Question from Megatron_Zero

Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find the more powerful swordships?

I'm looking for FtrSword, KngtSwrd and HeroSwrd. I have one of each in my folder, but I need them with different codes. What's the easiest way of getting besides the exchangers?

Accepted Answer

From: Stepswordsman 2 years ago

Fighter and Knight Swords seem to appear as respawning Mystery Data in certain Internet areas, but I don't remember where. However, only certain chip codes are obtainable that way and, IIRC, they don't match. Hero Sword is a "unique" chip, in that it's only obtainable from 1-time locations. So, if you want 10 of each with an awesome B-code, then using Chip Traders is the only option.

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