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How do I reach level100 in the cave [the lake]?

For the life of me, i've trying for days to reach the lake at the bottom of the cave on the lake. I keep getting down to the early 80 levels [80-85] and hitting nothing but up holes. Is there anyway to tell the diffrence between 'up' and 'down' holes? I've been going into the cave with nothing but the hammer, do i need something else? is it because i have gems in my pockets while im falling in the holes? any help on this would be great, i really need that note.

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thedayea answered:

When you get to lower levels, break out your hoe and find the staircase. The patch of land that is the staircase looks different than the others; it flickers.
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zackman10000 answered:

Thedayea is right, the flickering sqare should be about 3 or less squares from the stairs to go up, be sure to bring lots of food.
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