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Where can I find Mega Man's armor?

if u go to the menu and select megaman there is a slt where a picture of megaman is suppose to go and I think thats the armour. I found the wood armor, the fire, and the aqua armor but i don't have the normal armor so i can't level it up.does anyone know where it is?

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Ryan_Ferneau answered:

Yes, the game should let you select the armor on that screen, with the same dialog box as if you were going to use a PowerUp. You start with the normal armor and can never lose it, so you will always be able to select it as long as you're not already wearing it. You can't level up armor either, though, and there doesn't seem to be any benefit to using the normal armor anyway. (I know it's confusing how the English version doesn't have enough room to print "NormalArmor", so it's simply called "Armor". It could also be confusing to only see the list of armors you're not already wearing to choose from, or to see the game talking about "boosting" the armor feature when you're really just swapping armors.)
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yajeed2 answered:

I got wood armor and aqua armor in the undernet but you have to have sals permission to enter.To get it battle and win against her at goverment complek
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