Question from smn114

How do you boost?

I keep trying to boost in different ways but it never works and I always lose on the hard difficulty. please help.


dantfuul answered:

ik this is 4 years old but i will repply so people who goggle it can know.
it is quite strict. but just as the race is about to start. a pac mobile will eat 4 ghost.
you will have to hold the gas(the buton that makes you acelerate) at this time:

just a momment afther the pac mobile eats the 2th Orange ghost. hold your aceleration buton(don't let it off until the race starts) and you should get a boost, it requires some timing and frame memorisation but it should work in all modes, so you can go to time trial just to try it out if you whant.

and if you can't beat hard mode. i would suggest that you play as Tac-man. he is the fastest character in the game. if you can cope with his other 2 low stats you will outrun the CPU for hard mode atleast.

best of luck to you man.
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