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The best portable alternative to Symphony Of the Night.Alterwolf8/10
A MUST HAVE GBA game!!!ANTYaz9259/10
One question: Why must Drac remodel his crib EVERY new game?Arcademan610/10
The best launch game!birch200110/10
A few problems keep this game from true excellenceburuburu19/10
You buy or you miss out!DaGame0079/10
I just don't like this gamedmbf5guster4/10
I wonder if Hugh and Nathan Baldwin are related to Alec Baldwin.Doodleheimer9/10
Definately the best GBA game out there right nowFFIX3699/10
So this is GBA...I like it!Gauntlet Man 9910/10
A Must buyGValko9/10
Dont try this at home childrenhyncer9/10
Pretty Darn GoodJark10/10
By far the best launch game for the GBA. A must have!!!!!JD 139/10
Ever wonder why the moon is circular instead of square?Larcen Tyler10/10
C:SotN has finally been dethroned!!!mgsisthebest10/10
Simon Belmont would be proud.Mikey400410/10
Great game, if you forget Symphony for a bit...MurderDeathKill9/10
The best selling launch title, but is it really the best?PsiStorm9/10
A Whippin' good time!Raziel10/10
2D Castlevania LivesS. Sage9/10
This game easily rivals Symphony of the Night.shigman10/10
The best in the seriessrgeman10/10
Disappointing, but not all badThe JW5/10
THIS is on Gameboy?! Welcome to the future!TigerSolo10/10
An instant classic and a must-buy release game!Uncle Fuz10/10
A great game to start out the release of a great systemViagraPolice1219/10
The great Castlevania series has a great GBA gameVideogamer9/10
There's something for everyone in the Castlevania series next haunting installmentWainioTheMaster10/10
Gah! I can't see!wolverinefan7/10

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