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Where can I find Howitzer A (besides the exchangers)?

I read in a guidebook that I can find Howitzer A chips randomly in area 15 of the internet, the area where you can fight ShadowMan, in between the areas where you can fight MagicMan and Bass. But I've picked up the random items there hundreds of times throughout the game, and they have never been Howitzer A. I've gotten Ratton2 J, Recov120 C, Recov150 L, 500 zenny, 2000 zenny, 3000 zenny, and 4000 zenny, but never any Howitzers. I have gotten Howitzer H before by beating HardHeads, but that's not what I'm asking for. I know I can get Howitzer A from the random chip exchanger machines, but I want to find it, not rely on luck. So what I'm really asking is, has anyone ever found Howitzer A as an item pick-up? Or do I have a bad guide?

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Xanngur, are you sure you can win Howitzer A like that? Remember that most enemies don't drop their chips in every possible code. All the FAQs here that mention it say that Howitzer can only be won in H code from a battle. If you can win Howitzer in some other code, please let me know what busting level you get when you find it.

Ryan_Ferneau provided additional details:

ZeroEXE, did you find that item there? If so, please provide a screenshot, so we can all be sure it's real!

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Xanngur answered:

if you can ge a Howitzer H from the hard head i imagine that you can also get a Howitzer A from them but it all would depend on your Busting Rank at leat a 9 or better should do it. this can be hard to do since hard head is invincible for most of the battle
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CressMiato answered:

You can get it as a random item in area 15.
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