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| Iridion 3D Enemy FAQ                          |
| FAQ Started: August 21th, 2009                |
| ASCII art by jimmythesnowman                  |
| Written By jimmythesnowman                    |
| Original Version finished: August 24th, 2009  |
| Email: a_bilogur@yahoo.com                    |
| Current Version: 1.00                         |

[|I|] Introduction

Welcome to my enemy guide for Iridion 3D! This short FAQ is meant to cover all
of the enemies in the game and the best way to beat them all. There, that's 
what it's about. Interested? Read on!

Contact me at a_bilogur@yahoo.com. No spam please.
[|T|] Table of Contents
| [I] ................ Introduction      |
| [T] ................ Table of Contents |
| [E] ................ Enemy Guide       |
| [P] ................ Points Chart      |
| [L] ................ Legal Bit         |
[|E|] Enemy Guide

Difficulty: *
Appearence: lv. 1

At the beggining of the first you have to pass several waves of these. They're
basically machine parts flying through the duct. They have no attack, and are 
easy to destroy. Just hold down the gun button and move around the screen to
shoot most of them out, and bypass the rest. You are flying through a trash
duct right?

Difficulty: **
Appearence: lv. 1
These enemies, relatively rare and appearing early into Level 1, basically 
spin around a bit and flash several times. Once they get close to you, they
open their arms and start spinning and shooting red bullets at you. As soon as
they spawn start peppering it with bullets until it dies. If you start on it
and don't let go you can kill it before it starts to shoot.

Homing Planes
Difficulty: **
Appearence: lv. 1, 2
These planes appear in a multitude and pepper you with homing-at-shooting red
bullets. They turn near the center when they close into the foreground and and
can get off 2 shots. Move in a circle and adjust your heading to avoid the 
bullets and the planes themselves, which fly all over the place. This takes

Difficulty: ****
Appearence: lv. 1
Sometimes I have to wonder why the developers would put such an advanced foe in
the first level. There are basically four nodes on each side of the tunnel. You
have to shoot out all four by the time you get there or you will hit an "energy
wall" and lose a life. Killing all of them is actually quite difficult and 
requires you to know just when one's gonna blow so as to pass to the next...
Ouch. It appears twice in the level.

Difficulty: **
Appearence: lv. 1
The difficulty of the fans depends on what you set out to do. Generally one 
should avoid these big spinning blades, but if you set out for some extra 
points, you can try to kill them. They're very big so to avoid you'll have to
move around the screen. If your aim is to defeat them aim for the central 
pillar, their weak point, and blast away. Note that with the level of powerup
you have now, it will take most of the fan's screen time to kill it. If it 
starts to get too close for comfort move out of the way.

Giant Fan
Difficulty: ***
Appearence: lv. 1
After the fans you'll reach this, a giant fan that takes up the whole screen
area. Impossible to defeat so don't even try. Since the fans move 
counterclockwise, go to the bottom right of the screen, align yourself with the
fans, and then move left as you pass through the screen. The blades spin as 
fast as your plane can move, so you'll stay ahead through the thing. DON'T stay
in one place because that's asking for it, although it is possible to survive.

Difficulty: *
Appearence: lv. 2, 5
They look like diamonds and they hurl through the air at you at lightning 
speed. Although they serve the same function as the trash from the level 1, 
they close much faster, come in a concentrated group, and have more hp, thus
they are much harder to fire your way through, so you have to mow a hole for
yourself and get through. They come in blue and red colors. In their first
appearence there is really no diference between the two, but in later levels
the blue ones are still "dumb" while the red ones can, and do, home in on you.

Drone Plane
Difficulty: *
Appearence: lv. 2, 3
Drone Planes are a strange unit. They are totally useless except when you 
collide with them, and take only one hit to kill. Obviously intented to be 
mincemeat. They look wierd, not a plane with a red thing with blue tips, too.

Sea Mine
Difficulty: *
Appearence: lv. 2
These are basically mines placed in the sea below you. As you apprach they blow
up and send a column of water into the air. They're hard to kill but can be
destroyed if you concentrate on it, for extra points. The columns of water
themselves are quite narrow and easy to avoid-by themselves. They're also 
featured in the area boss, Cytector, where they constitute just a minor 

Diamond Ring
Difficulty: ****
Appearence: lv. 2
An interesting enemy. This guy is basically a ring of 8 spinning diamonds, 7
red ones and a blue. The blue is its weakpoint (duh). When it first appears, it
spins around and moves across the screen before its diamonds "open" and start 
to project bullets out in all directions. To complicate things, the ring moves
across the screen and back again when it is in shooting mode, too. Thus you 
need some complex moves to avoid this psuedo-miniboss. When it opens up, go to
the side of the screen oppisite to where it is. When it moves in close to you,
let a bullet pass and then jam to the right. Stop for a sec if you need to to
avoid another one, but if done right you should get across the screen without
taking any hits. This is a complex manuveer and requires some practice to get
right. The red one is still vunerable while it is shooting but going for it
will cost you some health so don't. When it's closed, move with the red one
counterclockwise, constantly staffing it as it rotates. You should be able to
kill it after two "shooting" modes. If too much time passes the game will move

Homing Planes 
Difficulty: ***
Appearence: lv. 3, 7
These homing planes prominently appear in level 3, Air Combat Above The Clouds,
and are faetured prominently in the box shots. They are very powerful and
appear early in the level, in fact right after you start. They shoot "real" 
homing missles that actively track you, and the missles are indestructable and
have a tight turning radius, so you can only outmanuveer them by moving in an 
extremely tight circle. The planes are very powerful and unless you have double
gold or better are difficult to destroy. You'll probably get cramps rotating
the D-pad like mad to avoid them. The planes appear once more in the final
level, Iridion Home Planet, where they are an even greater threat because they
appear in sync with the falling asteroids, whos lava splashdowns can be a 
lethal consequence of the twisting and turning needed to avoid the plane's 

Difficulty: ***
Appearence: lv. 3
These units are not actually difficult to destroy, but leave behind a constant
net of bullets that is damaging to pass through. Your only option is to shoot
and kill as many as possible from a distance then manuveer through the nets.
You're bound to take some damage as the nets are very tight and close to one
another and ultra deep. An obvious pain in the neck that can deplete your life
quickly. Also at one part there is a have-to-get gold shot powerup that's 
nearly impossible to get without taking damage. Gah!

Diamond Array
Difficulty: *
Appearence: lv. 3
These guys are basically 3 of the diamond enemies from before bounded togethor
into a wide...thing. Easy to avoid but slightly difficult to kill as you have 
to destroy all three and they have little screen time.

Difficulty: **
Appearence: lv. 4
I call them pills cause they look like pills, and boy, are they a pain in the
ass. These things are everywhere in the fourth level, Moon Assualt, they just
swamp the map and you have to avoid hitting them because they cause two damage
each. It's very easy to miscalculate and end up moving into one when you 
thought you were safe. They make avoiding the other enemies in the level a heck
of a lot harder, and come in intractate patterns, including rings, multi-level
X's, and pillboxes, from which they take my name for them (in addition to their

Stubby Plane
Difficulty: *
Appearence: lv. 4

Stubby plane is a real informal name because well they are sorta stubby. They
come in two colors, green and yellow, and can come in formation or be loners.
Both are easy to kill, shoot one or two bullets as they approach, and then veer
to either direction as they close to the screen. Shoot them out while avoiding
the bullets that are flying and pills that are waiting in the levels. They only
take a hit or two with the gold power up at max (3) or level 2.

Difficulty: **
Appearance: lv. 5
Rockets only appear in level five, in the Astroid Field. As they get close to
you they shoot out a ring of bullets that expands slightly. They are the 
biggest reason you should stay on the outside of the level because they always
appear on the inside. The rings are very easy to avoid. You should just leave
them be because the rockets don't pose much of a threat, and they pack a lot of
hp which makes them very difficult to kill, making collisions almost 

Asteroid (small)
Difficulty: **
Appearance: lv. 5
Small astroid debris that floats slowly through the level. They take a few hits
to kill but are very easy to destroy, and as they are very small they pose 
almost no threat. However the background black color and the hectic pace of the
battle makes them hard to percieve sometimes.

Asteroid (large)
Difficulty: *
Appearance: lv. 5
These hulking gigants are even slower then their cousins, the small asteroids,
as they spin slowly through space and approch. Theeir job is basically to 
serve as scenery, the chances of you getting hit by such a giant, slow target
is nill, and you can grind them to dust if you want, but it will take quite a
few hits to finish off.

Difficulty: ****
Appearence: lv. 6
The Snakes, which are basically a metallic construct that looks like a snake
with a blue bullet-shooting head and a red tail endpoint weakpoint, are a very
tough enemy to say the least. They appear twice in the 6th level, Iridion Home
Base, at the very beggining and the very end. They move and circle one another
as they shoot bullets at you, and you have to follow their movements whilst
avoiding the bullets and doggidly landing hits on their tail section. That's a
challenge for any day and you will likely come out of it with a bit of hand
cramping. Basically, you have to move counter-clockwise and follow the 
movements of one of the snakes. They move smoothly but turn and curve a lot so
be prepared for that. Whenever you come too close to the shooting (head) 
section of a snake get away because they WILL hit you. This presents a problem
as sometimes they turn sharply back against you and foce this situation.

Difficulty: **
Appearence: lv. 6
These basically consist of a ring of 8 octagonal-shaped enemies bound togethor.
The tricky part is that they are constantly expanding and contracting forcing a
hard-to-predict movement pattern that can get you stuck. One of the enemies in
the chain shoots bullets. The tactic is to move around and avoid them by 
putting some distance, the only reliable seporator.

Bullet Bomb
Difficulty: **
Appearence: lv. 6
Unlike the "dead" pills and bombs of stages before, these guys fight back-in
addition to shooting an occasional bullet, their screen time is very low and
approach fast, so you have to move all over the screen to avoid hitting them 
and their bullets. Don't mind the bullets too much just move angularly and
quickly to keep from slamming against one of these highly dangerous bombs.

Bar Bomb
Difficulty: *
Appearence: lv. 6
Another quirky bomb suptype. They're quite wide and come out of the gate aiming
for you. Unfortunatly the closing time at this level is so fast that you'll be
hard-pressed to avoid them all. As they enter the screen they aim for you, what
I call passive aiming as opposed to agressive aiming in which they try to 
follow you. Move around the screen constantly and at angles, with a 
concentration on going up and down, to master them.

Flame Larva
Difficulty: *
Appearence: lv. 7
The final stage in this game, Iridion Home Planet, is set above a flame sea of
red. At intervals you can find little flames it, and as you approach they gush
up and out in a vertical explosion that is basically like the mines in level 2.
They're just as narrow and easy to avoid, but unlike the mines you have no 
chance of destroying the flame as they are indestructable. Just move around
them to avoid.

Flame Asteroid
Difficulty: *
Appearence: lv. 7
No, these are not the Asteroids from level 5, though they do resemble the small
asteriods in said level. Rather, these guys hit the sea just in front of you 
and leave in their wake a mini-lava arc. They're not as tall veretically as the
bombs which take up the whole screen (vertically) and can be avoided by flying
in the top portion of the map, but when combined with other factors, which are
plentiful in this map, they are a lethal consequence to a botched move or 

Fire Dragon
Difficulty: *
Appearence: lv. 7
A dragon made of fire is always an impressive sight but as an enemy this one
leaves a lot to be desired. They take up a narrow albeight high section of the
screen and come arcing down back to the lava from whence they came. They are by
all appearences indestructable. 

Roll Bomb
Difficulty: *
Appearence: lv. 7
These guys are like another version of the bullet bombs from before, but 
circular, and with only 4 "nodes." Treat them the same but be cautious as they
are very hard to predict.

[|P|] Points Chart

Trash              20
Star              250
Homing Plane      150
Fan               250
Diamond           100
Drone Plane       100
Diamond Ring      250
Sea Mine          150
Homing Plane      250
Bullet Bomb       250
Diamond Rack      100 x 3
Pill              - -
Stubby Plane      150
Small Asteroid     50
Large Asteroid    100
Rocket            100
Ring              100 x 8
Bullet Bomb       100
Snake             250
Larva Flame       - -
Flaming Asteroid  150
Fire Snake        - -
Roll Bomb         
[|L|] Legal Bit
This guide is (C) 2009 jimmythesnowman.  This may be not be reproduced
under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
advance written permission.

                                  END OF GUIDE
                                  Go have fun.