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Iridion 3D (GBA)
FAQ Version 1.0 - 11/01/2003
By Lynx_10 <Kelvin Soh> (lynx_10@barrysworld.com)

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                           ""NNNNNNNN (NNNN     `NNNN)
                               NNNNNN (NNNN      (NNN)

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A. Intro
B. Version
C. General Tips
   i.  Shot Power-ups
   ii. General Tips & Information
D. Stage + Boss FAQ
   i.    Stage 01 - Escape Through the Disposal Tunnel
          --> Boss: REFUSOR
   ii.   Stage 02 - Dogfight Above the Pacific Ocean
          --> Boss: CYTECTOR
   iii.  Stage 03 - Air Combat Above the Clouds
          --> Boss: STRASTOSHPERE BASE
   iv.   Stage 04 - Moon Assault
          --> Boss: LUNAR GUARD
   v:    Stage 05 - Outer Space Asteroid Field
          --> Boss: PROSPECTOR
   vi.   Stage 06 - Iridion Home Base
          --> Boss: REACTOR CORE
   vii.  Stage 07 - Planet Iridion Prime
          **FINAL BOSS**  
   viii. Hard Mode
E. Credits
F. Legal Disclaimer

A. Intro
Released on the GBA's launch day on 2001, Iridion 3D is a flawed but 
nonetheless good shooter featuring beautiful 3-D graphics. It's a little
sad how underrated the game is and I hope my FAQ would help some gamers who
found the game a little too hard enjoy the most out of it. 

I haven't done any shooter FAQs before, and this is my first under this name,
so do give me advice on improving it through my email which can be found 
above. Also pls notify me on my errors if there are any as well as additional 
info I do not have in the FAQ. Well, that's all for me so enjoy the game!

*Flawed ASCII text art, so do pardon it.
**Contact me if this FAQ is found on the net altered (eg. with ads on it). I
would really appreciate it.

P.S. I don't have any names for the enemies (except bosses) of the games, so
do inform me if you know of them. They would be greatly appreciated and you 
would be duly credited.

P.P.S. Always remember, this is only a guide, so the tips and strategies given
are not the definite and only way to get around the game. Be creative! 

B. Versions
Version 1.0 (11/01/2003) - First version, completed FAQ
Probably final version, but might update it one last time if I find extra 
information/errors to add &/or correct. 

C. General Tips

i. Shot Power-ups

There are a total of 5 different shot power-ups in the game. Getting a 
power-up of the same kind increases the 'level' of the shot, making it more 
rapid and powerful. Dying would decrease your shot 'level' by one, and taking
a new kind of shot would reset everything to 'level' one. 
The five power-ups are as follows :-

Red (Personal Rating: 6/10)
Availability: Stages 1-6
This is the most basic shot in the game. You start off the game with this 
shot, and there is nothing special about it, giving off (at it's first 
'level') a single stream of bullets. Effective in the first two stages, the
usefulness of this power-up is limited in the later parts of the game.

Green (Personal Rating: 5/10)
Availability: Stages 1, 2, 4-6
Like the red power-up, this is a very basic shot type. Instead of a regular
stream of bullets, the green shot has a scatter effect which is great when
dealing with regular enemies. However, like the red power-up, it's efficiency
is limited in the later stages and its usefulness falls in comparison to the 
red one because you do not start off with it (which puts it always one 'level'
lower than getting the red one) and it is not as effective against bosses 
because of the scatter effect.

Pink (Personal Rating: 3/10)
Availability: Stages 2, 4 & 5 
The pink shot power-up is more powerful than both the green and red ones, but
I do not like it personally. First, it is only available on the second stage,
which makes the highest possible 'level' of the power-up low. Also, the shot
seems to direct itself to the center regardless of where the shot is taken. 
While this is useful at some areas, this seriously hampers your aim, so if my
word is to be trusted, stay away from this power-up.

Gold (Personal Rating: 8/10)
Availability: Stage 3
The gold shot, while only available in stage 3 with a maximum of 3 'levels',
is the shot which would be used most frequently (namely from stage 3 until the
last). Barring the blue shot power-up, this is the most powerful shot 
available in the game and 'level' one of it is easily more powerful than high
'levels' of the other three power-ups mentioned so far. Also, keeping the gold 
shot would be crucial in making a quick and efficient battle out of boss #6, 
saving a lot of valuable life which would otherwise be gone because of the 
hectic battle.

Blue (Personal Rating: 10/10)
Availability: Stage 7
The most powerful shot in the entire game, the blue shot is not only packs a
punch but is also big in volume making it easier for your aiming. Although 
only found in the last stage, there is a fair number of power-ups scattered 
around so you should get a relatively high 'level' when you reach the final
boss (that is if you survive so far, which wouldn't be easy and would require
lots of practice and to a certain extent, luck). You can basically forget 
about completing the game if you, for some reason, skipped the blue shot 
power-up thoroughly in the last stage.

ii. General Tips & information

Basic Information :-
--> Every life consists of 12 health units
--> A collision takes 4 health units; a bullet 1
--> There is an extra life when your score reaches 10000, 20000 and 40000
(There might be more but I did not go so far in the game, my highest score 
being only 150000+ for now)
--> After every stage, you would be awarded points based on the health (50 for
each unit) and lives (1000 for each) you have left

General Tips :-
1) Life is the most valuable asset in the game. It is safer to avoid a nearby
enemy rather than risk defeating it. All you get for doing the latter 
successfully is a few points and failure means around a third of your life 
gone. Health recharges are hard to come by in the game, so it's always better
to play safe. Keeping your life also means you keep your shot 'level' which 
would be very helpful in defeating enemies.

2) Stick with specific power-ups. Changing a power-up means starting all over
from 'level' one of the shot again, so choose your fave and stick with it. 
Personally I prefer the red one for the first two stages, the gold one for the
next few before the blue one in the final stage.

3) Last, and probably the most important point in succeeding in Iridion is 
practice. Nothing would work without it. With practice, you would improve in
your ability to move around the screen, aiming (which would originally be 
daunting because of the 3D perspective) and also familiarising yourself with
the stages and bosses. The game is actually very short, but it is this trying
over and over again which makes the meat of the game.

D. Stage + Boss FAQ 

Stage 01 - Escape Through the Disposal Tunnel
While some may find this stage a little tough as a starting mission, it is
actually rather simple as the key of succeeding in the stage is getting the
hang of the 3-D perspective and knowing where to position yourself to shoot
enemies. You would get the hang of it soon enough, so stick with it and as
with other stages (and mentioned in the general tips section), it is always
wiser to avoid enemies close-by rather than going in for the kill so as to
save prescious life.

Starting off the stage would be wave after wave of enemies that look something
like machine parts. They do not have any form of attack so just kill whatever
you can when they are at a distance before avoiding the remaining ones. Slowly
the waves would have more enemies and come more rapidly but shouldn't be 
anything too hard to get through.

After the waves would be a button-shaped, starfish-like enemy. When it gets
close to you, it would shoot out a stream of bullets which would be rather
difficult to avoid, so brush up your aiming with some practice and kill it
before it gets a chance to shoot the bullets. 

There are two of these enemies for now, and you would probably have to defeat
them to advance (though if you wait long enough you can avoid killing them 
completely), so make light work of them and proceed on.

A little distance off the second enemy, you can see your first shot power-ups,
a red and a green. Make your decision between either one (i prefer leveling up
the red one to changing to the green shot; see 'SHOT POWER-UPS' section for
more info) and grab it. 

Next up would be some plane-like enemies. They shoot bullets when they close
in on you, so avoid them (takes some practice, as so often the case) while
shooting at the enemies. Slowly, more and more planes would appear more and
more rapidly, so you would most probably have to avoid the planes, which would
make turns towards the centre when almost at the screen along with the 

Received quite some damage (hopefully no lives are lost yet)? The health
power-up is next after the last of the planes get pass. Looking exactly like
a shot power-up, the health power-up is distinguishable by the flashing colors
of it. Taking it not only heals your life back to max but also earns you some 
points, so there is no reason to miss it since they're no enemies around.

Just after the health restore, the next enemy is a sensor-like one located on
the four sides of the tunnel. Failure to defeat all four of them would result
in an explosion when you pass them, taking your entire life (something which
kinda make me wonder about why the developers put it there, making it 
'unwelcoming' for new players to the game). Hence, develop your own routine of
eliminating these sensors quickly and effectively (practice... now how many 
times have I said that?) to avoid a wasted life.

The difficulty of the next area would depend on what you have set out to do.
If avoiding enemies and hence, damage is your objective, then it is a breeze,
but if your aim is to kill as many enemies as possible, it would be quite 

The enemy here is fan-like with the 'weak-point' at the centre. Not only is it 
hard to aim perfectly at the right spot, the time the game allows you to 
execute the kill gives little room for error, so avoid whenever you cannot 
seal the kill. There's no penalty for avoiding other than not gaining some 
meagre points (which is rather useless after the 40,000 mark, easily 
attainable when you can breeze into the 3rd/4th level), so do not take the
risk as there are no more health power-ups before the boss fight.

At the end of the fans is a big one spanning almost the entire tunnel. It 
might be possible, but personally I have yet to find a way to defeat it, so my
only advice is to avoid (my second favourite word after 'practice'?). There 
are different ways to get around it without receiving damage, but one way 
which has worked for me is to stay at the bottom of the screen before moving
left when into the areas between the blades of it.

After that, you'd get another wave of the 'machine-parts', the first enemies
of the stage. There's only two short waves, so there's not much difficulty 
here. Moving along, the next enemies would again be a familiar one, the 
'button-starfish' like enemy. This time there'd be three, and like the earlier
part you would probably have to defeat them to advance given the long time 
they take to go past you.

Next up would be a some shot power-ups (once again red and green) again 
followed by the sensor enemies, so just follow what you did to eliminate the
first 'quartet'. Regarding the shot power-ups, I advice you to get the same
shot type that you currently have so as to increase the level of the shot
which would be useful for the upcoming boss fight.

The last enemies of the level would be the planes you encountered earlier,
in exactly the same formation as they did when they appeared the last time,
so getting through it shouldn't be a problem if you'd not encountered much 
the first time round. After they are reduced to dust or have gone past you, 
your plane would fly into the distance, ready for the first boss fight.

Difficulty rating: 3/10

Possibly the simplest boss in the game, you should easily defeat this boss
without suffering any damage once you'd mastered the trick against him. 

This boss consists of a central 'pillar', the boss's weak spot (read: the only
spot which take suffer damage) and four bombs constantly moving around it in
a circular, clock-wise manner. Basically the boss has modes of action only, 
the first has it doing nothing (the bombs present the only threat) while the
next involve it shooting some bullets at you with the 'pillar' closed, meaning
it takes no damage from you.

During the first 'mode', go to the center of the screen and hit him with 
bullets (as if you didn't know that, ;P). However, the bombs would almost
always go through that point in their route, so go up/down, whatever feels 
smoother for you to let them pass before going back again.

Soon enough, the pillar would close up. Here, prepare yourselves for its 
bullets. There are many ways around it, but one which has worked for me 
involves moving to the south-eastern corner of the screen when the pillar
starts closing and when a bomb had passed that area, move in a large,
anit-clockwise circle around the perimeter of the screen. This, if done right,
would evade all the bullets + the bombs. 

After that, the pillar would open up again, so go through the previous two 
steps until you defeat it (along the way, the pillar would crack as it 
receives damage, in the end changing into something which looks like a dna
thread just before it's defeated). How fast this battle would take would 
depend on the level of the shot power-up you've managed to keep earlier.

STAGE 02 - Dogfight Above the Pacific Ocean
Immediately into the stage, you'd be faced with wave after wave of enemies 
(now how do I describe them?). They move quite fast towards you, but have no
form of attack, so just mow down each wave from far before avoiding them when
they're near.  

After the waves they'd be two continuous rows of planes advancing towards you,
one after another. Again, they have no attack, so just pick up whatever you 
can and proceed on. 

Three shot power-ups (refer to 'shot power-up section) would be available at 
the end of the planes, so take whatever you feel is suitable and continue. 

After the power-ups, they would be more planes of the same kind, only this
time they're coming from behind, so as usual, just handle what you can.

Further on, they are bombs (placed in a 3-by-3 fashion) on the sea below, so
avoid them as they would splash water vertically up when you approach them.
It may seem like you'd just received your last shot-power up, but looks like
there's another selection in the middle of the bombs for you to get. 

After the power-ups come your next enemy. They consist of 8 of those diamond
shaped enemies you first encountered earlier on in the stage arranged in a
circular manner with one colored blue. It would move in a circular manner,
rotating, with the weak-spot on the blue one. When it starts moving in a 
circle, follow the blue enemy anti-clockwise and shoot at it. You can't get
shots when it is at some places, but you can damage it a lot when it is nearly
at the end of a 'cycle' and is at the south-west part of your screen.

Shortly after that the 8 units would all move in to form a ring. Here, they 
would shoot bullets and cannot be damaged. To avoid the bullets, my trick is
to move to the west side of the screen, moving up and down between the bullets
to avoid them. Soon, the enemy would move towards you, making the bullets 
difficult to avoid. Prevent this by moving to the bottom of the screen and 
this time move left and right to go between the bullets. When it starts 
going back to the center of the screen, move back to the left side of the
screen. The same cycle would happen again, so rinse and repeat to advance.

After that, planes would start appearing from far. This time, however, they
shoot bullets so make light work of them while avoiding the bullets. 

The transaction to the next enemy would take place rather swiftly. Even before
the last plane passes you, you would see the bombs on the sea again. Even with 
the enemies, they are rather easy to avoid. Immediately up would be waves of 
the diamond-shaped enemies you encountered at the start of the stage. As with
the earlier section, pick up all you can from far while moving to avoid the 

They're the last set of enemies, so prepare for another boss.

Difficulty rating: 4/10

While not exactly tough, the Cytector can dish out significant damage if you
do not know how to avoid its attack. It has basically three 'modes'. 

The first one has it staying in the center with bombs released on either side
of the screen. It would take considerable effort just to ACTUALLY get hit, so
attack all you can (in case you haven't figured out, the 'weak spot' is the 
rotating thing on top of it), following it's sway.

After some time, it'd switch to the second 'mode'. This one has it flying up
into the air and shooting some bullets from the bottom of it. While you cannot
deal any damage to it at this mode, the bullets are rather easy to avoid (just
stay in the bottom-left corner of the screen), so just wait patiently awaiting
the next 'mode'.

Finally, it would move back down the screen. Here, in addition to the bullets
at the bottom which are still being shot, a turret would appear on the top and
shoot at you. You can shoot at the Cytector again, but it would take quite 
some practice to avoid all the bullets. My trick is to stay at a place for 
some time, causing the bullets to come at you in a straight line and make 
sudden movements left/right (not going down because of the bullets there) 
which would leave a gap in between the two streams allowing you to move there,
avoiding the bullets.

Again, the three modes would continue in a cycle, so repeat everything again
to defeat it.

The third stage, the only containing the powerful gold shot power-up, is 
critical for progress through the rest of the game. Having a gold shot power-
up until the last stage would make your game much, much easier, so be sure to
get the three available power-ups available in the stage. 

Right into the stage, you'd be able to get your first two gold shot power-ups,
so grab them without fail. From here you'd meet your first enemies of the 
stage, planes which shoot homing missiles. The missiles would home in (duh!)
on you so just move around the screen constantly to avoid them. Also, the 
planes are also rather powerful, so unless you've gotten the two gold shot 
power-ups, it is going to be quite tough to kill them.

After the planes would be some saucer-like enemies, moving around the screen,
leaving a steady stream of bullets behind in their path. During this part of 
the game, you would probably experience some slowdown, which would actually 
help you in avoiding the bullets left behind. Killing the enemies would mean 
less bullets for you to avoid, so try to kill off as many of them before 
heading into the corners of the screen where there are no bullets to avoid

While the long wave of enemies is about to come to an end, there would be two
power-ups available to you, a red and a gold one. Of course, avoid the red one
completely and grab the gold power-up. 

After the last of the saucers, another type of enemy would appear. This time,
it is the diamond-shaped enemies you encountered in the last stage again, only
that they are bounded in threes now, making them a little tougher to avoid.
However, you should probably have no problem in killing them with your 
powered-up shot and avoiding the rest.

Also at the start of the enemies is a health restore. Just be careful not to
collide with the enemies in your attempt to get it.

Next up after is another round of those planes with the homing missiles. 
Thankfully, there are only four of them now so you might even dispatch all of
them without allowing them to shoot a single missile provided you have a high-
enough shot power-up.

Two saucers are up next, but they should pose no problem at all as the low no.
of them means you can get rid of them quite easily. After that, another four
planes come up again, so it's just a matter of not making silly mistakes.

The next, and last wave of the stage is slightly more interesting. It is a
combination of the saucers and another type of planes (those which have no
attack at all). This time, you'd have to divide your attention between the
two types of enemies, making it tougher to avoid the bullets. The trick is to
kill the saucers first (just be sure not to hit the planes) before attempting
to hit the planes, which require less bullets to kill.
After the last of the enemies get past you, it's time for another boss stage.

Difficulty rating: 6/10

There are two stages to this boss. The first involve it shooting periodic 
streams of bullets at you. This is very easy to avoid by just moving round the
screen. While you'd not get as much hits as you would if you stay in the 
center, you'd still get enough damage on the boss soon enough, where its 
outer armor would break, changing its attack to the second stage.

The next stage of its attack involves the boss shooting out bullets from its
six turrets around it. This is very hard to avoid. The best way I have found 
to do so is to stay approximately at the boss's four corners. However, staying
there would be tough because of its movements and even then, you'd probably 
still get hit. 

How you fare here would depend on which 'level' of your gold shot (it'd be 
almost impossible to defeat this boss without losing a huge chunk of your
lives if you don't have the gold shot for some reason) you have managed to
keep after the level. Having a level two or three shot would make your fight
relatively easier due to the less time spent in eliminating the boss and hence
taking less damage.

Unlike the previous stages, the next two stages you are going to encounter 
will just feature repetitive waves of similar enemies at you constantly, so I 
can't give much help on them except for some general tips.

Moon Assault is the most expansive stage in the entire game, giving you lots 
of space to manoeuvre about, so make use of this extra space to avoid the
taking damage. Also, there would be numerous shot power-ups scattered around
the stage. As I'd mentioned so many times in this FAQ, it is advised that you
keep your gold shot power-up for now.

There are only three enemies in this stage. The first are stick-like bombs
lying in different 'formations' throughout the stage. They shouldn't pose any
significant problem because all you have to do (and can do) is to avoid them
although they do make avoiding the other enemies in the stage a little 
tougher, so do keep an eye out on them just in case you hit them when fending
off other enemies.

The other two types of enemies in the stage are yet another kind of plane-like
enemies. Both of them are look different (with one green while  the other 
yellow), but their attack is very similar, involving shooting occasional 
bullets at you and making sharp turns when approaching the screen. While the
bullets are relatively easy to avoid, be careful not to be cornered by the 
bombs when the planes are approaching so as to prevent getting hit.

Anyway, this is a rather long stage so prepare to tackle loads of enemies 
before finally reaching the boss (also, take note of a health restore in the
middle of the stage at the end of some bombs arranged in a box-like manner).

Difficulty rating: 5/10

One of the more interesting boss in the game imo, this one is made up of a 
central, main enemy surrounded by blue spheres moving round it constantly. 
Your objective is to hit the enemy at the center as hitting the spheres would
not do the boss any damage but instead have your bullet deflected back at you.

While this can be a little tricky, the spheres would almost always leave a 
'hole', which is pretty easy to spot, for you to shoot at the boss. The only
problem is that they are constantly moving, meaning the 'hole' would move 
about randomly too, so you have to react fast. Some hits would be inevitable,
but they shouldn't pose too big a problem.

Also, the boss would periodically shoot streams of bullets through a central 
turret. You can risk taking damage by continuing shooting at it, but the wiser
choice would be just to stay at one corner (the bullets are not hard to avoid 
at all) and wait for it to stop before resuming your attack.

If you still have your gold shot power-up (which you should), this boss 
shouldn't take too long to defeat, and you can move on to the next stage.

If you thought that the last stage was pretty repetitive and boring, wait till
you see this stage!

There are three types of enemies in the stage, and what makes this stage so
dull is that all it does is to throw wave after wave of those three enemies at
you with not much strategy involved.

The first enemy is a rocket-like enemy that shoots out circles of bullets. The
bullets are pretty easy to avoid, so it's not too big an obstacle. However, if
killing is what you desire, it packs quite some health and unless you have at 
least a level 2 gold shot power-up, it's gonna be quite tough defeating even
one of these.

The next enemy is a blue asteroid. They have no attack, but would 'home' in on
you. However, they take only a bullet to kill, making them easy kills as 
you can just shoot straight and they'd would move into the path of bullets, 
killing themselves.

The last type of enemy is just a normal asteroid. They float around the 
screen, making very little movement. The trouble with them is that they take
a fair amount of damage before they die, so you'd probably be left with many 
of them in your screen throughout the level. This makes moving rather 
difficult as you might hit into them. This, coupled with the other two types
of enemies would be the main problem for you in the stage.

As mentioned earlier, this stage would literally throw waves of enemies at 
you. It is a relatively short stage, so there are no health restore in the
stage, making health very precious. Hence, a good way to handle this stage is
to stay in the bottom part of the screen, shooting at the blue asteroids while
avoiding the rocket-like enemies with their bullets. Pay special attention so
that you do not hit the normal asteroids and this mundane stage (imo) would be
over soon.

Difficulty rating: 4/10

This is one of the simplest boss in the game, although rather boring as well.
Anyway, like many other bosses encountered throughout the game, this boss has
different attack modes (2 this time round) with the first mode invulnerable to
all forms of attack.

The first mode involves two caterpillar-like projections constantly shooting 
bullets at you. This mode is very easy to get through as all you need is to 
move around the screen in a smooth, circular (either anti or clockwise would
do fine, though I find moving anti-clockwise to be simpler for me) path for 
some time. Do it correctly and you can easily avoid all the bullets shot.

The next mode is a bit more complicated. The prospector would 'open up', 
revealing a flower-like structure underneath which would move from the left to
the right. Your aim is to hit that thing.

Also appearing would be four turrets lined up in the bottom part of the boss,
and they would shoot bullets simultaneously for about three times. The problem
here is that moving yourself here is rather challenging with the screen 
seemingly moving, so getting hits on it while avoiding damage would take some

However (fortunately), you'd most probably not suffer too much damage this way
so just repeat through the prospector's two modes of attack to finally defeat 
it. It is not so much skill but time which is needed to finish off this boss, 
making it rather boring. Stick to it, though, and next stage would be very
much different.

Even though this is the shortest stage in the entire game, it is without any
doubt the most challenging with lifes probably lost most in this stage.

This stage's premise is pretty much like the first one where movement is 
rather confined to a relatively small area. The first thing you'd meet 
immediately into the level are two shot power-ups, the red and green one.
However, as I'd mentioned so many times throughout the FAQ, avoid them unless
you want a heck of a battle for the next boss.

After the power-ups would be your first enemies of the stage. There are a 
total of four of them, each consisting of eight separate enemies bounded into
an octagon (duh!) shape. They would constantly 'expand' and 'contract', with
one of them shooting out a stream of bullets. Due to the hard to predict 
movement of each one, avoiding collision would be rather tough as you have to 
decide whether to move to the center in a probable 'hole' of take the corner
if they're 'contracted'.

The best way to avoid this is to kill as many of them before they approach 
(don't care so much about the bullets, they don't deal as much damage). The 
more you kill, the easier it'd be for you to avoid them as they come. In the
middle of the wave of the four octagons would be another set of shot 
power-ups. Do be careful not to get them in the midst of trying to avoid the

Next up would be a snake-like enemy. Its head would constantly shoot bullets 
and the only vulnerable part of it is its red-colored tail. Due to the 
'snake's' movement, it would be rather difficult to hit it. The only tip I can
offer is to move in anti-clockwise circles following its movements (it would 
get you hits as well as avoiding the bullets) while escaping to one corner
when it's near so as to avoid damage. You'd probably have to defeat it to 
advance, but if you can wait long enough, it would eventually move past.

The next wave would be a barrage of bullet-shooting bombs coming at you fast.
Avoiding collision would be your main aim (trying to avoid the bullets as well
would be too risky) so move around the screen fast and keep your eyes out on 
the incoming enemies.

Immediately following this wave would be another round of enemies. This time,
they consist of bar-like bombs moving straight at you. They would come out 
aiming at where you are though they cannot make any more movements except head
straight once you see them. Moving wrongly would easily trap you in a corner,
so my trick is to move in sudden spurts so that there would be spaces in
between the bombs when they come for you to 'hide' in.

The next set of enemies would be another wave of 'octagons', with a shot 
power-up in the middle of it followed straight by those bullet-shooting bombs,
which following the same strategies provided above would do.

The last enemies of the stage would be a return of the 'snakes', only this 
time they're shorter and you have three to handle. This would make the fight
rather lengthy (and as with the previous 'snake', you can wait long enough to
have them past you without killing them). There's not much strategy I can 
provide other than the one I gave for the last battle where you move in 
circles following one of them and moving to a side when they come close.

Difficulty rating: 7/10

I've played this boss countless times, but I've yet to find an effective
strategy in defeating it. The most efficient I find is to just pummel it with
shots not caring about damage to yourself and hoping that the battle ends fast
enough before you lose too much health (that is why a gold shot is so 
essential in defeating this boss using my method).

The boss involves a central core that takes damage with numerous things at the
side shooting bullets at you in no particular manner. Do be creative when 
dealing with this boss and provide me with a better and efficient method to
overcome it. I would be really thankful for that.

Congratulations if you have made it thus far, it's not easy getting to the
final stage even though this is a really short game. And to round it up, this
is imo the most enjoyable stage in the entire game so have fun before the 
final boss fight which would definitely cause lots of problems.

Immediately into the stage, you'd see some little flames on larva sea (or
whatever it is). They act like those bombs you saw previously on the sea in
stage 2, exploding when you're approaching it, so avoid them (which isn't too

After that, you'd encounter two obstacles. The first is some flaming asteroids
raining down from the sky. While they cannot hit you, they would cause a tiny
flame upon hitting the 'sea', which would cause damage if you're near it. 

Meanwhile, the other enemies you'd encounter are the planes with the homing
missiles from before. Use the same tactic (moving constantly in circles to 
avoid the missiles) as before to get past/kill them, though this time do be
careful not to venture too much south because of the flames the asteroids 

After the wave, your next enemy are fire dragons. They appear from the 'sea'
and would make an arc before going back in. As far as I know, you cannot 
damage it so just avoid them (shouldn't be too difficult because of the 
numerous holes they leave for you).

Between the wave of dragons would also be two blue shot power-ups, the most
powerful shot in the game with the biggest damage and a large area. Be sure to
grab them!

Next up would be a repeat of the previous wave consisting of the flaming 
asteroids and homing-missile shooting planes. This would be a much longer one,
though you should handle them without much casualty. Also be on the lookout
for another blue shot power-up in the midst of the wave.

The next wave is a little more challenging. Throughout this wave are some 
button-shaped enemies grouped in fours shooting bullets. This, coupled with
the flaming dragons for the first part of the wave and the flaming asteroids
for the second part might be rather tough to handle. The best way is to just
jam on the attack button, getting a fair share of kills off the button-shaped
enemies because of the power and size of the charged-up blue shot while moving
around avoiding the dragons/asteroids.
Also in the middle of the wave is yet another blue shot power-up.

After that would be the next combination involving the flaming dragons and
asteroids, with a health and blue shot power-up to be found. You'd gone so
far so avoiding them would certainly not be a problem.

The next part of the stage would be simple 'mix n match' of the aforementioned
enemies which you can get through using the same strategies provided above. 
Do be on the lookout for yet another health and blue shot power-up in the 
meantime too. 

The only problem you'd probably encounter in this part would be a return of 
the button-shaped enemies. This time, they are grouped in eight and move in
a very special pattern. This movement makes their bullets come really fast at
you and very tough to avoid. The trick is to just clear as many of them as you
can from far so that they don't have many of the enemies left to shoot at you,
making your job much, much simpler.

Difficulty Rating: 10/10

You would probably have played the game for quite some time now just to get
to this part of the game, but be prepared to spend more time on it though this
is already the final boss. Not only is this boss tough and require quite some
skill to defeat, you'd also need a healthy supply of lives left (I needed 5 
lives to defeat it for the first time, and the least I've managed so far is 
1.5, and that is after lots of retries and practice), so be prepared for a
tough time.

There are three 'stages' to this battle. The first is undoubtedly the 
simplest, with the boss shooting bullets and the periodic flames. The flames
do damage equivelant of a collision, so avoid them by moving in a large,
anti-clockwise motion (try not to cut corners as chances of getting hit is
higher). The bullets would still hit you, but the damage taken would be much

Also, throughout the fight, note that the boss can be hit no matter where you 
are on the screen, so just jam on the attack button and just care about 
moving. If you have did everything correctly and have a high enough shot 
level, you should get through this part of the boss without losing a life, 
after which the boss would move back and come at you again.

The next stage of the Main Frame is much tougher. MUCH, MUCH TOUGHER. This
time, it would use a fire whip to attack. This is very difficult to avoid due
to the movements of it. The whip would at take small movements (which 
shouldn't pose a problem) before stabilizing at a postion. At this point,
position yourself directly opposite of the whip.

After that, it wing rapidly down, first in a direction (either anti/clockwise)
before turning back halfway through. The way to avoid it is to first move 
along the direction it is turning, before turning back after a semi-circle.
However, this is easier said than done. It takes lots of practice to perfect
turning back at the exact moment to avoid the whip. Just be prepared to lose a 
few lives here and pummel it with shots to finally defeat it.

Finally, the last part of the battle. If you'd made it through with around two
lives left, then chances are you're safe. This time, while the boss would use 
two fire whips, it isn't as tough as the previous part as the movements of the
whips are significantly slower this time round.

However, the only problem with this part is the unpredictable movements of the
whip. Generally, the whip would just move in a direction so moving along in 
the gap between the two whips would do fine. At random moments, the whips 
might slow down or suddenly turn in the other direction, so you have to be 
really alert. The key to this part is observing the whips closely and 
anticipate its move, after which avoiding damage wouldn't be too hard.

It might take some retries, but soon you'd finally defeat the boss and hence,
complete the game. Give yourself a pat on the back for your hard work. 

Now just sit back and watch the credits roll, after which you'd get the 
password for the gallery (*G4LL3RY*) containing some of the concept art.

If you're still hankering for more Iridion (and don't want to fork out extra
money for the sequel), the hard mode is the only thing left to do. However,
the only difference for this mode is that taking one bullet hit would be
be the equilivent of one collion (in simpler terms, the damage for everything
is pumped up). I personally haven't completed this mode yet, so if you're 
hardcore enough to spend more time on this game and actually complete it, do
mail in and tell me if it unlocks anything new. So till then, that's all in
the game!

E. Credits

For the wonderful GBA

Majesco, Shin'en
The publishers and developers of the game. Sure, it's seriously flawed and
nowhere near perfect, but they did do a respectable job and gave me some fine

CJayC, GameFAQs.com
For the wonderful site and hosting my FAQ.

Al Amaloo, VGstrategies.about.com
His site first introduced me to the FAQ scene, and hosted my first ever FAQS.

Mike Suskie (undeadmonkey@comcast.net): Author, Iridion boss FAQ
His FAQ was very useful when I was new to the game and helped me out 
significantly, so do check out his FAQ too if u'd not already done so.

Nintendo Corner (www.nintendocorner.vze.com)
I'm a staff there, so do check us out.

Boris A. Glazer, BG_ASCII (http://mazaika.tripod.com)
Very useful Graphic-->ASCII Converter.

NoteTab Light
My alternative to Notepad, great imo. 

I would also like to thank all FAQ writers out there for their inspiration
and dedication and all other people who may have helped me in a way of another
through my writing process. Thanks!

F. Legal Disclaimer
This FAQ is (C) Copyright 2003 to Kelvin Soh aka Lynx. My acknowledgement is
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