Bestiary/Field Guide by Sister

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Field Guide/Bestiary for Baten Kaitos Origins
  by Sister (
  Copyright November, 2006 by Sister (C. Minguez)

Version 1.2 - includes tiny update fixing mistakes

This is another faq that I didn't originally intend to write, but it goes
hand-in-hand with my others for this game, so I thought I might as well since
I already had all of the information. I don't list all of the enemy stats, 
etc. I just give you what you need to fill out the field guide, which includes
items should you need to farm particular ones. I also cross-reference the
field guide to the Coliseum so that if you missed an enemy somewhere, you can
get another crack at it.

Thanks to all the people at the board who have helped me. Many thanks to 
markinct for proofing the guide for me.

Copyright and contact stuff: This is my work. You're welcome to use it as long
as you're not selling it. Gamefaqs is the only place I will be submitting it.
If you want to post it on your site, I don't mind, but I'd appreciate it if
you'd let me know. Feel free to contact me with any info I may have missed
or mistakes you find at

Spoilers: Since this guide lists every monster/enemy in the game, naturally,
there are spoilers. Enter at your own risk if you've haven't finished the 
game at least once.

You can get the Field Guide the first time you visit Sheratan. Talk to the 
doctor in his house, and he'll ask you to do it for him. He's lost the one he
had, and he's too old to do it again. Once the Field Guide is in your 
possession, it's your job to fill in all the entries. Every enemy is listed
in the field guide plus their special skills and items dropped. You must fill
in every section of every entry to receive the 100% completed reward.

Tip #1: Make sure to get all special skills.

It can be easy to overlook a special skill. There are two possibilities:

No unique skills = there are no specials; this one's done.
Details unknown = you're still missing this skill; go find that enemy. 

If you have the first skill, make sure there's not a "Details unknown" under
it; there are no lines to separate them, so it's very easy to miss. 

Several enemies have healing abilities. If you want them to use them, beat
them up a bit first. This is true of almost all soldiers. When they get tired,
they will use Gashprin Salve. So, beat on them until they droop then just 
wait. Mites all use Mitochondria (on themselves or the monsters with them).
Some machina use Self-Repair. These are the easiest skills to miss. 

Don't worry about bosses. Their field guide entries automatically fill in
completely. I've gone ahead and listed them, but you don't have to worry about
missing anything there.

One other thing to remember - in a fight, the title of a special skill will
always be displayed when a monster uses it. If you're waiting for a skill, 
look for those titles. No matter how fancy an attack a monster does, if no
words pop up, that's not one of the skills you're looking for.

Tip #2: Getting items

When you're after drop items, take a few Treasure Lowdowns along. They improve
your chances for a drop, and they stack (up to a point - five or six is 

Kill the monster that has your item last. I didn't figure this out until I
was trying to get a drop item from Vodnik at the Celestial River. I had
received forty-five (yes, 45) Sword of Tears from the mites that show up with
Vodnik. Out of curiosity, I changed the order and left Vodnik until last to
kill and voila - a Whitecap Shield! I did this three times and received three
shields. I haven't tested it further since Vodnik was the last one I needed,
but keep it in mind if you're having trouble finding an item you need.

Tip #3: Temporary areas

A few areas in the game are temporary. In other words, you won't get a
crack at the enemies there again unless they can be found in the arena. These
temporary enemies are the main reason I list the Coliseum battles in the
next section. Many of the "missable" enemies can be found there. In fact, 
I think that the only genuinely missable enemy is the Ballet Dancer at the 
Vega Building Site. I've never seen him anywhere else, so be sure to fill in 
his section in the field guide completely while you're there. I try to get 
them all as I go along, but you can always fall back on the Coliseum for 
everything except that Ballet Dancer.

Temporary areas:

Dark Service Headquarters/Emperor's Residence - later there will be different
 enemies or none at all at these locations.
Mintaka while Sagi is trying to escape town - this is a temporary situation
 that ends when you escape on the liner to Hassaleh.
Nunki Valley before the fire - the enemies all change after the fire.
Rodolfo's Estate - the enemies all leave afer you defeat Giacomo and you 
 finish the scene with Rodolfo/Heughes.
Nashira while it's occupied by Empire troops.
Vega Building Site - the chests here can be picked up in Vega later, but
 the enemies will be gone.

Keep in mind that you cannot finish the Field Guide the first time through.
Well, technically you can. I guess I should say that you can't claim your
reward for it until you get back to Sheratan on your second playthrough. Since
the final bosses have entries, you cannot get 100% until they're gone. 

Also remember that Nasca, Heughes, and Valara each have more than one entry.
To complete the guide, you cannot let them go on Disc 2 when given the 
opportunity; you must finish them off to get their last entries. Letting them
go, however, contributes to the best/longest ending of the game, so it's up
to you which you'd rather do. If you only plan on playing once, the field 
guide probably doesn't matter anyway.

Rewards: Hermit's Cane, Fate Idol, Poison Ashes, Berserker Drink, Harp of
          Slumber, Tarot Card: Death, Hero's Crest, Purest Gold

Just drop by Sheratan from time to time, and Doc will give you prizes as you
progress. I don't know the exact requirements for each prize except for Purest
Gold (100%) and Hero's Crest (filling in all the pictures - enemy names and
items), so just check back once and again.

To complete your gathering list, you must finish the field guide. Many of 
Doc's rewards are unique; I haven't found them anywhere else.

I list the locations exactly as they are in the guide's index; there's overlap
in some areas though. If you have empty slots and can't find an enemy in a 
given location, chances are that you need to come back later. For example, 
you'll be asked to go check out a problem at Dark Service HQ on Disc 2, and 
the enemies are different from the ones at the beginning of the game, but 
they're still listed together. So, entry 001 is your first fight in the game. 
You can't find entry 002 until well into Disc 2, so don't panic if you're
missing slots; they don't fill in chronologically.

Organization: I list the monster/enemy, skills (number of skills), items 
(number of items). I include the number only if there's more than one.
I also include where in the Coliseum different enemies can be found; some
enemies can be found in several places in the Coliseum and be easy to find
elsewhere, as well (the Shawra, for instance), so I won't list every battle
in the Coliseum for all of them. 

Good luck. :) 

 Dark Service Headquarters

001 Dark Service Peon
     No Unique Skills
      Item: None
       Coliseum: Rank 2, The Brittle Bunch

002 Fallen Serviceman
     Skills (2): Slumber Shot and Gashprin Salve
      Item: Taunt
       Coliseum: Championship Fight

003 Upgraded Paramachina
     Skills (2): Saber Hand and Rampage Chop
      Item: Wickedwing Revels

 Emperor's Residence

004 Alpha Paramachina
     No Unique Skills
      Item: Low Potion
       Coliseum: Rank 3, The Imperial Battalion

005 Dark Serviceman
     Skills: Gashprin Salve
      Item: Low Potion
       Coliseum: Rank 3, The Imperial Battalion

006 Imperial Battle Machina
     Skills: Self-Repair
      Item: None
       Coliseum: Rank 1, The Reinforcements

007 Hideous Beast
     Skills: Mountainmaker
      Item: Flame Sword


008 Empire Grunt
     No Unique Skills
      Item: Punk Knife
       Coliseum: Rank 1, The Reinforcements

009 Imperial Swordsman
     No Unique Skills
      Item: Flash Dagger
       Coliseum: Rank 1, The Reinforcements

010 Giacomo
     Skills: Thashingale
      Items (2): Fulgadrum and Escape

 Nihal Desert

011 Doomer
     Skills: Flaming Powder
      Items (2): Ice Fan and Fire Element
       Coliseum: Rank 2, The Fiery Spirits

012 Devil Claws
     Skills: Carcass of Power
      Items (2): Emerald Thrush and Flame Sword
       Coliseum: Rank 2, The Human Wave

013 Gigim
     Skills: Armadillo Attack
      Item: Ray of Truth

 Lava Caves

014 Magma Beast
     Skills: Inferno
      Items: Sedna Toadstones 1
       Coliseum: Rank 2, The Fiery Spirits

015 Ceratobus
     Skills (2): Dynamite Rush and Fuzzy-Wuzzy Coat
      Items: Crimson Love
       Coliseum: Rank 2, The Fiery Spirits

016 Foytow
     Skills: Bloodsucker Blaze
      Items: None
       Coliseum: Rank 2, The Sadist Squad and The Fiery Spirits

017 Phoelix
     Skills (2): Incendiary Voice and Insanity's Song
      Items: Mars Sophia
       Coliseum: Rank 2, The Fiery Spirits

018 Lord of the Lava Caves
     Skills: Molten Lunge
      Items (3): Arabesque, Empyreal Wildfire, and Sedna House 1
       Coliseum: Advanced Battles, Living Fossil

019 Umbra
     Skills (2): Mountainmaker and Hellian Eye
      Items: Sword of Thirst

 Nusakan Thornwood

020 Shawra
     No Unique Skills
      Items: Wooden Club
       Coliseum: Rank 1, Flappers 'n' Floppers, The Hard Punchers
                 Shawras are in every Rank except Rank 5

021 Balloona
     No Unique Skills
      Items (2): Sorcery Sophia and Potion
       Coliseum: Rank 1, The Hard Punchers

 Lake Botein Ruins

022 Mite
     Skills: Mitochondria
      Items: Mars Sophia
       Coliseum: Rank 1, Flappers 'n' Floppers
                 Rank 2, The Icy Stares

023 Pul-Puk
     Skills: Healing Droplets
      Items: Cliffsunder
       Coliseum: Rank 2, The Icy Stares

024 Ogopogo
     No Unique Skills
      Items (2): Swallowtail and Azure Lotus
       Coliseum: Rank 1, The Hard Punchers

025 Hideous Beast
     Skills: Icy Death
      Items: Sevenstar Dust

 Sheratan Village

026 Machina Arma: Razer
     Skills: Arma Cannon
      Items: Levinsnake's Rise

 Celestial River/Cloud Passage

027 Cancerite
     No Unique Skills
      Items: Cancerite Booze
       Coliseum: Rank 3, The Snare

028 Armored Cancerite
     No Unique Skills
      Items: Kappa Helmet

029 Ray-Moo
     Skills (2): Electro Crash and Mucky-Yucky Mucus
      Items: Pegasus Jump
       Coliseum: Rank 3, The Rear Guard and Danger: High Voltage!

030 Bar-Mool
     Skills: Healing Droplets
      Items (2): Scension and Sedna Bluefruit Tree

031 Fogg
     Skills: Overheat
      Items: True Verdure
       Coliseum: Rank 3, The Snare

032 Vodnik (remember - kill him last to get his item)
     Skills (2): Armadillo Attack and Armored Dillo
      Items: Whitecap Shield

033 Magician Mite
     Skills (2): Ice Rubble and Mitochondria
      Items: Sword of Tears
       Coliseum: Rank 3, The Rear Guard and Danger: High Voltage!

034 Giacomo
     Skills: Thrashingale Redux
      Items (2): Glimmer and Escape

035 Dark Service Swordsman
     Skills (2): Fryercracker and Gashprin Salve
      Items: Red Padma
       Coliseum: Rank 3, Carelessness Kills

036 Imperial Elite
     No Unique Skills
      Items: Chain Mail
       Coliseum: Rank 3, The Snare


037 Autonomous Batle Machina
     Skills (2): Force Ring Alpha and Self-Repair
      Items: Bandages
       Coliseum: Rank 3, The Snare and The Imperial Battalion

 Cloud Vents

038 Cloud Cancerite
     Skills: Collar Lop
      Items (2): Ray of Truth and Cancerite Booze

039 Shadow Claws
     Skills (2): Carcass of Power and Jitterjinx
      Items (2): Ascension and Murderous Joker
       Coliseum: Rank 3, Carelessness Kills

040 Valara
    Skills (2): Machina Formation and Deathdealer
     Items: Rime Blade

041 Heughes
     Skills: Machina
      Items: None

042 Nasca
     Skills (2): Stun Grenade and Gashprin Salve
      Items: None

043 Machina Arma: Marauder
     Skills: Plasma Cannon
      Items: None

044 Machina Arma: Marauder
     Skills (2): Plasma Cannon and Self-Repair
      Items: None

045 Nasca
     Skills (2): Stun Grenade and Gashprin Salve
      Items: Hades Sophia

Sadal Suud
 Nunki Valley

046 Unuk
     No Unique Skills
      Items (2): Violet Taboo and Battle Shield
       Coliseum: Rank 4, T.A.N.K.

047 Striper
     No Unique Skills
      Items: Canyon Wind

048 Blood Leaf
     Skills: Enervating Waves
      Items (2): Red Padman and Thunder Hat
       Coliseum: Rank 4, Bats Beat Birds

049 Gormer
     Skills (2): Flamethrower and Flaming Powder
      Items: Citrine Arc

050 Armored Baloona
     Skills: Overheat
      Items: Luciferous Stave
       Coliseum: Rank 5, Unbeatable Armor

051 Mobile Turret
     No Unique Skills
      Items: Hidden Sophia
       Coliseum: Rank 5, Nukerz and Fantabaloney!

052 Elite Swordsman
     Skills (2): Shock Bomb and Gasphrin Salve
      Items: None

053 Malpercio's Afterling
     Skills: Feral Death
      Items: Wickedwing Revels

054 Promachina Heughes
     Skills (2): Charge and Burning Harken
      Items: None

055 Promachina Heughes
     Skills (2): Charge and Burning Harken
      Items: None

056 Heughes
     Skills: Machina Fist
      Items: Cold Queen

057 Dark Service Swordmaster
     Skills (2): Shock Bomb and Gashprin Salve
      Items: Whitecap Shield
       Coliseum: Rank 5, Extreme Chaos and Nukerz

 Rodolfo's Estate

058 Dark Service Officer
     Skills (2): Slumber Shot and Gashprin Salve
      Items: Battle Shield
       Coliseum: Rank 4, T.A.N.K. and Hell's Haralds (*note - in the
                  Coliseum, one Dark Service Officer will appear with
                  four Beta Paramachina; you might get easier drops at

059 Beta Paramachina
     Skills: Saber Hand
      Items (2): Diamond Drop and Light Element
       Coliseum: Rank 4, T.A.N.K. and Hell's Harald's

060 Giacomo
     Skills (3): Thrashingale Redux, Liquid Mettle, and Energy Injection
      Items (2): Marvelous Sword and Escape

 Holoholo Jungle

061 Spell Shellfish 
     Skills (2): Water of Life and Adamant Shell 
      Items: Sedna Ebonstone Sculpture

062 Undead Swordsman
     Skills: Nether Whistle
      Items: Chalice of Freedom

063 Mirabilis
     No Unique Skills
      Items: Scale Mail

064 Acheron
     No Unique Skills
      Items: Scale Mail

065 Lesser Caracal
     No Unique Skills
      Items: Canyon Wind

066 Vata
     Skills (3): Predation, Hover Strike, and Earsplitting Whoop
      Items (2): Rising Condor and Siren Sword

067 Alraune
     Skills: Poison Breath
      Items: Taunt

068 Holoholo Chick
     Skills: Angelic Song
      Items: None

069 Holoholobird
     Skills (2): Wingflail and Egg
      Items: Heavenlapse and Armor of Tonitrus
       Coliseum: Advanced Battles, Ruler of the Skies

 Celestial Tree Veinroots

070 Badwin
     Skills: Toxic Waves
      Items: Mirage Turn

071 Mad Cancerite
     Skills (2): Headhunter Chop and Ice Cold Swig
      Items (2): Versed Shield and Cancerite Booze

072 Ghost Claws
     Skills (2): Carcass of Power and Jitterjinx
      Items: Ebon Slash
       Coliseum: Rank 5, Extreme Chaos

073 Imperial Guard
     Skills (2): Electro Shot and Gashprin Salve
      Items: Force
       Coliseum: Rank 5, Extreme Chaos

074 Machina Ballerina
     Skills: Self-Destruct
      Items: None
       Coliseum: Rank 5, Nukerz

075 Wizard Mite
     Skills (2): Thunderbolt and Mitochondria
      Items: Herb Flower
       Coliseum: Rank 5, Awakening

076 Malpercio's Afterling
     Skills (2): Dark Spawn and Veinroots' Pulse
      Items (2): Transcension and Lightendrake's Drop
077 Machina Arma: Razer
     Skills (2): Arma Cannon and Hurricane Punch
      Items: None

078 Machina Arma: Razer
     Skills (2): Arma Cannon and Hurricane Punch
      Items: None

079 Valara
     Skills: Deathdealer
      Items: Arondite


080 Zelmer
     Skills (2): Foxfire and Seafire
      Items: Wickedwing Revels

081 Magic Shellfish
     Skills (2): Water of Life and Adamant Shell
      Items (2): Zeniver Cascade and Twin Ice Auger
       Coliseum: Rank 5, Unbeatable Armor

082 Larva Golem
     Skills: White Breath
      Items (2): Empyreal Wildfire and Lightendrake's Drop
       Coliseum: Rank 5, Awakening and Fantabaloney!

083 Nebulos
     Skills: Devil Thunder
      Items: Spirilight Quiver
       Coliseum: Rank 5, Awakening

084 Seginus
     Skills (2): Heavenlapse and Shadowflame Engine
      Items: Fellstar Gleam


085 Ballet Dancer (only location - get its item now)
     No Unique Skills
      Items: Rabbit Dash

086 Elite Imperial guard
     Skills (2): Binder Shot and Gashprin Salve
      Items (2): Thunderer's Shield and Force
       Coliseum: Rank 5, Extreme Chaos

087 Promachina Shanath
     Skills: Machina Sweep
      Items (2): Phoenix Dive and Ravensbrood


088 Baelheit
     Skills (2): Hellfire and Seraphim Soul
      Items (2): Prominence Sword and Fate's Kiss

089 Imperial Swordguard
     Skills (2): Fryercracker and Gashpring Salve
      Items: None

090 Masterless Battle Machina
     Skills (2): Force Ring Beta and Barrier & Self-Repair
      Items: None

091 Hercules Dragon
     Skills (4): Hercules Laser, Storing Energy, Self-Repair,  and Barrier
      Items: Apocalypse Sword
       Coliseum: Championship Battle and Advanced Battles, Looming Danger

092 Dance King
     Skills: Ring-Around-the-Rosy
      Items: Transcension

093 Prima Queen
     Skills: Self-Destruct
      Items: Ghostarrow

094 High-Mobility Cannon
     Skills: Fusillade
      Items: Phoenix Dive
       Coliseum: Advanced Battles, The Wicked Gawd

095 Cicada Golem
     Skills (2): Beam Barrage and White Breath
      Items: Cross Pendant
       Coliseum: Champsionship Battle

096 Ahriman
     Skills (2): Knife Parade and Crystal Cryomancy
      Items: None
       Coliseum: Championship Battle

097 Lycaon
     Skills: Electro Horn
      Items: None
       Coliseum: Championship Battle and Looming Danger

098 Machinanguis A
     Skills: Berserk Tech
      Items: None

099 Machinanguis B
     Skills (2): Hyperslaught Mode and Berserk Tech
      Items: None

100 Verus
     Skills (2): Death by Stomping and Tentacle Recharge
      Items: None

101 Verus-Wiseman
     Skills (2): Magnus of Life and Cast Away Your Carnal Robes
      Items: None

Age of the Gods
 Albali Sandhollow

102 Caracal
     No Unique Skills
      Items: None
       Coliseum: Rank 1, Fab Forest Friends

103 Goat Chimera
     Skills: Supersonic Voice
      Items: None
       Coliseum: Rank 1, Fab Forest Friends and Other Worldly Ilk

 Sandfeeder's Nest

104 Albireo
     Skills: Mucky-Yucky Mucus
      Items: Heat Club
       Coliseum: Rank 1, Other Worldly Ilk

105 Orvata
     Skills: Hover Strike
      Items: None
       Coliseum: Rank 1, Other Worldly Ilk

106 Sandfeeder
     Skills (2): Paralysis Quills and Lunchtime
      Items (2): Icebloom and Sedna Bridge
       Coliseum: Advanced Battles, Peril of the Sands

 Zaurak Keep

107 Filler
     Skills: Snooze Waves
      Items (2): Levinsnake's Rise and Dark Element
       Coliseum: Rank 4, T.A.N.K. and Hell's Haralds

108 Skeleton Warrior
     No Unique Skills
      Items: Trigon Band
       Coliseum: Rank 4, Blackest Night

109 Goulish Skirmisher
     Skills: Blinding Rancor
      Items: Classic Cudgel

110 Rulug
     Skills: Bloodsucker
      Items: Ascension
       Coliseum: Championship Battle

111 Shadow Caracal
     Skills: Uber Cat Kick
      Items: None

112 Devil's Doll
     No Unique Skills
      Items: Pegasus Jump
       Coliseum: Rank 4, Blackest Night, The Attackers, and Hell's Haralds

113 Juggler
     Skills: Pyromancy
      Items (2): Rime Blade and Luciferous Stave
       Coliseum: Rank 4, The Attackers and Hell's Haralds

114 Master Juggler
     Skills (2): Cryomancy and Animal Hypnotism
      Items: None
       Coliseum: Rank 4, Nukerz and Fantabaloney!

115 Geryon
     Skills: Evil Thunder
      Items: Crystal Helm

116 Monoceros
     No Unique Skills
      Items: Demon Cudgel

117 Rudra
     Skills (2): Heathen Melody and Feral Proof
      Items: Shadowflame Engine

 Battlefields of Atria

118 Alma
     Skills: Foxfire
      Items: None

119 Medium
     Skills: Numinous Wings
      Items: Twin Ice Auger

120 Shaman
     Skills: Numinous Wings
      Items: Mourning Dress

121 Dragon
     Skills (2): Conflagrant Breath and Skywrenching Roar
      Items (2): Dragon Claw and Salamander Tongue

122 Guillo
     Skills (2): Heavenlapse and Fellstar Gleam
      Items: Zeniver Cascade

123 Wiseman
     Skills (2): Illusory Chaos and Cast Away Your Carnal Robes
      Items: Aphelion Dustwake

124 Black Dragon
     Skills: Crimson Catharsis
      Items: Apocalypse Sword
       Coliseum: Advanced Battle, Relive the Nightmare

 Matar Highlands

125 Lanocaulis
     No Unique Skills
      Items: Sedna Well

126 Maw-Maw-Goo
     Skills: Shell Spin
      Items (2): Red Padma and Heavenfall

127 King Caracal
     Skills (2): Uber Cat Kick and Kitty SOS
      Items: Saint's Armor
       Coliseum: Rank 5, Unbeatable Armor

128 Nixie Chimera
     Skills (2): Supersonic Voice and Chilling Voice
      Items: Ascension

129 Hearteater
     Skills: Ovulate
      Items: Blast Tooth
       Coliseum: Advanced Battle, Peril of the Sands


130 Arma Prototype M
     Skills (2): Sinistral Chop and X-Bluster
      Items: None

 Nekkar Quietlands

131 Armored Mite
     Skills (2): All-or-Nothing Thunder and Mitochrondia
      Items: Emerald Thrush
       Coliseum: Rank 5, Fantabaloney!

132 Queen Alraune
     Skills (2): Poison Breath and Beastprodder
      Items: Rising Condor
       Coliseum: Championship Battle

133 Slave Baloona
     Skills: Overheat
      Items: Arabesque

134 Mange-Roches
     Skills (2): Wingflail and Trample
      Items: Open Your Eyes
       Coliseum: Advanced Battles, Terror of the Skies

135 Saber Dragon
     Skills: Crimson Hail
      Items (2):  Saber Dragon Horn and Phoenix Dive

 Party Members

136 Sagi

-Special Attacks-

Scension                    Heavenfall
Cliffsunder                 Ascension
Red Padma                   Icebloom
Transcension                Blast Tooth
Rime Blade                  The Golding's Rapture

137 Milly

-Special Abilities-

Mirage Turn                 Pegasus Jump
Canyon Wind                 Rabbit Dash

-Special Attacks-

Swallowtail                 Emerald Thrush
Sevenstar Dust              Arabesque
Diamond Drop                Rising Condor
Phoenix Dive                Open Your Eyes

138 Guillo

-Special Attacks-

Firewheel                   Icefan
Fulgadrum                   Ghostarrow
Sigil Cry                   Twin Ice Auger
Levinsnake's Rise           Spirilight Quiver
Wickedwing Revels           Heavenlapse
Empyreal Wildfire           Zeniver Cascade
Lightendrake's Drop         Fellstar Gleam
Shadowflame Engine          Aphelion Dustwake