no, I promise you.  You just don’t want to give 
the chicks a chance to heal him for over a thousand 

You get Heavenlapse and the Armor of Tonitrus for 
winning, and can grab a HoloHolo Bird Plume, of 
course.  Now pause the game and go out and kill 
yourself a pigeon or two – you’ve earned it!

----------The HoloHolo Jungle [C52]

Now!  Exit south and left, there’s nothing for you 
north.  May as well save, since we don’t want to do 
THAT again. 

Out here in the jungle all the chests are easy to 
obtain – they contain a Mirage Turn, a White Club, 
and an Icebloom for your trouble. Exit to the left.

Run to the left and hop onto the little islet in the 
middle.  Hop left again and run all the way left for 
an Aqua Camouflage.  Go back to the islet and jump to 
the south to the next islet, and then to the left.  
Jump up at the second tree stump and then jump to the 
right one to obtain Red Padma.  Exit to the left.

Now, on this screen, there are 5 directions to go.  
Let’s call them… 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock, 1 o’clock, 2 
o’clock, and 3 o’clock.  2 o’clock, of course, is 
where we just came from.  At 3, you’ll find a tree 
that bears fruit, and we’ll come back to that later, 
so just keep it in mind.  At 12, there’s a field of 
flowers and some things Milly calls Blooderflies, 
we’ll be back for that, too.

At 1 o’clock, you beat up some pretty pastel sea life 
to get to the chest with Hot Spring in it, but hey, 
they also had a Sedna magnus, so… we had to.

Finally, at 9, we exit to see a pretty bird in a tree 
and an olifant asleep near the trail.  Next screen, 
please!  Only… you don’t get to the next screen, you 
only come back to this one.  We’re trapped!

After Sagi and the others formulate a plan, go back 
to 12 o’clock and grab some Holoflower Nectar.  Use 
it on the olifant in our continuing theme of cruelty 
to wildlife that never did anything to us.  Exit 
south to get out of this place.

---------Komo Mai [C53]

If you drop by the Anuenue Port first, you’ll get a 
quest to get 10 traditional Komo Mai cookies.  When 
you get to town, you’ll see the trouble – they give 
away cookies, but they’re not of the traditional 
variety.  You can get them farther to the south, but 
the guards won’t let you by to get back to port!  The 
solution is to carry more originals (blue) than 
traditionals (orange) across the barrier and you can 
go through, but it means making a number of trips.  
But do it anyway, it’s more or less worth it.

Elsewise at the Anuenue Port, look very closely on 
the second level on the left.  You can run in there 
and end up out the back.  All the way to the left 
there is a chest with Force in it, and the man here 
wants some Fresh Air.  You can get some Chronic 
Fatigue from him, do so. 

In the first hollow on the left, you’ll hear that 
name Panie again.  In the other house in entryway to 
Komo Mai is a man who wants to go to Sedna, so give 
him some immigration papers if you’ve got them.  Give 
the Chronic Fatigue to the terrible singer. Also, 
talk to the old ladies for a recipe (talk to them a 
lot, and I think you have to start the recipe, too)

You can talk to the rest of the townsfolk to get a 
couple of quests and an idea of what this election 
business is all about.  I’ll walk you through the 
ballot-getting quests later as we get farther into 
the game.  For now, to the Queen’s palace.  Go 
through the cage of vines to exit up at the north end 
and then straight north to chat with the Queen. 

You’ll get the order to go back to Alfard, but let’s 
do some exploring while we’re here.  To the school of 
magic: left!

Talk to who ever you want to talk to – bring some 
original cookies (you have to have no blue cookies 
whatsoever to get in) to the guy in the leftmost room 
near the back to get ‘hired’, and check the portrait 
hanging at the far back for a magnus pack coupon. 

In the classroom you can obtain some Dull Times and 
Empty Books, and if you check the left shelf, you’ll 
find a magnus mix recipe. 

On the right side, listen to some of the questions on 
the magic exam, find two magna mix recipes on the 
shelves in there, grab an original cookie if you 
like, but the guy next door wants a traditional – he 
will trade you a fish for it.  As usual, you need 
more blue cookies than orange to get by the guy 

---------Where are those God-Forsaken Ballots? [C54]

1)	Guy in blue fishing at the dock, bottom screen 
of Komo Mai – get a fish from the guy in the 
Right Office by giving him a traditional 
cookie.  Give the guy in blue the fish.
2)	Guy at Anuenue port selling cookies – give him 
ten traditional cookies
3)	Guy singing terrible song, north house – get 
some Chronic Fatigue (either from the bartender 
in Pherkad or the guy way out left behind the 
Anuenue Port) and give it to him
4)	Heartbreak kid wants Heart-Break Song (Terrible 
Song + Salt)
5)	News guy just wants news of some sort, like the 
Treasure Location secret or the Mother-in-Law’s 
Secret magnus.
6)	Chronic Fatigue guy in the way back of the 
Anuenue Port (get there via the small hole on 
the left of the second story ledge) – give him 
some Fresh Air (obtained from the castle, left 
room window)
7)	Unfunny man walking around Anuenue Port – give 
him the Poor Excuse for a Joke, obtained from 
the meeting in the right room of the castle. 
8)	Guard in the left room of the castle wants 
9)	The guy at the southeast end of town wants a 
land-mark stone, but I don’t believe he will 
take it until you’re farther along in the game 
– I mean, you need it to get through the 
jungle, after all.

---------HoloHolo Jungle, Take 2 [C55]

New to HoloHolo Jungle: rain!  And more Undead!  You 
can run all the way right and save a baby HoloHolo 
chick (despite them being tiny little bastards that 
go too often and hit too hard).  The chick will give 
you a Brawn Fruit as a reward.

Next up, 1 o’clock exit to save a bird.  This is 
surely revenge for all the abuse we’ve been dishing 
out the wildlife at random. At least the bird gives 
you a Freedom Chalice. 

The next animal we want to help is back along the 
road a bit.  When you hop the islands in the next 
screen, hop to the forward right one and run over to 
where a hograt is stuck in the mud and help it out 
without battle for a free Indra Helm.  

That was just so great, I wish the game would make me 
walk all the way back out!  Repeat that to yourself 
as you walk back out.  I’m sure you can figure out 
the part with the pollywhale on your own, yes?  You 
get a White Night Bean for it, if that motivates you…

----------Komo Mai, Take 2 [C56]

Let’s explore the Queen’s castle.  The most important 
bits are the door on the left, which has a meeting 
going on where you can get the Poor Excuse for a 
Joke, and the door in the back on the right (Queen 
Corellia’s room) where you can get a magnus mix 
recipe from the tea set on the left and a magnus pack 
coupon from the bottles nearby (and a Celestial 
Flower Seed from the back corner). You can also get 
Fresh Air from the windows in the left side room.  
With all this bounty, a man can run out of magnus in 
a hurry.

After going up to the throne room and coming up 
empty, come back out of the castle to see a small 
scene.  Now, to the far left classroom, to talk to 
the girl in pink, who is a teacher, believe it or 
not.  She will give you the stone, so you can walk 
through the stupid jungle, so you can find the 
village of Opu, so you can find this Lolo person, who 
MIGHT be able to fix your ship, IF you pass all the 
classes here at the school of magic.  Here goes. 

Classics) Just go to the classics classroom (the 
boring one) and give the teacher some Good Times, 
conveniently obtained from his brother over in 
Anuenue Port, after finishing his quest to get 10 
traditional cookies (see above).  Give him three of 
these and his class will be actually bearable, and he 
will automatically give you credit, and a Tower 

Magic) A bout of questions.  You knew it was coming, 
don’t look surprised.
What was the dark god’s name? Malpercio.
Who defeated him? The Children of the Earth
What is the bell called? The Bell Which Tolls Time
What is the clock called? The Flight of Time
What is the power that keeps the islands aloft? The 
End Magnus
How many End Magnus are there? 5
What was the source of the dark god’s power? The Dark 
What is the teacher’s name? Beatrix
She gives you the Pegasus Armlet for having passed 
her class.

Chemistry) He just wants Rotten Food.  Don’t have 
time to wait for an egg to spoil?  Just go outside 
and down to the merchant by the river in the first 
screen and get some straight from him.  The chemistry 
professor gives you a Toxic Dumpling for passing his 

--------All that is Holy, HoloHolo Jungle AGAIN [C57]

Heaven help me, if we encounter one more delay I will 
set fire to this jungle and burn it to the ground, 
promachination be damned.

Grab a HoloHolo Fruit on your way through, you’ll be 
needing one, and then exit all the way right and 
north past the corpse of the HoloHolo bird (I spit on 
you, corpse, HoloHolo Bird, take that!)

A +monkey+ of all things will delay you on your 
journey by taking the stone right from your hands.  
You will have to chase it down many times before it 
gives it up.  Just run around on this one screen and 
look very, very carefully under the green mist-cover 
for the monkey.  When you’re done you get a Speed 
Amulet, but it was NOT worth it.

---------The Village of Opu [C58]

In here is a cut scene and then everybody leaves 
again.  But naturally we want to explore (loot) the 

At the bottom is the selfsame olifant that you ran 
off earlier.  See how I said that would come back to 
haunt you?  Give it a HoloHolo Fruit and it will give 
you a Classic Cudgel and the Sedna Pow House. 

Talk to the little girl looking at the rainbow and 
she will give you a magna mix recipe.  Inside the 
bottommost house is a chest with Rabbit Dash.  Talk 
to the parents here and the kid will run off.  Very 

Inside the left house on the second level is a magnus 
pack coupon, hidden in the green plants at the back, 
and a mix recipe, in the planter on the right.

----------The Celestial Tree [C59]

There’s nothing to do here but walk forward and watch 
the scene.  Then run back to Komo Mai and get to the 
palace to talk some more.  When you’re finally done, 
it’s time to head into battle.  Arm up and go back to 
the Celestial Tree.  Go directly into the hollow at 
the upper right.

Once inside, head straight for the left branch and 
jump up to score a Cliffsunder out of the chest.  
Exit left to get the quest to go on, and you might as 
well exit because we’ll be right back after you get 
something from Lolo outside.  

Now, let’s start things off by exiting to the right.  
There’s a place to jump here, do so and get a Apsu 
Sophia from the chest at the left. On the right is a 
small hole for your little wood guy (no perverse 
jokes, please.)  You need to navigate him around 
monsters, which should be fine on the way to the 
dagroot, as your monster avoidance skills are 
probably pretty honed by this point in the game.  
It’s coming back that’s the problem.  The little dude 
will be heavily weighed down by the dagroot, and will 
run extremely slowly back to you.  If you run into a 
monster, your puppet with come straight back to you 
empty-handed.  If you run into a monster twice, your 
guy will run back to you with the +monster+ in tow, 
not the dagroot.  At least this way you can clear the 
path of monsters. 

Now, send him through there twice to get the 
lightning and fire dogwoods, then go back and through 
to the south exit.  Here, you can try to get the dark 
dagwood, but the little toy just doesn’t cut it.  So 
run back around to where you see the torch and push 
it over.  Again with the wildlife destruction.  Run 
over to get the dagwood yourself, and don’t forget 
the chest with Sigil Cry on the left. 

Now, the last exit, at 4 o’clock.  The hole for your 
little guy is to the south (I said NO JOKES already) 
and there’s a Pyre Frock and an unreachable stack of 
fell-branches on the right.

Got all five dogwoods?  Good, let’s get back outside 
and talk to Lolo, who builds us a … contraption, and 
gives us a Scarlet Crown for our efforts.  Now, just 
hop on (might as well save first, though) and guide 
the cart to the left with the control stick.  Pass 
the hollow and go as far left as you can go.  Hop out 
and go in as far left as you can go for two chests 
with Sedna Windmill and a High Potion. 

When you’re ready, take the cable car to the middle 
island to fight the boss battle.  This is tricky.  
When he ducks his head, Valara will fire, and you 
don’t want that, we’ve decided.  Hit him only when 
the head is up, and just heal yourself and set up 
combos while his head is down.  His weakness is 
darkness, if that helps.

Despite your efforts…

========Otherworld======== [C60]

By the way, Ven=Useless, in case you hadn’t noticed. 
My strong recommendation here is to go around the 
place counter-clockwise because things will just work 
out that way, and then go north to the Lightbridge.

-----------Zaurak Keep, Take 2 [C61]

To the east – fight or sneak your way into that mess 
and retrieve the Wickwing Revels.  Don’t even bother 
with jumping up – even if you do have Light Powder, 
it only takes you back to the first half of the Keep.  
Exit to the north, get the Diamond Drop and run 
around these freaky guys and jump up to get the 
Hidden Sophia. 

At the top, (since you’ve brought Ven, blow the 
boulder aside) there are mysteriously two save 
flowers, one red, one blue, so pick your favorite and 

Continuing around the clock, go over to the left and 
jump straight up for two chests, with Spirilight 
Quiver and Force in them.  Go south from here twice 
(ignore the light door) and we’re back to where we 
started out.  Jump up from here and go north to find 
the light pillar.  Oh, and an Efreeti Saber in a 

We want to go north, naturally, but let’s turn that 
thing to the east.  Remember that the “fin” that we 
turn it with is clockwise from the light beam, so 
it’s currently behind the pillar.  Click around until 
you find it, and don’t forget to grab some light 

Go out there and go south, then jump up and exit 
south.  Use the powder on the half light bridge and 
retreat for now.  Go back to the pillar and turn it 
to the south.  Run down there, fight the guy and grab 
the Negativity Helm from the chest there.

Now, finally, turn the pillar to the north.  You’ll 
have to exit south and walk all the way around (good 
thing you didn’t bring Ven in, right?) and get Ven 
where we left him – if you were following along 
earlier, that would be one screen left of the north 
exit.  Go through the north exit and battle your 
little heart out.

----------The Battlefields of Atria [C62]

Once back at Naos, go up on deck to exit.  Going to 
Cujam will net us exactly zero in the confrontation 
department, so go all the way through (grab that 
chest, is that new?  It’s a Weak Attack B) and exit 
out the east side to get to Atria.

Grab the chest here, it’s a Sedna Orange Tree.  Also 
over on the right: Primordial Cactus.  Then follow 
down the hill. 

There’s a chest down here with Sublime Garb for 
Guillo, but don’t approach the winged guys in this 
place, they are not your friends anymore.  In point 
of fact, they will now freeze you so you cannot run 
about the map for a short time, and then attack you 
en masse, partnered with dragons in at least half of 
cases.  Harsh.

Go northwards and get the Fulgadrum on the left 
before exiting on the right.  On the next screen, 
swing right and get the Hot Spring from the chest 
before going right.  There’s a Twelve Layer Kimono in 
the chest here, then rush out the left screen exit.

Now, at the far left, under the save flower, there’s 
a Freedom Chalice, and at the south side of the 
screen are a pair of chests – Lightendrake’s Drop and 
Fair Guardian.  Save, naturally, but again, you won’t 
be fighting Wiseman on the next screen.  Cue white 
out and hopeless machina arma battle.

-----------Anuenue Wrap-Up [C63]

Sagi is unusually quiet during your beatdown and 
subsequent shameful retreat, but lets you have it 
once you start to leave the Celestial Veinroots.  
It’s almost enough to make you put your controller 
through the screen, but if you make it through, it’s 
time to wrap up this place. 

At least you can grab those two chests in the tents 
outside now.  They contain a Warrior’s Scarf and 
Empyreal Wildfire.  To the castle.  After a talk with 
Corellia, she gives you the broad hint to help 
yourselves discreetly to some fell-branches, so… back 
to the Tree.  You remember where the fell-branches 
are, yes?  Southeast exit at the Veinroots, big pile 
of purplish logs?  Anyhow, grab one.  

Back to Opu, there’s a guy down there who’s still 
laughing and would appreciate the Poor Excuse for a 
Joke, if you haven’t done so before.  And talking to 
Lolo will get your ship fixed, just take her back 
there, and you’ll take off immediately for Alfard.

========Through the Looking Glass======== [C70]
=========Or, Down the Crapper===========

Whichever your personal credo believes.

--------Alfard [C71]

Nothing’s really new in Alfard, so head over to 
Verus’.  Geldoblame will direct you to his place, you 
remember where that is?  It’s the first room as 
you’re coming out of Verus’ place.  Go in there and 
talk a bit.  When you’re done, first investigate the 
crate in the corner for a magnus mix recipe, then 
head right back to Verus’. 

After talking with Verus, you’re free to roam about, 
but to proceed with storyline, go back to 
Geldoblame’s place.  Hope you’ve done your leveling 
up and magnus buying, etc. 

Now here is where we ask ourselves a question.  Are 
you ready for a story twist? 

----------The Children of the Earth [C72]

You’ll have a boss fight.  Not an easy one, and not a 
winnable one.  Strangely, you can use all three of 
your characters.  The key is to stay alive, as damage 
can rack up very, very quickly, and your whole party 
can take massive damage at once.  Keep your health at 
full almost always and get in hits only when you can 
spare the time.  Don’t bother with relays, your 
health is more critical than anything else.  Though I 
will tell you that it does light damage and is weak 
to dark damage. 

After the battle, you’ll have a ‘talk’ and Sagi goes 
Super Saiya-Jin Level 2 on you.  All said and done, 
you’ll get Zeniver Cascade and The Godling’s Rapture 
(special level 4 attack for Sagi).

Hey, remember how I said at the beginning that maybe 
you should, in general, try not to be a contradicting 
S.o.B?  Yeah, here’s where you might want to put that 
into practice, especially if you had a hard time with 
the last boss fight, because if you make the wrong 
decision here when talking to Sagi, your game will be 
_over_.  I think it’s pretty obvious which decision 
that is, but there’s always someone who needs it 
spelled out, so:  When Sagi asks you if you want to 
continue traveling as a part of him, agree.  If you 
don’t, the game basically ejects you, as per your own 
foolhardy decision.  Now you can’t say you weren’t 
warned – if you look close enough, the question is 
really: do you want to continue as part of Sagi, and 
play HIS adventure, or do you want Sagi to be a part 
of you, and play YOUR adventure (also known as: 
sitting on your couch and doing nothing all day).  I 
really think that’s what they meant.  How odd.

-------------Vega Building Site [C73] 

There are two chests here, one with a proto-type 
magnus mixer (very fast, indeed) and the other with 
Zelos Kune.  Search the big yellow block for a magnus 
pack coupon, of all things.

Exit.  There’s a spark shroom patch outside – we’ll 
be needing those. Grab one and head into that pod you 
see at the south-west.  Use the spark shroom, and 
head out.

At the next landing, there are more shrooms to the 
far left, and a pod right next to the one you came 
over in.  Use that one and get to the next landing.  
Keep on going until you get to the circular platform, 
where there are two pods.  Take the western one over 
to a place where you can upgrade Spark Shrooms to 
Jolt Shrooms without having to battle and mix.  
You’ll need at least one Jolt Shroom for the next 

The next pod goes down, and requires a Jolt Shroom 
rather than a Spark Shroom.  Down here, there’s a 
chest with Efreeti Horn.  Go left to a platform with 
a switch in the middle.  Going left from here will 
take you to some chests, and going up will take you 
to the boss battle in this area.  Do your worst, 
after all, he does deserve it.

Chase him across the gap and into the room, grab both 
chests for some golden armor, and talk to him to 
finish things.  Weren’t you wondering when Savyna 
would get involved in all this?  Let’s just get out 
of here outside and to the south.

----------Hassaleh [C74]

Let’s get us to Hassaleh.  Really.  Sagi won’t let 
you go anywhere else.  Go and talk to Gena, and Sagi 
and the others will decide on a plan of action.  
There are three tasks: (1) find something for Gena, 
(2) go to the little island to learn about Milly, and 
(3) go to Durh to learn about Guillo. Also, 
Geldoblame will eventually mail you and ask you to 
(4) go to Dark Service HQ.

Go to the elder’s house and talk to him about 
greythornes.  It’s high time we learned about those.  
Let’s go try this business out on the greythorne in 
the orphanage and get the deflated greythorne from 
Gena, unless you’re saving your empty magnus for 
something important. 

As you try and leave Sheratan, the Doc (who is kind 
of a doomsayer for a doctor, don’t you think) tells 
you that you have no hope!  Unless, by some freak 
chance, you could teleport yourself back in time to 
the Age of the Gods!  How unfortunate for Gena!

My god, what contrivance.  Let’s just go over to the 
Briarclock and go back in time to Cujam and pretend 
he didn’t say all that.  Exit to the worldmap and go 
north to the Matar Highlands.

----------Matar Highlands [C74]

First things first here, don’t let it rain on you.  
End of story.  Stand under lotus leaves and tunnel 
areas to stay safe.  Get wet, and it’s back to square 
one with you.  There’s two things to do here.  (1) 
push the boulder to dam up the river, and (2) get a 
lotus seed to plant lotus leaves.

(1) Push the boulder to dam up the river.
Go north and left for a chest, then exit right along.  
Pass by the sleeping creature here and go south for a 
lotus leaf break.  Then run north and jump up.  Push 
the boulder off the edge and jump across for an 
Elixer  Then run back to the lotus leaf.  Fight the 
guy on your way left for a Sedna magnus, and grab the 
chest for a Armor Alma.

Now you want to go back and down the incline there 
and exit right.  Keep moving right and under bridges.  
All the way to the right is a chest with an Apostolos 
in it, a very nice sword.

(2) Get the lotus seeds and plant
Now, return to the first screen (or just fall 
unconscious, whatever) and run to the left-side pond 
area and run down.  You’ll run through an opening and 
can exit out the left bottom corner.  Run around over 
here long enough and far enough to the right, and 
you’ll see a small forest of lotus leaves.  You can 
grab some – do so. 

Return to the first screen and exit to the north.  
Use the lotus leaf on the brownish patch here to grow 
a leaf and stand under it until it rains twice.  Go… 
get a drink, take a nap… something.

After it’s rained twice you can cross to find what 
else but a save flower and a boss battle.  When it’s 
over, why not get two Heartenbrace, remember there’s 
a girl in Greater Mintaka who needs some.  Return to 
Gena and give her a Heartenbrace.

=======More Character Quests=====[C80]

You are now free to fly about and do what you want to 
do.  Naturally, it is a good time to catch up on your 
sidequests.  Also of course, everyone and their 
brothers, mothers, fathers, and aunts now has a new 
sidequest for you to do, go talk to everyone in the 
world, why don’t you.  All the sidequests are listed 
in a jumble down in the section labeled ‘Sidequests’.

Also, this section plus the next can be done in any 
order.  If you’ve forgotten what was where or what, 
just talk to Wacho in the orphanage, and he will give 
you a surprisingly insightful update on things 
happening around the world.  Although, I suggest 
leave off on the Battlefields of Atria until… later.  
Follow the guide, it’s a good order to do things in, 
and I’ll hit all the continents to boot.

I’m all for doing Dark Service HQ first, because it’s 
relatively quick and easy.

-----------Return to Dark Service HQ [C81]

Things to bring to Dark Service HQ: 
+ Your game face.
+ Whatever lightning attacks suit you best

Geldoblame will send you a mail asking you to head to 
the Dark Service HQ.  There’s been some kind of … 
massacre.  Whatever.  When you get there, let me 
assure you that there are plenty of fights to be had, 
and most of the enemies here are weak to lightning. 

Go into the strategy room first.  Save the guy, and 
talk to him to get an idea of what we’re doing.  We 
need to go to each of the four rooms (two upstairs, 
two downstairs) and find override codes for the 
crestwall at the locker room.  Fine.  They are 
represented by sparkles, they’re not hard to find. 

Once you’ve got them all, fight / run your way back 
to the strategy room upstairs and use the code on the 
green button near the front of the room.  Go to your 
Valuables List to read the code.  The crestwall will 
come down.

Head to the locker room.  There will be a long series 
of fights here, but persevere until you get to the 
front and take out the main machina.  Quest complete.

-----------Duhr [C82]

Sidequest Magnus wanted in Duhr (just a heads up, 
it’s not critical):
+ Mountain Apple Wine
+ Cloud
+ Pow Milk Yogurt
+ Immigration Papers

At Durh, the first thing you do is go to Algorab and 
have a talk scene. You’re then free to wander about, 
but let’s just go to Gemma Village like they 

{Gemma Village}
At Gemma Village, the front door opening is the 
magnus shop, and let’s start our tour on the left.  
There’s a magna mix recipe all the way to the left, 
and the guy on the left there will trade you a mask 
for some Mountain Apple Wine.  After you pick one, 
you can run behind him and get the Sedna Pier from 
the chest. 

On the right, you can obtain 5000G from the blue 
chest on the right, and there’s a chest on the right.  
At the top right of the main town, there is the final 
person who wants to move to Sedna.  Finally, you can 
get rid of those Immigration Papers!

On to the next phase, in the topmost doorway, you’ll 
talk to Kamroh et al, and he will direct you into the 
door.  Go on in.  Your last chance to back out is 
when Sagi asks you whether or not to touch the 
puppet.  Once you do, it’s onward to an interesting 

North, follow the only path really available to you 
until you get to the human figure imbedded in the 
crystal-ice.  Going south and east, you’ll see a red 
glowing object, touch it.  Then the path south will 
be available to you.  All the way south is a chest 
with Heavenly Robe in it (though you generally have 
to fight the guy for it) and another red glowing 
spot.  It will activate the leg of the human figure 
and you can now go west from there, so return.

Going west of the human figure will lead you to 
another memory, then the block to the south of the 
human figure will be released (straight downwards 
from the human figure).  There is a chest here with 
Zeniver Cascade, and to the east exit is another 
memory.  This finally releases the northern exit from 
the human figure.  Go up there and there’s another 
memory and a chest with a truly awesome Book of Mana 
in it.  Once this memory is done, save at the flower 
and go south for a boss battle and an automatic exit.  
Kamroh will give you Deluge the Seabane, a weapon for 
Guillo, for finishing this, and an Elemental 

{Durh Wrap-Up}
Back at Algorab, search the leader’s house for a 
magnus pack coupon (in the pots) and the back left 
house for a magna mix recipe and give  the boy here a 
cloud in return for a Hot Spring magnus.  Search the 
right back house for another magnus coupon pack, and 
give some Pow Milk Yogurt to the guy here for a Cross 
Pendant.  Finally, go to the magnus store near the 
entrance at the right and buy the Sedna Toadstools 2.

-----------Nekkar [C83]

Things to bring to Nekkar: 
+ Can of Whup-Ass (there’s nothing but a dungeon 

Hi.  Welcome to Nekkar Quietlands.  Try and exit to 
the north.  Did you fall into a huge hole in the 
ground?  Yes, I thought so.  By the way, that north 
exit is where we are trying to go.

Now, let’s say you want to go up that ladder.  Then 
I’d tell you all you’ll do is fall down again.  Go 
left, through an absolutely hidden tunnel to another 
ladder thing.  Grab some Fire Moss if that suits you.  
Jump up.  Go west.  Keep moving west until you fall 
through a new hole.  Down here there will be a huge, 
huge monster.  Kill it to get the chest behind it, 
unless you can squeeze by.  Inside is the Sedna Gate.  
Up the left pathway is a chest with the Anubis 

Go back to the other path and exit northwest and get 
Jiraiya’s Robe.  That’s where you need to be to exit 
northwest of the original screen.  Storyline. 

Now, Milly will say she wants to ‘show you 
something’.  Show me something, my ass, there’s a red 
save flower there, and I know what that means. 


Just joking, it only looks like it.  Thought I’d 
freak you out, since this is the fifty-freaking-sixth 
page of this FAQ and I got to entertain myself 
somehow or another.

This is no problem for you, right?  My subconscious 
told me it was the HoloHolo Bird, and I _unleashed_ 
on it.  Seriously, I went Psycho on this fowl. He was 
dust before the red haze faded from my eyes.

You get Vajra the Indestructible and Open Your Eyes, 
a lightning weapon and lightning level 3 attack for 
Milly (naturally).  She will also ask you to ‘help 
her find her statues’ which is utterly ridiculous, 
but do it if you like.   

=======Payback Time========[C90]

It’s time to dish out the hurt on those machina arma 
that kicked our butts before.  Let us start with 
Nasca, he’s a pansy.  Though you can do it in any 
order, really, and once you do and return to 
Hassaleh, Verus will call you and request that you 
come in to talk.  You could, but let’s clean up the 
assorted nations first.

In point of fact, you can NOT do any of this.  Yes, 
that’s right.  You can very likely go right back to 
Verus (if he doesn’t talk to you, you may need to 
beat at least one of the machina arma that defeated 
you before) and onwards to Tarazed and end the game.  
But you want a robust, complete game, and you didn’t 
battle your way through XX:XX hours and minutes and 
get beaten up and down the block just to not get some 
payback at those who put you down earlier, did you? 

I didn’t think so.  Let’s go kick some ass, shall we?

---------Return to Diadem [C91]

Surprisingly, not much is new in Diadem.  A new 
soldier has appeared since the last time I was in 
Diadem in this FAQ, he’s in one of the left-side 
rooms and he wants some glubberfish, which is easily 
obtained from Nashira.  

So let’s just head out to the Cloudvents and give 
Nasca a little what for, eh?  If you’re really 
following this FAQ word-for-word, I’ll give you a 
heads up and tell you that you want the Gust Boulder 
later, so grab it. 

Here, your decision whether or not to end Nasca (Let 
him go, or Give him what he wants) will affect your 
ending slightly.  Just a warning.

Talk to the greythorne in the Nashira tavern to cheer 
up Gibari, and let’s move out.

----------Return to Sadal Suud [C92]

Sidequest magnus you might want to bring to Sadal 
Suud (not critical, though):
+ Goopy Machina Oil
+ Warm Cheers

Ah Sadal Suud.  So much can be done here.  Including, 
if you haven’t been back since last time, the Quzman 
sidequests.  Taymiya, in the northernmost house near 
Roldolfo’s, will ask you to find her wayward husband, 
Quzman.  He is the man in the jail in Mintaka that 
doesn’t want to leave.  If you’ve already been there 
and told him bluntly to go home, he will be in Sadal 
Suud now. 

The bad news is, and I believe I’ve already mentioned 
this, is that he will try and give you another 
sidequest of monstrous proportions, that I strongly 
recommend you not take unless you’re a rabid 
collection gamer.  It will waste your magnus space 
unless you are absolutely frothing at the mouth to 
collect every magnus in the world.  Don’t say you 
weren’t warned. 

Elsewise in Sadal Suud, the servants you freed from 
the bedroom upstairs are all over the house, and 
almost all of them have quests for you.  The cleaning 
lady west of the entrance hall wants Goopy Machina 
Oil, the man to the east of the entrance hall wants 
Warm Cheers.  Upstairs, a man with a bad back will 
want Mountain Apple Wine.  Finally, there’s a 
greythorne lurking at the west end of Roldolfo’s room 

Down in Cebalrai, an old person wants some 
Billowsmoke, so grab some if you’re up at Roldolfo’s 
and bring it down to Cebalrai.  Grab some Mountain 
Apples to make some Mountain Apple Wine on your way 
through Nunki Forest. 

Heughes is still in Nunki Forest where you left him – 
let’s take him down.  Again, you have the choice to 
let him live or die, but it alters your ending 

---------Return to Anuenue [C93]

Sidequest magnus you might want to bring to Anuenue 
(not critical, though):
+ Mountain Apple
+ Gust Boulder
+ Heartbreaking Song (if you didn’t already) 
+ News of some sort (if you didn’t already) 

New quests include talking to Lolo, who will ask you 
to get a Gust Boulder, you know, the one in Diadem, 
and getting a Mountain Apple for a kid at the base of 
the Celestial Tree.  Also, talk to the woman here for 
a magna mix recipe involving gold bugs.  You can find 
their carapaces behind the left tent.

Let’s go give Valara some payback for what she’s done 
to us over the course of the game.  She’s still in 
the center of the Celestial Veinroots, so trolley 
over there and give her a piece of your mind.  Also, 
there are three chests, if you never went back for 
them. I am obligated to once again remind you that 
sparing her or killing her

---------Return to Battlefields of Atria [C94]

Alright, time to give payback to the biggest bastard 
out there – Wiseman, since apparently, despite 
killing everyone and tainting the earth, Malpercio 
did not accomplish the original goal, worth 
sacrificing so many souls for.  Back to the 
Battlefields of Atria.

Firstly, you’ll notice that there are no more big 
flames blocking your way, so you can run about 
grabbing a lot of chests you didn’t have a chance to 
before.  Then, you’ll notice quickly that not only 
are the flying guys and blue bombers still around, 
there are huge dragons flapping around the fields 
just looking to dive-bomb you.  Great.

You’ll need to make your way all the way to the back, 
where you saw your characters before.  Exit out this 
way to find a save flower and boss battle. 

What game would be complete without a huge-ass black 
dragon, bent on your destruction?  No game, is the 
answer. No game at all.

After fighting the black dragon o’ doom, Wiseman 
himself will throw down with you.  And oh yes, we’ve 
wanted this.  We’ve wanted this one for many 
thousands of years.

---------Boss Battle Fatigue? [C95]

Having trouble with one or the other of these boss 
battles?  Here’s my general, late-game boss battle 
tip: generally, there’s only one guy, so drop 
Guillo’s attacks and have it use Book of Mana.  Book 
of Mana saved my bacon on any number of occasions.  
Don’t be too free with that MP Burst, because your MP 
will be disabled entirely for a time, but whip it out 
if you think you’ll survive a good handful of turns. 
Perhaps a few Elixers would do you some good, also.  
Three or so Fate Idol’s wouldn’t hurt, either.

As for the rest of the deck, stack up Scension, 
Ascension, Transcension, and the good old fury of the 
gods, and a I-II-III combo for Milly, and that’s 
*all*.  One or two pieces of equip each (generally 
their most powerful weapon, which is one time use 
only, and another one for fun) maybe an equip for 
Guillo to use (like Moon-shaped earrings or Warrior’s 
Scarf or whatever you fancy) and then maybe 5 or 6 
attack cards per level (a little heavier on the 
normal attacks than the alternate attacks, since The 
Apotheosis will only take normal attacks 1, 2 and 3).

With as few cards as this, your good combos and Books 
of Mana naturally come up much, much more often, and 
stacking up an Apotheosis:

Weak Attack – Medium Attack – Strong Attack – 
Scension – Ascension – Transcension - Godling’s 

Comes much easier when those are 50% of your final 
technique cards.  And Apotheosis cures you of status 
ailments and heals you, on top of pretty much 
whupping anything in your path.  It’s a beauty.

Or, replace with whatever punishing final attack you 
enjoy most (Secret Queen also comes to mind) and put 
just those in there.  The point is to stack your deck 
with getting the combo off in mind.

You’ll also find that regulating one poor person to 
healing every time their turn comes up helps more 
than attempting huge three-person relay combos.  Just 
an observation.


After going back and talking to Verus about things, 
Tarazed makes itself known.  And it sounds like 
somebody is dipping heavily into the Crazy up there.  
Let go put a stop to things.

--------Vega [D11]

Run along until you get to the elevator that used to 
work back when we were here before.  A guy will be 
crouched in front of it, talk to him twice.  He will 
send you northwards to get some plans.  Go north, and 
run over to the right side and open that little door 
to a residence.  That family from Pherkad is there, 
and a magnus pack coupon is hidden on the right side 
chest of drawers.

On the left side is Panie’s new residence, and 
there’s conveniently a blue flower outside so you can 
do all that Coliseum stuff you’ve been meaning to do.

Through to the next screen northeast.  Take the right 
fork to the bath area.  In the north exit there’s a 
Trigon Band, in the south, nothing more than some 
dumbass, and in the bath itself, open all the bath 
stalls to get the Sedna House 3 from some guy.  

Take the left fork to the café, where there’s a 
magnus pack coupon stuck to the sign by the counter, 
a chest in the back with Pyre Frock, and the man you 
need to talk to is on the second floor, second to the 
right.  He tells you how to fix the wires.

Go relay this information to the guy at the elevator 
and go down.  Once down here, go right first and find 
a magnus pack coupon in the room by the dishes.  Now 
go northwest.  At the next elevator, go west under 
the bridge to see the ‘concert-hall,’ go north to the 
magnus shop. 

Take this elevator up, now there are three exits, and 
a quest from the retards on rockets here.  To the 
northwest is a trader’s house (Lalune) and some Spark 
Shrooms.  There’s also a magnus pack coupon in the 
chest of drawers.  To the south is the port, 
unfortunately, not the level we parked at.  To the 
north is our ultimate destination: Tarazed, home of 
the Empire.

----------Map of Tarazed [D12]

Inside, there’s a blue and red flower for your saving 
convenience.  Through the right door is basically a 
dead end.  Through the left door will bring you to 
Block E (the Main Block) trolley station, a chest 
containing Idios Pyr, and a paper on the ground.  Use 
the control panel on the left to get the transport 
working and hop in.  To Block A!  Helpful maps below!

----------Map Legend ---------------------
|     W – Wall     CR – Control Room      |
|     ECD – Escalator Coming Down         |
|     ECU – Escalator Coming Up           |
|     EGD – Escalator Going Down          |
|     EGU – Escalator Going Up            |
|      * - Rooms with report papers       |
|  -------------------------------------- |
|  All escalators are in their listed in  |
|  ORIGINAL configuration!  Flipping the  |
|  reversal switch switches them all      |
|  from Coming to Going and vice versa.   |

Block A
Level 3: W – Sadal Suud CR – ECU – EGD – W
Level 2: W – EGD – EGU – ECD – ECU – W
Level 1: W – ECD – Room* – Trolley – EGU – W

B Block
Level 4: W – Trolley* – EGD – Diadem CR – W
Level 3: W – ECD – EGD – Room* – W
Level 2: W – ECD – EGD – W
Level 1: W – Trolley – ECD – W

Block c
Level 5: W – Hassaleh CR - EGD – ECU – Bathroom* - W
Level 4: W - EGD – ECD - W – EGU – ECU – Trolley - W
Level 3: W – ECD – Holograph room* - EGU - W

Block D
Level 5: W - EGD - ECU – Anuenue CR - W
Level 4: W - Trolley – ECD – EGU – Room* - W

--------Block A [D13]

In the Sadal Suud Control Room, get the Elite 
Imperial Crest from the ground on the left, use it on 
the door.

Once through, go across the walkway to a new room.  A 
tricky room.  You have to keep holding down B, and 
fly quickly through the maze, but you can’t touch any 
of the walls.  Break at the blue squares, and keep 
trying until you do.

Back out, two hallways right back down escalator to 
level 2. Go either direction for escalators down to 
level 1.  Second-left door: another two ‘reports’ and 
a chest with Wild God

Return to the main block, exit to the save flowers, 
and go down the carefully hidden stairway to the 
right and exit out eastward.  Use the Elite Crest on 
the control panel here to reverse the direction of 
the escalators.  Go up the escalators in the Main 
Block, go up again to see Baelheit walking away.  Get 
the Elixer in the chest, and go up again.  Go into 
the first room up here, grab the Holy Garb, and start 
the emergency elevator. Take it down to the bottom, 
reverse all the escalators back to their original 
configurations, and return to the fourth floor via 

Here, there is yet another ‘report’ and a new trolley 
that will take us to B, C, and D.

----------Block B [D14]

Remember, I recommended that you switch the 
escalators back to their original configurations, and 
then take the emergency elevator back to the fourth 
floor of the Main Block and take the trolley over to 
Block B.  Head to the Diadem Control Room first, and 
then make your way down the escalators for those 
pieces of paper, and a magnus pack coupon in Room*, 
if you care.  You can simply return to the Main Block 
via the trolley at the first floor, and take the 
emergency elevator back to the fourth floor trolley.

In the B Block Control Room Maze, you have to: go 
right and down, go straight up, go right, and then go 
down and left to a dead end.  NOW, the blocks will 
change and allow you to get to the north exit.

-----------Block C [D15]

The maze is about the same as always, but there’s a 
bathroom on the fifth floor with Blast Tooth and 
another report paper.

----------Block D [D16]

The maze in this block is another one where you have 
to go left and make it to the end before the blocks 
switch.  Then you have to go right and down and 
inside to get them to switch again.  Then, an 
extremely complicated maneuver around and to the 
north.  One last twisty move and you’re out.

---------The Bridge [D17]

Once you’re all set, go back to the Main Block and 
jump through the window to lay down the hurt on 
whoever is still left in there.  There is one more 
paper report on the dias floor, and then just exit 
through the door to the north. There will be, 
awaiting you,

(1)	the man you came in here after
(2)	a number of plot twists, just for you
(3)	a boss battle or two.

Here’s a heads up.  The first fight will involve only 
Sagi.  Very unfortunate, you might say, as you have 
stacked yourself up with Books of Mana and other 
things that only the other two can use.  Woe be you 
if you don’t have the deck loaded with general 
healing items and Sagi’s higher attacks. 

But, it’s not strictly necessary to die and change 
your deck up.  You only have to do so much damage 
before the battle will be over, and then Milly and 
Guillo will rejoin you for the second fight.  In 
comparison to some of the epic battles we’ve been in 
thus far, it’s a pittance of damage, really.

Now, the real battle.

I already wrote a late-game boss battle strategy in 
general terms up above, so I’m going to continue 
onwards while you scroll back up there to find that.

--------Tarazed’s Core [D18]

Oh ho, you thought you were done, did you.  That 
would be entirely too straightforward, too 
predictable, too *tame* for this series.  In other 
words, you thought wrong. 

Take the right elevator deal to go back to the 1F 
control room and save, or take the left elevator to 
go to the inner workings of Tarazed after He Who Has 
Clearly Gone Crazy.  Down here, if you try and push 
the button and summon the handy elevator, again, I’ll 
have to break it to you that the game isn’t going to 
be that nice to you.  In fact, if you push the 
button, some baddies will show up for battle.

Instead, you’ll have to jump down level by level, by 
the piping in the back – the side of the shaft 
farthest away from you.  Jump down here (there’s a 
chest with some sort of fire hat in it) and then jump 
down again.  At the third level, you’ll have to jump 
off the back end (again, farther away from you, the 
player).  There’s a chest here with Phoenix Dive. 

Move all the way to the left and jump down again, 
then exit out the left.

You’re getting warmer… Exit to the right and to the 
north to get to what seems like a fork in the road.  
But both exits take you to the same screen, so pick 
whichever huge beastie suits your fancy (the chest 
has Milly’s Open Your Eyes, by the way) and exit 
left. The chest here has Lightendrake’s Drop, keep 
moving left.

There seems to be an elevator for your use on the 
next screen, but it is simply a mysterious piece of 
machinery (not that you can get it to respond to you 
anyway) so let’s just keep moving left and jump down 
for Transcension. 

Jump down again for a red save flower, and then to 
the right and down for a Book of Mana.  Then jump 
down near the middle towards the back to exit. 

All the way on the left and up a bit is a chest with 
FellStar Gleam, and the exit is in the back,  You can 
sneak by that beastie very, very slowly, if you like.

Reminder: this is it.  That elevator back up to the 
surface is your very, very last chance to leave this 
place before events head downhill to the end.

---------The End [D19]

You want a heads up on the final boss battle?  Very 
well.  This will be a series of fights, like in the 
Coliseum, where you do not get a break in between.  
The first two fights are more or less the same.  
There are bad purple tentacles, and you’ve got to 
take them out.  These things happen. 

You might want to take the time as you’re polishing 
off the second group of tentacles to set up a Guillo 
finisher.  Remember how I was suggesting earlier in 
my boss battle strategies to dump Guillo’s final 
attacks?  Well not in this case.  Once you get to 
Round 3 of this battle and are actually facing off 
against the final boss, he will be flanked by four 

Furthermore, no damage can be done to the boss AT ALL 
if even one of these tentacles is alive and active.  
Oh they go down quickly enough, but he can 
resuscitate them just as fast if not faster.  A good 
plan is to have Guillo just go all out and punish all 
five at once with Frigid Ice Parade, and if THAT 
doesn’t kill them all, then, I’m not sure what I can 
do for you, because like I said, they all need to be 
dead before you can unleash on the main guy.

After all that, if you have been following the 
walkthrough, and, specifically, went back into the 
past to defeat Wiseman, he will helpfully show up 
once more to eat your mortal souls.  Your hearts, 
anyway.  And Round 2 is just as unforgiving as Round 
1.  Maybe even less so.  There’s some cool 
discussion, in case you feel like you weren’t missing 
out, and then you get really down to business. 

Don’t worry, if you die here, you just get Try Again, 
and, frankly, it’s a good time to rearrange your deck 
back to the ‘One Enemy’ mode, because those Book of 
Mana (and maybe even Fate’s Kiss) could come in real 
handy right about now.  Beat him.  ‘Nuff said.

As with every other cliché in the known world, you’ll 
need to escape the crumbling fortress after you 
defeat the final boss, so get to it – I hope you 
remember how we came in.  There’s some more scenes on 
your way out, but there’s little you can do about any 
of them.  For instance, there are three extra 
sequences here if you let the others live, but 
simply… no scenes if you did not, and then you get 
out, as you may expect, and you get to watch the 
extremely question-provoking ending.  The end.  Or, 
New Game+, as the trend has been.

=====A Final Word======= [D20]

And you certainly don’t have to read this.  It is 
only an opinion.  And no, I’m not going to get into 
the argument about what IS going on at the end, 
because I don’t know, and I’m not sure I really care 
either way.  I’ve maintained a lot of non-spoilerism 
for this FAQ, and I want to see that through to the 
end, anyway.  Some more closure would have been nice, 
that’s all I’m going to say about it.

No, I want to sit down and have a talk with you about 
research science.  Lately, I feel like we (I work in 
research science) have been portrayed in an extremely 
negative light, i.e. Baiten Kaitos one AND two, 
Xenosaga, Spider-Man, Final Fantasy VII, Heroes, The 
Hulk, The Fantastic 4, X-Men 3, The Fly, The 
Incredibles, Kim Possible, Frankenstein, Resident 
Evil, and on and on. 

I’m just here to say: we’re not all evil.  I mean.  
Seriously people.  Find somebody else to pin evil 
deeds on.  Not all of us reanimate the dead or create 
sentient droids or mutate humans and animals.  Can 
you no longer find someone else to portray as the 
bringers of Armageddon?  It’s bad press.  Don’t make 
me develop a massive high-tech missile to bring down 
on you.  Because I work in research science.

That’s all I had to say.

>>>>>>>>>All That Other Stuff<<<<<<<< [Z00]

=========Magnus Mix Recipes======== [Z10]

A big thank you to __Zero and anyone else who kept 
typing this up to post on the boards to help me when 
I was stuck.

1.	Found in Sheratan Elder’s House. 
	Drinking Water + Drinking Water = Pristine 
2.	Found in Sheratan Orphanage. 
	Stale Water + Stale Water = Drinking Water
3.	Invented
	Blaze + Pretty Stone = Fireglow Stone
4.	Invented (in the manual)
	Flame + Flame = Blaze
5.	Found in School of Magic, first right classroom, 
right shelf
	Jolt Shroom + Jolt Shroom = Lightning Shroom
6.	Found in Mintaka Second Level House.  
	Spark Shroom + Spark Shroom = Jolt Shroom
7.	Found in Nashira residence, left house, right side 
	Stone + Stone + Chunk of Rubber = Boulder
8.	Found in Gemma Village, left side residence, far 
left bookshelf
	Mother-in-Law’s Secret + Paramours’ Secret = 
Treasure Lowdown
9.	Obtained from man in School of Magic Library, 
after taking three Extreme Stress from him
	Celestial Flower Seed + Freezing Rain 
	+ Fresh Air = Celestial Flower Bud
10.	Obtained from man in School of Magic Library, 
after taking three Extreme Stress from him
	Mother Sunshine + Celestial Flower Bud 
	+ Fresh Air 
	+ Fresh Air = Celestial Flower
11.	Found in Azha lab, in the steel part
	Drinking Water + Blaze = Cloud
12.	Found in Sheratan Orphanage.
	Stale Water + Salt = Salty Water
13.	Found in Sheliak Citizen’s House (left).
	Blaze + Stone = Lava
14.	Found in Nashira, right house, right bucket.
	Flame + Stone = Hot Rock
15.	Found in Azha lab.
	Boulder + Salt = Rock Salt
16.	Taught by old man along Lesser Celestial River
	Pristine Water + Blaze + Salt = Diadem Cloud
17.	Found in School of Magic, first right 
classroom, left shelf
	Flame Ice + Primordial Cactus = Sparkling Snow
18.	Old lady in northeast house of Komo Mai
	Pristine Water + Egg 
	+ Blaze 
	+ Flame 
	+ Flame 
	+ Freezing Rain 
	+ Salt = Boiled Egg
19.	Found in Sadal Suud residence, right bookshelf.
	Hero’s Pickax + Empty Book = Adventure Novel
20.	Found in School of Magic, first left classroom, 
left shelf
	Empty Book + Love Syrup = Naughty Novel
21.	Found in Baelheit’s library, by sleeping man.
	Empty Book + Medic Kit = Dense Medical Tome
22.	Found in Komo Mai
	Blaze + Meat Fit for an Emperor 
	+ HoloHolo Fruit 
	+ HoloHolo Nectar = Chef-Prepared Meat
23.	Invented
	Sparkling Snow + Sparkling Snow 
	+ Love Syrup = Shaved Ice of Love
24.	Found in Opu, leftmost house, pot by hearth
	Blaze + Withered Branches = Mound of Soot
25.	Found in Cebalrai residence, bookshelf
	Salty Water + Mound of Soot = Soot Soup
26.	Invented
	Empty Book + Cottoncap Gauze = Basic Medical 
27.	Found in Azha lab.
	Thornflower Nectar + Eau de Mouche = Stinging 
28.	Invented
	Chronic Fatigue + Extreme Stress
	+ Foul Air = Fluella Cooties
29.	Found in Sheratan Villager’s House.
	Cottoncap fruit + Cottoncap fruit = Fluffy 
30.	Invented
	Pristine Water + Oleflour
	+ Celestial Flower Seed
	+ Holoholo Fruit
	+ Love Syrup = Traditional Komo Mai Cookie
31.	Invented
	Stale Water + Oleflour
	+ Celestial Flower Seed
	+ Holoholo Fruit
	+ HoloFlower Nectar = Original Komo Mai Cookie
32.	Found in Cebalrai pow stables (left)
	Blaze + Pow Meat = Well-Done Meat
33.	Obtained from talking to woman at Celestial 
Tree (late-game)
	Golden Beetle Carapace + Golden Beetle Carapace 
	+ Gold Nugget = Gold Beetle Wallet
34.	Found in Algorab, back left house, chest.
	Love Syrup + Terrible Song = Sweet Song
35.	Found in Azha residence, third floor. 
	Salt + Terrible Song = Heartbreaking Song
36.	Obtained from man in School of Magic Library, 
after taking three Extreme Stress from him
	Empty Book + Greythorne’s Song = Greythorne 
37.	Invented
	Cottoncap Fruit + Half-Baked Greythorne 
	+ Cottoncap Fruit 
	+ Cottoncap Fruit = Floppy Greythorne
38.	Invented
	Cottoncap Fruit + Floppy Greythorne 
	+ Cottoncap Fruit 
	+ Cottoncap Fruit 
	+ Cottoncap Fruit = Fluffy Greythorne
39.	Obtained in Opu, from girl on the lower bridge
	Mother Sunshine + Holy Droplet 
	+ Pristine Water 
	+ Pristine Water 
	+ Pristine Water = Rainbow
40.	Invented
	Celestial Flower + Flowerpot
	+ Freezing Rain
	+ Freezing Rain
	+ Freezing Rain = Potten Celestial Flower
41.	Invented
	Heartenbrace + Flower Pot 
	+ Pristine Water 
	+ Pristine Water = Potted Heartenbrace
42.	Invented
	Nameless Flower + Flower Pot 
	+ Pristine Water = Potted Nameless Flower
43.	Invented (papers in Tarazed)
	Celestial Flower + Celestial Fell-Branch
	+ Dark Dagroot
	+ Light Dagroot
	+ Lightning Dagroot
	+ Ice Dagroot
	+ Fire Dagroot
	+ Holy Dagroot
	+ Rainbow = Celestial Tree
44.	Found in Greater Mintaka, second floor 
residence, right side chest.  
	Mound of Soot X 5 = Pretty Stone
45.	Found in Geldoblame’s residence, upper right 
	Stinging Antiseptic + Cottoncap Gauze = Medic 
46.	Invented
	Ancient Mask + Toy Sword = Hero License
47.	Invented
	Salty Water + Greythorne Storybook 
	+ Greythorne’s Song 
	+ Greythorne’s Song 
	+ Greythorne’s Song 
	+ Greythorne’s Song 
	+ Greythorne’s Song 
	+ Greythorne’s Song = Half-Baked Greythorne
48.	Found in Pherkad, first right house, bookshelf
	Mountain Apple + Mountain Apple 
	+ Holy Droplet = Mountain Apple Wine
49.	Invented
	Freezing Rain + Blaze 
	+ Chronic Fatigue = Fresh Air
50.	Found in Opu leftmost house, right planter
	Extreme Stress + Good Times = Fresh Air

==========Sedna=========== [Z20]
5 – Migraine Mirror
10 – Star-shaped Earrings.
15 – Rainbow Fruit
20 – Moon-Shaped Earrings
26 – Sword-Shaped Earrings

At 10, people return to Sedna and are happy to give 
you hints toward Sedna magnus you haven’t found.  The 
mayor will give you a sidequest to recruit new 
townsfolk, so I hope you remember all those people 
you’ve talked to that want to move.

Diadem – Man sitting next to Fluffer in the main 
square of Sheliak
Hassaleh – Girl in the back of Doc’s house in 
Sadal Suud – Girl in laundry area of Pherkad
Anuenue – Guy in room with terrible singer Komo Mai, 
doesn’t say anything
Durh – Gemma Village, top right side, lone guy.

At 20, more people will arrive in town, and a few 

1)	Sedna Bridge – Obtained from Sandfeeder
2)	Sedna Mailbox – Naos planning room, globe
3)	Sedna Toadstones 1 – First monster inside Lava 
Caves (left)
4)	Sedna House 1 – Lord of the Lava Caves, third 
5)	Sedna Flower Bed – Complete sidequest Celebrity 
Needs in Sheliak (give the woman some Eau de 
6)	Sedna Blue Fruit Tree – First monster at 
Celestial River (puplish toad) 
7)	Sedna Monument – On the throne in Castle Elnath
8)	Sedna Peach Tree – Cloudvents, chest to the left.
9)	Sedna Beanstalk – Some kids playing outside in 
Cujam will give it to you.  Later, it will just 
by lying on the ground.
10)	Sedna Fence – Pherkad Bartender, after taking 
three of his Chronic Fatigues.
11)	Sedna Weathervane – Fantail duck in the barn at 
12)	Sedna Fern – Moonguile Forest, all the way in and 
to the left.
13)	Sedna House 2 – Sadal Suud, Roldolfo’s Estate, 
top floor garden, all the way at the back.
14)	Sedna Ebonstone Sculpture – HoloHolo Jungle, blue 
15)	Sedna Mill House – Komo Mai, just buy it from the 
magnus store
16)	Sedna Waterwheel – Play the game with the soldier 
in the Sedna Mill House
17)	Sedna Pow House – Give a HoloHolo Fruit to the 
olifant in Opu Village
18)	Sedna Windmill – Chest left of central Celestial 
Veinroots (keep going left with the trolley car), 
also has Thunderhead Cloak inside the house.
19)	Sedna Orange Tree – Chest at the entrance to the 
Battlefields of Atria
20)	Sedna Pier – Give the man in Gemma Village 
Mountain Apple Wine to get the chest behind him.
21)	Sedna Toadstones 2 – Algorab Village, just buy it 
from the  magnus shop
22)	Sedna Odd Sculpture – Complete sidequest Citizens 
Wanted – see below or above
23)	Sedna Main Gate – Nekkar Quietlands
24)	Sedna House 3 – Vega, man in the bath house (all 
the way right, second floor down.  Open all the 
bath stalls to find him.)
25)	Sedna Well – Plant monster in Matar Highlands, 
right of the first screen, bottom.
26)	Sedna Light – Chest in Endmost Bethel after 
you’ve gotten the first 25 Sedna Magnus.

==========Greythorne Locations========= [Z25]

++ Anuenue, Komo Mai, throne room
++ Anuenue, Opu Village, Lolo’s house.  Scary stuff 
++ Alfard, Queastor Verus’ mansion, left room, second 
floor.  Geldoblame will give you the Tub-Time 
++ Alfard, Azha, first floor residences (Almarde’s), 
Almarde will request Goopy Machina Oil (Almarde’s 
request 3 sidequest)
++ Alfard, Mintaka, Lyuvann’s house.  Skeed will 
request Pow Milk (Don’t tell ANYONE sidequest)
++ Sadal Suud, Roldolfo’s Estate, Roldolfo’s room
++ Sadal Suud, Pherkad Laundry Area, talk to Pololo.
++ Sadal Suud, Moonguile forest, white greythorne 
near the back.  One of the other greythornes will 
give you Greythorne’s Songs.
++ Hassaleh, Sheratan, Orphanage.  Gena gives you the 
Half-Baked Greythorne (the first time, anyway)
++ Diadem, Nashira Tavern, Gibari will finally cheer 
++ Diadem, Castle Elnath throne room.  King Ladekahn 
will give you the Greythorne Storybook

---------I need Salty Water!

Jeez, do I have to do EVERYTHING for you?

+ Anuenue: Bottommost house in Opu Village, vase near 
the fire
+ Diadem: One of the left-side rooms in Castle 
Elnath, back vase
+ Sadal Suud: Roldolfo’s Estate, kitchen
+ Hassaleh: Elder’s house, jars in the back near the 
+ Alfard: Azha, vase near the sink in Almarde’s 

==========SideQuests======== [Z30]

--------Put out the fire!
Where: Dark Service HQ
Who: Dark Serviceman
What: Your basic, “learn how to use magnus” quest.  
Just click on the Stale Water barrel at the bottom of 
the screen (when Sagi has a ! over his head) and 
agree to take the magna essence of water.  Then run 
up to the top of the screen and click on the fire.  
Sagi will automatically bring up the magnus menu, 
scroll over to your water with the C-Stick and hit A 
when you get to the water to use it.

--------Relight the torches!
Where: Dark Service HQ
Who: Dark Serviceman
What: Another simple quest to show you how things 
work.  Get some Blaze from any room in the place.  
Get four while you’re at it.  There are two torches 
on the first floor, and two on the second.  Just 
click on each and relight them. 

--------Wake up the mechanic
Where: Emperor’s residence
Who: Mechanic
What: If you didn’t bring any water along, there’s 
some outside in the big fountain in the main area of 
the house.

-------Wake up, take two
Where: Emperor’s residence
Who: Mechnic
What: More water!  Just splash it on our soporific 

-------Turn off the shield!
Where: Emperor’s residence
Who: Mechanic
What: The rubber is in the room on the left, which 
you’ll need your Olgan House Key for (you get it for 
beating up the guys in the room with the Mechanic).  
Sneak by or fight through, just get some of that 
black rubber stuff.

--------My girl’s waiting!
Where: Sewers
Who: Guy in a Cell
What: Underneath Mintaka is a jail, and one of the 
guys gives you this sidequest.  Get the key in the 
soldier’s room past the guy who needs machina oil and 
come back for him.
Reward: Medium Attack. Also, in the chests, a Long 
Sword, and 100G

--------The old man with a bracelet
Where: Sewers
Who: Old Man with a Bracelet
Reward: Strong Attack

--------The gripes of wrath
Where: Mintaka
Who: Housekeeper
What: The talkative housekeeper just wants someone to 
listen to her troubles, aka, receive her Yesterday’s 
News in two magnus.

--------Is my husband unfaithful?!
Where: Mintaka
Who: Camila
What: The woman in the same house as the maid will 
give you this sidequest.  Her husband is actually 
Lyuvann, who you might remember from Azha, and he is 
still there!  With Almarde!  Go to Azha, finish two 
Almarde’s Request sidequests, get the Paramour’s 
Secret, and return it to Camila.
Reward: Mars Sophia

-------No gas is no good
Where: Mintaka
Who: Man in a Bind
What: After you complete the above subquest, the 
housekeeper will let you take some machina oil from 
her stove.  Give that to the man to get him to move 
his airpod. 

Where: Mintaka
Who: Puffy-Eyed Woman
What: She wants a Fluffy Pillow, but you’ll have to 
wait until the second time you come to Mintaka, since 
you need two Cottoncap Fruits and a mixer to get one. 
Reward: Life Charm, Magnus Pack Coupon

--------Love syrup
Where: Mintaka
Who: Drunkard’s Wife
What: You can get some Love syrup from Nunki Woods 
after your encounter in there with Heughes.
Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon

-------Boulder in the road
Where: Nusakan Thornwood
Who: Caplin Herder
What: You’ll need a Yesterbean, but you’ve already 
used the one you had to get this far.  What you have 
to do is pop the happy pink balloon creature and 
steal the bean from his corpse.  A terrible way to do 
things.  Use the beans on the vines just to the left 
of the boulder.

-------Tik’s hat
Where: Sheratan Village
Who: Tik
What: Everyone has an opinion about Tik’s hat, but 
it’s actually on the first screen where you entered 
the village, behind a bratty kid who wants a Mountain 
Apple in return for letting you into the “Vault”. 
Reward: Adhesive Bandage

-------Imperial Wanderer
Where: Sheratan Village
Who: Elder’s Granddaughter
What: You just need to drop by Lake Botein and pick 
up the sparkle on the ground.  Return to the Elder’s 
Reward: Magnus Mixer, Will.

-------Errand for the orphanage
Where: Sheratan Village
Who: Sis
What: A ridiculously simple task.  Go next door 
(left) and ask the lady in there for some thornflower 
nectar, which she gives you, and return to Sis.
Reward: Magnus(?????) and Element Charm Lvl. 1

-------Little lost caplin
Where: Sheratan Village
Who: Caplin Herder
What: The black caplin is in Thornwood, right at the 
end near where you propped up that boulder the first 
time.  Just take a look at it and go back and tell 
the guy about it.

--------Rescue the elder
Where: Lake Botein Ruins
Who: Sagi
What: Now we have to go to the lake.  The elder is at 
the bottom, after you’ve drained the lake (as per the 
walkthrough) and beaten the monster.  Just click on 
Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon

-------Rescue the secretary
Where: Lake Botein Ruins
Who: Sagi
What: Jeez, there are a million of these.  Just walk 
over the three inches to the lady standing next to 
the elder already.
Reward: Potion

-------Rescue the villagers 1
Where: Lake Botein Ruins
Who: Sagi
What: You’ll need water for the guy upstairs and 
Reward: Lightning Club

-------Rescue the villagers 2
Where: Lake Botein Ruins
Who: Sagi
What: The guy next to Tik needs a Photosynth Lily.

-------Rescue the villagers 3
Where: Lake Botein Ruins
Who: Sagi
What: This one is the girl in the crate.  You’ll have 
to beat all the monsters in the room before she’ll 
come out, tough.  Troublesome.
Reward: Mattress, 200G.

-------Rescue the villagers 4
Where: Lake Botein Ruins
Who: Sagi
What: The guy in the left room.

-------Rescue finale
Where: Lake Botein Ruins
Who: Sagi
What: After getting everyone, go back for the elder.
Reward: Saber, Guard Charm

--------Man of broken dreams
Where: Mintaka
Who: Man of Broken Dreams
What: Hidden back by Lyuvann’s house (the 
northernmost one in Mintaka that’s not Baelheit’s) 
out front with the Fluffpups.  He wants a golden 
nugget. You can get Gold Beetle Carapaces much later 
in the game, back behind the left tent near the 
Celestial Tree (after many events involving the 
Celestial Tree) in a nondescript hollow.  Waiting for 
forever and a day, they will disintegrate into Gold 
Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon

-------A gift for my wife
Where: Greater Mintaka
Who: Hen-Pecked Husband
What: The first house on the right has a bunch of 
weird spinning people.  The husband (second floor) 
wants a Fireglow Stone, which can be made by packing 
together five mounds of soot and getting a Pretty 
Stone, then adding a Blaze to it via the mixer. 
Alternatively, when you can get back into the 
Emperor’s house, way at the back past where you 
encountered big beastie, there’s a treasure room with 
Pretty Stones there for the taking.
Reward: Battle Shield

--------Save the bomb victims!
Where: Greater Mintaka
Who: Conscientious Boy
What: You’ll need 1) water for the lady on fire (down 
the stairs, in the barrel on the left), 2) a Med Kit 
for the girl in blue (in the second floor left 
house), 3) Fruit Fit for an Emperor (talk to the girl 
in the second floor left house, then the girl right 
at the bottom of the first flight of stairs), 4) 
three batches of water (all at once) to put out the 
big fire.
Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon

--------The forgotten heart
Where: Greater Mintaka
Who: Girl Who Lost Her Heart
What: After the main storyline events in Greater 
Mintaka, if you return to the upper left house, a 
little girl will be in need of some heart 
strengthening. She needs some Heartenbrace, but it’ll 
be a while before you can get it.
Reward: White Night Beans

--------My deeear, sweeet Verus!
Where: Greater Mintaka
Who: Obnoxiously Whiny Girl
What: This obnoxious girl is having a fit on the 
floor of Greater Mintaka (lower right side) until she 
gets some Air.  Really it can be any air, even fresh 
air that you create using Freezing Rain + Blaze + 
Chronic Fatigue.
Reward: Weak Attack B

--------Rock salt in the desert
Where: Nihal Desert
Who: Desert Loiterer
What: While traveling through Nihal Desert the first 
time, on the third or fourth screen of road you’ll 
see a man who asks you to get some Rock Salt.  You 
just need to run over to the rock there, grab some 
Rock Salt, and run back to the guy on the road with 
it.  Easy.
Reward: Snow, Hell-Purged Casque

--------Flame ice delivery
Where: Nihal Desert
Who: Snow Saleswoman
What: Talk to the woman at the south end of Nihal 
Desert, and she’ll ask you to take some Flame ice 
straight through the desert (going north at every 
screen) and give it to the man at the north end.

--------Precious rock salt
Where: Azha Village
Who: Rock Salt Merchant
What: If you have spare Rock Salt, give it to the man 
(he’s the guy on top of the tarp deal on the first 
screen of Azha, you have to run around behind it and 
jump up to get to him).  He’ll give you a magnus for 
the first one, and money after that.

--------Where’s that assistant?!
Where: Azha Village
Who: Mallo	
What:  Mallo is in the south residence tower of Azha, 
on the left and upstairs.  She will ask you to find 
her assistant and get the saltpeter.  The assistant 
is under the table at the entrance to the lab (all 
the way to the right in Azha).  He tells you the 
saltpeter is in Mallo’s own pocket, so just run back 
to Mallo and tell her so.
Reward: Medium Attack B

--------Eau de mouche, please!
Where: Lava Caves
Who: Bug Hunter
What:  The Bug Hunter kid is in the northern part of 
the mines (go into the mines, right, and go north at 
the doorway).  First, you’ll need to head to the lab 
and talk to the pacing guy in red.  He wants his 
‘favorite snack’ in return for some eau de mouche.  
Go ask the kid about it, then catch up with the 
running messenger girl.  You have to talk to her when 
she’s stopped, though.  Get the apple and give it to 
the guy in red, then return the eau de mouche to the 
jogging kid.  Don’t worry, we’ll get some more when 
we need it.
Reward: Fire Fruit

--------Almarde’s request 1
Where: Azha Village
Who: Almarde
What: After the main storyline events of Azha, 
Almarde will make a number of requests from you.  For 
this one, Alamarde wants some ‘medical supplies’.  
But as a matter of fact, Almarde will take any number 
of things as medical supplies.  Try the antiseptic 
ointment, made from combining eau de mouche and 
thornflower nectar.
Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon

--------Almarde’s request 2
Where: Azha Village
Who: Almarde
What: Now she wants some snow.  And to think, I liked 
you earlier, Almarde.  Fine.  Go buy her some snow 
from the guys in Nihal Desert.  Her third request 
will have to wait until later in the game, and 
further down in the faq.  For now, at least you can 
get the Paramour’s Secret from her.
Reward: Ice Element

--------Sing, for love’s sake 1
Where: Azha Village
Who: Singing Man
What: The man singing the terrible song not only 
needs your hep delivering it, he needs you to fix it 
before the girl in Sheliak will listen.  Give her 
whatever she mentions – (sweet song: terrible song + 
love syrup, heartbreaking song: terrible song + salt)

--------Something shocking
Where: Baelheit’s residence
Who: Sheltered Girl
What: After the storyline takes you to Baelheit’s 
residence, you can wander about and head to the 
library on the right there.  The girl in the library 
wants a Jolt Shroom.  Recall you can get one by 
combining two Spark Shrooms, which you can get from 
the Dark Service HQ.
Reward: Lightning Fruit

--------What every grown-up knows
Where: Emperor’s residence
Who: Plaster Master
What: After events in the storyline allow you back 
into the Emperor’s residence, go back to the place 
you met Big Beastie.  There will be two guys trying 
to fix the hole.  One of them wants some Mountain 
Apple Wine, which, if you recall, can be made from 
two Mountain Apples and a Holy Droplet.
Reward: True Verdure, Crush Amulet

--------Medicine delivery
Where: Coliseum
Who: Registration Lady
What: The quest to get to Rank 2 in the Coliseum 
requires you only to visit the doctor in Sheliak for 
supplies.  No problem.  Of course, if you haven’t 
been to Sheliak, you’ll just have to wait and 
progress the storyline.  Games are like that, 
Reward: Coliseum Rank 2

--------Two-generation household
Where: Sheliak
Who: Young Mother
What: The young mother on the left side of this house 
(north side of the screen just before Castle Elnath) 
gives you a sidequest to spy on her mother-in-law.  
Just go to the right side and listen to the old 
ladies for a moment, then save their conversation 
into magnus and return to the young mother. 
Reward: Fate’s Cordial

-------Celebrity needs
Where: Sheliak
Who: Celeb Lady
What: This woman (south side, entrance to Sheliak) 
seems to be in desperate need of some eau de mouche.  
Recall that you get it from trading rockfly corpses 
with the guy in red in Azha.
Reward: Sedna Flower Bed

--------I’m still growing!
Where: Castle Elnath
Who: Knight of Diadem
What: Second floor right side of castle, two fighting 
knights.  What he needs is Pow Milk Cheese, which you 
can get by slowly letting some Pow Milk (obtained 
from Cebalrai) expire from Milk to Yogurt to Cheese.
Reward: Taunt

--------I’m still growing! Part deux
Where: Castle Elnath
Who: Knight of Diadem
What: Now the other knight wants you to give the 
other one a horrible disease.  Fabulous.  Just 
fabulous.  If you go to the Doctor’s clinic in 
Sheliak just after events of the storyline in Diadem, 
there will be a new sick person in the forward left 
bed.  They will give you Fluella Cooties, but it is a 
one-time deal.  If you got rid of those, you’ll have 
to mix yourself up some disease, as describe in the 
Mixing section, above.

--------Crash course in cloudmaking
Where: Lesser Celestial River
Who: Cloudmeister
What: I hope you found this guy, because he’s very 
necessary for the storyline to progress.  If you’re 
lost, go look it up in the walkthrough section.  
Anyhow, he wants to you complete a cloud and bring it 
back to him to show his class.  Don’t worry you’ll 
get it back.  If you completely weren’t paying 
attention, that’s Pristine Water + Blaze + Salt, all 
of which can be obtained from the Cloudmeister or 
right behind him.

--------Smelly clothes
Where: Naos
Who: Little Girl
When: This quest is available as soon as you get to 
Naos.  Even after everyone is gone from Naos, this 
girl can still be found here.
What: She wants some fragrance to cover up the smell.  
Give her some Balm Sand, obtained from the 
Sandfeeder’s Nest (that pink stuff that puts people 
to sleep).  
Reward: Toxic Dumpling

--------The crest of a knight
Where: Sheliak
Who: Knight of Diadem
When: After events of Diadem in storyline.
What: The knight outside the entrance to Castle 
Elnath as you are leaving the scene will ask for 
Celsica’s crest.  Too bad it’s still in the 
Cloudvents.  It’s the tiny sparkle on the ground at 
the back. 
Reward: Next-Gen Magnus Mixer, Sword of Tears

--------My sister’s the best!
Where: Sheliak
Who: Sickly Brother
When: After events of Diadem in storyline.
What: The little boy in the back of the doctor’s 
office makes a request of you. He just wants a Spark 
Shroom, which you can get from Dark Service HQ.
Reward: Nurses’ Cap, Life Talisman

-------Citizens wanted!
Where: Sedna
Who: Mayor
When: Once you’ve gotten ten Sedna Magnus restored, 
people come back.  A few people, anyway.  
What: The mayor (next to the blue flower) asks you to 
get some more people, and you’ve naturally been 
keeping track of everyone who’s said they want to 
move, haven’t you?
+ Hassaleh – Girl in the back of the Doctor’s house, 
+ Diadem – The man near the dock by a fluff, Sheliak
+ Sadal Suud – The girl in the laundry area, Pherkad
+ Anuenue – The man in the house with the terrible 
singer, Komo Mai.  He doesn’t say anything, but give 
him the papers.
+ Duhr – Gemma Village, guy at the top right.
Reward: Sedna Odd Sculpture

--------Unwanted posters
Where: Pherkad
Who: Sagi
When: First time to Sadal Suud.
What: Take all the posters down from the walls with 
your empty magnus slots.  There’s one at the end of 
the dock ramp (first screen), one near the bar door 
(second screen) one on the right wall (second 
screen), one in the laundry area (run around the 
well) and one up a screen.  You can throw them away 
without worries, in case you’re worried about those 
kinds of things.  Talk to the man in the northern 
house of the entrance screen to Pherkad to finish.

-------I’m totally beat…
Where: Pherkad
Who: Chubby Bartender
When: Anytime in Sadal Suud
What: This dude is taking advantage of you, 
seriously.  Take up his set of three Chronic 
Fatigues, but be warned you can’t just dump it like a 
regular magnus.  You have to combine it with Blaze + 
Freezing Rain, or just wait a long time for it to go 
Reward: Brawn Fruit, Sedna Fence

--------The search for Quzman
Where: Pherkad
Who: Taymiya
When: Anytime in Sadal Suud
What: In the last game, Quzman sends you out to find 
everyone he’s related to.  In this one, Taymiya sends 
you out to find Quzman.  He’s the guy in the jail at 
Mintaka (the key was in the soldiers room, the grate 
by the stairs).
Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon

--------The lightbugs of Nunki
Where: Pherkad
Who: Tree-Hugging Granny
When: As you’re leaving Pherkad for Nunki Forest the 
first time.
What: The old lady right before the exit from Pherkad 
wants you to push all the lightbugs off the trail.  
You’ll know when you’ve done it when you exit and re-
enter the screen, and they’re still out of your way.
Reward: Elemental Talisman

--------Moonguile Forest
Where: Cebalrai
Who: Know-It-All Kid
When: Anytime in Cebalrai
What: The kid in the stables will challenge you to go 
to Moonguile Forest, and it’s not that much of a 
challenge.  After you’ve visited, let him know. 
Reward: Heavenbolt Wrap

--------The lost grandpa
Where: Coliseum
Who: Registration Lady
When: When you’ve defeated everything in Rank 2, and 
have achieved the given number of Rank Points. 
What: Guide an old man through Nunki woods, just say 
‘Closer,’ ‘Downwards,’ and ‘Closer’ to get him moving 
in the right direction.
Reward: Rank 3

--------Waking the olifant
Where: HoloHolo Jungle
Who: Sagi
When: Storyline quest during your first time in 
HoloHolo Jungle.
What: Go back to the middle screen of the forest and 
head to the 12 o’clock exit and grab some Holoflower 
Nectar.  Use it on the Olifant.

--------Real electioneers cheat!
Where: Komo Mai
Who: Election Staff
When: Anytime in Komo Mai
What: Get 9 election ballots from the more neutral 
people around town and the port.
1)	Guy in blue fishing at the dock, bottom screen 
of Komo Mai – get a fish from the guy in the 
Right Office by giving him a traditional 
cookie.  Give the guy in blue the fish.
2)	Guy at Anuenue port selling cookies – give him 
ten traditional cookies
3)	Guy singing terrible song, north house – get 
some Chronic Fatigue (either from the bartender 
in Pherkad or the guy way out left behind the 
Anuenue Port) and give it to him
4)	Heartbreak kid wants Heart-Break Song (Terrible 
Song + Salt)
5)	News guy just wants news of some sort, like the 
Treasure Location secret or the Mother-in-Law’s 
Secret magnus.
6)	Chronic Fatigue guy in the way back of the 
Anuenue Port (get there via the small hole on 
the left of the second story ledge) – give him 
some Fresh Air (obtained from the castle, left 
room window)
7)	Unfunny man walking around Anuenue Port – give 
him the Poor Excuse for a Joke, obtained from 
the meeting in the right room of the castle. 
8)	Guard in the left room of the castle wants 
9)	The guy at the southeast end of town wants a 
land-mark stone, but I don’t believe he will 
take it until you’re farther along in the game 
– I mean, you need it to get through the 
jungle, after all.
Reward: Versed Shield at 6 ballots,

---------Fruit Scavenging
Where: HoloHolo Jungle
Who: Sagi
When: Storyline Quest, your second or third time in 
the bedamned HoloHolo Jungle.
What: When the Pollywhale is your only way across, 
you’ll need to detour to the 3 o’clock exit and get a 
HoloHolo Fruit from the tree there.  Just grab a 
stone from the pile there, and chuck it at the fruit, 
attempting to push the button (after Sagi says, 
ready...) and not hit the little chick, or else you 
get into another battle with those little bastards, 
which, of course, you don’t want to do.
Reward: White Night Bean

---------Get credit in Magic!
Where: Komo Mai
Who: Head Teacher
When: Storyline quest, your n’th time in bedamned 
HoloHolo Jungle.
What: Go to the magic classroom (the first one on the 
left side) and answer a bout of questions.  You knew 
it was coming, don’t look surprised.
What was the dark god’s name? Malpercio.
Who defeated him? The Children of the Earth
What is the bell called? The Bell Which Tolls Time
What is the clock called? The Flight of Time
What is the power that keeps the islands aloft? The 
End Magnus
How many End Magnus are there? 5
What was the source of the dark god’s power? The Dark 
What is the teacher’s name? Beatrix
Reward: Pegasus Armlet 

--------Get credit in Chemistry!
Where: Komo Mai
Who: Head Teacher
When: Storyline quest, your n’th time in bedamned 
HoloHolo Jungle.
What: Get some rotten food from the salesguy on the 
first screen of Komo Mai, by the river.  Give it to 
the chemistry professor (right side, far door, guy on 
the right by a giant pink flask).
Reward: Toxic Dumpling

--------Get credit in Classics!
Where: Komo Mai
Who: Head Teacher
When: Storyline quest, your n’th time in bedamned 
HoloHolo Jungle.
What: Go to the classics classroom (where everyone is 
sleeping, first class left side).  Give the teacher 3 
magnus of Good Times, obtained from his brother in 
Anuenue Port, after finishing the 10 traditional 
cookies quest.
Reward: Tower Shield

---------Grab that monkey!
Where: HoloHolo Jungle
Who: Sagi
When: Storyline quest, your n’th time in bedamned 
HoloHolo Jungle.
What: Freaking monkey steals your landmark stone.  
Just run around this one screen and find him every 
time he runs away.  Look very, very closely under the 
cover of green mist, and you’ll find him.  The screen 
isn’t that big, after all.
Reward: Speed Amulet

---------A washed-up olifant
Where: Opu Village
Who: Olifant
When: Anytime in Opu Village
What: This olifant wants a HoloHolo Fruit.
Reward: Sedna Pow House

--------Please, stop this laughter!
Where: Opu Village
Who: Laughing Man
When: Anytime in Opu Village
What: Give this man a Poor Excuse for a Joke, 
obtained from the right side room in the palace at 
Komo Mai

--------Gadgets don’t make themselves!
Where: Celetial Tree Veinroots
Who: Lolo
When: Storyline quest, during the main storyline 
events at Anuenue.
What: Get the five dagroots.  Lolo tells you how.

--------Dinner, um, date?
Where: Coliseum
Who: Registration Lady
What: To advance to Rank 4 in the Coliseum, you have 
to beat all the monsters in Rank 3, despite Ark’s 
warnings not to beat Panie’s monsters.  Once you do, 
you need to go to Panie’s villa (first doorway upon 
entering Komo Mai) and speak with him. 
Reward: Rank 4

--------Fur Elysse
Where: Cujam
Who: Elysse
What: She needs just a Pressed Flower.  Haul around a 
Nameless Flower (or any flower) until it degenerates 
into a Pressed Flower.
Reward: Light Sophia

--------One courageous leap
Where: Cujam
Who: Man Gazing at Tower
What: Just talk to the shadow man floating around 
here, and then jump off the tower without your wings.  
Dangerous, I know.
Reward: Pegasus Anklet

Where: Sheratan Village
Who: Plant-Watching Girl
What: Grab a Yesterbean for the girl in the 
orphanage.  Get one from the Thornwoods, either by 
waiting, or by using Fresh Air on the blue spots.
Reward: Aqua Camouflage

---------Greythorne hearats
Where: Sheratan Village
Who: Old man
What: He wants to you to talk to some Greythornes and 
report back, that’s all.
Reward: Catfish Whiskers at 3 (?) greythornes,

---------An ale for all ails
Where: Rodolfo’s Mansion
Who: Man with a Bad Back
What: Give him some Mountain Apple Wine – created 
from two mountain apples, then add a Holy Droplet 
(Nunki Woods)
Reward: True Verdure, Crush Amulet

---------Oil soap
Where: Roldolfo’s Mansion
Who: Cleaning Lady
What: She wants Goopy Machina Oil, which you get from 
hauling around Machina Oil for a long time. 
Reward: Heat Camoflage

---------Her father’s consent
Where: Roldolfo’s estate
Who: Custodian
What: He wants some ‘Warm Cheers’

---------It’s fumigatin’ time!
Where: Celbalrai
Who: Granny
What: Granny in the middle of Celbalrai wants some 
Billowsmoke, which you can get from Roldolfo’s estate 
in Pherkad, second door to the left on the second 
floor, exit out the window, grab some Billowsmoke 
from the crate.
Reward: Heat Camoflage

---------A Dark Service disaster?!
Where: Dark Service HQ
Who: Geldoblame
What: Geldoblame will mail you a request to go to 
Dark Service HQ and clean up the mess there.  Go into 
the planning room first, and talk to the guy there.  
He will tell you to go to every room to get the 
override codes to get past the crestwall at the 
locker room.  The codes are little sparkles in each 
room, you can’t miss them.  Enter the code at the 
green button at the top of the planning room, go to 
the locker room, kick some machina butt, and you’re 

--------Booze! Bring on the booze!
Where: Gemma Village
Who: Mask Artisan
What: He wants Mountain Apple Wine, again, created by 
two mountain apples mixed with a Holy Droplet.  Good 
stuff, apparently, in high demand. 
Reward: Ancient Mask, Sedna Pier

--------The zoologist’s wish
Where: Celestial Tree
Who: School Zologist
What: She just wants a Mountain Apple.
Reward: Cross Pendant, Speed Talisman

---------Lolo and the Waterwheel
Where: Opu Village
Who: Lolo
What: Lolo wants the gust boulder you used earlier in 
the game in the Cloudvents.  Go get it.  Hey, you 
know, if you get sucked out that hole, you land 
somewhere in the Cloud Passage, cool, huhn?  Anyway, 
give it to Lolo.
Reward: Twelve-Layered Kimono

---------Don’t tell ANYONE!
Where: Mintaka
Who: Skeed
What: Give Skeed some Pow Milk (as the greythorne)
Reward: Blue Beans

---------Almarde’s request 3
Where: Azha village
Who: Almarde
What: Give Almarde some Goopy Machina Oil (as the 

---------An offering of flowers
Where: Naos
Who: Disembodied Man
What: Give this man, floating around the dead bodies 
in Naos, a Nameless Flower.
Reward: Zelos Kune

---------Our cloudy wine
Where: Algorab
Who: Brewmaster
What: Brewmaster needs some Pow Milk Yogurt, which 
you get by hauling around Pow Milk (obtained in 
Cebalrai) for a little bit.
Reward: Cross Pendant.

----------Pure white clouds
Where: Algorab
Who: Boy yearning for the Sky
What: He wants a cloud, any cloud, which you can make 
or just pick up in Sadal Suud.
Reward: Hot Spring

----------Home sweet home
Where: Castle Elnath
Who: Homesick Knight
What: The knight in the room lower left
Reward: Gold Armor

----------Gather the rock-people!
Where: Nekkar Quietlands
Who: Sagi

----------A pickax to remember him by
Where: Lava Caves
Who: Juwar

----------Elevator repair
Where: Vega
Who: Middle-aged Man

----------Emergency call
Where: Coliseum
Who: Registration Lady

----------The Vega Thunderbolts
Where: Vega
Who: Shaun

Where: Pherkad
Who: Quzman

=========Field Guide / Boss Battles ========= [Z40]

15% (?) Fate Idol
30% (?) Harp of Slumber
45% (?) Poison ashes
70% (?) Berserker Drink

--001---Dark Service Peon---------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Dark Service HQ     |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    15           |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    7           |
| Light       E                 TP      5           |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  24%     |
| Speed       E               Poison Resist 24%     |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical                                    |
| Weak: None                                        |
| Skills: None                                      |
| Items: None                                       |

--002---Fallen Serviceman--------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     D                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Dark Service HQ     |
| Physical    D                                     |
| Fire        D               Spoils                |
| Ice         D                 EXP    450          |
| Lightning   D                 Gold   250          |
| Light       E                 TP     5180         |
| Darkness    C               Sleep Resist 35%      |
| Speed       C               Poison Resist 35%     |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Fire, Sleep                                 |
| Weak: Poison, Sleep                               |
| Skills: Slumber Shot, Gashprin Salve (HP restore) |
| Items: Taunt                                      |

--003---Upgraded Paramachina------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     C                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Dark Service HQ     |
| Physical    D                                     |
| Fire        D               Spoils                |
| Ice         D                 EXP    500          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold   200          |
| Light       D                 TP     185          |
| Darkness    C               Sleep Resist  0%      |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist 0%      |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical                                    |
| Weak: Lightning                                   |
| Skills: Saber Hand, Rampage Chop                  |
| Items: Wickedwing Revels                          |

--004---Alpha Paramachina--------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Dark Service HQ     |
| Physical    E                 Emperor’s Residence |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    30           |
| Lightning   E                 Gold   15           |
| Light       E                 TP      5           |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  0%      |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  0%     |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical                                    |
| Weak: Ice, Lightning                              |
| Skills: None                                      |
| Items: Low Potion                                 |

--005---Dark Serviceman-----------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Emperor’s Residence |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    40           |
| Lightning   E                 Gold   26           |
| Light       E                 TP     25           |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  25%     |
| Speed       C               Poison Resist  25%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Fire                                        |
| Weak: None                                        |
| Skills: None                                      |
| Items: Low Potion                                 |

--006---Imperial Battle Machina---------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Emperor’s Residence |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    35           |
| Lightning   E                 Gold   18           |
| Light       E                 TP     10           |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  0%      |
| Speed       E               Poison Resist  0%     |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical                                    |
| Weak: Ice, Lightning                              |
| Skills: Self-Repair (HP Restore)                  |
| Items: None                                       |

--007---Hideous Beast-------------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Emperor’s Residence |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    500          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold   250          |
| Light       E                 TP     30           |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  0%      |
| Speed       C               Poison Resist  0%     |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical, Knockdown                         |
| Weak: Lightning                                   |
| Skills: Mountainmaker (multi-target knockdown)    |
| Items: Flame Sword                                |

--008---Empire Grunt--------------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Emperor’s Residence |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    30           |
| Lightning   E                 Gold   17           |
| Light       E                 TP     10           |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  24%     |
| Speed       C               Poison Resist  24%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Fire                                        |
| Weak: Poison, Sleep                               |
| Skills: None                                      |
| Items: Punk Knife                                 |

--009---Imperial Swordsman--------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Mintaka             |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    60           |
| Lightning   E                 Gold   27           |
| Light       E                 TP     25           |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  19%     |
| Speed       C               Poison Resist  32%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical                                    |
| Weak: Poison, Sleep                               |
| Skills: None                                      |
| Items: Flash Dagger                               |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Mintaka             |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    1500         |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    300         |
| Light       E                 TP       60         |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist 58%      |
| Speed       B               Poison Resist 64%     |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical                                    |
| Weak: None                                        |
| Skills: Thrashingale (attack)                     |
| Items: Fulgadrum, Escape                          |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Nihal Desert        |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    140          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    80          |
| Light       E                 TP      65          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  56%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  70%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Fire                                        |
| Weak: Ice                                         |
| Skills: Flaming Powder (Offense boost)            |
| Items: Icefan, ?????                              |

--012---Devil Claws---------------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Nihal Desert        |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    130          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    75          |
| Light       E                 TP      65          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  14%     |
| Speed       B               Poison Resist  42%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Fire                                        |
| Weak: Ice                                         |
| Skills: Carcass of Power (Offense boost)          |
| Items: Emerald Thrush, ?????                      |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Nihal Desert        |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    170          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    73          |
| Light       E                 TP      65          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  49%     |
| Speed       E               Poison Resist  49%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical                                    |
| Weak: Ice                                         |
| Skills: Armadillo Atatck (physical attack)        |
| Items: ???????                                    |

--013---     ---------------------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Lava Caves          |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP     35          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    68          |
| Light       E                 TP      65          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  35%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  56%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Fire, Flames                                |
| Weak: Ice                                         |
| Skills: Inferno (Incendiary attack)               |
| Items: Sedna Toadstones 1                         |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     D                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Lava Caves          |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP 	150	
| Lightning 	E		Gold	64		|
| Light  	E		TP	65		|
| Darkness 	E		Sleep Resist 14%	|
| Speed 	D		Poison Resist	42%	|
|	----------------------------------------------
| Uses: Fire						|
| Weak: Ice						|
| Skills: Dynamite Rush (Fire attack), Fuzzy Wuzzy |
| 	Coat (falls asleep)				|
| Items: ??????						|

| HP 		E		----Habitat 		|
| Offense 	E		Alfard  		|
| Defense			Lava Caves		|
| Physical 	E					|
| Fire 		E		----Spoils		|
| Ice 		E		EXP 	145		|
| Lightning 	E		Gold	63		|
| Light  	E		TP	65		|
| Darkness 	E		Sleep Resist 28%	|
| Speed 	D		Poison Resist	28%	|
|	----------------------------------------------
| Uses: Fire, Flames, HP Drain			|
| Weak: Ice						|
| Skills: Bloodsucker Blaze (Life drain, incendiary)
| Items: None						|

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Lava Caves          |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    200          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold   100          |
| Light       E                 TP      65          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  49%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  35%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical, Fire, Flames, Blind               |
| Weak: Ice                                         |
| Skills: Insanity’s Song, ?????                    |
| Items: Mars Sophia                                |

--018--- Lord of the Lava Caves---------------------
| HP          D               Habitat               |
| Offense     D                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Lava Caves          |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        D               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    4530         |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    500         |
| Light       E                 TP      140         |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  0%      |
| Speed       A               Poison Resist  0%     |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Fire, Flames                                |
| Weak: Ice                                         |
| Skills: Molten Lunge (Incendiary attack)          |
| Items: Arabesque, Empyreal Wildfire, Sedna House 1|

| HP          D               Habitat               |
| Offense     D                 Alfard              |
| Defense                       Lava Caves          |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        D               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    3750         |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    400         |
| Light       E                 TP      130         |
| Darkness    C               Sleep Resist  0%      |
| Speed       C               Poison Resist  0%     |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Fire, Flames, Knockdown                     |
| Weak: Ice                                         |
| Skills: Mountainmaker (Multi-target knockdown),   |
|            Hellion Eye (Incendiary attack)        |
| Items: Sword of Thirst                            |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Hassaleh            |
| Defense                       Nusakan Thornwood   |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP     73          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    27          |
| Light       E                 TP      35          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  39%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  0%     |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical, Poison                            |
| Weak: Fire, Ice                                   |
| Skills: None                                      |
| Items: Wooden Club                                |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Hassaleh            |
| Defense                       Nusakan Thornwood   |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP     90          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    31          |
| Light       E                 TP      35          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  32%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  45%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical                                    |
| Weak: None                                        |
| Skills: None                                      |
| Items: Sorcery Sophia, Potion                     |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Hassaleh            |
| Defense                       Lake Botein Ruins   |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    120          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    52          |
| Light       E                 TP      40          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  59%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  66%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Ice                                         |
| Weak: Fire                                        |
| Skills: Mitochondria (HP restore)                 |
| Items: Mars Sophia                                |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Hassaleh            |
| Defense                       Lake Botein Ruins   |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    120          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    52          |
| Light       E                 TP      40          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  59%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  66%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Ice                                         |
| Weak: Fire                                        |
| Skills: Mitochondria (HP restore)                 |
| Items: Mars Sophia                                |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Hassaleh            |
| Defense                       Lake Botein Ruins   |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP     80          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    38          |
| Light       E                 TP      40          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  33%     |
| Speed       C               Poison Resist  33%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Ice                                         |
| Weak: Fire                                        |
| Skills: Healing Droplets (HP restore)             |
| Items: Cliffsunder                                |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Hassaleh            |
| Defense                       Lake Botein Ruins   |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP     95          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    32          |
| Light       E                 TP      40          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  46%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  66%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Ice                                         |
| Weak: Fire                                        |
| Skills: None                                      |
| Items: Swallowtail, Azure Lotus                   |

--025---Hideous Beast-------------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Hassaleh            |
| Defense                       Lake Botein Ruins   |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         D                 EXP    2400         |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    320         |
| Light       E                 TP      80          |
| Darkness    D               Sleep Resist   0%     |
| Speed       C               Poison Resist   0%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Ice, Freezing                               |
| Weak: Fire                                        |
| Skills: Icy Death (Freezing attack)               |
| Items: Sevenstar Dust                             |

--026---Machina Arma: Razer-------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Hassaleh            |
| Defense                       Sheratan Village    |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    3120         |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    320         |
| Light       E                 TP      90          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  0%      |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  0%     |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical                                    |
| Weak: Ice, Lightning                              |
| Skills: Arma Cannon (Physical Attack)             |
| Items: Levinsnake’s Rise                          |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     D                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Celestial River     |
| Physical    E                 Cloud Passage       |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    180          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    28          |
| Light       E                 TP      80          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  51%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  22%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Ice                                         |
| Weak: Fire                                        |
| Skills: None                                      |
| Items: ??????                                     |

--028---Armored Cancerite---------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     D                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Celestial River     |
| Physical    E                 Cloud Passage       |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    230          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold   128          |
| Light       E                 TP      80          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  51%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  22%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Ice                                         |
| Weak: Fire                                        |
| Skills: None                                      |
| Items: ??????                                     |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     D                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Celestial River     |
| Physical    E                 Cloud Passage       |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    170          |
| Lightning   D                 Gold    55          |
| Light       E                 TP      80          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  36%     |
| Speed       C               Poison Resist  36%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Lightning                                   |
| Weak: Fire                                        |
| Skills: Electro Crash (Lightning attack),         |
|          Mucky-Yucky Mucus (Defense Boost)        |
| Items: ??????                                     |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Celestial River     |
| Physical    E                 Cloud Passage       |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    175          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    50          |
| Light       E                 TP      80          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  36%     |
| Speed       C               Poison Resist  36%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Ice                                         |
| Weak: Fire                                        |
| Skills: Healing Droplets (HP restore)             |
| Items: ??????, Sedna Bluefruit Tree               |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     D                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Celestial River     |
| Physical    E                 Cloud Passage       |
| Fire        D               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    190          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    40          |
| Light       E                 TP      80          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  36%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  51%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical, Fire                              |
| Weak: Ice                                         |
| Skills: Overheat (Fire attack)                    |
| Items: ??????                                     |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     D                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Celestial River     |
| Physical    D                 Cloud Passage       |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         D                 EXP    200          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    53          |
| Light       E                 TP      85          |
| Darkness    D               Sleep Resist  51%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  51%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Ice                                         |
| Weak: Fire                                        |
| Skills: Armored Dillo (Defense boost), ?????      |
| Items: ??????                                     |

--033---Magician Mite-------------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Celestial River     |
| Physical    E                 Cloud Passage       |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    180          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    60          |
| Light       E                 TP      85          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  66%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  73%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Ice                                         |
| Weak: Fire                                        |
| Skills: Ice Rubble (Multi-target ice attack)      |
|           Mitochondria (HP restorative)           |
| Items: ??????                                     |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     D                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Celestial River     |
| Physical    D                 Cloud Passage       |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    4600         |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    550         |
| Light       E                 TP      180         |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  66%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  74%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical                                    |
| Weak: None                                        |
| Skills: Thrashingale Redux (Physical attack)      |
| Items: Glimmer, Escape                            |

--035---Dark Service Swordsman----------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     D                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Nashira Village     |
| Physical    E                 Cloud Passage       |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    190          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    60          |
| Light       E                 TP      90          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  22%     |
| Speed       C               Poison Resist  37%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical, Lightning Knockdown               |
| Weak: Poison, Sleep                               |
| Skills: Fryercracker (Knockdown lightning attack) |
|            Gashprin Salve (HP restore)            |
| Items: Red Padma                                  |

--036---Imperial Elite------------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat: Diadem       |
| Offense     E                 Cloud Passage       |
| Defense                       Nashira Village     |
| Physical    E                 Cloudvents          |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    195          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    55          |
| Light       E                 TP      85          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  29%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  29%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Fire                                        |
| Weak: Poison, Sleep                               |
| Skills: None                                      |
| Items: Chain Mail                                 |

--037---Autonomous Battle Machina-------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     D                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Nashira Village     |
| Physical    E                 Cloudvents          |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    220          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    43          |
| Light       E                 TP      90          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  0%      |
| Speed       E               Poison Resist  0%     |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical, Sleep                             |
| Weak: Lightning                                   |
| Skills: Force Ring Alpha (Sleep Attack), ?????    |
| Items: Bandages                                   |

--038---Cloud Cancerite-----------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     C                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Cloudvents          |
| Physical    D                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         D                 EXP    550          |
| Lightning   D                 Gold   228          |
| Light       D                 TP     180          |
| Darkness    D               Sleep Resist  62%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  27%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Ice                                         |
| Weak: Fire                                        |
| Skills: Collar Lop (Physical attack)              |
| Items: ??????                                     |

--039---Shadow Claws--------------------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Cloudvents          |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    185          |
| Lightning   E                 Gold    70          |
| Light       E                 TP      85          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  15%     |
| Speed       B               Poison Resist  44%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical, Blind                             |
| Weak: Fire                                        |
| Skills: Carcass of Power (Offense boost),         |
|               Jitterjinx (Blinding attack)        |
| Items: Ascension, Murderous Joker                 |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     D                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Cloudvents          |
| Physical    D                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    1800         |
| Lightning   D                 Gold   400          |
| Light       E                 TP     190          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  67%     |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  75%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical, Lightning, Shock, Unconscious     |
| Weak: None                                        |
| Skills: Machina Formation (Physical attack),      |
|            Deathdealer (Shock attack)             |
| Items: Rime Blade                                 |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     D                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Cloudvents          |
| Physical    D                                     |
| Fire        E               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    1500         |
| Lightning   E                 Gold   350          |
| Light       E                 TP     190          |
| Darkness    E               Sleep Resist  67%     |
| Speed       C               Poison Resist  75%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical, Armor Destruction                 |
| Weak: None                                        |
| Skills: Machina Fist (Physical attack)            |
| Items: None                                       |

| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     E                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Cloudvents          |
| Physical    E                                     |
| Fire        D               Spoils                |
| Ice         D                 EXP    1400         |
| Lightning   D                 Gold   300          |
| Light       D                 TP     190          |
| Darkness    D               Sleep Resist  45%     |
| Speed       E               Poison Resist  75%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Physical, Blind                             |
| Weak: None                                        |
| Skills: Stun Grenade (Blinding attack),           |
|           Gashprin Salve (HP restorative)         |
| Items: None                                       |

--043---Machina Arma: Marauder----------------------
| HP          E               Habitat               |
| Offense     C                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Cloudvents          |
| Physical    D                                     |
| Fire        D               Spoils                |
| Ice         E                 EXP    5500         |
| Lightning   D                 Gold     0          |
| Light       D                 TP      200         |
| Darkness    D               Sleep Resist  62%     |
| Speed       E               Poison Resist  27%    |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Fire, Lightning, Shock                      |
| Weak: Ice                                         |
| Skills: Plasma Cannon (Shock attack)              |
| Items: None                                       |

--044---Machina Arma: Marauder----------------------
| HP          D               Habitat               |
| Offense     A                 Diadem              |
| Defense                       Cloudvents          |
| Physical    C                                     |
| Fire        C               Spoils                |
| Ice         D                 EXP    14000        |
| Lightning   C                 Gold     500        |
| Light       C                 TP       290        |
| Darkness    B               Sleep Resist  0%      |
| Speed       D               Poison Resist  0%     |
|     -----------------------------------------     |
| Uses: Fire, Lightning, Shock                      |
| Weak: Ice                                         |
| Skills: Plasma Cannon (Shock attack)              |
|          Self-Repair (Restorative)
| Items: None                                       |

==========Pac-magnus [Z50]

A list to keep track of what magnus I, personally, 
have fed to Pac-Man.  When (if) I finish this stupid 
quest, I will… maybe… type up all the quest magnus.

Half-baked greythorne
Goopy Machina Oil
Stale water
Nameless flower
Milly poster
Love syrup
Holy droplet
Mountain apple wine
Pow milk
Guillo wanted poster
Sagi wanted poster
Thornflower nectar
Mountain apple
Dull times
Tub-time greythorne
Cottoncap fruit
Freezing rain
Primordial cactus
Light powder
Balm sand
Magnetite waves
Pow Milk Yogurt
Machina Oil
Paramour’s secret
Flame ice
Terrible song
Rockfly corpse
Eau de mouche
Mother sunshine
Rock salt
Mound of soot
Rotting mountain apple
Meat fit for an emperor
Chunk of rubber
Fruit fit for an emperor
Pretty stone
Traditional KM cookie
Original KM cookie
Good times
Adventure novel
Empty book
Gold beetle carapace
Yesterday’s news
Extreme stress
Celestial flower seed
Shaved ice of love
Fresh air
Black dragon horn
Sandfeeder silk
Gold beetle wallet
Foul air
Spark shroom
Mountain Apple Vinegar
Jolt shroom
Pow Milk Cheese
Lightning Shroom

==========Credits========= [Z60]

As a matter of fact, I did all of this myself, but a 
hearty thank you to the boards, as always, for their 
undying efforts to right people who have gone wrong 
somewhere in the game.  Here’s to you, tireless 
people who respond every time someone has a HoloHolo 
bird question!  And, of course, to Sage of the Wise 
et al,who created an EX Magnus FAQ, which is 
awesomely far beyond my capabilities.

And of course, I think it’s my responsibility to 
thank the game’s creators, Tri-Crescendo, 
Monolithsoft, Namco, et al.

==========Contacting Me======== [Z70]

I’m got a gmail account that I check periodically 
(you should be able to guess what it is, yes?), but I 
hope you don’t contact me unless you’re helpfully 
trying to fill in any of my blanks for this document 
and this document alone.  After all, Ryokazendriel 
Qin’Xanthanthalas is quite the mouthful to be saying 
if you have nothing to say, right?