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Gifts People Love?

I'm trying to get everyone to their max hearts for the challenge, so I would like a list of the easiest Items to obtain for every character. I only what a list of what people Love, not like or dislike, only love. I already tried to use the relationship guide on this site, but their was plenty of times I gave them Items that said they would love, but they only liked them.

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Yeah, your right it takes patience to have greater understanding, I just wanted to see how much I could accomplish in the shortest amount of time. I'm some what of a perfectionist in that way. Thanks for the tip on the fruit trees. I always wondered what that smiley face meant when you planted one. I still going to leave this fact open though.


grannyplayer answered:

The relationships guide is actually quite good, even though it does have a few "errors" where something is listed as a "love-it" gift when it's actually a "like-it" gift item. I managed to get everyone to 10 hearts by cross-referencing the relationships guide and wolfire's FAQ, making a few notes and discoveries of my own. After all, doing SOME part of the discovery on your own only adds to your understanding and pleasure, right?

Are you planting lots of trees on public land? That raises just about every villager's heart level all at once - I think the effect is felt on every villager who is outdoors at the moment you plant a tree. I'd pick a property I wanted to buy, clear it of all existing trees and obstacles, and plant a "forest" of fruit trees. When that property was fully planted with fruit trees, I'd buy it because I'd already had the benefit of raising the heart levels of many villagers as I planted the trees. Follow the planting guide for excellent tips on how to plant trees to get the most benefit (fruit) from them. Even Jamie, whom I never gave a single gift to, ended up at 10 hearts!! And s/he is such a surly, unfriendly character!! Since one of my goals was to develop and buy all 20 properties, ending up with the whole village at 10 hearts was almost an accidental benefit. Takes time. Takes patience. If you're looking for an instant fix, you're probably out of luck.
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