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Sonic Spinball (Game Gear version)
by dungeonconquerorB

-Table of Contents-

1. Copyright Notice
2. Version History
3. Basics/Differences from Genesis version
4. Walkthrough
5. Acknowledgments
6. Contact Info and Closing

1. Copyright Notice

This document is copyright (c) 2005, 2007, 2012 Buck Seward 
(dungeonconquerorB).  The websites that can post this FAQ without my written 
permission are GameFAQs.com and sonicstyle.org.  Cheatsguru.com is NOT allowed 
to have any of my FAQs.  If you want to post it on another site, contact me 
and ask me nicely.  I will look at your website and E-mail you with my 
decision.  In the event that you do post it, you may NOT alter it in any way.  
You CAN: print the FAQ for your own use, or tell your friends about it.  You 
CANíT: give anybody a copy of it, or sell anybody a copy of it.  The same 
thing goes for giving or selling any part of it.  If you want to take some of 
the information contained in this FAQ and use it in one of your own, just make 
sure to credit me for the information.  All trademarks and copyrights in the 
form of names of characters and places from Sonic Spinball are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright owners.

2. Version History

Version 1.00 9/23/2005:  First complete version.  There is still a lot about 
this game that I donít know, but I know enough to get you through the game and 
beat it.  If there is something you know that you think I should add, E-mail 
me.  In particular, I would like to know the locations of the secret power-up 
rooms in the first two levels, Toxic Pools and Lava Powerhouse.

Version 1.20 2/7/2006:  I got an E-mail from Skywalker9072 with the location 
of the secret power-up room in Lava Powerhouse.  I also rewrote and corrected 
parts of the Walkthrough for Level 4: Final Showdown, and added info on 
exiting the boss room in Level 1: Toxic Pools.

Version 1.21 8/25/2006:  This version is just to add sonicstyle.org to my list 
of allowed websites.  I still havenít gotten info on the Toxic Pools power-up 
room.  Sorry.

Version 1.22 6/13/2007:  My E-mail address has changed.  See Contact Info at 
the bottom of the FAQ.

Version 1.32 7/4/2007:  After I found out about the gameís debug code, I was 
able to find the location of the Toxic Pools power-up room.  Try as I might, 
though, I canít find a regular way in.  If anybody out there has that info, 
please E-mail me.  I never like to call any version of a Walkthrough final, 
but if nobody gives me the info on the entrance to that room, this will 
probably be the final version of this FAQ.

Version 2.00 2/29/2012:  I had a nice e-mail from HylianHeroLink with info on 
how to get into the secret power-up room in Toxic Pools.  Why in the world 
they put the hardest room to get into in the first Level, I donít know.  But 
finally, the FAQ is entirely complete to my satisfaction.  I also did a few 
small things to tidy up a little.  I made one little spelling correction, I 
added one word to the Walkthrough for Level 4: Final Showdown, just for 
clarity, and I added a little piece to my Copyright Notice to make it match 
the ones in my other FAQs.  Now this probably will be the final version of 
this FAQ, but I wonít officially name it that because itís a walkthrough.

3. Basics/Differences from Genesis version

First off, the controls.  The +Control Pad can still be used to move Sonic 
when heís standing, or to alter Sonicís trajectory in the air, which is vital 
for reaching some spots.  You can also do the spin dash by holding Down and 
pressing one of the action buttons.  Start still pauses the game.  Buttons One 
and Two both make Sonic jump.  Button One also works the left flippers, and 
Button Two also works the right flippers.  There is no third action button on 
Game Gear, so if you want to flip both flippers at the same time, you have to 
press both Buttons.  Overall, the controls are not as quickly responsive or as 
reliable as they were on Genesis, but you can still do the flipper-catch 
trick, which helps a lot.  Particularly, it is harder to simply move from one 
flipper to another.

Sonic Spinball is a tale of the absolute final battle between Sonic the 
Hedgehog and Dr. Robotnik (or Dr. Eggman for the unseasoned).  After suffering 
defeat after defeat, Robotnik finally retreats to the keep at his Veg-O 
Fortress, inside a volcano.  This is the location of the actual machine that 
Robotnik used to turn all those animals into robots.  If Sonic can stop him 
here, Robotnik should be gone for good.  However, this will be a battle unlike 
that of any other Sonic game.  The Veg-O Fortress is made up of four areas, 
each with multiple pinball tables.  In each area, either three or five Chaos 
Emeralds have been scattered.  As Sonic, you must retrieve them, find your way 
to the areaís boss table, and beat the boss to move on.  After each area, you 
will enter a bonus round.  You have to go around the room collecting rings 
and/or hitting things that bust open for points.  After enough of this, an 
exit will open up.  Go through it to reach another room.  After three rooms, 
the exit will take you out.  Thatís all the basics.  Now follow me and weíll 
go on the journey.

4. Walkthrough

Level 1: Toxic Pools

Of the four levels, the first one was changed the most to make it easier.  You 
start off on the bottom table.  This table has two sections, upper and lower.  
To get anywhere else, you must go to the upper section.  To do this, either: 
1. hit the weird dot in the middle straight from the bottom to be shot up; 2. 
go up one of the small side pipes to the upper plunger things, or 3. go up the 
large green pipe on the far left.  I find way number three to be easiest.  
Now, you must drain the toxic liquid surrounding one of the Emeralds.  There 
are two small targets, one on each side of the upper section.  In general 
pinball lingo, these kinds of things are called ďflags.Ē
Hit them both to drain the liquid.  Then, go back down to the lower section. 
The way is now open to the two side tables.  Go through one of the small side 
pipes to make the transition.

On the side table, you need to get to the top section either by shooting hard 
upward and to the outside, or by going through the small loop with the worm 
heads to unlock the door and then going through where the door was.  Once at 
the top, jump and catch yourself on the flipper.  There are two places you can 
go.  If you shoot at the end of the flipper, you will reach the spiral gate to 
the boss table, which wonít let you in unless you have all the Emeralds.  If 
you shoot at more of an upward angle, the spiral gate there will send you to a 
plunger.  Use one of the action buttons to activate it and go to the top 

The top table is where you get to the Emeralds from.  To get to the first one, 
just fall through the center between the flippers.  Itís that easy.  From 
there, you will be sent to the bottom table and will have to work your way 
back to the top table.  Once back on the top table again, there are two more 
spiral gates.  One is on the right side, about halfway up the table.  The 
other is left of center, about two-thirds of the way up.  Each of these gates 
will send you into a hidden area with an Emerald.  Just walk into the pipe 
under the Emerald to collect it, and then you will fall into a lower area.  
From here, try to remember which direction the gate sent you in when you went 
to the Emerald.  Go that way again and jump over the hole to be shot into one 
of the side tables.  Going the other way would take you to the bottom table.  
Once all Emeralds are collected, enter the boss table from one of the side 

On the boss table, the object is to either shoot up the middle to be 
transported to the top, or go up the sides and come around to the center.  
Either way, fall down and bash the big Robotnik head.  Do this sufficiently 
and you win.  This is one of two boss tables that were changed from the 
Genesis version.  If you fall out of the boss table, you will be sent back to 
the top of the right side table, through the spiral gate that you enter the 
boss table from.  Whenever you fall out of any boss table in this game, you 
have to start the boss over when you get back.  This kind of makes the Level 3 
boss suck.

Secret power-up room: This is crazy, man!  The room is at the lower-left 
corner of the Level, but itís locked.  The lock is tied to 4 flags on the top 
table.  As you shoot into the table from the plunger, if you look fast you can 
see the 4 flags near the top of the table.  The one on the far right you can 
reach from the bottom-left flipper.  You have to shoot above the upper-right 
flipper, and itís very tough to go up high enough.  The one on the far left is 
a little tougher.  You can reach it from the bottom-right flipper, or you may 
be able to reach it from the flipper thatís under it by flipping lightly 
straight up.  For the other 2, thereís no sure-fire way to hit them.  You have 
to bounce around on the bumpers up there in such a way that you roll around 
the top edge and graze across them.  It will still count.  Once all 4 flags 
are down, you have to get to the area below the left Emerald room.  This is a 
whole lot easier if you can do it at the same time as you collect the Emerald.  
If youíve already gotten it, you have to go to the bottom table, fall through 
the far left side lane and hold left to land in the tunnel.  However you got 
there, go left until youíre on the edge of the gap. Now jump left as far as 
you can.  If you go far enough, youíll sail over the water spout, into the 
wall, and end up in the room.  Try to get both of the items in there before 
you hit the plunger to get out.  If you accidentally step onto the plunger 
before that, tap the button lightly and hold left, and you can stay in the 

Level 2: Lava Powerhouse

You start out on the lower left table.  There are two lower tables, two upper 
tables, and a central area where the Emeralds are.  The first thing you need 
to do is to open the door to the lower part of the central area.  You must hit 
the door three times to open it.  You can either hit the thing in the center 
of the table from the bottom to be propelled into the door, or you can go into 
the loop that you entered the table through to be shot into the door that way, 
just like the Genesis version.  Once the door is open, do one of those things 
one more time to go to the central area.  Unlike the Genesis version, the door 
will stay open in case you fall back into the lower table.

One very good difference in the central area is that you no longer have to 
bounce off of the chickens to reach the pressure tube.  Just press one of the 
action buttons when you are under it, and the pressure tube will shoot you 
right into the first Emerald.  Fall back down, and then go through the 
pressure tube again, but this time, go left or right at the top.  Do a spin 
dash to the side to get to the upper part of the central area.  Here, you need 
to shoot yourself out to one side and go down into one of the upper tables.

No matter which one you choose first, you will see a loop, similar to the ones 
on the lower tables, on the inside next to the central area.  Go through that 
twice to bust a stopper and go down.  Unlike the Genesis version, you will 
fall down onto a flat floor instead of being sent right into the Emerald 
shaft.  Also, instead of having to push the button again each time you need to 
activate the jets, just jump into the shaft and hold the action button until 
you have the Emerald.  Fall down and you will be back at the bottom of the 
central area.  Go back to the top and do the other side table for the other 
Emerald, and then go through one of the pressure tubes at the top of the 
central area to enter the boss table.

Here, you need to shoot up the sides and catch yourself on the platform.  
Watch out for the steam vent, and jump into the boiler to attack the two 
Robotnik heads.  This is much easier than the Genesis version because the 
platforms at the top always catch you.  If you fall out of the table, you 
donít go down to the bottom to that death trap, going into one of the lower 
tables if you narrowly escape like on Genesis.  Instead, you appear right 
under a pressure tube that will send you into the upper right table.  Just a 
hop, skip, and pressure tube back to the boss.

Secret power-up room: When you go into the upper-left table, stop on the flat 
platform at the top.  Jump to the left through the wall to find a pressure 
tube that will send you into the room.

Level 3: The Machine

Now the tables get more complex.  You have kind of a double bottom table, with 
left and right parts, plus two side shafts, a central area, and all manner of 
tunnels.  Keep in mind that in these last two Levels, you can collect the 
Emeralds in any order, but the order I outline is relatively easy.

You start out falling into the right part of the bottom table.  As you are 
falling, you may see what looks like a metal cage on the right that has an 
Emerald in it.  On this version of the game, you can pass right through those 
cages without even slowing down.  So, head for the cage and get the Emerald.

Next, you will be in the right side shaft.  You will fall into one of three 
automatic plungers that will shoot you up toward a flipper.  In both shafts, 
try to go into the left or right plunger, because the middle ones are harder 
to use.  Anyway, however you can, get to the top of this shaft, where you will 
see a moving platform.  Jump on the platform, and then off the left side of it 
at the left end of its path.  Bingo!  Emerald number 2.

From here, you will fall through some tunnels into the central area, called 
the Animal Prison.  You may fall into a small hole in the floor, but this is 
easily jumped out of.  There is an automatic plunger on either side.  Using 
them, you can go up to the cages and bust them open.  The spiral gate that you 
see sends you to the top of the Prison, making it easier to bust the cages.  
The idea is to stay in the middle, because the absolute center cage has an 
Emerald inside.  Once it is open, the Emerald will fall into the hole in the 
floor mentioned earlier.  Go there and collect it.  You may not be able to 
stay in the Animal Prison long enough to get the Emerald the first time.  If 
so, donít worry.  Youíll be back later anyway.  When you exit the Animal 
Prison, try to do it on the left at the bottom.  You should easily collect the 
fourth Emerald and go into the left side shaft.

This oneís a little harder.  There are three flippers on the left side of this 
shaft, and one on the right next to the top left one.  On the right side of 
the shaft, going up, there are two spiral gates and then the metal cage with 
the Emerald.  The upper spiral gate takes you to the top of the shaft, but the 
lower gate takes you back to the bottom table, so avoid it.  What you have to 
do is get to the middle left flipper (which is hard by itself), and make a 
very tough shot to get the Emerald.  I donít know how many times it took me to 
do this the first time, but I think it was about six.  After this, you will 
fall back to the Animal Prison, so you can get the Emerald there if you missed 

There are a number of ways to get to the boss table.  From the top of the 
Animal Prison, you can try to bounce into a tunnel on the left or right, which 
will take you to an automatic plunger.  Or, you can go to the very top of one 
of the side shafts, where you will find some tunnels that will take you to the 
plunger that way.  Either way, kill the enemy over the plunger and then use it 
again to go through the spiral gate to the boss table.

On the Game Gear version, this boss is the hardest one in the game.  You have 
to destroy the Veg-O Machine itself.  First, look for two flags, one on each 
side, between the entrance to the table and the Machine.  If you can hit both 
of these before you fall out of the table, they will keep you on the table.  
And, on this version, you donít have to hit them again after you use the 
saving effect.  Itís permanent.  Once the flags are down, try to go up the 
tunnels on either side of the Machine.  Bounce around up there until the pipe 
on each side is destroyed.  This will let you enter the Machine.  Go in the 
Machine and bounce around until it is destroyed.  It is really important to 
hit the flags before you do this last step, because when you come back out of 
the Machine, like you will several times, you will be going very fast, and it 
is hard to save yourself.  The last step is also hard because it will look 
like you have destroyed the Machine once or twice before youíve actually done 
it.  If you fall out of the table before you hit the flags, you will be sent 
to the top of the Animal Prison.

Secret power-up room: At the top of the left side shaft, the entrance is 
somewhere on the left wall.

Level 4: Final Showdown

Jeez!  This place is so complex, I wonít even try to describe the layout.  The 
volcano has gone active now, and you are trying to go through the scattered 
remnants of about six tables to Robotnikís escape ship.  A couple of the 
Emeralds have been moved to easier locations than the Genesis version, but the 
Level is still very hard because of the slower-to-respond controls.

The place where you start is in the bottom center.  If you fall through the 
far side lanes, the rocks automatically shoot you back up, but if you fall 
toward the lava anywhere else on this Level, you die.  The first Emerald is in 
the top middle part of this table, but itís blocked by three blocks.  You have 
to hit the blocks to destroy them.  The challenge is to stay on this table 
long enough to get the Emerald.  If you go to the sides at the top, youíll 
leave the table.  The first time you leave on each side, there will be an 
enemy that will knock you down into a kind of in-between area, where one of 
the Emeralds is, but the enemies will be gone after that.  From the in-between 
areas, you can go either back to where you started, or to a table on either 
side.  The idea is to start going down on the side that you _donít_ want to 
end up on.

It doesnít really matter which side you do first, but Iíll talk about the left 
side first.  On the lower table, go to the far right part.  After destroying 
an enemy, you will be able to hit a switch.  Hit it three times, and then go 
up just left of where the switch was.  If you go up far enough, a spring will 
throw you into the Emerald of the in-between area.

The second time you go from the starting point to the left side, you should 
get to the flippers of the upper table.  From the right flipper, just roll 
hard to the left off of it and you should get the Emerald.  There may be 
another way to get this, but thatís definitely the easiest.

On the right side of the Level, on the lower table, go up the far left side.  
If you go high enough, a spring will throw you into the Emerald in the other 
in-between area.

The second time, when you get to the upper table, roll hard to the right off 
of the left flipper to get the Emerald.  You can also get this Emerald from 
the lower table by going to the far right side of the lower table.  After you 
kill the enemy, you can reach a handle that will bring a platform under you to 
catch you.  Face left on this platform and spin dash.

Finally, to get to the boss table, you have to get to the area above the 
Levelís starting point.  Here, you will find two rows of springs going up.  
Simply bounce up them to the boss table.

First off, if you fall out of the boss table (which is very easy), you will go 
right back where you came from, close to the right row of springs.  Just 
bounce back up them and try again.  Now, the boss table has four sets of 
flippers: one on the bottom; two in the middle, in an area of bumpers; and one 
on the top.  You have to get to the top section.  Robotnik is at the very top 
center, but his hovercraft is anchored in some girders and you canít hurt him.  
Instead, go to the left or right side of the area.  On each side, you will 
find two things that look like wheels.  Jump on top of these, and after a few 
seconds they will explode.  When all four of the things have been destroyed, 
Robotnik will be released from his moorings and will begin to fly around a 
little.  Just keep trying to hit him and eventually youíll win.  I cannot 
express to you how much easier this boss is than the Genesis version.

Secret power-up room: On the far left side of the Level, at the bottom, stand 
on the area of platform beside the flipper.  Walk through the wall and youíre 

By the way, this game has time-wise the longest credits sequence I have ever 
seen.  You have to be very patient, but it does end.

5. Acknowledgments

Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting the FAQ.

Thanks to Skywalker9072 for giving me the location of the secret power-up room 
in Lava Powerhouse.

Thanks to HylianHeroLink for giving me the info on how to get into the secret 
power-up room in Toxic Pools.

6. Contact Info and Closing

My E-mail address is pianoman3@roadrunner.com.  In the Subject line, be sure 
to put the word FAQ and the name of the game you are talking about, or you are 
subject to erasure.  I welcome most all comments about my FAQs.  If you like 
my work, please tell me, because it means Iíve done my job and helped someone 
out there.  I can also take _constructive_ criticism.  If you know how I can 
improve a FAQ, or if you know some information that I donít or an easier way 
of doing something, or even if I need to be corrected, please tell me.  It 
means you actually care! :)  I do not accept messages simply saying that you 
donít like my work, and it only takes one message with any kind of profanity 
for me to block you.  This was my first posted FAQ, made out of necessity, 
because there were no others on the internet for this game.  After 16 years of 
video game playing, I felt able to play this and beat it with no help except 
what I remembered of the Genesis version.  I hope you like the result.  And 
remember:  ďDonít just beat it, conquer it!Ē Ė dungeonconquerorB.