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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Instruction Manual Translation
v1.1 March 30, 2001
(C) 2001 duz

First off I'd like to say my knowledge of Japanese is about on par with
the Japanese skills of a first grader, from Germany, a mute and has 3
fingers missing.  So this is not a direct translation but instead an
interpretation of the manual.  It also means that some stuff will be
blank but all the important stuff will be covered.  If you find errors
or have translated something I skipped, contact me at
You can always find the latest version at

The Manual

Page 1 and 1a - Warning
Just warnings about your game, how it might steal your soul, etc.
The standard boilerplate.

Page 2 - Contents
This is already in English so I won't bother.

Page 3 - Prologue
This is all Japanese so I'll do my best, if you know what it really says,
contact me.

The year is 1830.
Lady Carmilla has brought Dracula back to life.
Nathan Grabes and his best friend Hugh Baldwin head to Castle Dracula with
Nathan's mentor and Hugh's father Maurice Baldwin to stop Dracula.
Before they can fight Dracula, he destroys the floor beneath Hugh and Nathan
causing them to plummet down a long shaft leaving Maurice alone with Dracula
and Carmilla.
Hugh and Nathan land safely.
Hugh runs off to save his father leaving Nathan behind
Thus begins the adventure with you in Nathan's boots.

Page 4 and 5 - Game Start
These pages detail the "CROSSROADS" which is just the main menu.
Use A to enter an option and B to exit/cancel.

This is where you select your saved character as well as start new characters.
To start a new game simply select a blank page and hit A.
This will take you to a screen to enter your name.
A selects the letter and B deletes it press start or select END when finished.

This is where you can change the name of an already existing character.
Press A to select the character to rename or B to cancel.
That will take you to the same screen as when you first entered your name.

This will copy one saved character to another page.
Simply select the character to copy and then the page to copy it to.

This deletes your character.
Select the character to delete and hit A.
Hit A once more to confirm or B to cancel.

Page 6 - Operation System

L Shoulder Button - Toggle DSS on and off.
R Shoulder Button - Use Special Move
D-Pad - Move Character/Navigate Menus
Start Button - Go to Status Menu/Start Game
Select Button - Go to Map Screen
A Button - Jump/Select highlighted
B Button - Use Whip

Page 7 - Operation System continued

Press Left and Right to move Nathan left and right.
Press Down to make Nathan duck.
Press B while holding Down to make Nathan whip while squatting.
Press A while holding Down to make Nathan slide.
Press B while holding Up to make Nathan use a Secondary Weapon show on pg.
  14.  Using a Secondary Weapon uses Hearts.
Press A to make Nathan jump.  The longer A is held the higher Nathan jumps.
Press B to make Nathan use his Whip.
Hold B to make Nathan Spin his Whip.
Press L to toggle DSS.  Explained on pg. 10.
Press R to use Nathan's Special Move.  Explained on pg. 15.

Page 8 - Player's Rule

Main Screen Breakdown
1 Health Points bar
2 Magic Points bar - Using DSS depletes MP, explained on pg. 10
3 Secondary Weapon, explained on pg. 14
4 Number of Hearts collected
5 Name of last Enemy hit

Map Screen Breakdown
The flashing dot is where you are.
The red squares are save points.
The yellow squares are warp points.  More on pg. 20.
The white lines are walls.
The breaks in the white lines are doors.

Status Screen Breakdown
LV - Current level of Nathan
STR - Strength of Nathan
DEF - Defense strength of Nathan
INT - Intelligence of Nathan
LCK - Luck of Nathan
STATUS - Status of Nathan.  See pg. 13 for Status conditions.

Page 9 - Player's Rule continued

TIME - Time played
RATE - Percent completed
HP - Current HP / Maximum HP
MP - Current MP / Maximum MP
HEART - Number of Hearts / Maximum number of Hearts
EXP - Current Experience
NEXT - Experience needed to next Level

Use Up and Down to highlight the Menu Options and A to select.
DSS - Go to the DSS Menu.  Explained on pg. 10.
ITEM - Go to the Item and Equipment Menu.  Explained on pg. 10.
CARD - Go to the Card menu.  Explained on pg. 11.
MAGIC ITEM - Go to the Magic Item Menu.  Explained on pg. 11.
CONFIG - Go to the Configuration Menu.  Explained on pg. 11.

Controls for Menus
D-Pad - Navigate Menu
Start Button - Exit Menu
A Button - Select highlighted option
B Button - Cancel

Page 10 - Player's Rule Continued

DSS Menu
DSS is a special mode that gives you extra powers.  The top half of the
screen is where you select which powers you want to activate when you
activate DSS mode.  In the bottom half, the MP needed to use the selected
power in DSS mode as well as what the power is are displayed.

Use Up and Down to switch between the top and bottom row.
Use Left and Right to move back and forth across the cards.
Use A to select the DSS power to put on the L Shoulder Button.

This screen is where you can equip armor and use items.  It also shows how
the equipment will effect your stats.

1 EQP BODY : Equip an item for you body
2 EQP ARM R : Equip an item on your Right Arm
3 EQP ARM L : Equip an item on your Left Arm
4 USE : Use an item from pg. 15
5 These are the items you can equip/use.  The top left is "NONE" when

1 Use Up and Down to highlight an option and press A to select it.
2 Use the control pad to highlight which item to equip/use and press A to
  equip/use it.
3 Press B at any time to cancel.

Page 11 - Player's Rule Continued

This screen shows all the cards you have collected.  The cards are what
active your DSS powers.  Use the D-Pad to select the card and press A to
read it.  Press B to exit.

This screen displays the magic items you have collected and how to activate
them.  Press B to exit.

This is where you can change which button does what.  Use Up and Down to
select the function.  Left and Right will change the button assigned to that
function.  Press A to confirm and B to exit.

Page 12 - Save & Continue

The room pictured is the only place you can save the game.  Walk under the
red ball and press up.  Your HP and MP will automatically refill and you will
be given the option to save your game.  The left option is Yes and the right
is No.

To clear all saved games, at the Title Screen, hold L + R + A + B and then
press Select.  The left option is Yes and the right is No.

Game Over
When you die you will go to the game over screen.  If you choose Continue
you will go back to the last save point.  If you choose End you will be
taken back to the Title Screen.

Page 13 - Status

These are the Status condition you can become besides Good.

Poison - Being poisoned slowly drains your health.  To cure poison see pg. 15.

Cursed - You are unable to attack.  It goes away with time.

Stone - You are a Statue and can not move.  Press Left and Right repeatedly
  free yourself.

Ice - You are frozen.

Page 14 - Items

Secondary Weapons

Hearts - There are two kinds of hearts.  Small Hearts count as one and Large
 Hearts count as 5.  Hearts cover the cost of using a Secondary Weapon.

Press B while holding Up to use these
Holy Water

I'll translate the item names later.
The top six are equipment for you arms.
The bottom four are for your body.
There are more armor in the game then shown.

Page 15 - Items Continued

HP Restorers - Orange Bottle (20HP) and Turkey Leg (50HP)
MP Restorers - Blue Bottle (30%MP)
Hearts Restorers - Heart on a stick (10H) and Heart on a larger stick (25H)
Antidote - Purple Bottle (Cures Poison)
?? - Green Bottle (??)

Special Items
These items give Nathan his Special moves.
Running Shoes - These shoes allow Nathan to run.  Press left or right
  twice to run in that direction.
Wall Climb Shoes - These shoes allow Nathan to jump up a wall.  Hold R and
  press into the wall.  Nathan will then springboard away from the wall.
Double Jump Amulet - This amulet allow Nathan to perform a double jump.
  Press Jump while in the air to do a second jump.
Rock Smash Helmet - This helmet allows Nathan to smash a square stone.
  Press R will holding the direction of the rock.

Secret Items

Purple Jar - Refills HP
Blue Jar - Refill MP
Very Large Heart - Increases maximum number of hearts

Page 17 through 19 - Characters
These are the people and the monsters you'll see in the game.

Page 20 - Points
I have no idea what most of this is yet.  The bottom picture is a picture
  of the warp room.

Page 21
More warnings.