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                   |                  Hook                 |
                   |           An FAQ/Walkthrough          |
                   |             By KeyBlade999            |
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                        Section Negative One: Donations         **PETERPAN_-1**

While I do write all of my guides for free, it does take a lot of time and
effort to put them together. If you're feeling generous and want to show your
appreciation, I am gladly accepting donations. I don't know exactly what the
donations will be used for, but just know that you would definitely be helping
me make more quality FAQs! Even the smallest donation amounts are appreciated,
and are a great way to say how much you appreciate the work I do. If you do
decide you'd like to donate, please send the donations through PayPal at the
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By the way, this is also my contact e-mail, so if you want to contribute
something to this or any of my other FAQs, or have a question to ask about one
of them, go ahead and use this e-mail.

                        Section Zero: Table of Contents          **PETERPAN_0**

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  -1. Donations ............................................... **PETERPAN_-1**
   0. Table of Contents ....................................... **PETERPAN_0**
   1. Intro ................................................... **PETERPAN_1**
   2. Version History ......................................... **PETERPAN_2**
   3. Legalities .............................................. **PETERPAN_3**

   4. Controls ................................................ **PETERPAN_4**
   5. Walkthrough ............................................. **PETERPAN_5**

                          Section One: Introduction              **PETERPAN_1**

Welcome to another FAQ of mine. This one covers the SMS game known as Hook.
Hook is based off the popular work known as Peter Pan, in which Captain Hook
was one of the main antagonists in Peter Pan and future reincarnations,
including the allusions to it in the immensely-popular Kingdom Hearts series.


That's all I have to say on this game. Enjoy.

                         Section Two: Version History            **PETERPAN_2**

Final - First and likely only version of this FAQ completed.
        11:25 PM 12/11/2012

                           Section Three: Legalities             **PETERPAN_3**

This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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 2012 Daniel Chaviers (a.k.a. KeyBlade999).

If you would wish to contact me concerning this or my other FAQs, use this
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                            Section Four: Controls               **PETERPAN_4**

 - D-Pad: Move around.

 - 1 Button: Attack.

 - 2 Button: Jump. Hold to go higher. Press twice to fly, if possible; press
             again to stop it. Hold along with using the D-Pad to swim.

 - Pause/Start: Pause and unpause game.

                           Section Five: Walkthrough             **PETERPAN_5**

Level 1

After the long cutscene, the game begins.

Go to the right onto the higher ledge. Defeat the enemy to the right, then get
the one that flew above. Head onto the bridge he was on to avoid the spike pit
below. Continue right and along the path to a similar ambush - this time,
though, stand about halfway down the incline to attack the rushing enemy before
slicing open his partner. Continue right and onto the bridge to find a pickup.
Grab it.

Continue to the right and you'll soon meet with some water. Here, let the fish
move aside before you continue. As you go, you'll probably find the fish
U-turning - in that case, time your attack properly, then swim to the ramp
nearby. Go on up.

At the end of the ramp, you'll find a cherry - grab it, for this will heal one
of the three units of health you have. Continue right and defeat a few more
enemies as you go up and down the ramps. At the end of the series, Tinker Bell
will bestow some flying power upon you, which is measured in the blue gauge.

Press "2" twice to begin to fly and head to the top-right. Defeat the lone
enemy on the platform and land (Down + 2). Go right and defeat the next enemy,
then walk to the right. At the end of the path, jump to the next ledge, where
you'll find a cherry. Defeat the nearby enemy and continue on to the level boss
found further to the right.

Here, Rufio will ambush you with a dashing stab. Jump over it and well to the
right - you never know if he'll stop short, and three units of health is never
much in any boss fight. So better safe than sorry, right?  ;)  Anyways, once
you're over him, turn around and stab him in the back. Quickly, quickly back
away to the other side of the field. Ignore the first attempt at an attack - it
will fall dreadfully short - and repeat this with the second attack. Three hits
will win the battle, then you get some points!

Level 2

Now that you have Peter's true word, you may notice that it now has a special
ability. Much like Link's sword in the original Legend of Zelda, if Peter has
full health, he will be able to launch a projectile from his blade with a power
equivalent to that of a standard sword slash. Nice!

When you start, begin by defeating the enemy in front of you and heading to the
right. As you go up the incline, look to the left at the tree. When possible,
get onto its branches to reach a leaf, which will boost your maximum health by
one point.

Back on the ground, go right and defeat the grounded pirate, then ascend the
nearby tree branches. Take out the archer, then get onto the tree branch to the
right - use the sword projectile to take out the next archer. Jump onto his
branch and continue off the next branch to the bridge below - be sure to get
the jewel on the way!

Continue off onto the bridge below and, there, take out the pirate running
along the bridge. Continue right along the bridge. Defeat the archer around
the middle, then reascend into the treetops. Head right and defeat the next
archer - preferably, again, with the sword projectile. Further right, you will
see a pirate, stranded in the tree. Defeat him and continue on to the next tree
where you'll meet an archer, then a pirate on the ground. 

Head right to the next tree, grabbing the apple (health restorer) on the way to
the ground, where you'll meet another archer. Return to the treetops and head to
the right, then drop off onto the ground to find an incline ... as well as
another pirate to defeat. Continue right to the bridge.

There, and at random points from here on out, you'll meet up with bats flying
from the trees, straight down, then at you. Be careful about them. Jump over
the gap to another bridge, where you should meet up with anotehr bat. Continue
to the tree branch below, then right.

Take out the ambushing bat, then the pirate on the next tree branch. Continue
right to the next branch for another pirate to slice open. Do so and continue
on to the right. You  *may*  want to try risking that cherry over the gap. It
is easy enough to get if you hold "2" during the jump to hover and get on the
cherry's right pixels and quickly go right - but, if you have full health,
what's the point?

Defeat the pirate on the nearby tree, then continue right along the tree
branches to find another pirate on a lower branch. Defeat him as well, then go
further right to meet with the level boss.

This boss is not extremely difficult. Your goal is to hit the big, hairy guy.
He is originally in the center of the screen, but cannot be hurt at this point.
He will soon go cyclically from that center trunk, to the bottom-right hole,
to the top-right hole. You can get there ahead of time to smash his head in
three times for the win - just beware the fists and nuts. Heh. Nutcrackers.

After the boss, go right some more to end the level.

Level 3

When the level begins, defeat the enemy on the barrel in front of you. This
enemy absolutely has proliferated in this level, and will actually take two
hits to kill most of the time. Oh noes!  </sarcasm>  Wait for the next one or
two to come and beat them too - they'll be needless impediments otherwise.

Get on the ledge to the right, then the one further right. Defeat the pirate
and roller enemies here, then actually get on. Go right and left a ledge,
where you'll find a jewel to grab, in addition to an enemy, I believe. Jump
left across the gap, then begin ascending the incline.

Defeat the archer part of the way up, then get the nearby jewel. Continue up
the incline and beat another roller enemy. At the top of the incline, head onto
the ledges above. Take note of this particular zone - we'll return here very

Ascend the ledges and defeat the archer as you proceed - beware the ones after
here, as they set the ground aflame with their arrows, tripling the range of
them. Continue on up the ledges. At the top, big ledge, go onto the incline to
the left - there's nothing to the right. At the top of this incline, to the
right, you'll see Tinker Bell. Stand in front of her (you'll need to jump) to
fill your flight gauge.

Go back down to the staggered ledge area we noted earlier. There, jump to the
right and begin flying to the top-right to reach a leaf (boosts max health)
and a green cloak (extra life). Back-backtrack to Tinker Bell and refill your
flight gauge. To conserve it, head right and ascend the two ledges, defeating
the roller enemy on the way.

Continue up to the next ledge, then left and up another - you may want to
defeat the roller enemy that comes up behind you. At the leftmost ledge, fly
onto the next one to the right and kill the archer, then continue right and
kill another archer. Get onto the forested ledge and head far, far left and
jump up there for an extra life, then go far right to the gap, then fly up and
right to the next ledge, where the level will end. Yup, no boss.

Level 4

Upon beginning the level, head right to meet up with Tinker Bell and refill
your flight gauge. After doing so, continue to the right and up the ledges.
You'll defeat a pirate at the apex. Around the waterfall, jump to the right
and you'll see an extra life available to you. Careful of the archer though -
due to bad graphical contrast, odds are, you won't see his arrow. Try to get
him with your own sword projectile before landing.

After getting said extra life, fly to the right onto the next permanent
structure - the big tower with Tinker Bell nearby. Refill your gauge and fly
to the up and right to find a jewel. Return and refill, then head right to the
next tower. There, fly low and to the right to grab a leaf to boost your max
health. Yay!

Go further right to meet up with Tinker Bell once more! Refill your flight
gauge and fly up for a bit. Once you see the ledge to the right, begin flying
upward AND to the right - those brown ledges are spiky and will hurt, and you
won't be able to outrun them flying just to the right. Once the flight wears
off, just continue holding Right on the D-Pad until you land, hopefully safely.

Once you land, go to the right for a little bit more. Some enemies will fall
from above - just three. You can strike them as the come down, or just ignore
them and stay out of their way - either way, they die. Continue right into the
water. There, you can just down "2" and use the D-Pad to dodge the fish, or
you can outright cut 'em up. It's your choice.

On the next piece of land, proceed to Tinker Bell to start the boss. Here,
the boss will primarily throw scimitars in a boomerang-like fashion at you -
they'll home in on you, then return to the boss. You can most easily deal with
by hitting them. My preferred strategy is this - use Tinker Bell to fill up
your flight gauge, then hit the scimitars. As he is passing them back to you,
fly over to the boss and attack, go back to Tink while flying, and repeat.

Level 5

Wonder why this level has a timer of eight minutes over the usual five? It's
actually shorter than the other ones thus far...

Anyways, when you begin, head right. Wait for a second at the spike pit for the
pirate on the other side to turn around, THEN jump over it and kill him in
literally-cold blood.  :P  Continue right and down the hill, then across the
gap and uphill. Defeat the enemy at the top and get on the ledge nearby. Feel
free to go left and defeat a few more enemies, but you're mainly here for the
extra life.

Continue right and over the dual gaps. On the other side, you'll need to jump
and attack the pirate. Once you do so successfully, continue to the top and you
will soon meet up with a fork - high or low? Go low and over the spike pit to
find a leaf, which may boost your maximum health - by this time, you should be
beating on the barrier of five units - then go back over and along the other
branch of the path.

Continue right and defeat a couple of enemies - two pirates and a roller. Past
the third enemy of this group, go right and downhill. Defeat the archer at the
bottom, then jump over the gap for the cherry health pickup. Continue along and
beat a few pirates as you proceed uphill. At the top, opt to go along the lower
path for an apple health pickup.

Then go along the other path for a bit. Go along the lower path when the option
is given and defeat the pirate you'll soon meet. You'll also meet an archer
past the spike pit. There, you can jump down to the extra life, then walk down
the ramps. They aren't worth much mention aside from the local pirates.

At the bottom, head to the right, defeat another pirate, and jump over the gap
in the ground. (Yes, it's possible, and not as hard you think.) Continue along
and you'll meet up with the boss.

This boss is pretty easy. You probably remember those scorpion enemies before
the water of the previous level, which were attached to balloons? Here, two
such enemies will be launched at you. You can see their launcher at the very
bottom of the screen. Your goal is to hit the balloons in such a way that the
scorpions fall onto the launcher (they'll go through the ground and spikes).
I generally will wait for the launch on the central platform, jump away when it
happens, then quickly return and pop at least one balloon. It'll take around
three to finish the level. That also means if you have three or four leaves
showing at the top of the screen, you can do a suicidal strategy - just stand
there, be hit by one balloon (triggering the invulnerability to stop the other
from exploding), then hit the other.

Either way, after the battle, continue right just a little bit more to end the

Level 6

This level is even shorter than the last one, not like to last longer than two
minutes. It is a forced-scrolling level - in other words, it'll force you to go
along, whether you're ready or not. I can most readily analogize it with
World 1-4 of Super Mario Bros. 3. Also note that, throughout the course of the
level, more balloon-riding scorpions will fall sporadically - they can be
attacked to be rendered harmless, or merely dodged. Take your pick.

Anyways, once the level commences, go left and across the bridge to Tinker
Bell. Fill up the flight gauge and jump left, from the end, onto the tree
branch. There, jump left to another branch, then to another. Continue across a
large gap - still jumping - to another.

Now we can no longer truly conserve the flight gauge. Here, as the camera
begins to scroll upward, fly to the ledge above and cancel flight (Down + 2).
Fly up to Tink when she appears to fill the flight gauge, then continue along
to the next branch.

Cancel flight and jump to the next branch, then fly again to Tinker Bell. Land
on the next branch, then fly to Tinker Bell soon again to refill. Land on the
next branch for a second, then continue flying up and left to the next tree.
Refill there with Tinker Bell, then fly some more to the next tree. Land there
and get on the leftmost branch.

There, fly to the left and pick up the pickup. Land and start jumping across
the branches as they appear to soon reach a stone-and-grass ledge. Continue to
its left side to end the level.

Level 7

Prepare for one heck of a time in this level!  ;)  Not even Pac-in-Time was
this annoying ... and that was the most annoying game I've ever played.

Upon starting the lucky level number seven, go to the right. Jump over the gap
and enter the ship via the ramp.

Inside the ship, go up the ramp nearby and kill the archer at the top, and the
next one further right. Continue right for a bit and up the stairs to find the
doorway (labeled "EXIT").

In this area, jump over the nearby spikes. After the last one, go down and left
for a bit. Ignore the archer and use the lower-left doorway to go to another
area. Within said area are a pirate, an archer, and a leaf (heal/raise max
health). Return to the previous area.

Climb up the ledges nearby and defeat the archer atop them. Go right and over
the edge to the next portion of the area. Proceed right, defeat the pirate, and
go ever-further right through the next doorway.

Climb the ledges and fill the flight gauge with Tinker Bell, then continue up
the ledges. Defeat the pirate and fly up and left to that ledge next to the
wall. All this doorway will do is backtrack you to the previous area's ledge
that was unreachable and past the spike pits, but it's better than landing on
the ledge with the pirate.

Continue up and right and defeat the archer. Jump onto the ledge to the left,
then up the chain going right, then jump to the left doorway to grab the
health-restoring cherry as you do. Then go through said doorway.

And HERE is the annoying part. Be prepared to lose plenty of lives, or even the
whole game over this one room. Fill the flight gauge at Tinker Bell. Now, you
will need to trust me here or you'll never make it - and be sure to have high
health. (This can be easily done by dying; you respawn with all your health.)

Walk - not fly - left into the spike pit. Before hitting the ground, press "2"
to engage flying. Go left a bit and you'll meet a rolling enemy. Hit him just
once and continue left. He'll then hit you, end your flying, and trigger a
brief moment of invulnerability. Run left for about two seconds and jump, then
begin flying. Head to Tinker Bell and refill the gauge.

Now, go left some more. At the drop, press "2" to stop flying, then press it
again to begin flying near the bottom. Repeat what you did with the rolling
enemy again, then fly along to Tinker Bell. Refill the gauge with her.

Go left again and do the drop-restart thing again. This time, just fly left.
You WILL fall into the spike pit, but you should manage to live if you had
grabbed any leaf in any prior level. (And there's one here, too.) Quickly run
and jump left onto the ledge and go through the doorway to the deck of the
ship. Phew!

Once on the deck, your job is almost over. Go right and down the steps,
killing three pirates as you reach the foot of the stairs. Continue rightward
and you'll beat one more, and probably one more further ahead. Ascend the
stairs at the bow of the ship, then go along the little cylindrical piece of
wood jutting from it to begin the boss fight.

Captain Hook is hard to hit. He fights almost like you - with a short-range
dagger or short sword. He will attack when he gets near you. Due to the nature
of physics, it is to your advantage to take the higher ground. While you'll
probably need to do crouching strikes (Down held, then "1"), it is better than
not being able to dodge at all. You can also suicidally go up to him and attack
after he attacks, though that's risky, as he'll take four hits to beat. He is
most open, albeit VERY briefly, after he strikes. If he attacks, whether you
are hit or not, go up to him and hit him back. Good luck.

Final Boss

Of course, would that ever be the end of it? Much like the stereotypical
antagonist, Captain Hook never goes down for good. After the cutscene, you will
fight him one more time. This is the even more annoying fight.

Hook will have two main attacks - one is the sword slice, much like from the
previous battle. This attack seems to have a  *slight*  increase in range. Hook
is also able to throw his hook hand in a straight line for a distance equal to
about one-half the playing field, then retract it back.

Hook is also very evasive. Like before, you will have to hit him in one of two
ways - suicidal strikes, or just after his attacks. Suicidal strikes are no
longer a full-blown strategem like before - Hook will now take six hits to
defeat, greater than your maximum health of five. Additionally, there is no
guarantee a hit will hit if you do it suicidally, which can further increase
your damage. I would not recommend ANY suicide strikes until around the time
you've hit him four times, and still have three or more units of health left
on yourself.

Hook's attacks can all be readily dodged through a jump, though whether you
won't touch him is questionable. If you do get hit, try two strikes at him,
then run, regardless of what happens. If you manage to dodge an attack without
getting hit, you'll want to jump to Hook's backside and strike there if he
threw his hook, or retaliate if he hit with his sword. Good luck!

After that boss battle, the game is over. Congratulations if you won - you have
beaten Hook! (Both the game and fictional character!)

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