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Baten Kaitos: Origins
FAQ written by lopp3 (Jed Estep)
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Current version 1.08

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  Questions {1001}
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Frequently Asked Questions {1001}
  A: Yes, I know.  The battle system is very different from the original, and 
it took me a good while to get it, myself.  Here’s battling in a nutshell: 
You have weak, medium, and strong attacks.  The “weapons” and “armors” are 
for powering up your characters.  There is no defensive turn.  You may 
discard a Magnus by pressing B on any characters turn.  This will take their 
turn, but unless there is another character waiting for a turn, they will 
take another turn immediately.

  Q: What’s a Magnus Mixer?
  A: It’s an item you get in Hassaleh.  You can get several more as the game 
progresses.  By using a magna mix recipe to put two or more magnus in, and 
then waiting a while, you can produce a new Quest Magnus.

  Q: I can only have 1 deck??
  A: Sort of.  You can make as many as you want, but all your characters must 
run off of the same deck.

  A: Am I Pac Man’s babysitter?  I don’t know why he’s greedy, but feed him 
enough and you’ll get some kinda reward...thing.

Overview {1002}
Baten Kaitos: Origins is the sequel-prequel to Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings 
and the Lost Ocean.  It occurs a good while before the original, although the 
exact time frame is uncertain.  It also features a new continental island, 
Hassaleh.  It features none of the original characters from the first game, 
at least none of the playables except Gibari.  NOTE: The following sentence 
contains first-game spoilers.  It does however contain Lyude’s siblings Skeed 
and Vallye (you get to see them being raised as snotty brats by their mother 
Camilla), their housekeeper and future-emperor Geldoblame.  It also contains 
younger versions of Gibari (age 14), King Ladekahn (age 12), Savyna (age 5), 
Palolo II, father of Palolo III, a somewhat younger Quzman and Taymiya, and 
some others.  Kalas, Xelha, and Mizuti will not be making appearances, since 
they haven’t been born yet.  No more spoilers from this point forward (until 
the walkthrough).

Characters {1003}
This is only a list of the PLAYABLE characters, not NPCs.

|    Sagi    |

Sagi is the main character of BK: O, and unfortunately, he is not as cool as 
Kalas ever was, in my opinion, anyway.  He has a similar fighting style, with 
powerful sword-based attacks that execute at a relatively fast rate.  He is 
definitely a prime character and he exploits the power of the elemental 
Magnus to increase his strength greatly.  His starting finisher is Scension.

|   Guillo   |

Guillo is Sagi’s best friend, and is a kind of cyborg.  Guillo has no memory 
of his existence before meeting Sagi, and has no idea why it was created.  It 
has powerful magic attacks, and its starting finisher is Firewheel.  His 
fighting style is more or less identical to that of Xelha, except only his 
finishers feature elements, since normal attacks cannot.

|   Milly    |

Milliarde (aka Milly) is a high-born “sheltered” (Guillo insists that it was 
a bomb shelter) girl that joins Sagi and Guillo after saving them from a huge 
army of soldiers.  She is somewhat boisterous, but is actually very caring.  
Her style of fighting is sort of a combination between the styles of Savyna 
and Ayme (yes, the same Ayme that used Crazy Rabbit 10^100 times per half-
second).  She attacks quickly like Amy, but actually does decent damage like 
Savyna.  Her starting finisher is Swallowtail.

Magnus {1004}
I admit, the Magnus in this game are way too weird.  Rather than having 
different weapons to attack with, you just have weak, medium, and strong.  
The weapons and armor just power you up.  Some of them give your weapon an 
elemental attribute, which is pretty cool.  Fortunately, they did keep a lot 
of the old game’s cool Magnus in one form or another, such as Crystal Edge 
now being a power up for Sagi.

Section 2

Walkthrough {2001}

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Start of Disc 1

---Dark Service HQ---
Go as far left as you can without going to the paramachina lockers, go up the 
stairs, and then to the right.  You can stop in the rooms if you want, but 
right now, there’s no point.  Head to the strategy room, which has the big 
banner over it.  Listen to the conversations and then head over to the door 
guard to receive your Blank Magnus.  You can use these to trap the Magna 
Essence of certain items.  Sagi will tell you if you can trap an item’s 
Essence, and a large “!” will appear over his head when you can examine 
something.  Also, just a tip, when Sagi asks you something, always respond in 
the way that Sagi would want you to.  It gives you a better hand in battle.  
Anyway, once you get the blank Magnus, you will see that one of the soldiers 
somehow set the control panel on fire.  Trap some water from one of the 
barrels around the room, then release it onto the flaming panel.  Afterwards, 
talk to the guards and leave.  Once you are outside, listen to the soldier, 
and 3 guards will come out and attack you.  In this fight, you only have to 
worry about Sagi, as Guillo will act on his own, using potions as he needs 
to.  After beating them, you will be given a choice to stop fighting or keep 
going.  No matter which you say, the Captain will come out and break up the 
fight.  He’ll talk to you for a while.  Afterwards, talk to the guy that 
called you over.  He’ll ask you to light the torches around the HQ.  Go into 
one of the lighted rooms up top and look for a standing torch.  Grab 4 fire 
essences, and then head outside to the hallway.  Look for unlit standing 
torches, and use an essence on each one.  He’ll give you a Magnus for 
completing it.  Afterwards, head up the last set of stairs to get to the 

---Olgan’s Residence---

After the conversation, talk to each of your men to commence the operation.  
You will head off into the bushes.  Once inside, defeat the guards, grab the 
chest, then sneak past the chef in the kitchen.  In the main room, feel free 
to defeat the guards.  Examine the Crestwall, and then grab 2 or 3 Stale 
Water essence.  Head into the only unlocked room, which is on the left.  
You’ll see 2 guards standing over an unconscious person.  They reveal that 
this person is a mechanic, and that he was supposed to maintenance the 
Crestwall.  Go ahead and fight the two guards.  Note that Guillo is still 
acting autonomously.  Once the guards are gone, pour water on the mechanic’s 
head.  He’ll wake up, and give you a room key.  Use it on the door on the 
right side of the main room.  Inside
you’ll see two sleeping guards.  Tiptoe so as not to wake them.  Grab the 
essence of Chunk of Rubber from the huge pile of black blocks.  You can grab 
the essence of Fruit Fit for an Emperor if you want, but it isn’t necessary.  
Go back to the mechanic, wake him up again, and give him some rubber.  He’ll 
use the rubber to block up the Crestwall, allowing you through to the next 
room.  Upon reaching the door, you’ll hear a conversation.  Walk in, and 
you’ll find that the Emperor is already dead.  Once the apparent killer walks 
out, the Captain will barge in and accuse you and all of your men of 
murdering the Emperor.  His troops open fire on you, and everyone is shot 
down except for Sagi and Guillo.  From here, continue the only way you can go 
to run into a boss fight.

0-------------Hideous Beast-------------0
This thing is really, really tough, especially for the first boss in the game.  
Be ready with the low-potions, and although Guillo will pot you from time to 
time, keep an eye on your health.  Also, if you see that Guillo’s eyes are 
red, hit him with a potion, because that means he’s at low health.  Keep 
smacking away, and eventually a cutscene will initiate.

During the cutscene, Guillo’s arms start glowing and his bashes the beast 
into total annihilation.  This somehow torments Sagi to the point of passing 
out, thrusting him into a very strange dream.

---The Dream---

Once the cutscene is finished, follow Seph and Thoran.  Guillo is not with 
you at this time, so be extra careful.  Grab the Magnetite Wave essence from 
any glowing rock you see, and deposit it on a red rock that doesn’t seem to 
be glowing as much.  Once you’ve wound your way through to the end, you’ll be 
in Rasalas Village.  When you reach Rasalas, you have to talk to every NPC in 
the town.  Not just the ones outside: all of them. And there’s a catch as 
well.  Notice that there are some NPCs who are having a conversation with each 
other.  These still count as two NPCs.  You must talk to both of them.  There 
should be 26 NPCs in all. Afterwards, follow the cutscenes, and you’ll be 
returned to Olgan’s Residence.

---Olgan’s Residence---

You’ll wake up in Olgan’s Residence, with Guillo standing over you.  Listen 
to the conversation, and you’ll find that all of your men are dead.  Valara 
will also show up, and remark that the thing you defeated is possibly one of 
Malpercio’s Afterlings.  After that, Sagi and Guillo leave into the sewers.

---Mintakan Sewers---

Walk around in the sewers, collecting every chest you see.  You can’t unlock 
any of the cells, so don’t bother.  Also, when Guillo suggest staying 
underground, always disagree with him, and head for the nearest ladder up to 
the streets.


Once on the streets, be watchful of the guards, as they won’t hesitate to 
attack.  You can fly past them by holding B, but your heart meter fills up 
very quickly, so watch out.  Head into Lyude’s future home (it’s the 
northernmost one, if you don’t know), and observe Camilla lecturing a young 
Skeed and Vallye on the Imperial Constitution.  Once Camilla leaves, talk to 
the housekeeper.  Head over to the counter on the far right and try to take 
some Machina Oil.  The housekeeper won’t let you.  Go talk to her again, and 
she will start ranting about how she hates Camilla.  Camilla will walk in and 
yell at her.  Keep talking to her, and take the essence of Yesterday’s News 
both times she asks you to.  After that, you can take the Machina Oil 
essence.  From here, head south until you see a soldier talking to a man who 
crashed his cart outside a door.  Talk to the man with the cart after 
defeating the soldier, and he will ask for Machina Oil.  Give it to him, and 
he will move his cart.  Sneak through the building that just opened up, and 
head up the stairs.  As usual, fight the guards if you want to; leave ‘em if 
you don’t.  Grab the chest on the right, and then head north.  From here, you 
can keep going around in a circle until you get to the other side of the 
city, where you can jump down.  Talk to the crouching man on the roof for a 
funny conversation with Camilla.  Once you have the ability to jump down to 
ground level, do so.  Make sure you save here, as a boss battle is 
approaching.  Head toward the city port (eastward), to trigger a cutscene, and 
then a boss battle.

This noticeably younger version of Giacomo is no less tough than he ever will 
be.  Most of his regular attacks are mediocre, but have a low potion or 
regular potion on hand when he uses Thrashingale.  It does 150+ damage, so be 
very careful.  Also, Milliarde will be joining you for this battle, but she 
isn’t under your control just yet.  She can die, but it doesn’t really matter 
if she does.  Just make sure that, at a minimum, 2 party members are alive at 
all times, and you’ll be OK.

After the battle, you’ll be able to board the ship.  You can go back and hit 
the shop if you want.  Listen to the conversation, and eventually you’ll 
arrive in Hassaleh.


This is Sagi and possibly Guillo’s home country.  Listen to Guillo and Milly 
argue for a while, then head out of the station and into the Nusakan 

---Nusakan Thornwood---

Once you enter, Guillo says that the very place makes him sick.  A 
conversation ensues, and Milly officially joins your party.  Continue into 
the forest.  You’ll notice a large, glowing, blue fruit hanging from a vine.  
Go up to it, and you can grab the essence of the Yesterbean.  Make sure to 
get this.  Next, find the thorn bridge.  Sagi will comment that it is too 
feeble to support any weight.  Use the Yesterbean essence on it, and a large 
vine will wrap around it, making it passable once again.  Head down onto the 
next screen.  Talk to the herder, and he will request that you bring him a 
Yesterbean to move the rock.  The old bean didn’t grow back, so you’ll need a 
new one.  Go back to the previous screen, and come to the herder’s screen 
through a higher entrance.  You’ll see the essence of a Yesterbean, but a 
Balloona will eat it.  Rather than fight the Balloona, you have to keep it 
from running.  Go through the middle-left exit of the herder’s screen, and 
you’ll see a large spiny ball.  Push it to the ground.  Then go back and start 
chasing the Balloon Gator.  Keep chasing it until it hits the spiny ball and 
deflates, giving you the Yesterbean essence.  Now you can talk to the herder, 
who gives you a Magnus.  Use the essence on the rock, causing vines to grow 
and push it out of your way.  Continue through to exit the Thornwood.  Head on 
over to the next town.

After the cutscene, follow Gena to the right screen.  Go through the cutscenes 
as you will, reminiscing about the briar clock with the neighbors.  On the 
next day, you will be required to find Tik’s hat.  In order to do so, first 
talk to Tik in the orphanage.  Then go talk to a kid near the entrance to the 
town, on the left side.  His name is “Vault Guard”, and he acts very 
suspiciously.  He will tell you to get a red juicy fruit.  Go over to the 
shop lady nearby, and she will tell you that you may have an apple for free.  
Give the guard the apple, then return Tik’s hat to him.  Overnight, Sagi will 
have a conversation with Milly.  On the third day in Sheratan, talk to Sis, 
then get some Thornflower Nectar from the neighbor.  Give it to Sis, and 
supper will be ready.  Tik and Wacho will tell you that they saw a huge 
monster down at the lake.  Head on down to Lake Botein Ruins.

---Lake Botein Ruins---

Start off by talking to Tik and Wacho by the gaps in the railing.  Then, go 
to the Photosynth Lilies and grab all you can carry.  You will be able to 
jump across the pillars from the railing gaps.  Each way you go, you will 
encounter an underwater area with a very strange wall at the back.  You must 
go underwater and PUSH BOTH of these walls in order for the game to progress.  
Also, on the left side, make sure to fight the Ogopogo enemy, as it leaves 
behind a chest containing Flametongue.  Once both walls are pushed, the water 
will drain, so grab the chest and use the save point, then examine the new 
statue in the middle to initiate a boss fight.

0-------------Hideous Beast-------------0
He’s certainly no easier than he was last time.  This guy is still a tough 
nut to crack, so be wary of everyone’s health and have a finger on the 
healing items at all times.  Although he doesn’t use more than one attack per 
turn very often, when he does, he is easily capable of killing any character 
in one hit. His combos do 450+ damage, so have a Fate’s Cordial or two in 
your deck.  Keep wailing on him, and eventually he’ll do something that 
apparently defeats you instantly, but actually signifies that you won.

Once you watch the post-boss cutscene, examine some of the people around the 
ruins.  You can give one of them a Photosynth Lily for an Ice Fruit and some 
cash, but other than that, there’s little of interest.  Head back to town.


You walk in on a very disturbing scene.  Valara and her army have invaded, 
and she comes piloting some kind of weird mechy-thingy.  Listen to her 
ramblings, then get ready for another boss!

0-------------Machina Arma--------------0
This boss isn’t quite as tough as Hideous Beast was, but it’s not exactly 
easy,either.  Be watchful of your character’s health, as the weapon’s Arma 
Cannon attack is quite damaging.  The boss is so slow that it can seldom 
attack, and doesn’t even use Arma Cannon that often.  Just keep pounding on 
it until it uses some form of Arma Cannon that knocks out all your 
characters.  The battle is won.

Watch the cutscene, and for those of you who desire spoilers, I’ll put some 
in right now.

The Afterling you just beat comes to your aid, completely annihilating Valara 
and her army.

That is the end of spoilers, for now.  Anyway, Valara will use Arma Cannon on 
the beast, killing it.  This torments Sagi immensely, thrusting him back into 
the dream.

---The Dream---

Guillo and Milly are with you this time, but it seems the others don’t know 
of their existence.  After the conversation, talk to Thoran, then follow him.  
In the next screen, grab the Magnetite Wave from the red rock, then go all 
the way down the left side of the screen, onto the next screen, to grab some 
of the pink sand.  Go back up on the first screen, walk around to where the 
giant caterpillar is, and when Sagi asks you what do, use the pink sand, 
which makes the worm fall back asleep.  Sneak by onto the next screen.  On 
the next screen, place the Magnetite Wave in the first place you can, then 
head down to where the large hole in the wall is.  The worm will emerge, 
leaving you stuck.  You need a new magnetite wave to keep him in the hole, 
but where can you get one?  In the worm’s old hole, on the previous screen, 
all the way at the back, that’s where!  Grab an essence, then head to the 
only other red rock on the lower screen, and deposit the essence there.  This 
will trap the worm.  Continue past his hole, use the save point, and get 
ready for yet ANOTHER boss battle!

This is DEFINITELY going to be the toughest boss you’ve fought at this point.  
Beware its combo, Paralyzing Quills followed by Lunchtime.  Lunchtime doesn’t 
wake a character from the sleep induced by Quills, and does 200+ damage easy.  
Keep healing items on hand always, and never, EVER, discard Fate’s Cordial 
unless all 3 characters are at near perfect health.  Keep pounding and 
eventually it’ll fall.

After the boss, try to follow the others into the town to wake from the 


Watch the cutscene, then you’ll be thrust into a “planning” stage.  Choose 
“go to Alfard” every time.  Once that’s all done, head to the port.

---Hassaleh Port---

Not much to do here except a quick cutscene.  On your way there, you’ll 
notice the Machina Arma took a sizeable portion off of the continent.  Pretty 
scary, eh? Anyway, board the ship for Mintaka.


Once you arrive in Mintaka, head toward the exit.  You’ll be stopped by a 
Wussy Man, who gives you some dogtags for the coliseum, which you can access 
any time via a Blue Flower.  Continue out of the capital and into Greater 

---Greater Mintaka---

You’ll walk in on the funeral proceedings of Olgan, but they don’t last long.  
Everyone wants to hear the candidates make their speeches.  Head up the main 
staircase to listen in.  Once the speeches are over, and you try to walk out, 
the pod that was parked there explodes.  Even in the least realistic game 
physically possible, they have car-bombers.  At this point, investigate all 
the houses you see for some good loot.  In the lower-left, you get a Weak 
Attack B, and a Pegasus Jump.  Anyway, you’ll need to help some injured 
people.  You can get everything you need from the lady standing at the base 
of the steps, on the middle level.  You’ll also need to make 2 trips.  One of 
the trips will consist of 4 Pristine Waters.  Use one of them on Girl with a 
Burning Bum, and the remaining three on the burning pod.  The second trip 
should consist of a Med Kit and Fruit Fit for an Emperor.  The Med Kit goes 
to the little girl, and the fruit is for the Guy with a Skinned Knee.  Once 
everything has settled, head through the left exit on the middle level to get 
to the Quaestor’s residence.  Tell them that Geldoblame invited you, and 
you’ll be let in.  Watch the scene, and please don’t tell the Quaestor to go 
to hell.  Anyway, no matter what choice you make, Sagi will ask for time to 
think about it.  Try to sleep in your little room after grabbing both of the 
crappy chests.  Then investigate the bed to sleep.  Once you apparently wake 
up, Milly will suggest going to Azha through the Nihal Desert.

---Nihal Desert---

OK, it is really, REALLY hot out here.  Stumble over to the guy next to 
the machine and get a unit of Sparkling Snow.  You’ll only need 1, 
since you can’t use another one after it runs out.  Anyway, use the 
snow to give yourself temporary energy, and get down that path ASAP.  
At the other end, talk to the lady at the machine and agree to help her 
deliver the flame ice.  Once you have it, go due north until you reach 
an area with very strong sunlight.  You can take the essence of Mother 
Sunlight, but you don’t need to.  Go back along the path and deliver it 
to the old man for a nice reward, then head to Azha.


What a friendly place.  I suggest wandering around town until you’ve 
found all you can, including some nice finisher Magnus.  Make sure to 
talk to Almarde.  After that, go back and take a rest at the Quaestor’s 
house, and he’ll officially hire you.  Your first charge is flushing 
out the terrorist at the speeches.  Go back to Azha to initiate the 
investigation with Captain Lyuvann.  Notice that all the people have 
been herded into the highest room in the building on the left side.  I 
recommend first going back to the scene of the crime, talking to the 
boy, then coming back.  Show the metal thing you found to Mallo, which 
she will identify as a bomb detonator.  Tell this to Lyuvann to 
assemble the villagers.  During the assembly both Nollin and Juwar 
“confess”.  Talk to the remaining people, the most important of which 
are Nollin, Mallo, and Juwar.  You don’t actually have to talk to Juwar 
just yet, but talk to Nollin and ask about the bomb he planted.  Don’t 
collect the testimony as evidence, but go talk to Mallo, ask about his 
expertise, and THEN collect it as testimony.  Talk to Lyuvann and tell 
him you found evidence.  After showing the evidence, talk to Juwar and 
ask until he says he planted the bomb inside a building.  Collect this 
testimony, then talk to Almarde.  After the scene, tell Lyuvann you 
have some more evidence.  During the assembly, Mallo reveals that she 
discovered the real Mourning Mistral, and it’s actually...Bein?!  Chase 
him into the Lava Caves to keep going, and watch as Lyuvann forever 
earns Milly’s utter and complete hatred.  Save before you head into the 
caves, and outside the door, talk to the sickly man to get 3 Eau du 
Mouche essence.  Use these wherever you see a blue flame inside the 
caves.  Since the guards won’t let you in, call up the Quaestor on your 
communicator for some backup.  Proceed into the lava caves, after 
collecting the Magna Mix recipes on the large tanks.

---Lava Caves---

Use Eau du Mouche wherever you can.  If you need any more, grab the 
essence of a Rockfly Corpse and take it to the sickly man.  He’ll give 
you one for each corpse you bring him.  Anyway, the path through the 
caves is more or less completely straightforward, so follow the only 
path you can, and save at the red flower.  You’ll need it, because a 
boss battle is coming on.

More commonly known as an Afterling, we have yet another fight with 
this guy.  Fortunately, his HP is too diminutive for his Mountain Maker 
attack to be all that devastating, since chances are, you’ll kill him 
before he can ever use it.  Use any ice-based finishers you have, like 
Icebloom and Diamond Drop.  Even Icefan works too.  Keep pounding, 
using fire finishers scarcely if ever, and spamming ice finishers all 
you can, and this boss will kneel before you.

You guessed it!  Valara shows her disgusting face yet AGAIN, ready to 
take the umbra down.  This takes you back to your creepy little dream 

---The Dream---

All you can do is talk to people here.  Make sure you talk to Seph, 
Thoran, and Pieda.  Talk to Ven if you want, then head up all the 
stairs and out the south exit to discover...you’re not in the sky? 
‘Fraid not, but you don’t get any explanation, since Sagi decides to 
wake up at that very moment.

---Lava Caves---

You’ll immediately be thrown into a fight with the Lavafish, but it 
won’t be the last.  Hit it with ice finishers, and watch for its 
flaming tackle (it’s not called that, but you’ll know what I mean when 
you see it).  Eventually you’ll drive it off.  Head to the next screen, 
save at the flower, then get ready for another battle with Lavafish.  
Same strategy, blah blah blah.  Keep going down the path, and once you 
get to the Rockfly bridge (the first one you made), you’ll be thrust 
into the ACTUAL boss fight.

This boss isn’t particularly hard, although he obviously has more HP 
now than he did previously.  The strategy is relatively similar to the 
Umbra strategy, since they’re both fire type, but you might want a Red 
Beans in your deck to cure the occasional burn.

Once Lavafish is history, head back to the Quaestor’s place and consult with 
him.  His instructions state that you should go talk to Lord Baelheit, if you 
want your name cleared.  Head to his house (northeastern house in Mintaka), 
and have a chat.  After that’s done, go back to the Quaestor, then head to 
Mintaka’s port.  You’re off to Diadem.


Diadem starts out as easy as physically possible.  Just follow Celsica, then 
watch the scene with King Ladekahn, Gibari, and Rambari.  They’re heading off 
to Nashira.  If you plan on following them, you’ll need to go to the Lesser 
Celestial River.

---Lesser Celestial River---

Head down a bit to see Gibari turn on some kinda cloud-making thingy.  Follow 
them up.  Wherever you see a cloud vortex around here, you can jump down to 
the ground below.  Follow the path, and drop down to see Gibari use the Royal 
Mirror to dispel a light wall.  Grab the mirror he left behind, and use it 
wherever you can.  Proceed on the path, observe Gibari and Ladekahn jumping 
over the passage, and find a light wall you can’t break.  At the light wall 
that won’t break because the clouds are too thick, look around until you see 
that little star-thingy you saw earlier.  Shine the light on that, and it 
will reflect onto the light wall and break it.  Go down the new vortex and 
talk to the man, who teaches you how to make Diadem Clouds.  Follow his 
instructions (you do have to beat 3 enemies, but not Cancerites), and use the 
cloud on the broken passage.  Make your way into Nashira.  


In Nashira, save at the flower, then get caught right where Gibari and the 
King did.  Inside the cell, Ladekahn will ask you to remember how many people 
you saw.  There should be 3 on top, 5 on bottom, and 2 battle mechs.  If you 
guess them all right, you don’t have to fight any later.  Your magnus are in 
a big sack on the table, so don’t forget them.  Head out into the village, 
and go in the only house you can.  Go up the bunk bed to get into the next 
house.  Do the same in each house until you end up in Anna’s bar.  Talk to 
her, and she’ll open the secret exit to the village.  Now would be a good 
time to go back to Elnath.  That means going through the Cloud Passage.  Once 
you get there, someone will be waiting for you...

How fun.  The man with the funny hat is back, with a vengeance.  He comes 
equipped with a very nice new move called Thrashingale Redux.  This thing is 
deadly.  I mean, OHKO style deadly.  Definitely have a Fate’s Cordial in your 
deck, and 2 or 3 healing items.  Take out the soldiers near him first, then 
go all out.  If you can set up any good EX combos, now is the time.  He 
doesn’t have a spectacular amount of HP, though, so you’ll be good if you 
pull off a successful MP burst or two.

---Castle Elnath---

Go back to the throne room to see Rambari scolding the two kids.  Once you 
arrive, they’ll inform you that the Cloudvents have been taken.  Head out the 
right side exit to the throne room to get to the vents.


You can only go through the passages when the clouds aren’t blowing through.  
Start off by going left.  Keep going left as far as you can, until you see a 
freaky looking boulder.  This is the Gust Boulder, and you need its essence.  
Grab it, then head out the upper right exit.  Find a tunnel with monsters 
blowing out of it, and head through it.  Cross the tunnel when the wind dies, 
and you’ll get to a room with a crazily strong wind.  Use the Gust Boulder to 
block up the hole, then head across after saving at the flower.  After the 
cutscene, Celsica will turn into an umbra, but you never even get to fight 
it. Nasca will get there first with his big ol’ tank and snatch it from under 
your nose.  You have to have a brief fight with the tank, but you can’t win.  
After that’s over, the new trio introduces themselves.  Giacomo, Ayme, and 
Folon can move over, there’s a new trio in town.  Meet Heughes, Nasca, and 
Valara, the baddest bunch in the Sky.

0---------------The Trio----------------0
First of all, do NOT spread your attacks evenly.  You must focus on one of 
them, so that you can eliminate one as fast as possible.  If all 3 are alive, 
they can use Machina Formation, which is almost always a 1-hit KO.  Also, you 
really should eliminate Valara first.  She has a move called Deathdealer, 
which does way more than Heughes’ Machina Fist or Nasca’s Stun Grenade.  
Nasca should come next, since he has the healing items.  Heughes is the least 
of your problems.  He rarely attacks and does pathetic damage.  Watch out for 
their special attacks, and eventually you’ll wear ‘em down.

Dead umbra, you know what that means...

---The Dream---
This is by far the simplest section in the entire dream.  Basically, head to 
Cujam, go down the stairs on the right screen, and listen to Wiseman.  There’s 
nothing else to do, so just get it over with and come back.


Nasca will stay in the tank for quite a while, but if you fight him, you have 
to actually WIN, not just stall.  Come back a long time later for some fun.  
Also, you need to come back anyway to grab the Bloody Crest on the ground.  
But before you can do that, you need to talk to Ladekahn.  Once you have the 
crest, talk to one of the soldiers in front of Castle Elnath, and give him 
the crest.  Then you may leave.  The quaestor would like to speak to you.

---Greater Mintaka---

Talk to the quaestor, and you’ll hear some stuff about Umbras, and that 
there’s troops in Sadal Suud.  That’s your next stop.


First off, go tear down some of those “WANTED” posters.  They’re bad 
publicity.  If you’re wondering about the one near the two talking ladies, 
all you have to do there is leave the city, then reenter.  Once they’re all 
down, the circle of children in one of the screens disappears, and you can go 
inside to meet the guy drawing this crap.  You can also go into the shop and 
read your mail.  Try to go inside the Lord’s manor, and you’ll find out he’s 
still in Cebalrai.  This means going through Nunki Valley.

---Nunki Valley---

Wherever you see the shiny things, you can get a Holy Droplet.  Once you have 
one, you have to absolutely bull-rush the Lightbugs before your Droplet turns 
into Pristine Water.  Other than this, the path is more or less 
straightforward, so keep going down into Cebalrai.  Don’t bother with 
Moonguile forest, you can’t do anything there.  Ever.


Not much you can do here, either.  Just go to the left screen and listen to 
Rodolfo and Heughes talking, then go back to Pherkad to try and catch Rodolfo 
at home.


Barge through the mansion doors, and be prepared to fight.  After everything 
settled down a bit, go up the steps and through the middle two doors.  Then 
go up the stairs on the right, all the way to the roof.  Talk to the person 
there and grab the chest.  Go into the kitchen and ask for some smoke, and 
the chef will tell you to get into the room below.  Guillo will blow a hole 
in the stove, allowing you downstairs.  Turns out, this isn’t the room with 
the smoke in it.  Unlock the door and leave, then head into the middle-left 
room.  Use the vine near the window to sneak into the locked room, grab some 
smoke from the crate, and head back out.  Now, go downstairs and through the 
archway on the left.  Put some smoke in the grate, then save and prepare for 
a battle with...

Giacomo’s back, and he’s not alone this time.  He has a pair of Dark Service 
Swordsman to help him out.  These two are your biggest concern, since they 
attack very frequently for reasonable damage.  The only attack of Giacomo’s 
that’s really dangerous is Thrashingale Redux, which he rarely uses.  Once 
the soldiers are dead, set up as many big combos as you can and he’ll fall 
before you once again.

Now it’s time to talk with Rodolfo.  Once you do that, head over to Nunki 
Valley like Heughes instructed.  It’s a nasty scene.  In order to progress 
throughout here, you have to use Flame Ice on the numerous Imperial cranes 
around the area.  Once all the cranes work, you’ll be able to get to a new 
path on the southernmost screen.  This will lead you to a chest, and a 
clearing with some very bad things in it.  Namely, Heughes.

Before this fight, you ABSOLUTELY must go to Cebalrai, head into the rightmost 
house, and get as many Mountain Apples from the crate inside as possible.  
Otherwise, his Burning Harken attack is much too powerful.  Each apple 
increases all characters max HP by 50, and if you can carry about 13, that’s 
a pretty big difference.  Naturally, you can’t win, but you have to do a 
certain amount of damage before he’ll cave and take the fight into his own 

Cutscene, blah blah, another boss fight?!

This one shouldn’t give you much trouble, considering it more or less never 
attacks.  Wail on it as fast as you can, or save up your MP and pull off a 
big EX combo, like Heavenly Glacier, which is one of my favorites.

You killed an umbra, which means...

---The Dream---

How fun.  We’re back here.  Head to Zaurak Keep like Seph instructs, and 
prepare for one heck of a dungeon.

---Zaurak Keep---

Follow the only possible path in the first 2 rooms.  In the 3rd room, grab 
the chest, then fly up the large ledge, leaving Ven behind.  You’ll come for 
him later.  Anyway, keep moving through the rooms, grabbing all sorts of 
chests, including one with Wickedwing Revels in it, until you get to a room 
with a large spotlight in it.  Start by drawing Light Powder from it and 
using it by the gap in the floor, where a bridge would be.  Then, turn the 
spotlight so it points to the bottom of the screen.  Go through the new 
passage and grab Ven, then come back to the spotlight room.  Turn it to the 
left side of the room, grab some more Light Powder, and save.  Go on through, 
avoiding the enemies and grabbing the chest on the high ledge, and examine 
the boulder.  Ven will blow it up, allowing you through.  Go through, use the 
light powder on the missing bridge, turn the spotlight to the top of the 
room, and prepare to wake up.

---Nunki Valley---

We’re back, and still alive.  Heughes is about to kill you off, but Palolo 
saves the day, yet again.  Talk to Verus, then head back to Mintaka.

---Greater Mintaka---

Talk to the Quaestor, and save.  Save in two files, and do NOT overwrite both 
of them with the “Game Disc 1 Complete” file.  You will have no chance to 
level between now and Holoholo Bird, so come prepared.  

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Disc 1

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Start of Disc 2
After the numerous cutscenes, save over ONE and ONLY ONE of your files, then 
talk to everyone.  You’ll initiate the dreaded Holoholo Bird fight, whether 
you like it or not.

0-------------Holoholo Bird-------------0
Alright, you guys seem to think that this thing is hard.  You are mistaken.  
The HoloHolo Bird is not a difficult boss to beat.  The key, however, is that 
you need to use both mob attacks (attacks that hit more than one enemy at the 
same time), which you’ve never really needed on bosses before, and strategy, 
which is something that you’ve also never needed before.  Having fought this 
boss on my second playthrough, I discovered this and surprised myself at the 
same time. I beat the Holoholo Bird EASILY on my first try, and I was what 
most people consider to be “underlevel”, with all my characters at level 26.  
Surely you know the strategy, but if you don’t, I’ll inform you.  You are to 
use the EX Combo “Fiery Ice Queen”.  This combo goes in the order of Icefan, 
Sigil Cry, Empyreal Wildfire.  That is but the strategy.  A wise person once 
said, “It is not enough to be a good player; you must also play well.” That 
retains truth in this context.  It is not enough to simply USE this; use it 
right.  That means you should ABSOLUTELY use this as the spearhead of a major 
MP burst combo.  Don’t start your burst until the chicks and parent have all 
attacked.  That way you won’t get knockdown-ed in the middle of a combo.  Your 
other characters should be using EX combos, if they can.  Sagi can have such 
destruction as Flame Ice Flurry.  Milly...well, Milly can’t have much.  Do 
whatever you can, since I believe that Thunder Seriatim is not currently 
available to you.  There are other ways to show good practice in this fight as 
well.  Obviously, your characters aren’t going to be as powerful unequipped as 
they are with good equipment.  This means one thing: HAVE GOOD WEAPONS.  I 
know exactly what you’re thinking: “MY WEPPINZ SUX!!”  That’s not true.  
Upgrade those sucky weapons of yours.  Guillo’s pathetic Mars Sophia weapon 
becomes a deadly Meteor Sophia.  A common Drakeshead Stave for Milly can be a 
Drakeslord Stave, which is the most powerful weapon you have yet acquired in 
the game.  Sagi can have some things, like Levinlight, but they’re not quite 
as impressive.  Apostolos is a good bet.  With your strategic genius in play, 
there’s but one more thing: have the highest class level you can.  If your 
class is higher, you can charge MP faster.  That means more MP bursts in a 
shorter amount of time.  That is win.  

Well that was easy.  Now, save.  Save.  Save some more.  You don’t want to 
do that again, so save one more time, just to be sure.  Head as far left as 
you can go, then examine the Olifant. On the way, beware of the Mirabilis 
enemies walking around.  They’re deadly.  Go right to loop yourself around, 
then head back to the room with water.  Take the 12 o’ clock exit, and get the 
essence of Holoholo Nectar.  Dump it on the Olifant to attract a lethal 
assault of blooderflies, which wake it up.  It’ll charge through the shrubs, 
giving you a pathway to Komo Mai.

---Komo Mai---

Now that you’ve made it out of the jungle, you’re officially in Anuenue, the 
Rainbow Nation.  This is the longest continent by FAR, especially if you want 
to get all 9 election ballots.  For those of you who want to, you won’t find 
out from me, sadly.  If you need to know now, though, go look at 
ryokazendriel’s guide, he has all of the solutions.  Anydangway, go talk to 
Queen Corellia.  Basically, she’ll tell you to go shove the Quaestor’s 
proposal up your ***.  If you try to leave the palace area, Milly suggests you 
see the school of Magic.  Basically what you do is talk to the teachers in the 
far left and far right rooms, then leave.  You have to go to Holoholo again, 
but you can’t really do anything.  Just go to the Sfida, then come back.  The 
pollywhale part is simple enough, and you get some White Night Beans for it.  
Go back and look for Corellia, but she’s gone.  Come back out to see a scene 
with some snotty kids and my all time favorite Quest Magnus ever...Woodfellah!  
Anyway, now you want a landmark stone.  All that you really have to do to get 
one is go to the room in the far left (you must have more red cookies than 
blue cookies, or have no blue cookies at all to get in), and talk to the 
little girl in red.  This is the headmaster, believe it or else, and she’s got 
a Landmark Stone.  However, if you want it, you have to pass Classics, Magic, 
and Chemistry.  Let’s start with Magic.  Basically, walk in and start 
answering questions.  The answers are as follows:

Children of the Earth
Bell which Tolls Time
Flight of Time
End Magnus
Dark Brethren

Now you just need to pass Chemistry and Classics.  To pass chemistry, talk to 
the person near the huge flask in the far right room, and he’ll ask for 
Rotten Food.  If you have none, talk to the guy on the blanket in the main 
town to get some.  Give it to the man, and he’ll give you Chemistry credit.  
Classics is by far the hardest.  First, you have to get 10 of the red cookies 
to the man selling red cookies in Anuenue Port.  This is kinda hard, though, 
since the Righty Staff won’t let you through with that many.  Unless, of 
course, you have the Original Cookie Pin.  If you have that, you can go 
through no problems.  Otherwise, it may take some trips, since you need more 
blue cookies than red.  After you give him 10, he’ll be all happy, and you 
can get the essence of Good Times from him.  Grab 3, then go talk to the 
Classics Professor again.  Give him all 3, and you get the last credit.  Talk 
to the headmaster again for the Landmark Stone. 

---Holoholo Jungle---

Go right past the Sfida, and try to exit the screen through the rightmost 
exit.  Some stupid koa monkey steals the landmark stone, and you have to 
scare him a bunch of times before you get it back.  I can’t really describe 
where it’s hiding, so you’ll just have to look yourself.  Once you get it, 
continue on out.

---Opu Village---

You can’t really do anything except go to Lolo’s house.  After you finish the 
conversation, you can look around town for some miscellaneous stuff.  Then go 
to the Celestial Tree and talk to the guards.  Now it’s time to hike back up 
to Corellia’s palace.

---Komo Mai---

As you can see, the troops have mobilized.  Talk to Corellia and beg to lend 
her aid.  She’ll eventually let you, but she doesn’t let you at any fell 
branches yet.  So go back to the Celestial Tree.

---Celestial Tree---

Go down the little passage you see there, and fight the enemies if you can.  
They’re pretty dang tough.  Go down the left most exit to see that you can’t 
actually get in, because the roots were burned.  Go back out and talk to 
Lolo, she’ll give you my favorite magnus of all time...Woodfellah!  You need 
to use this guy to collect the 5 elemental Dagroots.


You can get to the dagroots from any other exit except the leftmost one.  All 
of them are pretty straightforward, just send Woodfellah through the hole in 
the tree, then grab the root, then drag it back.  The dark one is tougher, 
though.  You have to send him over to the torch, then have Sagi go in and get 
it, since there are too many monsters there.  Once you have them all, give 
them to Lolo, she’ll build you a wooden thingy to get across the gap.  Move 
it with the Control Stick once you’re on.  Before you go inside and initiate 
a boss fight, head past the core and grab the two chests in the next room.  
Then go into the core.

This boss fight is a bit different than we’re used to.  Only attack it when 
the head is up.  Valara will fire when the head is down, and if she kills the 
head, then you lose.  Your objective is to kill the roots before she has a 
chance to kill the head.  Bash as fast as possible when it’s up, and 
heal/prepare combos when it’s down.  Valara will not attack you, in case you 
were wondering.

Even though you freed it, we still end up in...

---The Dream---

Ugh, not again.

---Zaurak Keep---

This part is annoying.  Go back outside and save, then start off by going to 
the right.  Grab every chest as you see one (including the one in the middle 
of all the undead warriors).  One of them has an Efreeti Saber, so you can 
finally replace that Kusanagi you had for just about ever.  You’ll eventually 
come to a door with a save flower on each side, one of each color.  Use one, 
then continue left.  Go up, leaving Ven behind, then up again for a chest.  
Come all the way down, and on the next screen, go through the rightmost door.  
It will lead you to another one of those searchlight things.  Start by 
pointing it south, so you can grab the chest.  Then go east, grab some light 
powder, and head out into the room with a ton of undead warriors.  Go up the 
cliff, and use the Light Powder on the half-bridge.  Then go back to the 
searchlight room and finally point it north.  You’ll have to exit south (by 
the undead warriors), and circle around counterclockwise, past the two save 
points, pick up Ven, save, and get ready for a boss.

This guy is not your friend.  He is very, very bad.  His two attacks that are 
your main concern are Heathen Melody and Feral Proof.  Heathen Melody is the 
worst, since it does massive damage with random status ailments to ALL.  
Feral proof only hits one, but it’s more or less a one hit KO.  Use every big 
combo you’ve got, go for big MP bursts, and you’ll eventually take him down.

You’ll automatically go back to Naos.  You now have the power of the Dark 
Brethren on your side.  Ven suggests coming up with a name.  Pieda is the one 
who comes up with their final, spoilerific group name:


No foolin’, these people are the wicked god itself.  Now your job is to head 
to Cujam.  Upon arrival, you’ll see that nobody’s there.  Exit out the east 
side and head to the Battlefields of Atria.


There’s a reason this is called a battleground.  Avoid getting seen by the 
Shamans or Mediums, they hit you with a blue bolt that makes you walk around 
as if you used your wings too long.  This gives other enemies ample 
opportunity to catch up with you, so I don’t recommend getting hit by these.  
Continue north, and get ready to be sent back.


No time to rest, friends.  Boss fight.

This is a relatively simple boss.  It’s the same as the last time, just 
powered up a good bit.  Arma Cannon hits all this time, but you actually have 
little to worry about. Valara’s precious arma is so slow that she barely gets 
a chance to use it.  Besides, she’ll typically waste her time with Hurricane 
Punch, which is more damaging but requires her to waste a turn getting in some 
kind of stance.  A couple of successful MP bursts takes it down for sure.

From here, all you can do is go back to Mintaka.  Talk to Verus, and prepare 
for the election speeches.  Geldoblame’s speech is relatively uneventful, but 
Shanath’s has a surprise twist of ritually barbaric “sacrifice”:

The tearing out of Gena’s wings.

This more or less makes Sagi go crazy, turning him into an Afterling.  We 
also find out in this very same cutscene that Baelheit is Milly’s dad!  
Afterling Sagi gets shot down by a tank, and guess where we end up!

---The Dream---
Watch the cutscene, it’s important.  For those who played BK1, you should 
recognize “He”, “Che”, “Bo”, “Le”, and “Ar” as the names of the five Sibling 
Gods that were fused to resurrect Malpercio.  Anyway, get ready for a 
spoilerific boss fight!!!

Here’s why Guillo was created, and why he has two voices.  As you can see, 
the Two Sorcerers created him, giving him a double voice.  He was created to 
kill Malpercio.  Since Marno ar _____ (what you named your guardian spirit) 
is part of Malpercio, that means that past Guillo wants to kill you.

This guy is cheap as HELL, lemme tell ya.  Heavenlapse does crazy damage to 
all, and Fellstar Gleam is basically a 1 hit KO for any individual character.  
As you’ve probably noticed, your Heavenlapse is nothing like his, and you 
can’t even have Fellstar Gleam yet (although you get it for beating Seginus, 
who’s an even cheaper version of this boss).  Stock your deck with as many 
dark-type magnus as you can, especially Wickedwing Revels and Shadowflame 
Engine.  Combined with Ghostarrow, you can generate the extremely deadly 
Blackest Yang EX combo.  Two or three Blackest Yangs (or regular Black Yang) 
should kill him for sure, since darkness attacks do about 3 or 4 times normal 
against him.

Coming up is something called the “Sagi Heart-to-Heart”.  This is the most 
spoiler-tastic conversation in any game ever made.  Within the past 10 or 15 
minutes, we already learned that Baelheit is Milly’s dad, that Guillo was 
made 1000 years ago to kill Malpercio, and that Malpercio is just a bunch of 
weird people that made a contract with the Dark Brethren.  Now it’s time to 
find out something else.  You’ve been wondering what that guardian spirit 
does for you.  Well, here’s the big spoiler,


You heard me, it’s Malpercio.  That’s why Sagi turned into an Afterling when 
they ripped out Gena’s wings.  Just play through the conversation once it 
begins, and when Sagi asks if you want to be a part of him, say yes.  You’ll 
break the chains holding you, and Guillo and Milly rush in.  You get Sagi’s 
lv4 finisher, The Godling’s Rapture.  Use it well, my friend.


Anyway, we’re in a pretty strange place now.

---Vega Building Site---

This is relatively straightforward, although the enemies are tough.  Try out 
your new toys on some enemies, including Apotheosis, the game’s most powerful 
combo (tied with Frigid Queen’s Festival).  Grab a Spark Shroom wherever you 
see one, and use it on the airpod nearby.  One of the pods is vertical, and 
you’ll need to get a Jolt Shroom to move it.  This can be done by taking a 
Spark Shroom over to the electrical generator via one of the pods, and having 
the spark shroom react with the generator.  You can then use the jolt shroom 
to power the vertical pod, giving access to the lower levels.  Make sure to 
grab the chest down here, it has an Efreeti Horn in it.  Continue to go along 
your only path until you run into...

Shanath has his own machina arma this time, and it apparently turns him into 
Edward Scissorhands.  Anyway, this is by far the easiest arma fight you’ll 
ever get in to, so don’t worry about it too much.  A couple of Godling’s 
Raptures and he’s down.  But not out.  Cutscene initiate, and on comes battle 
part 2.  You’ve now gained the power to kill machina arma, but only for Sagi, 
I believe.  This works out okay in the end, though, because while Sagi is in 
this state, EVERY SINGLE HIT from Godling’s Rapture is a critical.  So how 
does this stack up with Apotheosis?  Not even funny.  The last attack alone 
can do 3000+ damage, and with the whole combo you’re talking 9000+.  Shanath 
remains a wimp, so kick his ass.

After the boss fight, you can kill Shanath or let him live.  May as well let 
the poor guy live out the last painful moments of his life, eh?  Anyway, 
letting him live reveals that his young daughter, the girl with the annoying 
bouncy ball, is named Savyna.  That’s right, his daughter is Savyna.  She’s 
also the one who sends you those unknown letters (I think, it’s never 
actually revealed).  Anyway, let him live for the better ending.  Then we 


You can’t go anywhere else, even if you try.  Sagi is hell-bent on getting 
his mom back, so head to the orphanage.  You’ll trigger a cutscene, and 
several options will open up.  I’ll list those options first.  But be warned: 
you may do these in any order, though the one that you pick first will always 
be hard.  Thus, the one you pick last will always be easy. The best order to 
do them in is probably Nekkar, Duhr, Matar.

---Matar Highlands---
First thing, you can go back to the past using the Brierclock now.  You can 
also go to Matar Highlands.  This is actually a pretty simple puzzle, though 
it seems daunting at first.  Start off by going to the left.  As far left as 
you can go.  Grab 3 Lotus Leaves from the clump of plants over there, then 
head back to the main screen.  Every time you see a patch of dark ground, put 
a leaf there.  You should only need 3 leaves total.  After putting a leaf in 
the middle screen, go right.  Go to the far end, plant a lotus in the ground, 
and push the rock into the water.  Now is the odd part.  Go to the north 
screen, plant a lotus, and wait for it to rain twice.  The lake will fill 
completely, and you can hop across into...A BOSS FIGHT!

This guy is more or less cake.  He seems hard, since Ovulate will instantly 
kill a character after a set time (only curable with Chalice of Freedom), and 
that time ticks by pretty fast.  However, his ridiculously low HP makes him 
easy pickings.  It should only take you one Apotheosis to do him in (assuming 
you do about 8000~9000 damage).

---Nekkar Quietlands---

All you can really do here is go up to the top.  It requires some circling 
around, since there are weird pitfalls around.  At the top, we have 

THIS IS NOT A HOLOHOLO BIRD.  DO NOT BE ALARMED.  This boss isn’t much of a 
challenge, either, so if you can pull of your best combos, you should take him
out pretty quickly.

After this quick n’ easy boss fight, you’ll start the side quest to push the 
rocks to the top of the hill.  I never bothered with it, but if YOU decide to, 
you’ll get a very nice item, the Imperial Ward, which decreases all damage to 
0 while equipped.  Anyway, we have one more side quest before we progress to 


This starts off simple, then gets not-so-simple.  Go to Algorab to initiate a 
scene, then follow Krumly to Gemma.  Go to the building at the very top, 
listen to Kamroh talk, and get ready for some very strange things.


I know what you’re thinking; HOW DID I GET INSIDE THE GUILLO CLONE?  That 
really doesn’t matter, since you’re here now.  Just walk around, go the only 
way you can, and look at the red light on the ground.  Not only will it make 
the marking in the center room start glowing, but it will cause some walls to 
become passable.  You’ll be able to notice these because they’re not pre-
rendered.  Each time one opens, head through to get the next red light.  Each 
time you find one, you’ll have a small scene giving you some insight on 
Guillo’s mysterious past.  At last, when the drawing is complete, you have 
yourself a very deadly boss fight.

How did the puppet get inside himself? Who cares?  Anyway, we have to take it 
down, so get ready for that Guillo fight all over again.  Heavenlapse is 
somehow even MORE powerful than when past Guillo had it, so be extremely 
cautious.  This guy has about 6000 HP, and is very weak to Light element 
attacks, meaning that you’ll be using White Yin and Godling’s Rapture nonstop 
for this fight.  For those of you who didn’t know, White Yin is Ghostarrow-
>Spirilight Quiver->Shadowflame Engine.  You can also get Whitest Yin, which 
involves a somewhat random mixing of B attacks in there. This fight is 
actually easier than Guillo (I know, wtf) because of the total absence of 
Fellstar Gleam in Seginus’ deck.  He has an overpowered Shadowflame Engine, 
but it’s still pathetic compared to Fellstar.

Well, all has been explained, now go back to the orphanage, revive Gena, and 
talk with Tik and Wacho about Tarazed.  Now we go to Mintaka.

---Greater Mintaka---

Basically, you talk to the Quaestor, then get ready for the big event;

Baelheit has announced that he will not only move the Imperial Capital to 
Vega,a city inside Tarazed, but that the ENTIRE EMPIRE will be relocated to 
Tarazed, a flying man-made machina continent.  Well, we know where we’re 


Take some time to explore Vega, and don’t be afraid to talk to everyone you 
see.  All kinds of sidequests and crap like that are lurking around this 
mechanized city.  Also, use any and all Magnus Pack Coupons at the Vega shop, 
since you can get godly cards like the all-powerful Aphelion Dustwake from 
certain packs.  If you wanna use the elevator (which you need to), talk to one
of the guys in Vega Cafe for the wiring scheme.  Make sure you remember it, 
then go fix the elevator.  Look around until you find the ACTUAL Tarazed we 
were looking for.  Slip past the guards/turrets, and use the elevator to get 
into A block.  You can read part of a recipe for the Celestial Tree on the 
ground.  Anyway, in A block, use the escalators to move up and down until you 
come to a hallway guarded by an individual soldier.  Slip past him and you’ll 
come to a room with two soldiers looking at a large screen.  In the left part 
of the room, examine the item on the ground, and you’ll find it’s an Elite 
Imperial Crest.  Use it on the door in front of you, then move on the moving 
walkways for a very...strange puzzle. 

Your objective in this puzzle is to reach the other side of the room.  You 
have to break through using Wing Dash, however.  The room is divided into 
cubes.  There are 3 types, as follows;

Blue Cube: A safe zone.  Stand on these all you want, they won’t harm you.

Red Cube: A wall.  These only serve as impediments, technically causing you 
neither help nor harm.

Dark Cube: A special cube with mysterious powers.  You have to Wing Dash 
through dark cubes to progress.  Stopping or running into a wall whilst on a 
dark cube space causes you to be sent back to the beginning.  Keep in mind 
that other dark cubes are also walls.  You have to hit within a certain range 
of angle degrees, approximately hitting the cube wall between a 70 and 110 
degree angle.  Therefore, your range can (conveniently) be represented with 
the following characters: \|/.  Any more of an angle than that will result in 
“hitting the wall”, and going back to start.

Anyway, get through the section to find an Afterling in a containment unit.  
Use your power to free it, and try to leave.  The room will fall apart, as 
will the room after it.  The number of enemies drastically increases, so be 
careful of Swordguards.  Next, we’re headed to D block.  Go back to the main 
block, and off of the room with the save flowers, to the right side, is a 
door.  Use the computer terminal in that room to reverse the main block’s 
escalators.  You may now ascend to Main Block floors 2-4, where you can 
activate an emergency elevator for extra-quick movement from floor 1 to 4 and 
back.  Anyway, take the lateral elevator up here and go to D block.  The 
pattern is the same for all of these blocks; find the room guarded by a 
soldier, beat the annoying puzzle, free the afterling, and move on to the 
next.  The order I did the blocks in was A, D, C, B.  Once all that is 
finished, break in to the main room in the main block by examining the window.  
You’ll probably have to fight 1 swordguard, unless you outrun him to the door.  
Keep in mind, if you’re stuck on a block and can’t finish it, then don’t.  All 
that does is evacuate soldiers from the room.  If you can take all of them, by 
all means do.  Anyway, go through the door, and SAVE.  SAVE SAVE SAVE.  There 
will be a BIG string of boss fights, so don’t hesitate to save.  Move through 
the room to reach part 1 of the final boss (although this isn’t actually the 
final boss, most people consider it partof the final boss).

Okay, let’s get started.  Part 1 is a solo fight.  This will not be the 
easiest, since Baelheit is a spiriter and can draw upon the power of Daimon, 
his guardian spirit.  He’ll only use 1 spirit attack this fight, Seraphim Soul 
(which bears a striking resemblance to Shining Seraph, one of Kalas’ spirit 
attacks, in both its attack and the tagline “I am the light, dispeller of 
darkness”).  He has very low HP, and a Godling’s Rapture and maybe something 
else should finish him.  After the cutscene, you’ll enter the REAL battle.  
This is your full party, and his full force.  He’ll start to use Hellfire 
(another of Kalas’ spirit attacks, including “I am the fire, hear my voice!”), 
so be careful of that.  He still has relatively low HP, so don’t worry about 
doing too much damage.  One big relay with a good EX should either finish him 
or come very close.  For all you musicians out there, this is a good time to 
listen to the BGM, Orchestral ver. of True Mirror is a great song.

And now, Verus appears to kill Baelheit.  We also learn that...

Verus was the bad guy all along??!

That’s right, he’s been manipulating you, Shanath, Geldoblame, and just about 
everyone else right from the get-go.  Everything that happened was according 
to his plans.  Follow him down to the core, and be careful of the enemies; 
they’re the games strongest, and they don’t hesitate to fight you.  Along with 
more minor enemies like Ahrimans, the mighty Lycaon and Hercules Dragon reside 
here, both of which are considered the game’s hardest normal enemies.  Ignore 
the door with the keypad next to it, it won’t open.  Just go all the way down.  
If you missed any lv3 finishers, make sure to open every chest around here, 
since ALL of the game’s lv3 special attacks are in Tarazed’s Core somewhere.  
Anyway,head all the way down for the REAL final boss.

0---------Verus, Machinanguis x4--------0
Beware the Machinanguis.  They are very, very evil.  They execute, for the 
most part, attacks that you would expect from a gigantic mechanical Christmas 
tree/snake thing.  Just watch for Berserk Tech.  Somehow, by throwing a temper 
tantrum, a Machinanguis can knockdown all your characters.  This fight has 
three rounds: the first two are with a pair of Machinanguis, the third is 
Verus and 4 Machinanguis.  The first two rounds are self-explanatory; win, 
while keeping your HP high.  The third is tricky.  First off, always target 
the middle-right Machinanguis.  That way, the targeting reticule moves to 
Verus last.  You want this because if there are ANY Machinanguis alive and you 
try to attack Verus, he’ll take NO damage whatsoever.  Verus can revive 
Machinanguis, so the trick is to beat him to it by killing all of his 
Machinanguis before he can revive them all.  There is a trick however; Frigid 
Queen’s Festival.  This attack will take out ALL of the Machinanguis in one 
shot.  Verus can only revive one at a time, leaving him immensely vulnerable.  
He is also very slow, and has only a small amount of HP.  Once you get the 
Machinanguis down, he’s toast.

Now, if you beat Wiseman in the past (Which you really, really, REALLY should 
have), you get another boss fight.

This is a relatively simple boss fight.  There’s really no point in me giving 
you a strategy here; all you do is beat the living crap out of him.  No 
strings attached, this is simply a matter of depleting his HP, of which there 
is a reasonably high amount.  His attacks aren’t that strong, and overall he’s 
not much trouble.  You also get a cool scene with the original members of 
Malpercio (Seph, Thoran, Pieda, Ven).

Congratulations, now enjoy the credits and the ending scenes, and get ready to 
play it again!

Other Guides {2002}

All of ‘Sister’s guides, mainly the Sidequest one.

Sage0fTheWise’s EX guide.

Plot Layout {2003}
I must admit, the story of this game is vast and complex.  This section will 
hopefully make life easier for you.

Family Lineages:
                    Olgan        Verus---Gena   Baelheit       
                      |                |        |
                      |                |        |
                   Shanath            Sagi---Milly
                      |                    |
                      |                    |
                   Savyna               Melodia (?)

We’ll start the plot 1000 years ago, in the age of the gods.  The world was 
ruled by a being called Wiseman, who turned people into magnus.  The town of 
Naos was in rebellion of this, led by a man named Seph and his siblings Ven, 
Thoran, Pieda, and Marno.  These five knew they were not strong enough to 
stop Wiseman after he destroyed Naos, so they sought the power of the Dark 
Brethren to bolster their own already godlike magic.  Once they were in 
possession of this power, they formed a group name: Malpercio, the name of 
the hill they grew up on.  They fought on the battlefields of Atria until 
they were all struck down.  They were struck down by the Children of the 
Earth, who created 4 magic puppets to help them win the war in Atria.  Their 
names were Syrma, Dubhe, Seginus, and Guillo.  Seginus did not work properly 
and was left behind.  Syrma and Duhbe were completely destroyed before they 
could get to Malpercio.  Guillo made it to Malpercio, but the sorcerer and 
sorceress controlling him left his body there after they finished Malpercio.  
It was buried on Atria Battlefield, which later became the continent knows as 
Hassaleh.  That specific area later became the Nusakan Thornwood, where Sagi 
dug up Guillo in the ground.  When Sagi was first born, Emperor Olgan had a 
project called the “Malideiter Project” underway.  It was led by Lord 
Baelheit.  They tried to create an artificial spiriter using remnants of 
Malpercio.  Shanath was one of their subjects.  Another was Sagi.  On their 
first test subject, and unidentified man, the project went horribly wrong, 
killing Baelheit’s wife and permanently damaging Milly.  The only way to save 
Milly was to replace many of her body parts with machina replacements.  As 
Sagi grew up, the fragment of Malpercio, Marno ar (insert guardian spirit’s 
name here), tricked Sagi into thinking it was a real guardian spirit.  
However, as Sagi joined the Dark Service and began to kill Afterlings, the 
horrible memory of his life as Malpercio came flooding back to Marno every 
time an afterling died, thrusting Sagi into Marno’s past memories.  After 
Sagi’s encounter with the past Guillo, and a good long talk with Marno, they 
finally settled to live with each other.  But this was not a happy ending.
Sagi wanted revenge at Baelheit, but it was in vain.  The true criminal was 
Verus.  Verus had been manipulating everyone; you, Shanath, Geldoblame, every 
soldier or serviceman under his control.  He plans to shoot down all the 
continents, rule Tarazed as a dictator, and, even worse, HE was the one who 
got you into the malideiter project; HE was the one who ordered Gena’s wings 
ripped out.  After defeating Baelheit, Verus even made an appearance to kill 
him.  When Verus kills Baelheit, we also find out that Verus wasn’t a real 
spiriter, but Baelheit was.  After a long chase through the core of Tarazed, 
Sagi finally catches up to Verus and settles the score.

Did that help? Good.

   Unlabeled Section: The Coliseum

Okay, I know you people are wondering: WHAT IS THE POINT?!  There is some 
point.  If you get to the Champion status, you can purchase the “?????” item, 
which is “Verus Portrait”.  Give it to Gena to receive “Gena’s Pinion”, which 
allows you to use your wings of the heart for indefinite length.  Also, if you 
can beat the Wicked Gawd (Yeah, it’s called that for real) without aid of Bomb 
Magnus (Biomouse is possibly the first to do this, at least in the GameFAQs 
community), you are officially a god.  Grats.  And you can make that spoilt 
little girl Elle happy if you do this also.  Does that give it some purpose?

Copyright {3001}
FAQ and Guide copyright Jed Estep 2006-2007, all rights reserved.  This may 
not be distributed anywhere that is NOT GameFAQs or NeoSeeker, nor may it be 
hosted without my permission.  Under international law, any use of this guide 
other than private reading/usage without MY permission is illegal and 
punishable by law.  Therefore, don’t try it.

Credits {3002}

Ryokazendriel – maker of the first BKO guide, which aided me substantially at 
certain points throughout the game.

Sage0fTheWise – maker of the EX Combo guide.

Barren50 (Barren Fischa) – Numerous corrections to the guide.

Anonymous Contributor (Anonny) – Fixes.

Testaros25 – Imperial Ward.

Biomouse – Something, I’m sure.  Probably that Coliseum thing.

Whoever came up with the Fiery Ice Queen strategy, which I modified for my 
own purposes.

Namco-Bandai games.


Monolith Soft.