Question from lol54321

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find limestone?

I cant find limestone even at the 50th floor and over no matter what way I use.
I can use a month without finding a limestone.......

Accepted Answer

From: Lucario_Dialga 5 years ago

Just smash every 'rock' on the 2nd floor of Moonlight Cave and you'll at least get one of them. I've got like 6 now. Just 4 more to go and hello, fertilizer!!

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I know for sure that it is in that cave next to Jamies ranch, (i think) its on the second or third floor. It might be deeper than that.
(hope i helped) iluvcartoons23

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Level 45 on the Lake Cave is filled with Lime stones

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I dont no which floor, but i THINK its some were in the lake cave, they have almost evrey jewel there, thats where i make my money. :]

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