Question from LordSepiroth666

Where can I find Truffles?

I got a recipe for the Gourmet and calls for Truffles.Where can I find Truffles?

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CatMuto answered:

Truffles are found under Mora Trees. (Moras are the ones that are Pink in Spring - mostly north of Woody's Workshop)

Don't rely on your Pig much, it sniffs, it has question marks over it's head - then it falls asleep.

Dig 2 rows all around Moras and press A button testwise to see if you pick something up.
They're really rare so it might take several tries and Days.

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nataliekim2131 answered:

Your pig finds them. That's what i heard anyways. Leave your pig out on a tree and let it sniff around and it might find one. But you have to take the truffle fast because your pig will probably eat it. i think that's what you do.
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