Magnus Location FAQ by Sister

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Magnus Gathering Faq for Baiten Kaitos Origins
  by Sister (
   Copyright October, 2006 by Sister (C. Minguez)

Version 2.0

Version 2.2 - added corrections/information from markinct and Cathy G. which
              includes a MAJOR update about how coupons work from markinct

Version 2.3 - tiny update about Power Pellet. Thanks, Lingks!

Purpose: This faq is to help the BKO fan find all the magnus in the game
and complete the magnus section of the gathering. Unlike the first Baiten 
Kaitos, in which seeing a magnus was enough to have it added to your list,
in Origins, you must own the magnus. Thankfully, the record of the magnus you
have collected is carried over in your clear-save data, so this endeavor is 
best carried on between games, as well. I put together this list in one 
playthrough to see if I could get them all in one go. At present, I have 646
of 655, so I got close. Spreading it over two or more games would be much 
easier because you could collect more coupons, spread the cost out, etc. While
I haven't confirmed it yet, I suspect that one of my missing magnus is a prize
for the completion of the field guide. If so, this cannot be done in one play-
through of the game anyway. It is not the purpose of this faq to go into great 
detail on sidequests, upgrading, etc. While I'll mention them, the primary 
purpose here is providing locations of magnus. I won't attempt to list every 
location for every magnus found in the game either; I'll just give you an 
option or two to fill any given slot. I haven't been through Tarazed yet, so 
if I find anything really interesting there, I'll add it later.

Spoiler warning:  One word of warning - there are necessarily spoilers here 
because lots of items are collected after certain events or boss fights. If 
it's your first time playing the game, you might not want to go any further 
for now. If you play through once on your own, you could come back to this 
list to fill in the places you missed. Again, it's up to you, but I warned 

Copyright and contact stuff: This is my work. You're welcome to use it as long
as you're not selling it. Gamefaqs is the only place I will be submitting it.
If you want to post it on your site, I don't mind, but I'd appreciate it if
you'd let me know. Feel free to contact me with any info I may have missed
or mistakes you find at Please, however, don't write to
list all of the shop items that I left out. While I appreciate it, I already
have all of those written down. If needed, I can add a shop section later. I'd
love to know where the items I'm missing are though. :)

Trading: Lots of equipment and items can be acquired through trading. Don't be
too hasty in throwing out excess equipment; use it for trade instead. While I
list different locations for items, you might try trading first before you buy
or use up precious coupons. There are traders all over the world, so use them
to your advantage. I'd also highly recommend that you always keep two or 
three of each weapon. Trade upgrades (upgrades, not regular equipment) that 
you don't need. Some pieces of equipment have several different upgrades; you 
might need that Glimmer you just traded off. Stick with stuff you're sure 
you won't need. There's a lot of overlap among traders (I suspect you can get
most anything from any of them with the right offer), but I'll mention who
I got something from for trades. 

Trading Tips: Trading takes a bit of getting used to. I first intended to
list the items I traded for what only to discover that it's too random to
bother writing down, so I'll give you a couple of tips instead. There's a 
three-magnus limit on what you can offer for trade, so if you want nice items,
you'll need to offer some nice ones in exchange. For example, I traded Garm
for a Fate's Kiss. It came up immediately when I offered an upgraded Holy 
Shroud or Saint's Armor. We traded one magnus for one magnus. Start with one 
card and see what comes up then add cards in different orders - each card 
will bring up a different set of cards that the trader is willing to offer. If
you don't see one you like, remove all the cards and start with a new one to
get new combinations. You'll get different magnus offered for one, two, and
three card variations, so just keep trying different combinations or cancel.
I've had better luck begging then adding another card if I wanted a different
one than that offered; threatening tends to break the deal if you change 
your mind. My favorite trading partner is Garm in Gemma Village; for whatever
reason, I had the best luck with him. Just remember that trading sometimes
requires a good deal of patience.

Following is a list of traders:

Garm - old man in right house in Gemma Village
Farina - maid in Rodolfo's Mansion
Inca Rose - girl standing near orphanage in Sheratan
Krishna - man in Baelheit's Library
Altrithr - man doing push-ups in Elnath Castle
Sanya - lady sitting in front of School of Magic in Komo Mai (left side)
Lalune - girl in Vega
Chabb - Mintaka (on roof of house where lady can't sleep)

Coupons: Magnus Pack Coupons are fabulous; they allow you to find a few items
that can't be found elsewhere. Just take care and use them wisely. As far as
I can tell, coupons are redeemed in set ways. One coupon at a particular shop
will always get the same ten cards; two coupons will get a different but
equally fixed set, etc. Only use them to fill holes in your deck that you
can't fill otherwise just in case you need lots of them late in your magnus 
gathering. If you have to use several to get a specific item, use the other
cards that you didn't necessarily need for trade. If an item lists "Coupon"
to receive, just give them coupons until you get it.

2.2 Major update about coupons:

Markinct has been doing some work on this and has figured out how the coupons
work. They work on a LIFO (Last In, First Out) pattern. He tried to explain it
to me, but I don't understand it like he does, so I'm just going to give you
the info from him word for word. He'll make much more sense on the subject
than I. If you have any questions about the LIFO system, you can email him at Thanks again, Mark!

"Okay LIFO or stacking of items, is just like trays in the lunch room.  If you 
place the trays on the stack of trays, one tray at a time, the first tray 
taken from the stack would be the last tray placed on it.  Of course, the 
first tray placed on the stack would be the last one ever taken from it.  
Hence, LIFO, Last In First Out.  Stack behavior is very interesting because if
you were to place 10 trays on the stack, then five were removed, then eight 
more were added, finally all 13 trays were removed, your pattern of tray 
removal would be as follows:

10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01

The enumeration for each tray is based on the order in which it was added to 
the stack (i.e., 01 for first tray on and 18 for last tray on)
The following stackshots illustrate the state of the stack after each 
sequence described above:

Initial Stackshot       Second Stackshot        Third Stackshot     Final 

    10                      05                  18                  empty
    09                      04                  17
    08                      03                  16
    07                      02                  15
    06                      01                  14
    05                                          13
    04                                          12
    03                                          11
    02                                          05
    01                                          04

End stack lesson ;-)

How this works in BKO...

Individual coupons redeemed on an island (each town on an island offers the 
same redemption) at a specific time will yield the exact same set of magnus.  
The easiest way to prove this is to start from a save point and redeem a few 
coupons and note the magnus sets received for each.  Restart from the save 
point and redeem the coupons again and see that you receive the exact same 
magnus sets, in the same order.  Save the notes of magnus sets.  FYI, tracking 
purposes if I had 15 coupons and redeemed three sets, I would enumerate the 
sets by the coupon number in my stack (i.e., 15, 14, 13 in order.)  If you do 
this test on an island with multiple shops were coupons can be redeemed, feel
free to restart from the save and try the other town.  The only islands that 
come to mind with multiple shops that redeem coupons are Alfard and Duhr.
After completing these tests, restart from your save point, then find/buy 
another coupon(s).  After saving head to the nearest shop and try redeeming 
however many coupons you did the first time plus the number you just acquired.
We can make no accurate prediction of the contents of the magnus sets for the 
number of coupons you just acquired; however, once back to the coupons you 
originally redeemed the sets should be the same.

From my example above, let's say I buy two more and now have 17 coupons.  I 
would redeem five and enumerate the sets received as 17, 16, 15, 14, and 13.  
Again, we have no idea what sets 17 and 16 would contain, but sets 15-13 
should be identical to what was received when those coupons were first 

NOTE:  If the story progresses, the magnus sets will change.  So I would 
suggest buying the coupons and doing any testing without advancing the story."

Continued from markinct: "One thing I forgot to mention is if 
you need several items from different towns, start from a save point, use many 
coupons, and again note what set(s) you get the item you need from in that 
town.  Restart from the save, move to another town and repeat the process.  
Once you have the set number from each town, take a look and plan your course 
of action to use the fewest coupons, get the best extra stuff, or both.
  For example you have ten coupons and need three items (A, B and C) from 
three towns (1, 2, and 3.)  Restarting from this save point you use all ten 
coupons in each town finding the following:

    Item A      Town 1      Coupon  03, 05, 08
    Item B      Town 1      Coupon  05, 07
    Item B      Town 2      Coupon  04, 08
    Item C      Town 3      Coupon  04 (twice), 10

Assuming you only need one of each item, I would go to the town with the 
highest quality over all items (Vega) and use my first three coupons, then to
town 3 to use coupon 04 for item C, and finally to town 1 to use coupon 05 for 
items A and B."  

Phew! You see why I let him explain it. :) Most of the coupon entries are
probably okay, but if something doesn't show up that I mentioned, this is

Field Guide Prizes: Speak to the doctor in Sheratan to receive the Field 
Guide. As you fill it up, go see him from time to time for prizes.

Sedna Prizes: As you rebuild Sedna, Maia will give you prizes.

Mintaka Shop: Just a note about the Mintaka Shop. The items here change over 
time. I wasn't paying close enough attention to be able to tell you when and
how often the items change, but I know there are at least three
different sets of items available here, probably more, so check back here 
frequently for new equipment. I haven't noticed the items changing as much in
other shops. I honestly don't know what determines Mintaka's changes.

Shops: I haven't listed every item from every shop since those are easy to
find. I do list items that I haven't found elsewhere or that you may need 
more than one of.

Drop Items: Getting drop items can take a long while, but you'll need them 
anyway if you intend to fill out your field guide. The quest magnus Treasure
Lowdown improves your chances of receiving drop items. I can't say with 
absolute certainty, but these seem to stack. At least, the more of them I 
carry, the more often enemies seem to drop things. 

Drop 2.0 Update: I'm convinced now that Treasure Lowdowns stack though the 
effect seems to max out around five or six. In other words, having five in
inventory will help as much as having a dozen. More importantly, I've 
discovered that if you need an item from a particular enemy in a group, kill
that enemy last. My last entry in the field guide was for Vodnik's item. I
had received forty-five (yes, 45!) Swords of Tears from the Mites that show
up with Vodnik. I assumed it was because there were two Mite to the one
Vodnik. I was getting discouraged (to put it mildly) when I decided to leave
the Vodnik until last. I tried this three times...and got three Whitecap
Shields in a row. This is either a huge coincidence or a good thing to know
if you need drop items.

Organization: I have listed the magnus in the same order that they appear in
the Magnus Gathering section of the menu. It's hard to look for something if
you don't know what you're missing; with this organization, you should be able
to pinpoint the empty slots in your list. If your magnus listing doesn't seem
to be in the same order as this one, use the Y button to rearrange your 
magnus by Type; that will put us on the same page.

Use Control + F to find:
 1. Sagi's Weapons      [SWS]
 2. Milly's Weapons     [MWS]
 3. Guillo's Weapons    [GWS]
 4. Sagi's Armor        [SAS]
 5. Milly's Armor       [MAS] 
 6. Guillo's Armor      [GAS]
 7. Helmets             [HLMS]
 8. Shields             [SHDS]
 9. Accessories & Items [AAIS]
10. Quest Magnus        [QUM]
11. Sedna Magnus        [SEDM] 

Pac-Man: At present, I have 145 out of the 147 I need; I'm stuck at the 
moment. Just feed  it magnus all the time. Try to keep a list so you'll know
what you're lacking. Visit Quzman to be told the count; he'll give you gifts
once and again.

Abbreviations: UG = Upgrade; SQ = Sidequest

Thanks: Before we get started, I owe several people at the BKO board here at
Gamefaqs my thanks. Thanks to Byrgg for his great upgrading faq which told
me how to find Excalibur and Mother Superior's Habit. Thanks to _Zero for
posting a mixing list (which helped a lot!) and to Soaprman for his Quest
Magnus faq which help me fill in some holes in my list. Thanks to DrWobbler
for posting the prize for the Pacman quest. Thanks to broodwars, Crystalorbie,
Namelocs, twistedsword, funky bob, and all the other great gamers at the
board who answered all my questions. Special thanks to Celsius for all the
help he gave me. More special thanks to markinct for checking over the faq
for me to help me fix mistakes. Thanks, everyone!

Version 1.1: Added several drop items and Tarot Card; straightened it up a bit
to make it easier to read.

Version 1.5: Fixed some errors (thanks again, markinct!) and added items from
Tarazed. Found Chabb in Mintaka.

Version 2.0: Finally! Got those last five magnus. Hooray! Unless something
major comes up that I don't know about, this will probably be my last update.

Okay, then, let's get started. :)

Weak Attack    -  starting equipment; any shop

Medium Attack   - starting equipment; any shop

Strong Attack   - starting equipment; any shop

Weak Attack B   - Any shop starting with Nashira
                - chest in Greater Mintaka

Medium Attack B - Any shop starting with Nashira
                - chest in Azha

Strong Attack B - Any shop starting with Nashira
                - chest in storehouse, Nashira

Mirage Turn     - chest in Holoholo Jungle
                - dropped by Badwin in Celestial Tree

Pegasus Jump    - chest in left house, Greater Mintaka
                - dropped by Ray-Moo in Cloud Passage
                - dropped by Devil's Doll, Zaurak

Canyon Wind     - chest in top bunk, far-right house, Nashira
                - dropped by Striper, Nunki Valley (after fire)
                - dropped by Lesser Caracal, Holoholo Jungle

Rabbit Dash     - chest in Quzman's house, Pherkad
                - dropped by Ballet Dancer, Vega Building Site

Scension        - starting equipment for Sagi
                - dropped by Bar-Mool, Lesser Celestial River
                - chest in Verus' house
                - chest in Thornwood

Heavenfall      - chest in Botein Lake after it's drained
                - dropped by Maw-Maw-Goo, Matar Highlands
                - chest in house in Sheliak
                - chest in Nunki Valley

Cliffsunder     - chest in Emperor's Residence
                - dropped by Pul-Puk in Botein Lake

Ascension       - chest in clouds in Cloud Passage/Celestial River
                - dropped by Rulug in Zaurak
                - dropped by Shadow Claws, Cloudvents

Red Padma       - Azha, chest in mine after Juwar is gone (by conveyor belts) 
                - dropped by Dark Service Swordsman in Cloud Passage
                - dropped by Blood Leaf, Nunki Valley (before fire) or 

Icebloom        - defeat Sandfeeder
                - in dead-end off Mallo's powder room, Azha

Transcension    - defeat Veinroots
                - chest past where Malpercio died, Atria
                - dropped by Dance King, A Block, Tarazed

Blast Tooth     - defeat Hearteater in Matar Highlands
                - chest in C Block bathroom, Tarazed 

Rime Blade      - defeat trio at Cloudvents
                - dropped by Juggler (the one with red shoes) in Zaurak

The Godling's Rapture - receive after spirit becomes part of Sagi (receive
                         automatically) - Vega Building Site

Swallowtail     - starting equipment for Milly when she joins
                - dropped by Ogopogo, Boetin Lake
Emerald Thrush  - chest in Sandfeeder's Nest (past)
                - dropped by Devil Claws in Nihal Desert
                - dropped by Armored Mite, Nekkar
                - chest in Nunki Valley

Sevenstar Dust  - defeat Afterling, Botein Lake
                - chest, Naos (outside)
                - chest, Pherkad Laundry

Arabesque       - defeat Lord of Lava Caves
                - dropped by Slave Balloona, Nekkar

Diamond Drop    - chest in Lava Caves
                - dropped by Beta Paramachina in Rodolfo's or coliseum

Rising Condor   - chest in Nunki Valley
                - dropped by Valta in Holoholo Jungle
                - dropped by Queen Alraune, Nekkar

Phoenix Dive    - defeat Shanath
                - dropped by Saber Dragon, Nekkar
                - dropped by High-Mobility Cannon, Tarazed/Coliseum

Open Your Eyes  - defeat Mange-Roches (boss), Nekkar
                - chest in Tarazed Core   

Firewheel       - starting equipment for Guillo when he joins
                - chest, Azha (where you meet Bein)

Icefan          - chest in Hassaleh forest (Thornwood)
                - dropped by Doomer, Nihal Desert

Fulgadrum       - defeat Giacomo #1
                - chest in Baelheit's Mansion
                - chest near back exit, Sheratan

Ghostarrow      - chest on the ground - Cloud Passage/Celestial River
                - dropped by Prima Queen, A Block, Tarazed

Sigil Cry       - chest in Zaurak (past)
                - chest inside Celestial Tree
                - in chest in locker room of Dark Service HQ after 
                   defeat of paramachina boss

Twin Ice Auger  - chest in Lava Caves (surrounded by Rockflies)
                - dropped by Medium in Atria
                - dropped by Magic Shellfish, Seginus

Levinsnake's Rise - receive after first fight with Valara
                  - dropped by Filler in Zaurak

Spirilight Quiver - chest in Zaurak (past)
                  - chest past where Malpercio died in Atria (past)
                  - dropped by Nebulos, Seginus

Wickedwing Revels - defeat Nunki Valley Afterling
                  - chest in Zaurak (2nd trip)
                  - dropped by Zelmer, Seginus 
                  - dropped by Upgraded Paramachina, Dark HQ (2nd time) 

Heavenlapse       - defeat Holohobird
                  - chest past where Malpercio died, Atria
                  - chest inside Celestial Tree (where Valara is)
Empyreal Wildfire - defeat Lord of Lava Caves
                  - dropped by Larva Golem in, Seginus

Zeniver Cascade   - defeat Guillo in Atria (past)
                  - chest in Seginus
                  - dropped by Magic Shellfish, Seginus

Lightendrake's Drop - defeat Veinroots
                    - chest in Atria (past), bottom of 4th screen
                    - dropped by Larva Golem, Seginus

Fellstar Gleam      - defeat Seginus

Shadowflame Engine  - defeat Rudra (boss) in Zaurak
                    - chest, D Block, Tarazed 

Aphelion Dustwake   - defeat Wiseman, past where Malpercio died, Atria (past)

[Sagi's Weapons - SWS]

Punk Knife      - starting equipment
                - dropped by Empire Grunt in Emperor's Residence

Longsword       - in chest in one of the cells in the sewers of Mintaka
                - buy in Mintaka (early)

Saber           - buy in Sheratan or Nashira
                - get one saving the villagers at Botein Lake

Freesword       - buy in Sheliak or use coupon in Sheliak or Nashira or in
                   Mintaka (first trip back)

Marvelous Sword - defeat Giacomo #3 or trade Garm

Arondite        - coupons in Vega or trade
                - defeat Valara for the last time at the Celestial Tree

Apocalypse Sword - defeat Black Dragon, Atria/Coliseum
                 - trade with Garm
                 - dropped by Hercules Dragon, Coliseum or Tarazed Core

Flame Sword     - defeat Afterling in Emperor's Residence
                - dropped by Devil Claws in Nihal Desert
                - buy Azha

Flametongue     - chest in upper left room behind monster, Botein Lake
                - buy Naos

Sword of Thirst - defeat Afterling, Lava Caves

Kusanagi        - chest in Nunki Valley

Efreeti Saber   - chest in Zaurak (2nd trip - four ghosts walking around it)
                - trade with Garm

Prominence Sword - trade with Garm in Gemma Village or Lalune in Vega
                 - defeat Baelheit, Tarazed

Laevateinn the Flameking - automatically receive after you see the White
                             Dragon in Matar Highlands

Ice Dagger      - buy in Rasalas (past), Mintaka, Sheratan

Crystal Edge    - chest up cliff behind dead Sandfeeder (past)
                - buy in Naos

Aqua Truth      - buy in Azha or Nashira

Sword of Tears  - chest, far-right house, Nashira
                - dropped by Magician Mite, Cloud Passage
                - buy Pherkad, Cebalrai, or Komo Mai

Siren Sword     - dropped by Valta in Holoholo Jungle
                - coupon in Komo Mai

Frozen Sword    - trade with Garm or buy in Gemma

Flash Dagger    - chest in Emperor's Residence
                - buy in Rasalas or Mintaka (early)
                - dropped by Imperial Swordsman in Mintaka (when Sagi 
                   is trying to escape early in the game)

Thunderfish     - buy or use coupon in Sheraton
                - buy Sheliak, Nashira, or Mintaka (first time back)

Glimmer         - defeat Giacomo #2
                - use coupon in Pherkad

Jupiter Sword   - chest in strategy room of Dark Service HQ (2nd time)
                - use coupon in Vega
                - trade Garm

Plasma Blade    - chest in Zaurak (past)

Ray of Truth    - one coupon in Mintaka gets two of these swords
                - dropped by Cloud Cancerite in Cloudvents
                - dropped by Gigim in Nihal Desert
                - buy in Cujam, Pherkad, or Opu

Apostolos       - chest in Rodolfo's office
                - trade with Garm
                - use coupon in Komo Mai

Ascalon         - chest in Matar Heights
                - trade Altrithr

Murderous Joker - dropped by Shadow Claws in Cloudvents
                - trade with Farina

Ravensbrood     - defeat Shanath
                - chest in strategy room of Dark Service HQ (2nd time) 
Cutthroat Knife - UG Punk Knife + Yesterbean

Greatsword      - UG Longsword + Stone

Sleepsword      - UG Freesword + Fluffy Pillow

Victory Sword   - UG Marvelous Sword + Boulder

Excalibur       - UG Arondite + Celestial Tree

Longfire        - UG Longsword + Blaze

Fire Saber      - UG Saber + Blaze

Scorching Sword - UG Flame Sword + Machina Gas

Blaze Sword     - UG Flame Sword + Blaze

Blazetongue     - UG Flametongue + Machina Gas

Flametongue Rekindled - UG Flametongue + Blaze

Desert Moon     - UG Sword of Thirst + Machina Gas

Parched Sword   - UG Sword of Thirst + Blaze

Amenohabagiri   - UG Kusanagi + Rotten Food

Efreeti Heart   - UG Efreeti Saber + Blaze

Efreeti Blade   - UG Efreeti Saber + Fireglow Stone

Fiery Apocalypse - UG Apocalypse Sword + Fireglow Stone

Sol Sword       - UG Prominence Sword + Fireglow Stone

Helios Sword    - UG Prominence Sword + Lava

Ice Soldier     - UG Ice Dagger + Pristine Water

Ice Saber       - UG Saber + Pristine Water

Crystalsword    - UG Freesword + Pristine Water

Crystal Saber   - UG Crystal Edge + Pristine Water

Aqua Brand      - UG Aqua Truth + Pristine Water

Sword of Destiny - UG Sword of Tears + Pristine Water

Mermaid Sword   - UG Siren Sword + Sparkling Snow

Silent Sword    - UG Siren Sword + Fluffy Pillow

Icy Apocalypse  - UG Apocalypse Sword + Sparkling Snow

Frozen Edge     - UG Frozen Sword + Sparkling Snow

Thundersword    - UG Freesword + Spark Shroom

Thunderfish Rex - UG Thunderfish + Jolt Shroom

Thunder Edge    - UG Thunderfish + Spark Shroom

Thunderslash    - UG Thunderfish + Machina Gas

Levinlight      - UG Glimmer + Machina Gas

True Glimmer    - UG Glimmer + Yesterbean

Galantyne       - UG Arondite + Lightning Shroom

Jupiter's Rage  - UG Jupiter Sword + Machina Gas

Gaea Sword      - UG Jupiter Sword + Lightning Shroom

Thunderous Apocalypse - UG Apocalypse Sword + Lightning Shroom

Coruscant Blade - UG Plasma Blade + Lightning Shroom

Rem Truth       - UG Ray of Truth + Fluffy Pillow

El Truth        - UG Ray of Truth + Light Powder

Galahad         - UG Arondite + Light Powder

Apostolos Duo   - UG Apostolos + Yesterbean

Divine Apocalypse - UG Apocalypse Sword + Light Powder

Dragonbuster    - UG Ascalon + Yesterbean

Double Joker    - UG Murderous Joker + Dark Powder

Murderous Soul  - UG Murderous Joker + Soot Soup

Dark Apocalypse - UG Apocalypse Sword + Dark Powder

Ravensblood     - UG Ravensbrood + Fluella Cooties

[Milly's Weapons - MWS]

Wooden Club      - starting equipment for Milly
                 - dropped by Shawrah in Thornwood (frequent drop)
                 - buy Sheratan

Panther Bludgeon - buy in Opu or use coupon in Komo Mai

Rose Shill       - chest near back exit, Sheratan

Classic Cudgel   - dropped by Ghoulish Skirmisher (in blue) in Zaurak
                 - buy Cebalrai or Komo Mai
                 - give Holoholofruit to Olifant in Opu

Golden Cudgel    - buy in Algorab or use coupon in Gemma Village

Heat Club        - dropped by Albireo, Sandfeeder's Nest
                 - buy Sheratan or Azha

Drakeshead Stave - chest in Nashira near boats

Efreeti Horn     - chest in Vega Building Site

Crystal Cudgel   - chest in Lava Caves or use coupon in Azha
                 - buy Nashira

Glacial Bludgeon - buy Pherkad

Cold Queen       - coupon in Vega or trade
                 - defeat Heughes for the last time in Nunki Valley

Lightning Club   - use water on man on left in drained Botein Lake
                 - coupon in Mintaka
                 - buy Cujam or Sheratan

Luciferous Stave - dropped by Armored Balloona, Nunki Valley (after fire)
                 - dropped by Juggler (red shoes) in Zaurak

Wild God         - trade with Garm or Lalune
                 - chest, A Block, Tarazed

Vajra the Indestructible - automatically receive following scene after you
                             defeat boss in Nekkar

White Club       - chest in Holoholo Jungle
                 - buy in Opu

Demon Cudgel     - trade with Garm
                 - dropped by Monoceros in Zaurak

Rosevine         - UG Rose Shill + Stone

Classic Impact   - UG Classic Cudgel + Boulder

Heat Cudgel      - UG Heat Club + Machina Gas

Poison Heat      - UG Heat Club + Rotten Food

Fire Panther     - UG Panther Bludgeon + Fireglow Stone

Drakeslord Stave - UG Drakeshead Stave + Blaze

Efreeti Tusk     - UG Efreeti Horn + Fireglow Stone

Ice Club         - UG Wooden Club + Pristine Water

Crystal Blue     - UG Crystal Cudgel + Pristine Water

Glacial Mass     - UG Glacial Bludgeon + Sparkling Snow

Diamond Queen    - UG Cold Queen + Sparkling Snow

Queen's Breath   - UG Cold Queen + Flame Ice

Thunder Club     - UG Wooden Club + Spark Shroom

Lightning Strike - UG Lightning Club + Spark Shroom

Thunder Panther  - UG Panther Bludgeon + Lightning Shroom

Auriferous Stave - UG Luciferous Stave + Yesterbean

Plasma Cudgel    - UG Golden Cudgel + Lightning Shroom

Astratheos       - UG Wild God + Lightning Shroom

Holy Cudgel      - UG Golden Cudgel + Light Powder

White Wish       - UG White Club + Light Powder

Cerberus Cudgel  - UG Demon Cudgel + Fluella Cooties

[Guillo's Weapons - GWS]

Sorcery Sophia    - starting equipment for Guillo 
                  - buy Naos
                  - dropped by Balloona, Thornwood (Hasseleh)

Hidden Sophia     - chest in Zaurak (2nd trip)
                  - trade Garm 
                  - dropped by Mobile Turret, Nunki Valley (after fire) 

Mars Sophia       - coupon Mintaka 
                  - dropped by Phoelix in Lava Caves
                  - dropped by Mite, Botein Lake (easier to get in Coliseum)
                  - take Paramour's Secret to Camilla in Mintaka 

Idios Pyr         - trade with Garm or Lalune
                  - chest, Tarazed (trolley station)

Ice Roue          - in chest near red save first time in Mintaka
                  - buy Mintaka (early) or Nashira

Apsu Sophia       - chest inside Celestial Tree
                  - buy Gemma

Deluge the Seaband - gift received from new Great Kamroh after Seginus scene

Thunder Roue       - buy Mintaka (early) or Pherkad

Thor Sophia        - chest inside Celestial Tree (where Valara is)
Light Sophia       - buy in Cujam or Opu
                   - coupon in Sheliak
                   - give Pressed Flower to girl missing her dad in Cujam

Fair Guardian      - chest in Atria (past), bottom of 4th screen
                   - trade Garm

Cross Sophia       - chest in Zaurak (past)

Hades Sophia       - trade with Garm or coupon in Vega
                   - defeat Nasca for the last time in the Cloudvents

Fire Sophia        - UG Sorcery Sophia + Blaze

Burning Revelation - UG Hidden Sophia + Fireglow Stone

Meteor Sophia      - UG Mars Sophia + Blaze

Deuteros Pyr       - UG Idios Pyr + Fireglow Stone

Ice Sophia         - UG Sorcery Sophia + Pristine Water

Ice Sense          - UG Ice Roue + Pristine Water

Apsu Logos         - UG Apsu Sophia + Sparkling Snow

Thunder Sense      - UG Thunder Roue + Spark Shroom

Thor Pathos        - UG Thor Sophia + Lightning Shroom

Holy Vein          - UG Light Sophia + Light Powder

Sophic Guardian    - UG Fair Guardian + Light Powder

Cross Sagesse      - UG Cross Sophia + Fluella Cooties

Hades Sagesse      - UG Hades Sophia + Dark Powder

[Sagi's Armor - SAS]

Leather Vest  - starting equipment
              - chest, Dark Service HQ 
              - buy in Rasalas or Mintaka (early)

Full Plate    - buy Mintaka (early) or Sheratan
              - chest in Emperor's Residence (same room as Pretty Stone)

Chain Mail    - chest in upper-right house in Greater Mintaka
              - dropped by Imperial Elite in Cloud Passage 
              - buy Sheratan or Mintaka (second trip)

Scale Mail    - dropped by Mirabilis and Acheron (turtle) in Holoholo Jungle
              - buy Nashira, Sheliak, Azha, Pherkad
              - give Rock Salt to the salt merchant in Azha

Battle Suit  - gift from Verus after Cloudvents/Cujam
             - trade with Garm
             - buy in Komo Mai or Opu

Golden Armor - chest in Vega Building Site (follow Shanath)
             - give Glubberfish to homesick knight in Elnath
             - trade with Garm

Amor Alma    - chest on far-right screen, Matar Highlands
             - trade Garm or Krishna

Flame Mail   - chest, far-right screen, Albali Sandhollow
             - buy Azha or Sheratan

Salamander Tongue - dropped by Dragon in Atria
                  - trade with Garm

Snow Mail         - buy Algorab or use coupons in Gemma; trade

Breath Jacket     - buy in Naos or Cujam or Mintaka (second trip)

Armor of Tonitrus - defeat Holoholo Bird
                  - trade Garm in Gemma Village
                  - coupons in Gemma Village

Saint's Armor     - dropped by King Caracal Matar Highlands/Coliseum
                  - trade with Garm
                  - chest, 4th floor controlroom, Tarazed

Evil Mail         - chest Zaurak (past)
                  - coupon in Komo Mai

Pow Vest          - UG Leather Vest + Machina Gas

Crocodile Vest    - UG Leather Vest + Stone

Solid Plate       - UG Full Plate + Machina Gas

Heavy-Duty Plate  - UG Full Plate + Stone

Lucentskin Mail   - UG Scale Mail + Stone

Crossbone Mail    - UG Scale Mail + Machina Gas

Grand Armor       - UG Golden Armor + Machina Gas

Queen Armor       - UG Golden Armor + Fluffy Pillow

Divine Armor      - UG Golden Armor + Boulder

Passio Alma       - UG Amor Alma + Machina Gas

Amatrix Alma      - UG Amor Alma + Boulder

Blaze Mail        - UG Flame Mail + Lava

Flame Armor       - UG Flame Mail + Blaze

Flamelink Mail    - UG Chain Mail + Blaze

Fiery Battle Suit - UG Battle Suit + Blaze

Salamander Eyes   - UG Salamander Tongue + Ancient Mask

Salamander Scales - UG Salamander Tongue + Sparkling Snow

Icy Battle Suit   - UG Battle Suit + Pristine Water

Blizzard Mail     - UG Snow Mail + Boulder

Snowwind Mail     - UG Snow Mail + Rotten Food

Levinlink Mail    - UG Chain Mail + Spark Shroom

Temper of Tonitrus  - UG Armor of Tonitrus + Boulder

Fires of Tonitrus   - UG Armor of Tonitrus + Lava

Ice of Tonitrus     - UG Armor of Tonitrus + Flame Ice

Thunder of Tonitrus - UG Armor of Tonitrus + Jolt Shroom

Light of Tonitrus   - UG Armor of Tonitrus + Light Powder

Shadow of Tonitrus  - UG Armor of Tonitrus + Soot Soup

Grandmail of Tronitrus - UG Armor of Tonitrus + Machina Gas

Saint-Knight's Armor   - UG Saint's Armor + Machina Gas

Saint-Champion's Armor - UG Saint's Armor + Dark Powder

Brilliant Armor        - UG Saint's Armor + Light Powder

Karma Mail             - UG Evil Mail + Fluffy Pillow

Chaos Mail             - UG Evil Mail + Extreme Stress

[Milly's Armor - MAS]

Grappler's Gi         - chest in Elnath Castle
                      - buy Nashira, Pherkad, Celebrai

Twelve-Layered Kimono - chest in Atria
                      - give Gust Boulder to Lolo

Firedrake Regalia     - trade with Garm or Krishna

Heat Camouflage       - give Billowsmoke to Granny in Cebalrai
                      - do Juwar's SQ in Azha

Frozen Suit           - chest in Cloud Passage

Aqua Camouflage       - chest in Holoholo Jungle
                      - give Yesterbean to girl in orphanage, Sheratan

Heavenbolt Wrap       - receive from Know-It-All kid in barn in Cebalrai after
                         you visit Moonguile Forest;
                      -trade Farina

Jaraiya's Robe        - chest near entrance, Nekkar
                      - coupon Vega

Sister's Habit        - gift from Verus after Cloudvents/Cujam
                      - trade Garm

Mourning Dress        - trade with Garm
                      - coupons in Gemma
                      - dropped by Shaman, Atria 

Fighter's Gi          - UG Grappler's Gi + Medic Kit

Warrior's Gi          - UG Grappler's Gi + Primordial Cactus

Fifteen-Layered Kimono - UG Twelve-Layered Kimono + Fresh Air

Aetherdrake Regalia   - UG Firedrake Regalia + Lava

Hazyfire Camouflage   - UG Heat Camouflage + Ancient Mask

Diamond Suit          - UG Frozen Suit + Flame Ice

Hazyrain Camouflage   - UG Aqua Camouflage + Ancient Mask

Heavengale Wrap       - UG Heavenbolt Wrap + Fresh Air

Saizou's Robe         - UG Jiraiya's Robe + Jolt Shroom

Mother Superior's Habit - UG Sister's Habit + Primoridal Cactus

Confessional Clothes  - UG Sister's Habit + Celestial Tree

Mournful Dress        - UG Mourning Dress + Soot Soup

[Guillo's Armor - GAS]

Heat Robe         - buy Mintaka (early) or Sheratan

Robe of Firelight - coupon in Mintaka
                  - buy in Azha or Naos

Pyre Frock        - chest inside Celestial Tree
                  - chest in cafe, Vega
                  - trade Garm

Nixie Garb        - from Sis in orphanage (bring her Thornflower Nectar)

Sleet Shawl       - buy in Sheliak or Nashira

Freezing Gown     - chest, right house in Gemma
                  - coupon Vega
                  - trade Garm

Thunder Robe      - chest in guardhouse, Mintaka
                  - buy in Mintaka (early) or Sheratan

Thunderhead Cloak - buy in Pherkad, Cebalrai, or Komo Mai
                  - coupon in Pherkad (you need to use coupons here anyway for
                     the Alarm Clock)

Holy Shroud       - chest in Seginus
                  - trade with Garm
                  - coupons Vega

Mephistopheles Cloak - gift from Verus after Cloudvents/Cujam
                     - trade with Lalune in Vega 

Sublime Garb         - chest in Atria (past), 2nd screen
                     - trade with Garm or buy Gemma

Flame Robe           - UG Heat Robe + Blaze

Indigo Flame Robe    - UG Heat Robe + Rotten Food

Firedawn Robe        - UG Robe of Firelight + Blaze

Firemoon Robe        - UG Robe of Firelight + Lava

Burning Pyre Frock   - UG Pyre Frock + Fireglow Stone

Canonical Pyre Frock - UG Pyre Frock + Lava

Undine Garb          - UG Nixie Garb + Pristine Water

Snowstorm Shawl      - UG Sleet Shawl + Flame Ice

Jinni's Frost        - UG Freezing Gown + Sparkling Snow

Iceberg              - UG Freezing Gown + Machina Gas

Frozen Gown          - UG Freezing Gown + Flame Ice

Lightning Robe       - UG Thunder Robe + Fresh Air

Thundergod Cloak     - UG Thunderhead Cloak + Lightning Shroom

Whitebolt Cloak      - UG Thunderhead Cloak + Light Powder

Blackbolt Cloak      - UG Thunderhead Cloak + Dark Powder

Holy Fireshroud      - UG Holy Shroud + Fireglow Stone

Holy Lightshroud     - UG Holy Shroud + Light Powder

Holy Vigilshroud     - UG Holy Shroud + Fluffy Pillow

Flamistopheles Cloak - UG Mephistopheles Cloak + Blaze

Levistopheles Cloak  - UG Mephistopheles Cloak + Spark Shroom

Inferno Cloak        - UG Mephistopheles Cloak + Dark Powder

Sacrosanct Robes     - UG Sublime Garb + Boulder

Garb of Atonement    - UG Sublime Garb + Light Powder

Garb of Thorns       - UG Sublime Garb + Soot Soup

[Helmets - HLMS]

Hero Mask            - trade with Krishna
                     - give Stinging Antiseptic to Verus' Maid (Pesky Mildew!)

Power Helmet         - help Caplin Herder get out of Thornwood (Hassaleh)
                     - buy in Sheratan

Golden Helm          - chest in Vega Building Site (follow Shanath)
                     - chest in Baelheit's office after he leaves for Tarazed
                     - trade

Hell-Purged Casque   - give rocksalt to Loiterer in Nihal Desert
                     - coupon Pherkad

Phoenix Helm         - trade with Garm
                     - coupons in Vega
                     - chest in Tarazed Core (screen just beneath bridge) 

Crystal Helm         - buy or use coupon in Komo Mai or Opu
                     - dropped by Geryon, Zaurak 

Kappa Helmet         - trade with Garm or Krishna
                     - dropped by Armored Cancerite, Celestial River  

Electric Helm        - buy in Sheratan

Helm of Indra        - buy in Cebalrai
                     - help hograt out of the mud in Holoholo Jungle (this
                       is available one time only - when it's raining there)

Angel's Helm         - buy in Algorab
                     - coupons in Gemma
                     - trade Garm

Skull Mask           - buy in Naos

Negative Hat         - chest in Zaurak (hit dark cloud with light)

Mk. II Mask          - UG Hero Mask + Medic Kit

Heavy-Duty Helmet    - UG Power Helmet + Stone

Justice Helm         - UG Golden Helm + Fireglow Stone

Divine Helm          - UG Golden Helm + Light Powder

Golden Knightshelm   - UG Golden Helm + Celestial Tree

Hell-Baked Casque    - UG Hell-Purged Casque + Lava

Phoenix Head         - UG Phoenix Helm + Rotten Food

Phoenix Heart        - UG Phoenix Helm + Lava

Glacial Helm         - UG Crystal Helm + Flame Ice

Kappa Helmet, Jr.    - UG Kappa Helmet + Fluffy Pillow

Blitz Helm           - UG Electric Helm + Spark Shroom

Grandhelm of Indra   - UG Helm of Indra + Boulder

War Helm of Indra    - UG Helm of Indra + Jolt Shroom

Innocent's Helm      - UG Angel's Helm + Fresh Air

Foxfire Cap          - coupon in Sheratan 
                     - secret chest in Botein Lake Ruins - in bottom left 
                       room, investigate the chest the villager was sitting
                       on after you've drained the water (speak to him before 
                       he falls asleep). Snap the wheels into place then push
                       it to the right until it stops. A chest will appear
                       behind you.

Flame Hood           - Azha, dead-end off room with dancing children

Scarlet Crown        - gift from Lolo after she finishes cablecar

Zelos Kune           - chest near save, Vega Building Site
                     - coupon Gemma
                     - give Nameless Flower to ghost man in Naos 

Frost Cap            - chest in Vega Building Site (north of where you fought 
                     - use three coupons in Gemma

Aqua Hood            - chest, Celestial River

Crown of Bubbles     - chest, left side of first screen, Matar Heights
                     - use three coupons in Gemma

Quickfreeze Cap      - chest in doc's house in Sheratan
                     - use coupon in Sheratan

Thunder Hat          - dropped by Blood Leaf in Nunki Valley (before fire)
                         or in Coliseum

Indiglow Cowl        - buy in Komo Mai or Cebalrai

Welkinsire Cap       - buy in Gemma or use coupons in Vega

Nurse's Cap          - buy or use coupon in Sheliak
                     - give sickly brother in Sherliak clinic a Spark Shroom

Hymnos Kune          - buy in Algorab

Trigon Band          - chest in circular room left of bath-house, Vega
                     - coupons in Mintaka
                     - dropped by Skeleton Warrior (purple) in Zaurak 
                         (first screen)

Sparkfire Cap        - UG Foxfire Cap + Spark Shroom

Blaze Hood           - UG Flame Hood + Lava

Ardor Kune           - UG Zelos Kune + Machina Gas

Zelos Kapelo         - UG Zelos Kune + Fireglow Stone

Icicle Cap           - UG Frost Cap + Machina Gas

Marine Hood          - UG Aqua Hood + Flame Ice

Crown of Seaspray    - UG Crown of Bubbles + Boulder

Crown of Ice Pearls  - UG Crown of Bubbles + Flame Ice

Big Thunder Hat      - UG Thunder Hat + Lightning Shroom

Thunderhead Cowl     - UG Indiglow Cowl + Boulder

Astral Cowl          - UG Indiglow Cowl + Sparkling Snow

Thunderpeal Cap      - UG Welkinsire Cap + Lightning Shroom

Welkinswrath Cap     - UG Welkinsire Cap + Machina Gas

Mary's Cap           - UG Nurse's Cap + Light Powder

Happiness Kune       - UG Hymnos Kune + Light Powder

Rock Kune            - UG Hymnos Kune + Fluffy Pillow

Gloam Band           - UG Trigon Band + Soot Soup

The Adversary's Band - UG Trigon Band + Dark Powder

[Shields - SHDS]

Round Shield         - chest in house near port, Mintaka
                     - buy Sheratan

Buckler              - buy Sheratan

Tower Shield         - buy or use coupons in Pherkad
                     - reward for Get Credit in Classics SQ

Battle Shield        - dropped by Unuk in Nunki Valley (before fire) or in
                     - buy Asha, Sheliak, Nashira
                     - give Fireglow Stone to spinning man in Greater Mintaka

Platinum Shield      - trade Garm
                     - buy or use coupones in Gemma

Versed Shield        - dropped by Mad Cancerite in Celestial Tree
                     - buy Mintaka (late in game) or Opu
                     - receive after six ballots in Electioneer's Cheat!

Whitecap Shield      - chest in Thornwood (Hassaleh)
                     - defeat Giacomo #3
                     - dropped by Dark Service Swordmaster, Nunki Valley 
                           (after fire)
                     - dropped by Elite Imperial Guard, Vega Building Site

Thunderer's Shield   - chest in Vega Building Site
                     - buy Algorab

Anubis Shield        - trade Sanya or Garm
                     - coupons in Vega

Coin Shield          - UG Round Shield + Stone

Strongshield         - UG Buckler + Machina Gas

Devil Tower Shield   - UG Tower Shield + Extreme Stress

Mount Shield         - UG Tower Shield + Machina Gas

Valor Shield         - UG Battle Shield + Boulder

Silver Shield        - UG Platinum shield + Machina Gas

Mellow Shield        - UG Versed Shield + Extreme Stress

Shield for Troubled Waters - UG Whitecap Shiled + Sparkling Snow

Greatcap Shield      - UG Whitecap Shield + Machina Gas

Fulminator's Shield  - UG Thunderer's Shield + Extreme Stress

Osiris Shield        - UG Anubis Shield + Machina Gas

[Accessories & Items - AAIS]

Moon-Shaped Earring  - Sedna prize from Maia

Star-Shaped Earring  - Sedna prize from Maia

Sword-Shaped Earring - final Sedna prize from Maia

Cross Pendant        - give Pow Milk Yogurt to Brewmaster in Algoreb
                     - dropped by Cicada Golem (Championship Fight, Coliseum)
                     - give Mtn. Apple to School Zoologist at Celestial Tree

Hermit's Cane        - field guide prize
                     - chest in Verus' house
                     - reward for Courageous Leap SQ in Cujam

Warrior's Scarf      - right tent outside Celestial Tree
                     - prize in coliseum

Pegasus Anklet       - pass magic quiz in School of Magic
                     - chest in locker roo of Dark Service HQ after you 
                        defeat paramachina boss

Imperial Ward        - complete Milly's rock SQ in Nekkar

Vanishing Cloak      - receive from greythorne guy in Sheratan after 
                        completing greythorne SQ

Crimson Love         - Shaved Ice of Love to Almarde during greythorne SQ
                     - dropped by Ceratobus, Lava Caves

Azure Lotus          - dropped by Ogopogo, Lake Botein

Citrine Arc          - trade Farina
                     - give Poor Excuse for a Joke to Laughing Man in Opu

Ebon Slash           - trade Garm
                     - dropped by Ghost Claws in Celestial Tree

True Verdure         - give Mtn. Apple Wine to  Plaster Master in Emperor's 
                        Residence (he's in the tunnel beyond the red save 
                     - dropped by Fogg, Cloud Passage 

Violet Taboo         - trade with Garm
                     - dropped by Unuk, Nunki Valley (before fire)
                     - give Heartbreaking Song to shadowman in Rasalas

Purest Gold          - receive for field guide completion (100%)

Low Potion           - starting equipment
                     - dropped by enemies in Emperor's Residence

Potion               - dropped by Balloona in Hassaleh forest
                     - buy Sheratan

Middle Potion        - chest in Lava Caves
                     - buy Mintaka (second trip) or Azha
                     - chest in Sheliak (same house as Song quest girl)

High Potion          - chest in Cloudvents
                     - buy in Komo Mai or Vega
                     - chest in Geldoblame's (Disc 2)
                     - give Holoflower Nectar to girl in Cebalrai

Adhesive Bandages    - starting equipment for Milly
                     - buy Sheratan or Mintaka (second trip)
                     - reward for finding Tik's hat

Bandages             - chest on ground near Cloud School, Cloud Passage
                     - dropped by Autonomous Battle Machina in Nashira
                     - buy Sheliak, Pherkad, Cebalrai

First Aid Kit        - chest, Vega Building Site
                     - chest, Nekkar
                     - buy Opu

Fate's Cordial       - lots of these; first is in a chest near Geldoblame as
                        you're fleeing into the sewers of the Emperor's 

Red Beans            - catch chest floating by in sewer under Emperor's 
                         Residence; buy in Mintaka or Vega

Blue Beans           - buy in Sheratan or Vega
                     - Skeed's SQ

Yellow Beans         - buy in Mintaka or Vega

Black Beans          - deliver Flame Ice for Shaved-Ice lady in Nihal Desert
                     - buy in Naos or Vega

Green Beans          - buy in Vega or Mintaka (second trip)

Purple Beans         - chest carried by flying monster in Albali Sandhollow
                     - buy Vega
                     - complete Un-Wanted Posters SQ

Pink Beans           - coliseum prize

Herb                 - put out fire in Dark HQ (very beginning of game)
                     - buy Naos
                     - chest, Hassaleh Port

Herb Powder          - dropped by Wizard Mite in Celestial Tree
                     - buy in Cujam, Komo Mai, or Opu

Alarm Clock          - coupon in Pherkad shop or Gemma shop

Brawn-Brewed Tea     - coupon in Pherkad shop

Fire-Brewed Tea      - from Cloudmeister when you give him a Diadem Cloud

Ice-Brewed Tea       - coupon in Pherkad shop

Lightning-Brewed Tea - coupon in Komo Mai or Opu (thanks, markinct!)

Elbow Grease Tea     - complete ballot SQ in Komo Mai; leave town and return; 
                        talk to the lefty candidate again for the tea

Brawn Fruit          - take Bartender's Chronic Fatigue in Pherkad Pub

Fire Fruit           - Azha, give Eau de Mouche to kid in mines (trade 
                        researcher a Mtn. Apple from messenger girl for it 
                        the first time)

Ice Fruit            - use Photosynth Lily on man on the right in drained 
                         Botein Lake

Lightning Fruit      - give Jolt Shroom to girl in Baelheit's Library

Rainbow Fruit        - Sedna prize from Maia

Berserker Drink      - field guide prize

Hot Spring           - chest in Holoholo Jungle
                     - coupons Gemma
                     - give cloud to boy in Algorab

Cancerite Booze      - can be dropped by any Cancerite (except Armored)
                     - trade Garm

Dragon Claw          - prize at coliseum
                     - chest in Rodolfo's place
                     - dropped by Dragon, Atria (past)

Bomb                 - buy in Vega or trade for it

Toxic Dumpling       - chest outside kitchen door, Emperor's Residence

Mattress             - Camille's Maid in Mintaka will give you one after you 
                        listen to her vent
                     - buy Sheliak

Elixir               - chest on ledge left of where you push boulder, Matar 
                     - buy Vega
                     - trade
                     - chest, Tarazed (near windows where you see Baelheit)

Book of Mana         - chest near save in Seginus
                     - help man with elevator in Vega
                     - trade with Sanya
                     - chest, Tarazed Core 

Fate Idol            - field guide prize
                     - chest in Rodolfo's Mansion
                     - a prize for ballot SQ

Fate's Kiss          - trade Garm in Gemma Village
                     - coupon in Vega (lots of coupons)
                     - defeat Baelheit, Tarazed
                     - complete Thunderbolts sidequest in Vega

Chalice of Freedom   - defeat Undead Swordsman in Holoholo Jungle
                     - save bird from plant in Holoholo Jungle
                     - buy in Gemma

Catfish King's Whiskers - receive from greythorne researcher in Sheraton after
                           you've talked to several people as a greythorne

Herb Flower          - chest inside Celestial Tree (where Valara is)
                     - dropped by Wizard Mite in Celestial Tree

White Night Beans    - washes up at Sagi's feet after he hops across 
                        Pollywhale in flooded Holoholo Jungle
                     - give Mtn. Apple Wine to man with bad back in 
                        Rodolfo's place

Poison Ashes         - field guide prize

Harp of Slumber      - field guide prize

Hero's Crest         - field guide prize; I recieved this one at 100%, but
                        it's actually given for filling in all the pictures,
                        so you might get it a tad before 100%.

Emperor's Crest      - prize at the Coliseum

The Beast's Chains   - receive from Quzman when Pac evolves the first time

The Beast's Collar   - receive from Quzman after Pac eats "something rare and
                        really enjoyed it" - has to be Withered Branch, Power
                        Pellet, or Plain Old Ice

The Beast's Shackles - receive from Quzman after Pac fully evolves

Saber Dragon Horn    - chest in Nunki Valley (where Heuges is, I think)
                     - dropped by Saber Dragon, Nekkar  

Pegasus Feather      - coliseum prize

Migraine Mirror      - Sedna prize from Maia

Tarot Card: Death    - field guide prize (received after 90% completion)

Fire Element         - chest in house left of orphanage in Sheratan
                     - dropped by Doomer, Nihal Desert

Ice Element          - chest Sandfeeder's Nest (past)
                     - give Almarde Sparkling Snow when she asks for it

Thunder Element      - chest, Treasure Room, Emperor's Residence 

Light Element        - chest, storehouse in Nashira

Dark Element         - chest, high in first house, Nashira
                     - dropped by Filler, Zaurak

Flare Element        - UG Fire Element + Blaze or buy/use coupons in Duhr 
                        shops (true for all Lv. 2 Elements)

Freeze Element       - UG Ice Element + Pristine Water

Plasma Element       - UG Thunder Element +Spark Shroom

Holy Element         - UG Light Element + Light Powder

Shade Element        - UG Dark Element + Dark Powder

Taunt                - give Machina Oil to guy with stalled airpod in Mintaka
                     - chest in Baelheit's Mansion
                     - dropped by Fallen Serviceman, Dark HQ (2nd time) 
                     - dropped by Alraune, Holoholo

Will                 - chest in Dark HQ
                     - get one from Elder's Granddaughter in Sheratan

Force                - chest in Nunki Valley
                     - chest far-left on upper level of Anuenue Port
                     - dropped by Elite Imperial Guard, Vega Building Site

Escape               - defeat Giacomo #1; defeat Giacomo #3

Blank Magnus         - receive at set times in the game (24 total)

[Quest Magnus - QUM]

Pristine Water - wells in laundry room (Pherkad), second house in Komo Mai,
                  and Sheratan
               - fountain full of plants in Mintaka where girl has lost heart

Drinking Water - oasis in Nihal Desert or age Pristine Water
               - kitchen of Emperor's Residence

Stale Water    - Dark Service HQ
               - Panie's House in Komo Mai
               - Fountain in Emperor's Residence
               - lots of places in Rodolfo's Mansion

Fireflow Stone - mix Pretty Stone with Blaze

Blaze          - any fireplace
               - experimenter in School of Magic who's boiling something (same
                   room as Power Pellets)

Flame          - house of man studying Greythornes in Hassaleh or age Blaze
               - Dark Service HQ
               - Krumley's house in Algoreb

Mother Sunshine  - take shortcut through center of Nihal Desert

Lightning Shroom - mix Jolt Shroom x 2

Jolt Shroom      - mix Spark Shroom x 2 or buy from girl in Hassaleh Port

Spark Shroom     - Dark Service HQ
                 - "Chanter's" place in Mintaka (above woman who
                     needs fluffy pillow) 
                 - buy from girl in Hassaleh Port

Treasure Lowdown - mix Mother-in-Law's Secret + Paramour's Secret

Mother-in-Law's Secret  - Sheliak, far right house in port screen

Yesterday's News        - Camille's maid in Mintaka
                        - age Paramour's Secret or Treasure Lowdown

Stone                   - rubble in Nihal Desert
                        - barrels in Hassaleh Port
                        - right, top room, Botein Ruins 

Boulder                 - mix Stone + Stone + Chunk of Rubber

Pow Milk                - both barns in Cebalrai

Pow Yogurt              - age Pow Milk

Pow Cheese              - age Pow Yogurt

Glubberfish Filet       - Nashira (after soldiers leave)

Rotten Food             - trashcan in Magic Teacher's class (School of Magic)
                        - age any food

Celestial Flower Seed   - Queen Corellia's bedroom bookshelf

Celestial Flower Bud    - mix Celestial Flower Seed + Freezing Rain + Fresh 
                        - age Celestial Flower Seed

Celestial Flower   - mix Mother Sunshine + Celestial Flower Bud + Fresh Air +
                     Fresh Air
                   - age Celestial Flower Bud

Cloud              - white clouds in Pherkad
                   - mix Blaze + Salty Water

Salty Water        - house near port in Mintaka
                   - Almarde's room
                   - bottom house in Opu 
                   - vase in Elnath Castle (2nd floor on the left)

Salt               - age salty water 
                   - get from Cloudmaster in Diadem Cloud Passage

Lava               - Lava Caves in Azha
                   - mix Stone + Blaze

Hot Rock           - age Lava
                   - mix Stone + Flame

Mountain Apple     - Cebalrai - house beside shop or far-right barn

Mountain Apple Vinegar - age Mountain Apple Wine

Mountain Apple Wine    - mix Mtn. Apple + Mtn. Apple + Holy Droplet

Magna Mess-Up          - mix recipe of at least three ingredients; when 
                          exclamation point appears for addition of new 
                          ingredient, ignore and leave it alone. Eventually, 
                          it will be a mess-up. Use the regular mixer so you 
                          don't tie up your faster ones.

Chronic Fatigue          - Bartender in Pherkad 
                         - guy standing above Anuenue Port

Rotting Mountain Apple   - Dark Service HQ or outside Emperor's kitchen

Fruit Fit for an Emperor - Emperor's Residence in Greater Mintaka - bedroom

Meat Fit for an Emperor  - Emperor's Residence - kitchen

Well-Done Meat           - mix Pow Meat + Blaze
                         - gold pot in Emperor's Residence kitchen

Juwar's Testimony        - Azha investigation

Mallo's Testimony        - Azha investigation

Rock Salt                - big rocks in Nihal Desert

Diadem Cloud             - mix Pristine Water + Blaze + Salt

Pac-Man - speak to Quzman's wife in Pherkad then go talk to him in the prison
            in Mintaka (key's by the three soldiers in the building that was
            blocked by the airpod in need of machina oil). Now go to his house
            in Pherkad and talk to him to get Pac-Man. Be aware that Pac-Man
            will eat all of your quest magnus unless you keep him penned up.
            Surround him with magnus like the Travel Log, Communicator, and
            Dog Tags if you don't want him to eat your other stuff. He'll move
            from card to card if you don't hem him up.

Pac-Land     - Pac-Man evolves to this after 70+ magnus eaten

Pac-Mania    - fully evolved Pac-man; must eat 147 different quest magnus

Chunk of Rubber    - left bedroom in Emperor's Residence

Hero's Pickax      - talk to Juwar in Lava Caves after Bein incident is over; 
                     do as he requests for infinite supply of pickax

Lava Lord's Skull  - Lava caves anytime after you've defeated Lava Lord;
                     doesn't run out

Sanfeeder Silk     - draw from Sandfeeder you defeat in the past; doesn't run 

Sparkling Snow     - buy in Nihal Desert (expensive) or mix Flame Ice + 
                     Primordial Cactus

Nameless Flower    - first cliff left of where you crash in Holoholo Jungle
                   - Quzman's house in Pherkad

Pressed Flower     - age Nameless Flower

Bloodstained Crest - after Celsica's death, speak to soldier walking around 
                      outside castle - return to Cloudvents to pick up shining
                      item off the ground

Diadem Royal Crest - on wall in castle - top floor - or at rooftop training

Egg                - speak to fantail in the second house in Komo Mai

Boiled Egg         - mix Pristine Water + Egg + Blaze + Flame + Flame + 
                      Freezing Rain + Salt

Machina Oil - Camille's house in Mintaka (Skeed and Vallye sitting at table);
               let maid gripe and draw two rounds of Yesterday's News then
               you can use Machina Oil anytime you like, but you'll only get
               those two rounds of Yesterday's News from her.

Gold Beetle Carapace - past guards on far left side of Celestial Tree - 
                         outside, behind the left tent

Gold Nugget          - age Gold Beetle Carapace

Adventure Novel      - mix Hero's Pickax with Empty Book

Naughty Novel        - Quzman's house in a chest

Dense Medical Tome   - Doctor's office in Sheliak or mix Medic Kit + Empty 

Read-to-Death Book   - age other books (Naughty & Adventure seem to age faster)

Chef-Prepared Meal   - mix Blaze + Meat Fit for Emperor + Holoholo Fruit +
                        Holoflower Nectar

Empty Book           - right bookshelf in boring/exciting teacher's class,
                        School of Magic

Pow Meat             - Rodolfo's Mansion - kitchen

Shaved Ice of Love   - mix Sparkling Snow + Sparkling Snow + Love Syrup

Portrait of Verus - the ?????? prize at the Coliseum; must defeat The Wicked
                     Gawd in the Advanced Battles to claim it for 99,999
                     (you'll need two of these - one for Gena & one for Pac)

Extreme Stress    - librarian at Library of Magic or child in house in Algoreb

Mound of Soot     - house just right of the save in Greater Mintaka (with the
                     twirling father and daughter) or mix Withered Branch +

Soot Soup         - mix Mound of Soot + Salty Water

Withered Branch   - age Celestial Fell-Branch

Pretty Stone      - through door by save in Emperor's Residence, run as far 
                     back as you can to hit a treasure room; Pretty Stones in 
                     back left corner

Plain Old Shaved Ice - age Shaved Ice of Love

Dark Powder          - age Light Powder; magnus will rotate between light 
                         and dark

Travel Log           - automatically recieved at Dark Service HQ

Basic Medical Primer - receive from Anna after she opens secret passage in
                         the pub, Nashira

Heartflask - receive from Georg in the hidden cave; go left from Mother
              Sunshine screen in Nihal Desert

Heartflask - final heartflask

Heartflask - filling with hearts

Heartflask - even more hearts

Heartflask - nearly filled with hearts

Paramour's Secret   - get from Almarde after Azha incident

Stinging Antiseptic - mix Eau de Mouche + Thornflower Nectar or age
                       Thornflower Nectar (if you pick up a few Thornflowers
                       and leave the gamecube on all night, you'll have
                       stinging antiseptic in the morning)

Cottoncap Gauze     - age Cottoncap Fruit

Fluella Cooties     - mix Chronic Fatigue + Extreme Stress + Foul Air; you can
                       also draw this once from a patient in Sheliak later in 
                       the game

Warm Cheers - get from soldier on the left inside Verus' house after you go
               to work for him; no longer available following first boss
               fight in Tarazed

Icy Jeers   - age Warm Cheers; the magnus will rotate between Cheers & Jeers

Real-Deal Mask - get from same kids that gave you the Toy Sword

Thornflower    - red flowers on cliff in forest in Hassaleh; you'll need a 
               Yesterbean to reach them

Thornflower Nectar - age Thornflower (takes a while)

Fluffy Pillow      - mix Cottoncap Fruit x 2

Sandcap Spores     - blue "plants" in homes in Rasalas (in the past)

Love Syrup         - pools where Pollywhales were in Nunki Forest (not 
                      available until after the forest is burned)

Sandcaps           - age Sandcap Spores

Machina Gas        - in every home in Mintaka

Yesterbean Variant - use Foul Air on a barren Yesterbean bush in the forest
                       in Hassaleh

Poor Excuse for a Joke - left room in Corellia's castle; draw from people
                          arguing at the table

Phantasmagoria     - coliseum (later in the game) - a guy will be writhing on
                      the floor having a nightmare

Cottoncap Fruit    - in left planter (near bunks) in orphanage in Sheratan

Machina Communicator - receive automatically when you go to work for Verus

Heartenbrace         - available in Matar Heights in the past after Gena loses
                         her wings

Immigration Papers   - speak to man near save in Sedna

Holoholobird's Plume - Holoholobird after you defeat it; doesn't run out

Celestial Fell-Branch - available inside Celestial Tree after Corellia calls
                         off the guards; doesn't run out, but you're allowed
                         only one at a time

Fire Dagroot      - inside Celestial Tree

Ice Dagroot       - inside Celestial Tree

Lightning Dagroot - inside Celestial Tree

Dark Dagroot      - inside Celestial Tree

Holy Dagroot      - inside Celestial Tree

Black Dragon's Horn - Black Dragon after you defeat it (Atria Battlefields
                        past where Malpercio died); it doesn't run out, but
                        you're only allowed to carry one at a time (don't 
                        forget to feed one to Pac)

Balmsand          - pink sand in Sandfeeder's Pit (past)

Goopy Machina Oil - age Machina Oil

Foul Air - return unscheduled to Verus' to find him in a foul mood
         - you can get it from the far-right bathing booth in the bathhouse 
            in Vega

Fresh Air - balcony of right bedroom in Corellia's palace

Power Pellet - speak to lady researcher at School of Magic that you got
                Rotten Food for/check Pink Flask
               *you must have fed Pacman 100 quest magnus before the 
                Power Pellet becomes available. Many thanks to Lingks
                for figuring this out.

Light Powder - light towers in Zaurak (past)

Traditional KM Cookie - Anuenue (talk to guy with big brown cookie)

Original KM Cookie    - Anuenue (talk to guy with big blue cookie)

Lotus Leaf      - Matar Highlands - far left screen - a "jungle" of lotus

Photosynth Lily - Botein Lake in Hassaleh

Freezing Rain   - dripping from ceiling in Naos

Olefour         - in storeroom in Naos

Gust Boulder    - straight left from first screen of the Cloudvents

Yesterbean      - use Fresh Air on barren bushes in forest (Hassaleh)

Medic Kit - mix Stinging Antiseptic + Cottoncap Gauze (there's one available
             in Geldoblame's place only when helping the people in the square)

Gena's Pinion   - give Gena the Portrait of Verus

Toy Sword       - get from boys playing in Sheraton outside doc's house

Dull Times      - School of Magic (teacher that's boring)
                - after boring teacher, becomes exciting, can get from
                   student in back of his classroom

Gold Beetle Wallet - mix Gold Beetle Carapace x 2 + Gold Nugget

Hero License       - mix Toy Sword + Real-Deal Mask

Magnetite Waves    - get from giant black boulder at the bottom of the Albali
                       Sandhollow or in Sandfeeder's Lair after he's gone to
                       the bottom hole
Good Times         - guy selling cookies in Anuenue Port after you help him

Eau de Mouche      - trade researcher in Lava Caves Rockfly Corpses

Holy Droplet - shining plants in Nunki Valley; in barrels with a lady
                nearby in northernmost screen after forest burns. You must
                speak to the old lady near the entrance of Pherkad for a 
                Holy Leaf before you can carry these, and they turn to 
                Pristine Water if you leave the forest with them.

Terrible Song      - guy singing in Azha or guy singing in Komo Mai

Sweet Song         - mix Terrible Song + Love Syrup

Heartbreaking Song - mix Terrible Song + Salt

Flame Ice          - all over Azha

Coliseum Dog Tags  - get from Wussy Guy in Mintaka (he'll be standing by
                      the house near the port)

Metal Device       - speak to boy in square in Greater Mintaka during Azha 

Bomb Detonator     - Metal Device changes to this after you talk to Mallo

Rockfly Corpse     - use Eau de Mouche in light on wall to lure rockflies 
                      through flames; they'll die and float downstream. The 
                      rockfly "bridge" in the back is always available.
                   - draw from any of the censors where you used them (thanks
                      to markinct for this tip)

Royal Mirror       - pick it up after Gibari drops it at Lesser Celestial 

Sagi Wanted Poster - tear down around Pherkad; after you remove the one in 
                      the laundry room, you can draw from the stack in the
                      artist's house. Start aging this immediately (takes
                      a very long time)

Mily's Wanted Poster   - same as Sagi's - start aging now

Guillo's Wanted Poster - same as Sagi's - start aging now

Local Hero Sagi        - age his wanted poster

Local Hero Milly       - age her wanted poster

Local Hero Guillo      - age his wanted poster

Woodfellah     - automatically recieve from Lolo at Celestial Tree

Billowsmoke    - far left room in a crate in Rodolfo's Mansion; only available
                  after you've tried to get past guard statues; talk to guy on
                  roof then guy in kitchen then go to the crate; doesn't 
                  run out.

Holoholo Fruit    - knock out of tree with stone; available only after flood

Holoflower Nectar - screen with blooderflies in Holoholo Jungle

Half-Baked Greythorne - talk to Gena as a greythorne* or mix Salty Water +
                         Graythorne Storybook + Graythorne's Song x 6 (you'll
                         need all of these Greythornes for Pac, too)
                        *you can get more than one from Gena as long as you
                         don't have one in inventory; also, Gena didn't offer
                         to give me one AFTER I gave her the heartenbrace, so
                         you might want to keep that in mind.

Greythorne Storybook  - speak to Ladekahn as a greythorne

Greythorne's Song     - speak to pink greythorne in Moonguile Forest (Sadal 
                         Suud) as a greythorne

Tub-Time Greythorne   - speak to Geldoblame as a greythorne

Floppy Greythorne     - mix Half-Baked Greythorne + Cottoncap Fruit x 3

Fluffy Greythorne     - mix Floppy Greythorne + Cottoncap Fruit x 4

Spring-Lord's Voice - speak to everyone available in greythorne form then go
                       to Moonguile Forest; as the grey greythorne, go 
                       straight up from where Sagi is standing and look for !;
                       go into spring in next screen for the voice

Rainbow             - draw at Opu Village waterfall

Primoridal Cactus   - Atria Battlefields (past)

Ancient Mask - Gemma Village; first three times, trade old guy Mtn. Apple
                Wine - one wine = one mask. After that, trade him Komo Mai

Stewed Mud Potatoes        - Gemma Village

Fire Moss - pits of Nekkar - the shiny walls

Potted Celestial Flower    - mix Celestial Flower + Flowerpot + 
                              Freezing Rain x 3

Potted Heartenbrace        - mix Heartenbrace + Flowerpot + Pristine Water x 2

Potted Nameless Flower     - mix Nameless Flower + Flowerpot + Pristine Water

Flowerpot - pots with red flowers beside the door in the house at Anuenue Port

Celestial Tree - mix Celestial Flower + Celestial Tree Fell-Branch + Dark,
                  Lightning, Ice, Fire, Holy Dagroots + Rainbow

Mixer - receive from Elder's daughter in Sheratan after you bring her item
          from Botein Lake

Next-Gen Mixer  - give Celsica's Bloodstained Crest to soldier outside castle 

Prototype Mixer - chest near save, Vega Building Site

Prototype Mixer - chest in Baelheit's office after he's gone to Tarazed

[Sedna Magnus - SEDM]

Sedna Bridge       - defeat Sandfeeder (past)

Sedna Mailbox      - Naos, stuck in globe in Seph's room

Sedna Toadstones 1 - beat first enemy on left in Lava Caves

Sedna House 1      - defeat Lord of Lava Caves

Senda Flower Bed   - give Eau de Mouche to Celeb Lady (screen left of the 
                      port) in Sheliak

Sedna Bluefruit Tree - defeat Bar-Mool - Celestial River

Sedna Monument       - Ladekahn's throne in Elnath

Sedna Peach Tree     - chest in Cloudvents

Sedna Beanstalk      - shining on ground in Cujam after town deserted

Sedna Fence          - take 3 Chronic Fatigue from bartender in Pherkad Pub

Sedna Weathervane    - talk to fantail in barn in Celebrai

Sedna Fern           - chest in far-left screen, Moonguile Forest

Sedna House 2        - chest on roof of Rodolfo's place

Sedna Ebonstone Sculpture - fight turtle enemy in Holoholo Jungle (Spell
                             Shellfish drops it)

Sedna Mill House          - Buy in Komo Mai shop

Sedna Waterwheel          - win from guy in Sedna Mill House

Sedna Pow House           - give Holoholo Fruit to Oliphant in Opu

Sedna Windmill    - chest in Celestial Tree (pass door to Veinroots in the
                     cable car - chest on far left)

Sedna Orange Tree - chest near entrance, Atria (past)

Sedna Pier        - trade mask guy Mtn. Apple Wine and draw magna essence from
                     Ancient Mask on right to create a path to the chest

Sedna Toadstones 2  - buy in Algoreb Shop

Sedna Odd Sculpture - complete Sedna Immigration SQ

Sedna Main Gate     - in chest in pit with Saber Dragon, Nekkar

Sedna House 3       - interrupt bather in bath-house, Vega

Sedna Well  - defeat Lanocaulis, far-left screen, Matar Highlands

Sedna Light - sealed chest in Endmost Bethel will open after you have the 
               other Sedna