Question from XAnimehottieX

How can I get Carl to return?

Carl left and I've decided after looking around town for which person I want to marry and he is the one, but he's left the town, and I need him to come back, does anyone know how?

jgjgffgj asked for clarification:

So you don't have to ship eggs AND milk? eggs is just fine????


kittkattgamer answered:

Ship eggs and milk.
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CatMuto answered:

Ship eggs, Milk, breadfruit, cocoa, etc.
Anything you might need to make Desserts

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Lucario_Dialga answered:

Just ship lots of eggs and after a few days, Carl (and Katie) would come back to the village.
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Pigpen29 answered:

You have to ship sweets ingredients. Cocoas, Breadfruits, milk, and eggz. Don't worry, the same thing happend to me and he returned in a little more then a week!
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KathrenCullen47 answered:

for me they just came back. I didnt ship any thing along those lines sence I didnt have a cow yet.
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candygirl2341 answered:

Ship anything that is needed to make sweets.Things like eggs,milk,cocoa,ect.
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Lucario_Dialga answered:

Forget what I said. Once I just shipped 5 eggs (any type from this group: egg, good egg, special egg), and the next day Carl came back.
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Jennifer1525 answered:

Ship any sweets or start a new file and talk to him more so he doesn't leave in the first place.
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