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                             Dynamite Headdy FAQ
                                   Ver. 1.3

                              by Michael Stearns
                             Final Update 11/25/2k1

**New on this Update:
	11/25/2k1 9-2 Final Bonus added
		Links Updated
	6/19/99: 9-3 Spikey-Hat Bonus
	6/18/99: 5-3 Mid-Boss Bonus Clarification!
		Silvergun.com added!
	6/10/98: 8-2 Missile Man Bonus!
		Treasure's Official Webpage!
	5/03/98: 8-3 Tarot Bonus!

I should appologize for the delay in this final update, it's been like a year since 
Heitor Chang hit me with the final secret bonus point location and while the news
was posted to my Treasure page, the FAQ never quite got updated.  Anyway, this 
is the complete location list!  Enjoy!

By all means, you may distribute this FAQ freely, or you could even charge
money for it if you can find somebody dumb enough to pay for it.  Just PLEASE
don't make any changes to it.  

Contacting the Author:
      I am currently Emailable at Leynos77@yahoo.co.jp

This FAQ includes information on:
      Level Select
      Secret Bonus Points
      Secret Numbers
      Treasure Websites

Level Select/Head Test

At the Title screen, press start once.  Highlight "Start Game" and punch in C,
A, Left, Right, B.  If done correctly, Headdy will go "Yas!"  Press start
again and you can choose your level.  Punch in the code with "Options"
highlighted and you'll go to the Head Check screen!  Neato, huh?

Secret Bonus Points

Oh how we Headdy fans love to hear it, "He's got a Secret Bonus Point."  This
is a listing of all the secret bonus points I know of.  Big huge Thankyous go
to the following people:

       -Heitor Chang and Saviour-V for verifying the 9-2 Bonus
       -Mathew Ashby, for the 8-3 Tarot Bonus
       -Michael Oester, for the 8-2 Missile Man Bonus
       -TimeStones, for clarifying the 5-3 Midboss Bonus.  You don't even wanna 
	know how I thought it was done.  ^_^
       -Christopher Stearns, my brother, who stumbled into more than just a few 
	when I wasn't looking..
       -And of course, Bob Tomasovich, who wrote the first FAQ for me to leech a 
	couple SBPs from!  ^_^  (Marked with an * Asterisk)

Thanks a ton, guys!!  Now, on to the bonuses...


1-1  The Getaway           Destroy the big red robot before he gets all your

Total: 1/1                 Total thus far: 1/1

2-1  Practice Area         Successfully complete the three practice areas

2-2  Toys n the Hood       Knock the soldier with the telescope off the tower
                           before destroying it.

                           After beating the green Robot, hit the two
                           creatures that jump out of the cage for two

                           Get the Spiked Head and go up the verticle
                           passageway, then defeat the dragon.

2-3  Mad Dog & Headdy      Wait until Mad Dog jumps into the sky and returns
                           with Bino.  When he drops Bino, smash him (Bino)
                           for a Bonus point.

Total: 8/8                 Total thus far: 9/9

3-1  Down Under            Wait just to the right of one of the machines that
                           spits out balls.  When Bino's head rolls out, bash
                           it for a bonus point!

3-2  Backstage Battle      Trouble Bruin will randomly throw out little brown
                           kitties at you.  When he throws out a kitty with a
                           big green head, smash it!

3-3  The Green Room        Defeat the top half of the boss (the Puppeteer)
                           first for a secret bonus point.

3-4  Clothes Encounters    Wait until the Wooden Dresser comes down disguised
                           as Bino before killing it.  Hit the Bino mask and
                           get a bonus point!

Total: 4/4                 Total Thus far: 13/13

4-1  Terminate Her Too     Hit any one of the objects that say "Hit Me"
                           repeatedly until it finally gives you a bonus
                           point.  It takes 16 or 20 hits, I've forgotton

                           When the tank shoots out a cannonball that bounces,
                           destroy the cannaonball for a bonus point.

                           After you push the green weirdo off the water
                           fountain, jump on top of its head and hit it from
                           above repeatedly until it dies.

4-2  Mad Mechs             Break all the boxes that require a Hammer Head
                           (They have hammers on them) for a bonus point.

4-3  Mad Mechs 2 *         Destroy the two fans and get a bonus for each.

4-4  Heathernapped         Wait for Bino to come down and wash windows before
                           moving to the right.  Beat him up for a secret
                           bonus point.

Total: 7/7                 Total thus far: 20/20

5-2  Stair Wars            Eventually, after going up the stairs for a really
                           long time, you will get a bonus.  Don't defeat
                           Trouble Bruin until you do.

5-3  Towering Internal     Heh, the correct way.. ^_^  Simply don't get hit on
                           your way up the tower by Balloon Kelly, the flame
                           throwers, or the spinning midboss, and the bonus 
                           point is yours.

5-4  Spinderella           After Spinderella moves you to the background and
                           back to the front again, Bino will come running
                           onto the screen from the left.  Hit him four times
                           for a bonus point.

Total: 3/3                 Total thus far: 23/23

6-1  Flying Game           Wait by the Headcase at the beginning of the stage
                           for Bino's head to appear in it.  Then grab it for
                           a bonus!

                           Destroy the middle rocket in the second set of
                           three.  It is recognizable by the cow on its side.

6-4  Babyface              Do not let Babyface's final incarnation grab you,
                           keep shooting until it dies.  Bino is tied up
                           inside, blast him for a bonus.

Total: 3/3                 Total thus far: 26/26

7-1  Headdy Wonderland     One of the cows, when jumped on, will make a horse
                           noise instead of a moo.  Smash him!

                           On top of the first totem pole is a big sad bird. 
                           Smack him before he flies away for a bonus!

                           This isn't a bonus, but it's fun!  When the boss
                           appears, try to get Heather to miss when she throws
                           the keys by making the Gatekeeper face the wrong
                           direction.  The look on her face is priceless!

                           Let the Nasty Gatekeeper toss his arms off the
                           screen until he grabs Bino, smack him for a secret
                           bonus point.

Total: 3/3                 Total thus far: 29/29

8-1  The Rocket Tier       Collect all the 500pts icons at the top of the
                           screen for a bonus.

8-2  Illegal Weapon 3      After defeating Missile Man, hit any of the
                           soldiers who fall from the balcony for a Secret
                           Bonus Point!

8-3  Fun Forgiven          When fighting the sun boss, Tarot, hit him with the
                           heart sphere three times in a row for a secret bonus

                           At the very end of the stage, there should be a
                           "Don't Hit" box on the ceiling to the left of the
                           exit.  Hit it for a secet bonus!

8-4  Vice Versa            The heads that hang upside down will fire orange
                           shots at you.  Destroy three shots for a bonus

8-5  Twin Freaks           When the boss is green, it will occasionally fire
                           heads out of its ear.  Amongst these heads is Bino! 
                           Smash him for a secret bonus point!  This one is
                           really hard to get.

Total: 6/6                 Total Thus far: 35/35

9-1  Fatal Contraption     Destroy either of the jumping, brown, Cocoa heads
                           as you move up the elevator.  I do not believe it
                           is possible to get them both.

                           Grab the Hammer Head and break every block you can,
                           whether it requires the hammer or not, for a secret
                           bonus point.  Timing is critical, you must grab the
                           hammer at the last second so it will last all the
                           way up to the top.  Destroy hammer boxes first, so
                           if it wears out you'll still be able to destroy the
                           other boxes.

9-2 Far Trek		Get through the cooridor without being hit by
			by the Super Finagler or glomped by Trouble Bruin.
			it's very difficult and I have never actually done it
			myself--good luck!

9-3  Finale Analysis       This isn't a bonus, but watch Dark Demon's crystal
                           ball.  The color that it stops on will determine
                           his attack, so grab the head that will best enable
                           you to dodge it!  (Go for the Pinhead and be safe
                           every time if you're a real weanie!)

			When the Crystal flashes green, Dark Demon attacks
			with a row of guys wearing pointy hats from the 
			bottom of the screen.  Use the Hammer head to destroy
			them all for a secret bonus point!

Total: 4/4                 Grand Total: 39/39

And your fantastic prize?  The satisfaction of a job well done, sorry.  ^_^

Secret Numbers

Don't forget about the secret numbers!  After you beat the game with all four
(Don't forget what they are!) watch all the way through the credits for your

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