BATMAN RETURNS (SMS)
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    1.....Introduction [01.00]
    2.....Walkthrough [02.00]
            - Round 1 [2.01]
                 - 1-1a [02.02]
                 - 1-2a [02.03]
                 - 1-1b [02.04]
                 - 1-2b [02.05]
                 - 1-3 [02.06]
            - Round 2 [2.07]
                 - 2-1a [02.08]
                 - 2-2a [02.09]
                 - 2-1b [02.10]
                 - 2-2b [02.11]
                 - 2-3 [02.12]
            - Round 3 [2.13]
                 - 3-1a [02.14]
                 - 3-2a [02.15]
                 - 3-1b [02.16]
                 - 3-2b [02.17]
                 - 3-3 [02.18]
            - Round 4 [2.19]
                 - 4-1a [02.20]
                 - 4-2a [02.21]
                 - 4-1b [02.22]
                 - 4-2b [02.23]
                 - 4-3 [02.24]
            - Round 5 [2.25]
                 - 5-1a [02.26]
                 - 5-2a [02.27]
                 - 5-3a [02.28]
                 - 5-4a [02.29]
                 - 5-5 [02.30]
    3.....Cheats and Codes [03.00]
    4.....Frequently Asked Questions [04.00]
    5.....Credits and Outro [05.00]

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      Introduction                                                   01.00

     Okay, let's be honest, Batman Returns isn't the best game to ever grace
the system, but it's far from the worst.  If it had the rope physics of the
Mega Drive version and a health bar, I'd rate it quite favourably.   Of course,
you just want to crack some heads as Batman.  That's admirable.  Let's go.

      Walkthrough                                                    02.00

     There are three different items that you can collect to aid your cause.
They all look the same, a logo in a circle, but they're differentiated by their
colour.  The power-up that boosts your attack range and speed is purple, the
one that boosts your speed is yellow, while extra lives are coloured orange.
Their containers (guess what they look like) are everywhere, but only ones that
contain extra lives suffer the pretence of being hidden.

      Round 1                                                        02.01

      1-1a                                                           02.02

     The first two Thugs that you'll stumble upon are fans of up-close-and-
personal encounters, so they pose no threat to your ranged self.  You can make
use of the second street-light to reach the ledge over to the left, your reward
being an extra life, which is always appreciated.  The woman, rather, the
Female Thug, you'll meet in a minute does nothing other than jump forward,
covering some small distance with each such jump.  Either hit her or swing
over her and let her wander off - your choice.

I've dubbed the rotund fellow on the roof of that building 'Fat Man.'  In this
instance, you can quite happily ignore him.  If you do, however, that will
limit you to the streets.  If you choose to grapple up to the roof and confront
him, be prepared for him to drop into a roll as you approach.  While rolling,
he's invincible, leaving you to exercise your only other available option -
jumping over him.  Being up on a roof, you don't have to beat him, just lure
him into a roll and let him get rid of himself.  If you have sufficient range,
you can pick him off while he's stupidly beating his chest.  The roof is
entirely safe from here on out, and there's an extra life at the end.

Once you find yourself having to drop back down to street-level, pelt the truck
until it explodes, clearing your path.  Despite being stationary, if you touch
the truck, you'll lose a life.  There's only a couple of enemies standing
between you and the end of the area, one of which being another not-so-jolly
Fat Man.  You should have more than enough range by now, but if not, make use
of the block sticking out of the ground to keep yourself safe.

      1-2a                                                           02.03

     Rope your way to the top of the street-light and jump over to the platform
on the right.  Fight your way onto the platform, then continue up.  From there,
head right and swing over to the building.  The Thug on the roof, shooting
downwards, is limited to just that.  Once you're on his level, he'll be unable
to defend himself.  Over to the left, you'll find an extra life.

At the end of the roof, hold down and press the jump button to drop down and
glide.  Land on the ledge next to the Bomber.  If you're wondering what a
Bomber looks like, he might look like that guy rigged with explosives.  If you
were to walk below one, they'd drop down and detonate.  Up here, you only need
to keep your distance, as they have no other form of attack, and pelt him with
a Batarang.  There's another one on the street-light over to the right.
From his light, jump over to the platform on the right and use the grapple to
strike the container above you for another extra life.

Swing over to the right and avoid the Female Thug throwing the bombs below you,
then grapple up to the roof.  Glide down to the street and head left for
another extra life.  Between you and the exit is one more street-light and one
more Bomber.  As you've seen, the blast radius is quite small, so as long as
you can see them, you can bait them into jumping, while you beat a retreat.

      1-1b                                                           02.04

     The Pyromaniac's flamethrower may have a short range, but those flames
will deflect your attacks, so it kind of balances out.  Not like you have to
fight him or anything - just rope up to the street-light and jump over to the
roof.  As you can see, the ground below you has taken a holiday, so stick to
the rooftops.  A lot of the containers here have extra lives inside, but you're
quite likely to die in the process of grabbing them.  The first such container
is a great example of that.  To get it, you'll have to drop from the street-
light and fire your rope up once you're far enough down to break the container
with it.  The next extra life can be found below the next roof.

After you've dispatched the Pyromaniac, you'll need to drop down to the right
and swing back to the left, where you'll have to land on a small platform and
take care of a Bomber.  From there, you should be able to break the container
and swing over to the extra life before it falls.

Keep high as you make your way along, and a much easier extra life will present
itself.  Jump or glide across the gap and carefully dispose of the Bomber,
after which, hall yourself up onto the street-light and jump over to the
platform on the right.  You can't make your way over the platforms here, as
they're too far apart, forcing you to swing under them.  Before you do that,
though, be sure to take out the Bomber atop the one in front of you.  Below the
last one is an extra life, which can be grabbed during the course of your
travels.  Destroy the truck blocking the way and smack the Pyromaniac.
That's it, the exit is just to the right.

      1-2b                                                           02.05

     Rope up to the top of the street-light, then jump over to the platform on
the right, and head up again to find an extra life.  From there, keep making
your way right until you reach the roof.  On the roof is a Mercenary with a
rocket launcher.  He doesn't move, and his rockets can be destroyed with a
Batarang.  If you didn't quite make the roof with your jump, it doesn't really
matter, as all you're missing out on is a speed boost.

Swing and jump your way from street-light-to-street-light.  Above the second
one is an extra life.  Rope up to the roof and take care of the two down-firing
Thugs, then drop through, and latch yourself to, the roof.  The container holds
an extra life, and can be broken by hanging right next to it and detaching the
rope long enough to fire a Batarang.

By heading back to the left and grappling the platform above you, you'll be
able to lure the Fat Man off his platform, allowing you to swing over to it.
The container above you holds another extra life.  To the right, you only have
one more gap to cross, with one more street-light providing the means to do so,
before you reach the exit.

      1-3                                                            02.06

     The Strong Man is only vulnerable while he's swigging from the bottle.
And it's not a bottle of lemonade - it's accelerant.  He has three attacks: a
short-range blast, an arcing blast that moves towards the top of the screen,
and a ground wave.  With a powered-up Batarang, you can, for the most part,
just stand in the same place and pelt him.  The ground wave needs jumping, but
the other attacks won't reach you.

He always does the attacks in the same order (with the notable omission of the
close-range blast if you're too fat away), so you don't have to worry about him
catching you out.  If you don't have the range, you'll have to get as many hits
in after the ground wave and between the arcing blast as you can.

      Stage 2                                                        02.07

      2-1a                                                           02.08

     Rope your way along the ceiling to do away with the need to battle against
the enemies and conveyors.  When you get to the end, jump up, but do so away
from the door.  Every door here conceals an enemy, and they're just waiting to
jump out as you approach.  Pull yourself up to the floor above and swing over
to the left, then keep pulling yourself up until you reach the top.

Make your way right, of course.  After you've grabbed the extra life, jump over
to the right and make your way down one platform at a time.  The second
container holds an extra life.  At the bottom, in the open area to the left,
you'll find another extra life in the top-right corner.  Drop through the floor
in the bottom-left corner.  The exit is over to the right, but you'll have to
swing along the ceiling to avoid the fire-storm caused by the falling lights.

      2-2a                                                           02.09

     Again, stick to the ceiling to save yourself some hassle.  This time,
though, keep closer to the ceiling to avoid being clipped by a Female Thug or
an errant bomb.  Pull yourself up at the end and swing your way over the
flames.  When you get to the end, you can make your way back along the top of
the platforms to grab an extra life.  If you do this, you can save some time by
pulling yourself up to the floor above, where you'll find another extra life.

Grapple the platform over to the left and swing your way over to the one on the
left.  You'll meet a new enemy here, a Mercenary that very much likes to slide.
They're slow to get started and they're not invincible during it, so keeping
your distance is very much a good idea.  Trying to jump over him is less of a
good idea.  The exit is to the right, so swing along the ceiling to reach it.

      2-1b                                                           02.10

     The theme thus far has been to stick to the ceiling to avoid dying.
Good theme, that.  When you get to the end, pull yourself up and swing your
way left, so as to avoid the falling chandeliers setting the floor alight.
Keep making your way up and along, sticking to the ceiling to avoid any
trouble.  When you get to the end, you'll find an extra life in the top-right
corner.  After you've grabbed it, drop from the rope and keep an eye to the

The floor is alight and you need to latch your hook to the bottom of the wall
to avoid, well, you know.  If you want to take the risk, you can find another
extra life over to the left.  However, I wouldn't, as if you fall, there'll be
nothing to latch on to, forcing you to walk back to the right through the
flames, dying several more times.

From the platform you should safely find yourself on, jump up and deploy the
grapple to find an extra life.  Grapple onto the platform to the right and pull
yourself up.  The Bomber here can be killed safely if you stand as close to the
edge as you can before attacking.  Over to the right of the area, guarded by
another Bomber, is an extra life.  To reach the exit, grapple up to the
platform on the left, then swing your way over to the right.

      2-2b                                                           02.11

     Tradition dictates you make your way along via the ceiling.  After you've
pulled yourself up to the next floor, grapple up to the platform on the left.
To continue, all you need to do is grapple the platform above you and swing
over to the right, where you can pull yourself up to the floor above.
However, if you swing across the platforms to the left, you can grab a couple
of extra lives along with some power-ups.

It doesn't matter quite how you do the next bit, just so long as you keep
heading up and left.  If you can't get further left, drop down until you can,
then head back up as soon as possible.  When you reach the hole in the top
floor, take out the Female Thug throwing the bomb, then get ready for fun.
From this side of the hole, walk off the edge and grapple as you fall.  If you
get your timing right, you'll swing over the hole in the floor below.  Get it
wrong and you'll burn.  I recommend you avoid trying to grab any items here,
even if they *are* all extra lives.  The holes alternate from left-to-right,
and the exit is at the bottom.

      2-3                                                            02.12

     Stand in the left corner and wait for Catwoman to flip towards you.
After you've hit her, she'll attack with her whip, which is only a danger if
you let her get too close (and even that is limited, as you can jump it).
After which, she'll start rebounding between the building and the far side of
the screen.

When she's on the building closest to you, you can hit her with the grappling
hook, forcing her to drop to the ground.  Once she's recovered, she'll return
to bouncing about, leaving you to repeat the process until you beat her.
On occasion, she'll flip towards you and attack before returning to bouncing
around, so be prepared to jump.

      Stage 3                                                        02.13

      3-1a                                                           02.14

     The container up on the ledge to the right contains an extra life, but you
can't reach it from here.  After dropping down, continue right to find an extra
life you *can* reach.  Before you get there, though, you'll have to fight a
Thug with a gun.  Keep making your way down and around (mind the Fat Man along
the bottom) until you reach the area with the platforms.  If you want another
extra life, brave the Bomber sitting above you and swing across the gap to the
right.  If you head back to the left and climb up, you'll be able to reach the
roof with the extra life from earlier.  It's guarded by a Fat Man, so be sure
to smack him or lure him out of the way.

Progress is made via heading right and staying at the top.  Once over on the
building, drop down the gap (unless you want to swing across and fight the Thug
with a gun for a power-up) and make your way right.  Almost as soon as you jump
over to the platform, a Bomber will drop out of nowhere, so get ready to take a
jump back.  To avoid any more incidents with Bombers, make your way to the top
of the area - it's not like you're missing anything here.  As you make your way
right, the container you will espy holds an extra life.  The exit, guarded by a
Thug with a gun, is in the bottom-right corner of the area.

      3-2a                                                           02.15

     To your right is a pair of Mercenaries to be dealt with.  If you pull
yourself up to the second platform above you, you can nab yourself an extra
life.  Make your way right and over onto the building, then immediately pull
yourself up and head back to the left.  The Mercenaries with rocket launchers
here are slightly different to the ones previous - these ones fire at an angle,
making them deadly to those of us that prefer to not be on the ground.  As a
side-effect, it makes them totally useless to anyone standing in front of them,
so batter the gang with your Batarang and make your way up.  On the right side,
behind the girder, you'll find an extra life, so grab that on the way.

You don't want to be on the roof of the building, as there's nothing there, so
one floor down will do you fine.  If you should fall while jumping across to
the girder on the right, you'll either end up back near the start or just die.
Once you spot the container on the platform above you, pull yourself up to
avoid a new enemy, the Acrobat.  She'll shoot onto the screen at a downward
angle, then quickly shoot back off again at an upward angle.  It's not worth
the effort of trying to hit her, so just avoid her, as it's not like she comes
back.  Oh, and the container above you holds an extra life.

Once over on the building, you have two choices: continue or risk a lot of
walking for an extra life.  If you want the extra life, drop down to the right
and take care of the Mercenary.  Over to the left is the aforementioned extra
life, but it hangs over a drop.  If you can't grab the extra life while
hanging, or should carelessly fall, you'll have to head left, back towards the
starting area, so that you may have the pleasure of doing most of the level
all over again.

If you chose to continue, rope up to the roof of the building and continue
right.  As you approach the step up, an Acrobat will swoop in annoyingly fast,
so keep that Batarang flying about.  To reach the next building, you're going
to have to fight your way past a Mercenary with a rocket launcher, and this
time he's in the right place to do you harm.  You can either destroy the
oncoming rocket or you can goad him into firing and drop down before he can
fire again.  There's another one down on the next level, but he can be dealt
with in the same way.  The exit is in the bottom-right of the area.

      3-1b                                                           02.16

     The way is blocked by a lone Female Thug throwing bombs.  She has the
height advantage, and if you don't have the range advantage, you're going to
have to edge forward until you can just clip her leg.  She'll change her arc to
hit you as you approach, so you'll have to be quick.

After grabbing the first power-up and dropping down, you'll find the ground to
have abruptly wandered off, leaving you to swing your way right.  There's a
Thug firing down from the first platform, which only barely manages to cramp
your style, as once you're past him, you can rope up on the right side of his
platform.  Keep making your way up, then jump over to the building on the left
to find an extra life.

Right is a good direction to head in.  The discoloured platforms here will give
way a second or so after you've trodden on them, the end result mostly being
you dropped to your death.  Make your way to the top-right of the area, then
gasp in amazement.  To make progress, you have to swing across a rather large
gap by utilising those metal discs.  The discs cover the whole building, so
there's room to save yourself if you should miss a shot.  Where you end up on
the next building along is relatively unimportant.

If you make it to the roof, you can nab yourself an extra life.  If you can't,
then you can make your way up the scaffolding on the other side and get to it
that way.  In the bottom-right corner of the scaffolding, behind the orange
beams, you can find two extra lives hiding.  Pull yourself up and continue with
the theme of heading right.  When you reach the gap, drop down but be wary of
the Female Thug with the bombs over to the left.  To her left, you can find
another extra life.  The exit is in the bottom-right of the area, guarded by
another lady with a bomb fetish.

      3-2b                                                           02.17

     When swinging up to the first ledge, be careful of getting too close to
the Bomber, lest thee be dived on.  There's an extra life there, so it's not
all bad.  Head to the top-right corner and do battle with another Bomber, then
swing back to the left.  There's another Bomber almost immediately above you
and to the left, and the only thing you can do is trigger him and get out of
the way.

Above you, there's a Bomber.  If you're feeling brave, you can jump up and hit
him with the grapple.  If you get it wrong, though, you'll end up swinging
right below him, giving him an easy target.  For the next section, you have two
choices: the smart choice and the suicidally stupid choice.  The suicidally
stupid choice revolves around throwing yourself down the chasm to your right
and grappling the underside of the wall before you fall to your death.
After which, you need to swing your way back up using the metal discs at the
other side.

The smart choice revolves around using the first set of discs to make your way
up to the top of the area, then swinging over to the platform on the left.
From there, you can simply jump over to the building and walk across the whole
area.  The tiniest of drawbacks is that there is a couple of Thugs in the way.
The really big upside is that you can grab a couple of extra lives as you go.
If you went the suicidally stupid way, you can still get here by climbing the
platforms at the other side, but you'll have to deal with a Bomber on the way.

Drop off the edge and steer left to avoid the Bomber.  Just be careful to not
land on the hapless Thug.  Drop off the edge to the left and hold right to land
on the platform below.  Below you is an extra life, which is nice, as you're
heading down anyway.  Drop down to the right to find the next platform.
The exit can be found by swinging to the right.

      3-3                                                            02.18

     The boss will start by dashing towards you and throwing a punch.  If you
stay where you are, it'll just miss.  After that punch, it'll retreat back to
the right and hurl four boulders at you.  They travel in a straight line, so
they cover quite a distance.  While it's summoning them, you should be as close
as you dare, smacking away at it.  This first set won't hit you while you're
standing there.  As soon as the boulders fly past you, head back to the left to
avoid a slower version of his opening punch.

After that punch, he'll retreat again and summon a second set of boulders.
You won't get many hits in before you have to move, a couple at most, as you
need to be back to the left before it releases the boulders.  To avoid them as
they come your way, place yourself over the lives counter and crouch.
Don't move yet, though, as the boss will follow this up with a full-speed dash
punch before repeating his pattern again, but that doesn't really matter, as he
doesn't have much life left.

      Stage 4                                                        02.19

      4-1a                                                           02.20

     Dispatch the gun-wielding Thug, then make your way up.  That container
above you holds an extra life, by the way.  To get out of this area, you need
to grapple to the pipe in the top-right corner.  You won't be able to quite
reach it by jumping, so you'll have to latch on to the one next to it first.
Almost exactly above you is downwards-attacking Thug, so pull yourself up and
deal with him before bracing yourself for something new.

A Penguin will waddle onto the screen from the right and fire a missile at you.
It can be destroyed like the ones previous, so it's not special in that regard,
but it homes-in on you, making it tricky to hit and impossible to avoid.
The Penguin itself is immune to bat-shaped justice.

With that threat over, swing over to the left to grab another extra life.
The container is hovering in an awkward place and the only way to hit it is
with the grapple.  Continue right and drop down.  The container surrounded by
pipes to your right holds an extra life.  Drop down to the right to avoid the
Bomber below you.

As you make your way right, that crafty Penguin will appear thrice more.
As you push forward, keep an eye above you for a Bomber waiting in ambush.
The platform above you is slightly too high to reach, so you'll have to head
back to the left and latch on to the pipe.  As you make your way up towards
the exit, that Penguin will appear another two times, both times from the left
of the screen.

      4-2a                                                           02.21

     The water spewing forth from the carved head will knock you back but won't
harm you.  It's also creating quite the current in the river.  The container
above you holds an extra life.  As soon as you reach it, a Penguin will send
you a present from over on the right.  Swing over the head and latch yourself
to the pipe above you.

Make your way right, sticking as close to the pipe as you can until you're well
away from the Female Thug throwing bombs, then drop down and make your way up.
The container in the corner holds an extra life.  As you make your way left,
you'll be attacked by that Penguin twice more.  In this area, you'll be able to
grab a couple of power-ups, but to continue, you'll have to head back to the
right and swing up (this will likely see you attacked again).

At the top of the area, the container in the alcove holds an extra life.
After you've gotten the life, make your way over to the next platform and drop
down.  You could swing your way across the ceiling to the exit, but that
Penguin is ceaseless in its fishy pursuit, and hanging defencelessly from a
rope is a bad idea.  Down below, you'll have to fight a Female Thug and two Fat
Men, but you will find an extra life by way of remuneration.  By now, that
Penguin has likely stopped appearing, so from the top platform, you can swing
back to the left for a final extra life before heading to the exit.

      4-1b                                                           02.22

     While fighting the Thugs over to the right, try to stay below one of the
platforms.  Why?  Well, every couple of seconds, water will drop from the heads
high above you, but not where the platforms are.  Like the water on the
previous levels, it won't kill you, but it will knock you back a considerable
distance.  In this case, probably into the water at either side of the central

Rope your way up onto the pipe over on the right and make your way across the
platforms we just discussed.  From the pipe above you, you'll be able to reach
the heads spewing the water.  Yes, you need to swing across to the right using
the heads.  The timing isn't bad at all.  Simply wait for the first head to
drop the water, then hang from it until the next head has finished, and so on.

At the other side, the container immediately below you contains an extra life.
Just try not to get swept away to your death while grabbing it.  There's also
one on the other side of the head, but there's less space for you and it's
closer to the water source than the other one.  Make your way down to the
right, again being careful of those obnoxious heads.  At the end, pull yourself
up and deal with the Bomber.

From over on the pipe, pull yourself up to the pipe on the right and make your
way, well, right.  If you should fall, head back to the left.  Continuing right
really won't get you anything.  Well, if you're willing to drop down for an
extra life, then swing back under the platforms, there's something for you.
That's not really much of an incentive, as there's an extra life along the top,

The last section is terribly tricky, with you having to swing to and from one-
block wide platforms.  The section is capped with a head at either side, but
they hardly bump the difficulty at all, as there's already no margin for error.
At the other side, you're pretty much at the exit.  Pull yourself up and deal
with the Bomber, then grapple to the block above you and swing over to the
right.  If, however, you head back to the left, across those tiny platforms,
dealing with another Bomber, you can grab two extra lives for your troubles.

      4-2b                                                           02.23

     As you make your way across the platforms, take it in mind that there are
heads high above you, dropping water directly down the middle of each platform
(that also includes the platforms you're swinging from).  When you get to the
end, carefully grapple to the left edge of the pipe to avoid the Pyromaniac
that's waiting for you.  After which, grapple to the pipe above you and either
ignore or assault the Bomber.

Swing, jump, and glide your way back to the left, using the heads as platforms.
When you see the container below you, you can drop down.  Over on the platform
to the left is an extra life.  Once you're back on track and all the way at the
end of the second row, grapple up to the pipe.  To cover the vast distance to
the right, you're going to have to reach the ceiling.  To reach it, you'll have
to swing from the head, then grapple to the ceiling once you have the height to
do so.  There's a second head over to the right, requiring the exact same
effort from you.

Stick to the ceiling to avoid, well, the rest of the enemies in the level.
Above the head all the way over to the right, you'll find an extra life.
There's a bus-load of spikes making your descent tricky.  And by tricky, I mean
more than a bit nasty.  Jump off the head to the right, backwards, then steer
yourself as you're falling so you're directly under the head.  At the bottom,
on the left, will be a platform you can grapple to to avoid falling into the
water.  There's an extra life in one of those containers, so smile.  To get to
the exit, swing over to the right and glide, being extra careful of the falling

      4-3                                                            02.24

     Catwoman is back.  Hurray.  This battle plays out in a similar fashion to
the first one - hit Catwoman with a Batarang if she's running towards you, or
use the grapple if she's bouncing off the walls.  After each hit, you should be
prepared to jump a retaliatory whipping.  What's different, you see, is that
while she's jumping around, sewage will drip from the pipes in the background.
Touching one of those droplets will, well, kill you.  And that's why you should
stay in your little corner.

      Stage 5                                                        02.25

      5-1a                                                           02.26

     The river that runs throughout this level is patrolled by Divers.
They float around with their heads above water, surfacing fully as you draw
near.  Other than moving backwards and forwards over a very small distance,
that's really all they do.  While they're submerged, you can't actually hit
them, so you'll have to lure them out of the water.  The container over to your
right is guarded by a Bomber because it holds a lovely extra life.

The jump is pretty hard to make, and you'll fail it nine times out of time.
However, if you grapple the bottom of the platform right on the very edge, you
can jump, steering away from the platform slightly, then back towards it to
land on top of it.  If you do this with the platform above that and to the
right, you can get another extra life.  As an added bonus, if you jump and
glide right, you can miss out a small section of river.  On your adventures in
defying gravity, an Acrobat will spin her way onto the screen, but she'll just
miss you.

If you can't do that, it's hardly any effort to just follow the river and
battle the Diver and Female Thug.  When you reach the next platform along,
though, you'll actually have to keep an eye out for the Acrobat rather than
just flat-out ignoring her.

Until you reach the waterfall, the rest of the river is uneventful, with the
exception of a trio of Divers and and a couple Female Thugs.  You can't make
the jump over to the block above the gap, so grapple the platform above you and
build up some momentum.  If you decide to grab the power-up from atop the block
and glide to the block from there, watch out for an Acrobat that'll appear
along the way.  The container hovering between the gap holds an extra life.
Whip it with the grapple and grab it as you jump across.

You won't be able to reach the river from the second block, which limits you to
making a desperate grapple for the platform hovering over the other side.
Atop that platform is an extra life.  To your right, and standing between you
and the exit, is a pair of Divers and a Female Thug.  If you're a sadist, you
can try to reach the utmost platforms for another extra life before you leave.

      5-2a                                                           02.27

     The exit is at the top of the waterfall.  You are not.  The vast majority
of your progress up the waterfall is going to involve the drums floating down
from the top.  Oil drums can be grappled, and should be treat like any other
semi-solid platform.  The first section is guarded by a Mercenary with a rocket
launcher, and he makes things a little awkward.  Jump and grapple yourself to
the platform above you.  You want to be hanging just below rocket boy's eye-
level.  When the drum is in range, grapple to it and pull yourself up.  You can
find an extra life over to the left.

Make your way over the gap to the right and hitch a ride on the drum coming
down.  If you're quick, you can pull yourself up and jump over to the platform
on the right.  If you're not, you'll have to settle for grappling to the
underside.  Either way, you can use the drum to the right to reach a platform
with another extra life.

The rest of the journey continues like this.  Well, for the most part.
After you've grabbed the next extra life and made it to the end of the
following section, you have a couple of choices: head left and cross one more
section to the left or use the drums to your right and the platforms above you
to shortcut your way to the exit in the top-right corner.

If you choose to endure the trickery, you'll be able to earn yourself an extra
life.  There's a lot of swinging to be done, and frankly, you're going to lose
more lives than you'll earn.  On top of that, when heading over to the exit,
you'll have one more Mercenary with a rocket launcher to deal with, and that's
not really much fun when you're jumping to and from drums.

      5-3a                                                           02.28

     The container below you holds an extra life.  It's the nicest thing about
this level.  After the second Diver, you're reintroduced to the Acrobat.
Rather than make a fleeting visit, she'll stick around, jumping backwards and
forwards in a high arc, throwing knives in a downward spread.  She's very quick
and dangerous, but she won't actively pursue you, which means you can wait
outside of her range and throw the dozens of Batarangs it may well take you to
hit her.

Over to her right, you can find another extra life.  Being that close to the
waterfall should trigger a second Acrobat, so quickly make your way back to the
left.  With the path clear, you can swing your way up the platforms to get to
the top of the waterfall.  Before you set your sights on the next set of
platforms, continue all the way to the right and clear out the Divers and the
Acrobat.  You're probably going to fall a lot, so you don't want land in a
cluster of enemies.

Near the waterfall is an extra life, and like the last one, an Acrobat will
spring into action when you get close.  Head back to the left and grapple to
the platform with the launcher-wielding Mercenary.  You need to get rid of him
to progress, but he's aiming up at an angle, so you're in no danger.  On the
platform above him and to the left is an extra life.

Keep making your way up and right until you see a Mercenary.  Like the first
one, he's firing up at an angle, so he's perfectly safe to take out.  To reach
the platform above you so you can actually swing over to it, you're going to
have to jump to the right and fire the grapple straight up.  Oh, and speaking
of extra lives, the container directly above where the Mercenary was holds
another one, as does the one below it and to the right.

From the platform where the Mercenary was, you'll have to jump and glide to the
right in order to get to the top of the next waterfall.  As you do this, a
Female Thug will be attempting to take you out of the air, which can and will
happen entirely at random.  If you have enough range on your Batarang, you'll
be well served by dropping out of the glide halfway and smacking her one.
There's a Mercenary with a rocket launcher covering her back, so take him out
before dropping her and claiming the extra life she was coveting.  The exit is
just to the right.

      5-4a                                                           02.29

     Swing over to the right.  Above the first platform is an extra life.
You're not missing out on anything by coming this way, well, except for a Diver
and a Thug with a gun.  There are three drums spanning the waterfall.
They're much friendlier than the last lot you encountered, the timing required
to get across being rather lenient.  While it doesn't matter too much whether
you get off towards the top or bottom, if you manage to get off at the top,
it'll save you some time and a few potentially awkward swings.  That's an extra
life across the top, by the way.

To the right is another set of drums, and like last time, it doesn't really
matter where you get off, but if you get off at the top, you can nab an extra
life.  If you don't, you can still climb up for it.  Just be aware that the
middle section contains a Thug with a gun and a conventional Acrobat.
If you're good with swinging, you can avoid the Pyromaniac, the Thug, and the
Acrobat.  If you're not good with swinging, you can at least avoid the
Pyromaniac, as he's a level down from you.  The exit is over to the right.

      5-5                                                            02.30

     The Penguin will fly along the top of the screen, dropping bombs.
Occasionally, he'll make a swoop.  Stand in the left corner to avoid the bombs.
As he approaches, just jump up and whip him with the grapple.  After he's had
enough, he'll leave the screen briefly before coming back with a new attack

The Penguin will fly down from the top of the screen, in a random position, and
twirl three umbrellas around himself.  He'll then fire them off in your general
direction.  When he comes onto the screen, there'll be a second before the
umbrellas appear, and that's your time to jump and hit him with the grapple.
If you can't hit him before the umbrellas appear, simply retreat to the corner
and swat down any umbrellas that come your way.

Once he's bored of getting whipped, he'll leave the screen and return on his
duck (that was a funny sentence).  The duck fires missiles and trundles
backwards and forwards.  In that order, actually.  It fires two missiles at a
time, the first of which must be jumped, while the second can be ducked.
If you're not far enough away -- just to the right of the lives counter -- the
second missile will catch you in the face.

After which, it'll charge forward and attempt to run you down.  As it's doing
this, jump and nail it in the head with a Batarang.  If you're not in range of
it as it charges, it'll stop and go back to the right.  In order to hit it, you
need to stay in range long enough for it to reach you, then jump, throw the
Batarang, and steer back to the left to avoid getting hit.  When it charges, it
won't go past the character image at the bottom of the screen.  After a few
hits, it'll mix things up and start firing three missiles.  To avoid them,
duck, jump, and duck again.  The rest of the battle continues like before.

      Cheats and Codes                                               03.00

 === Level Select ===

     Hold Up and press Button 1 and Button 2 on the title screen.

      Frequently Asked Questions                                     04.00

 === General Questions ===

 Q: Which route is considered the easiest?

 A: Generally, Route A is considered the easiest, while Route B is harder and
    more rewarding.  Of course, Route B isn't rewarding enough to make it
    actually worth taking.

 === Questions About This Guide ===

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      Credits and Outro                                              05.00

     Congratulations, you've defeated Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer!
And some other famous people.  Probably.  I don't know, I just remember
hitting lots of people in the face.  Speaking of remembering - if you're the
last to leave, remember to turn off the light.

 === Special Mentions and Thanks ===

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