Battle Arena FAQ by jekoln

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                 Castlevania: Circle of the Moon for GameBoy Advance
                                  Battle Arena Guide
                                      By jekoln
               Version 1.8 (created 6-18-2001, last updated 3-08-2010 )

____/ Introduction       \_____________________________________________________

I decided to write this FAQ because my first time at the Battle Arena I
couldn't make it past the third room, I thought I would honestly never be able
to make it without some sort of plan or strategy.  Everything that I did in
order to beat it, I decided to write up into a guide.

____/ Version History    \_____________________________________________________

Version 1.0 - Wrote out first draft of FAQ

Version 1.2 - Included info about Needle Armor, corrected some errors, refor-
matted the text so it looks right (I figured out that it's better to use
wordpad than notepad), and added thanks section.

Version 1.4 - Put in the info about the Dark Armor and also made some minor
changes, added exp. amounts for the skeleton and abiondarg room and changed
the error about the were-jaguar's exp.

Version 1.6 - Changed some more errors, and added a little here and there.

Version 1.8 - After years, finally came back and decided to make some changes,
mostly to reflect my other guides.  Reformating, editing, all that jazz.

____/ Preperation        \_____________________________________________________

You can't expect to make it through this thing by just taking it head on, when
you're in the Battle Arena you're going to need to stockpile these things;
potions, heart restorers, cure curse, mind restorers, dark armor, and two
double grips. Also, I recommend being at least level 50 (leveling up even more
than that doesn't hurt either).

NOTE - to help get the items you need faster don't forget to use the card
combination Venus + Mandragora to raise your luck )

*** Potion Highs and EXs ***
	You're only going want to use Potion Highs and EXs while you're in the
Battle Arena; potions, meats, and even spiced meats won't give you adequate
healing for the beating you're going to be taking. The following enemies will
drop these.

	- Devil -
		The Devil (located at the very top of the castle near where
	you fight Hugh as a boss) will give out potion highs. Don't forget the
	Devil will give you 10,000 exp. every time you kill him so he's also a
	good way to level up quickly.

	- Alraune -
		Alraune, the nude girl in the rose, is the only enemy that has
	Potion EXs (the potion that restores all your HP). But, it will take a
	lot of luck to get it though, (it took me 20 minutes at 1086 luck just
	to get one) but it is worth it since you'll have over 1,000 hp when
	you go to the Battle Arena (so just one is worth four or more
	Potion Highs).

        - Wind Armors -
		Wind armors are very good sources for Potions Highs too, some
	say they are easier to get from Wind Armors than the Devil, too.

*** Heart Restorers ***
	You'll be finding yourself using hearts up like a madman while you're
in the Battle Arena so it's good to stock up on heart restorers. Here's a
small list of enemies that are good to fight when stocking up for Heart

	- Mummies -
		These are nice to fight because they keep on regenerating and
	are easy to kill, they give you Heart.

	- Bone Towers -
		These are abundant and not hard to find, they give you Heart
	and Heart High.

	- Bats -
		These regenerate too and the best place to find them is in
	the bottom of the castle in the room with the earth demon and the
	place where you got dash boots, they give you Heart.

	- Spearfish -
		Found in the water area, they give you Heart and Heart EX.

*** Cure Curse *** 
	You'll need to have a couple of these on hand for room ten in the
battle arena, marionettes and legions are the two enemies that you can get
these from. Legions are in the upper part of the castle while the
Marionettes are in the upper-right part of the castle.

*** Mind Restorers *** 
	If you want to use the magic cheat in the battle arena you're going
to need a lot of Mind Restores.

	- Brain Floats -
		These regenerate and are easy to kill, (I recommencd using
	Jupiter + Serpent, or if you have it, Jupiter + Unicorn, and use the
	moon jump to kill them off) They give you Mind Restores.

	- Spectors -
		These regenerate and are easy to kill too. They can be found in
	the Underground Gallery (Twin Dragon's area) in the verticle rooms
	nestled between the two save rooms.

	- Dark Armor -
	The Dark Armor gives you +550 defense but will bring down your other
	stats by 10 points. I consider defense to be the number one importance
	when you're in the battle arena though, so I would advise equiping this
	armor. You get this armor from the Lilim, Lilim is in the upper left
	part of the castle (Machine Tower, Golem boss' area) where all the
	Fox Archers and Heat Shades are.


                                  Machine Tower

    |      |    |
    |      |____|_______________
    |           | Golem |       |
| S |                   |       |
|___|___________________|       |    ______
|                       |       |   |
|_______________________|       |___|         	S = Save Room
|       |   |<          |       |   |         	X = Secret room where
|    ___|   |           |_______|___|         	Lilim is.
|   |   x   |           |       |   |         	< = Place where you
|   |_______|    _______|       |___|         	bust through the wall
|   |   | S |   |   |   |       |             	to get to secret room.
|   |___|___|   |___|___|       |
|           |           |       |


*** Double Grips x2 *** 
	I believe that the double grips are the best accessories to wear while
in the Battle Arena since they give you a 75 point boost for all your stats.
You can get them from dark armors, which are at the top of the castle near the
Hugh boss.

*** Strength Armbands *** 
	Some people have emailed talking about the virtues of using Strength
Armbands in the Arena. Equiping one will boost your stength +100 but will bring
down your other three stats by 25, if you equip two of them you can get a 200
boost in your strength and have your other stats down by 50. I have a hard time
advocating this though, while you get a huge boost in strength you lose luck
and defense, and luck plays a very important role when trying to get cards and
potions. It's up to you though, it's not a big deal which you choose to do.
You can get Strength Armbands from Demon Lords.

*** Leveling Up *** 
	The best enemy to get leveled up from isn't actually Devil, but
Lilith. Lilith will give you 20,000 exp and mind ex's. Lilith can be found in
the lower-left part of the castle (Underground Warehouse, Death boss area).
In a tall skinny room with a lot of Succubus' and an Arch Demon at the very top
there is a secret room. To get to it go halfway up the tall skinny room, you
should be able to bust through the wall (on the right side) which will reveal
a secret room, inside is Lilith.
	I still recommend fighting the Devil too, since he drops Potion Highs.

____/ Magic Cheat        \_____________________________________________________

	Even though they say that you can't use magic while you're in the
Battle Arena you actually can. Normally, whenever you use mind restores or mind
highs in the Battle Arena it will fill up your magic bar at the menu screen but
when you return back to the game your magic depletes almost instantly. There is
a handy little cheat that I've found out that will let use magic while you're
in the battle arena, but it can be a bit taxing to use and it is only useful
with summoning magic.

*** Long Explanation *** 	
	While you're in the battle arena use two or three mind restores so that
you're up to almost full magic. Next select the summon spell you want to use,
(I recommend Cockatrice or Thunderbird since they do the most damage) now here
comes the tricky part, and you have to pull this off in a very limited amount
of time (it might take you a couple tries to master it). The second that you
come back to the game (after unpausing from the menu screen) hit the L trigger
button to activate your spell (your magic will not drain while you are
activating your magic) and (as fast as you can) perform the down-to-up motion
(just like you would normally do) and hit the action button. If you do it fast
enough you will actually perform the summon! Beware though, if you get hit by
an enemy or you mess up you'll have to use up some more mind restores and try

*** Short Explanation *** 
	Do the spell as fast as you can.

	I don't recommend using this cheat to get through the whole Arena,
as it takes away a lot of the challenge. But this can make the Battle Arena
extremely easier in some parts, namely, the last room and the room with all of
the minotaurs. You can also use this trick to restore some health if you have
the Unicorn summon.

____/ The Battle Arena   \_____________________________________________________

When you get to the Battle Arena you first come to a room with torches that all
hold different sub-weapons, the only one you'll need is the cross, which will
be the last torch (the one right before the door ). Don't waste your time
picking anything else, trust me. On a sidenote, all of the enemies in the
Battle Arena are more difficult than there non-Battle Arena counterparts, but
they also yield higher experience.

				-- Room One --
Difficulty - *  (out of five)
Enemies -
	Were-wolf  x 1			( 1,100 exp. )
	Were-jaguar  x 1		( 1,200 exp. )
	This room is fairly easy and shouldn't be too difficult. The first
thing you need to focus on when you get into this room is not to toward the
Were-Wolf, you want to only jump up and down so that you can focus your
attention on the Were-Jaguar. You can start by throwing a couple of crosses to
get some hits on the were-jaguar but when he charges at you double jump to
avoid his attack and use your whip to hit him as you come down. Try not to
come down to fast as the were-jaguar likes to stall for a second after he
attacks, you might touch him and send yourself flying back if you do. After
you kill him go after the were-wolf, you can avoid the were-wolfs jump attack
by ducking as he comes at you, after he flies over you can throw some crosses
at him and hit him with your whip.

				-- Room Two --
Difficulty - **
Enemies -
	Hipogriff  x 2			( 1,900 exp. each )
	Catoblepas  x 2			( 2,000 exp. each )
	When you enter this room the first thing you need to do is jump
straight up and throw one or two crosses as the hipogriffs will run right into
them (it might even hit them a second time after they turn around) but after
that you want to focus your attention to the two Catoblepas. The Catoblepas'
steam attack can end up doing major damage since any damage you take while
stoned is triple or quadruple what you would normally take. So double jump
straight over the two of them and throw as many crosses as you can while their
backs are turned, keep doing this until you kill them. To finish off the two
Hipogriffs just jump and throw crosses at them, they're not that hard.

				-- Room Three --
Difficulty - ***
Enemies -
	Wind Demon  x 2			( 4,000 exp. each )
	Witch  x 3			( 1,000 exp. each )
	To take out the first wind demon in this room just keep jumping up and
throwing crosses at him. Actually you can just use that strategy for the whole
room too, just remember to try and take one enemy at a time. The only thing
that makes this room difficult is the shear amount of projectiles that will be
thrown at you.

				-- Room Four --
Difficulty - **
Enemies -
	Stone Armor  x 3		( 3,000 exp. each )
	Devil Tower  x 12		( 600 exp. each )

	This room isn't really difficult since the stone armors follow such a
simple strategy, to beat the Stone Armors in this room keep throwing crosses at
them and when they throw rocks at you just use you whip spin (hold the B button
down) to shield yourself. The devil towers are really easy too (you'll probably
be able to take them out with one hit), just hit them right after they shoot.

				-- Room Five --
Difficulty - *
Enemies -
	Skeleton  x 6			( 700 exp. each )
	Skeleton Bomber  x 5		( 550 exp. each )
	Skeleton Spear  x 4		( 580 exp. each )
	Electric Skeleton  x 2		( 700 exp. each )
	This room is so easy I don't even know if I should bother to tell you
how to get past them. Just throw your crosses and hit them with your whip or
you can use your slide kick, not much else to it.

				-- Room Six --
Difficulty - ***
Enemies -
	Fire Demon  x 2			( 4,500 exp. each )
	Bone Tower  x 7			( 800 exp. each )
	The Fire Demons can be a bit hard since they have so many hit points
and their attacks are hard to avoid, when you enter the room just keep jumping
up and throwing your crosses at them, you'll probably take a few hits before
they go down but it shouldn't be too much. The Bone Towers' attacks are easy
to avoid and it shouldn't be too hard to kill them.

				-- Room Seven --
Difficulty - *
Enemies -
	Fox Hunter  x 5			( 600 exp. each )
	This room is pretty easy too, the Fox Hunters can only shoot straight
ahead so all of the arrows can be avoided by simple ducking. If you're strong
enough, you can kill the Fox Hunters by sliding on the ground. If you're not
you can kill them by just slowly advancing towards them between shots. A fun
way to kill them is by facing away from them and throwing two crosses, when the
crosses boomerang back to you just duck and let them take out the Fox Hunters.
I've been able to take out four Fox Hunters in one swoop with this technique.

				-- Room Eight --
Difficulty - ****
Enemies -
	Poison Armor  x 3		( 3,600 exp. each )
	Bloody Sword  x 3		( 2,000 exp. each )
	This is the first of the really difficult rooms, the second you get
into this room you'll want move forward a little and lob as many crosses as you
can and hope that you kill the first Poison Armor and maybe some of the Bloody
Swords. After the first poison armor is killed try and kill the rest of the
Bloody Swords before you go after the second Poison Armor. When fighting the
Poison Armors the best technique is to run near them, quickly throw some crosses
and then run away so you don't touch the poison cloud. You can also keep your
distance and use the face-away-from-the-enemy cross throwing technique I told
you about in room seven against the Fox Hunters. Don't forget to use antidotes
the second you get poisoned, you'll need all the HP you can keep.

				-- Room Nine --
Difficulty - *
Enemies -
	Abiondarg  x 24			( 588 exp. each )
	This room is the easiest in the whole Battle Arena, you could just
stand in place and keep hitting the Abiondargs as they go by. I suggest that
you try to kill the ones on the top so that if they drop a Potion or Meat you
can get to it, 'cause you've probably taken some damage by now.

				-- Room Ten --
Difficulty - ****
Enemies -
	Legion  x 3			( 2,900 exp. each )
	Marionette  x 12		( 1,200 exp. each )
	First off, this room will be a royal pain in the ass if you aren't
strong enough to kill the marionettes in one hit (with the cross). Since the
Marionettes curse you when they touch you you better have a lot of Cure Curses
on hand. The only weapon that you'll want to use in this room is the cross
since it does more damage to dark-aligned enemies. Try to keep your distance
while fighting in this room to keep from being cursed but I can tell you that
this room won't be easy, if you have too much trouble with this room I would
advise you to use the magic cheat.

				-- Room Eleven --
Difficulty - *****
Enemies -
	Minotaur  x 7			( 4,100 exp. each )
	This room, in my opinion, is the hardest room of the whole Battle
Arena. I highly recommend using the magic cheat (Thunderbird summon) for this
room. (Actually it's kinda hard to do it in this room, you have to perform it
the exact second you walk into the room) If you want to take it the hard way
and fight it out be forewarned, you are going to lose a lot of life in this
room, the Minotaurs' shockwaves will constantly be knocking your ass around
like a ragdoll. The only advice I can give is to keep throwing crosses and keep
jumping around. After losing almost all of your HP they'll be dead.

				-- Room Twelve --
Difficulty - ****
Enemies -
	Succubus  x 3			( 3,100 exp. each )
	Arachne  x 3			( 2,400 exp. each )
	The first person you're gonna need to take out is the first Arachne, if
she hits you with her web goo you're not gonna be that effective against the 
Succubus's since you won't be able to jump. So run forward and keep throwing
crosses as fast as you can until she's dead. After her you now should deal with
the two Succubus's flying around, keep throwing your crosses and try to watch
for when they stop, because when they stop they shoot three shots at you. After
you've taken care of them kill the second Arachne, then the third Succubus, and
then the final Arachne.

			        -- Room Thirteen --
Difficulty - ****
Enemies -
	Demon Lord  x 5			( 4,200 exp. each)
	Alraune  x 2			( 5,000 exp. each)
	When you first enter this room you want to throw three crosses to kill
the demon lord right in front of you, but be prepared for what happens next all
of the demon lords on screen will be spitting fireballs in every direction so
there is a 100% chance that you'll be hit. After the first demon lord dies jump
up and throw crosses at the demon lord right above the alraune. When he dies
jump on the platform he was on and throw crosses at the demon lord on the
platform to the left of you. After he dies go back to the beginning of the room
and fight the Alraune, when fighting the Alraunes remember that you'll do a lot
more damage to them if you hit them when they're exposed but you'll have to
jump to hit them in the right spot, another thing to remember is that they'll
always leave a space between their vines for you to hit them. You can fall into
it by jumping on the platform right above her and wait for her to raise her
vines, you'll be able to see it. After killing her go to the platform in the
middle of the room and throw crosses at the Demon Lord on the platform to the
left of you. Then drop down and kill the last Demon Lord who's behind the
Alraune, you might take a few hits but it's important to kill him before you
kill her. Kill the last Alraune following the same strategy that you did to
kill the first Alraune and you'll be done with that room.

			       -- Room Fourteen --
Difficulty - *
Enemies -
	Hyena  x 8			( 1,000 exp. each)
	This room shouldn't be hard, you can kill the first hyena with your
whip and then run to the middle of the room and drop down the hole. Facing the
left throw a cross, once you throw the cross jump back up out of the whole and
go to the right. If you did it right the cross will kill the other seven Hyenas
if it didn't just try again.

			       -- Room Fifteen --
Difficulty - ****
Enemies -
	Dark Armor  x 3   		( 6,600 exp. each)
				**Holds Black Dog card!!**
	Devil Tower x 12		(1,500 exp. each)
	This room is just a variant of room four but is much more difficult
with the addition of the Dark Armors. Your first goal should be taking out the
first three Devil Towers since they can stone you and make you lose tons of HP.
They shouldn't take more than one hit from your whip or cross so it shouldn't
be too hard. When those are gone focus all your firepower on the first Dark
Armor, throw as many crosses at him as you can while watching where he points
his sword, dodging his dark blasts are priority number one. Keep this pattern
up until you get through the room. This is a room that you might also want to
use the magic cheat (Thunderbird summon) and don't forget that the Dark Armors
hold the Black Dog Card, watch for it!

			       -- Room Sixteen --
Difficulty - **
Enemies -
	White Armor  x 3   		( 6,000 exp. each)
				**Holds Unicorn card!!**
	The White Armors are so ridiculously easy that it's funny. Your
strategy for this room is; throw crosses, duck, throw crosses, duck, throw
crosses, .... that's it since the White Armors only shoot straight. You better
hope you're lucky enough to get the Unicorn card, 'cause if you don't you'll
have to go through it again if you want it.

			      -- Room Seventeen --
                              **   Final Room!  **
Difficulty - *****
	Devil				( 30,000! exp. )
	This is it, the final room, but by now you're probably really hurting;
running low on hearts and life. (If you picked up the Unicorn card from the
Holy Armor in the room before I suggest using the Unicorn summon to restore
some life if you've run out of potions, just remember to do it before you
enter the room) The Devil is the hardest regular enemy in the whole game and
his Battle Arena version is the ultimate badass! His purple clouds o' death do
damage well over a hundred hit points, making it easy for him to kill your
weakened characterin just one or two hits! He's also got enough HP to survive a
summon spell, that means  if you want to use the magic cheat you'll have to do
it two or even three times before he goes down. ( I recommend using the Cock-
atrice summon as it does more damage to him than the Thunderbird summon ) If
you plan on fighting him the regular way remember to stay away from him.

His attacks include:
	- a tornado that surrounds him
	- a shockwave (much like the minotaurs shockwave, but the devil's
	shockwave goes in both directions, goes much farther, and stays around
	a lot longer)
	- a shield
	- a "flamethrower" attack.

The battle with this guy is going to be long and brutal, if you charge him
head on you'll most likely get killed very quickly, so remember to be patient.

	Once you've finally beaten him you'll have made it through, this is the
most difficult task in the game and you'll be rewarded with "shinning" (game
typo, supposed to be shining) armor, which is the best in the game. Also, going
through the whole Battle Arena will net you a whopping 291,582 exp!

____/ Thanks             \_____________________________________________________

I would like to thank the following people who have helped me; for giving me some pointers for telling me about the slide kick

The following people who helped me find the needle armor:, Micheal Rude, ultimo, Mark Sherry

The following people who helped me find the dark armor:
Scott Huisman,, and Jon Lam ( who also told me
about Lilith )

Jim Ogul for telling me about the potion ex's

Rize for providing information about the abiondarg and skeleton exp. amounts.

Brendan Parlor for sending info about wind armors, potion highs, and strength