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didn't get mixing pot at 5 heart with Saibara why?

I got the aging pot. Then continued to give him gifts. I am now at 6 hearts and no mixing pot. I have given him gifts outside the shop. Can I reduce the number of hearts some how and work up to 5 again? Please don't tell me I am out of luck.

monkeymystical asked for clarification:

Have you shipped 10 clays?

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Lucario_Dialga answered:

Oh! I got it wrong! You have to befriend him up to 5 hearts (I gave him a clay once in the Moonlight mine and it got to 5 hearts immediately after giving him stuffs each day, what I'm trying to say is that clay can get his hearts up more faster), and then when you've got 10 good clays, ship them all in one day and then the next day, go to his shop and you'll see a cutscene of him telling you that he's finished making a new pot (the mixing pot) and he'll give it to you. Sweet deal for giving him gifts, eh?
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LordSepiroth666 answered:

I don't know? I never got mine ether and I maxed out his hearts.
Sorry dude
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kittkattgamer answered:

You have to ship lots of clay, if that doesn't work, give him clay when you are in the shop.
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pokeaddict17 answered:

sometimes u hve 2 be at his at his place at the right time. Well, when did u get yur aging pot? check th FAQs more 2 see.
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Pigpen29 answered:

You need to ship a total of 10 peices of clay and have him at 6 hearts.
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monkeymystical answered:

You need to enter his house at anytime during the day. There is no specific time and it is completely random. You don't need to ship more clays or give him gifts just enter his house. If none of that works then there might be a glitch in your file so you might have to make a new file.
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Lucario_Dialga answered:

Because you must ship at least 9 good clays, befriending him up to 5 hearts and going to his workshop before getting the mixing pot from him in the workshop.
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DarkSireness answered:

You need to be at least two hearts with Saibara and have shipped at least 10 good clay from your shipping box. On the day after the Thanksgiving Festival, enter his house and he will ask you to deliver a message to the mayor and you say you will. Enter his home early in the morning.

Then go to the Mayor's home and deliver the message; after that head back to Saibara's place and as his thanks he will give you the aging pot
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DarkSireness answered:

Then to get the mixing pot you must be at least five hearts with Saibara. Give his usual gift and then return to his shop at 8:00 am and you should have the scene for the mixing pot.
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honnosoyto answered:

I have bothe the age and the mixing pots. what i found out is that whoever whrote the cheat got it backwards.

firs the potter sends you on an erand to the mayor. then you go back to him and get somting. if you have five hearts talkto him then leave and reenter. thats how i did it
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