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Boss FAQ

1.)	Introduction
I'm BigNRagland and this is my First FAQ.  I'm also known as Cdaymall at 
various Message Boards and Forums.  I don't intend to bore you with my 
personal Info so let's just get on with the FAQ...

2.)	Table of Contents

2.)Table of Contents
3.)What you should know
5.)Hidden bosses
6.)Special Thanks
8.)Legal Junk

3.)What you should know
This section covers what you should know before you try to attempt these 
bosses.  What I mean by this is the Gameplay and other things (possibly).
I am assuming that if you're looking for tips to beat Shadowman or Bass here 
that you already know how to play...But if it's your first time through the 
game then you're here to figure out some of the Normal bosses that you 
actually HAVE to fight.
Here are some tips...
1.	Use good chips - don't use stupid chips that barely do anything just 
because they look cool or seem useful...cause you'll quickly figure 
out they're NOT.
2.	Constantly improve your folder...It is almost REQUIRED that you 
change around your chips every once in a while...I mean c'mon...Who 
is really going to fight the last boss with a couple Shokwaves and 
3.	Always improve your equipment - There are various powerups 
(BusterUps, Hpmemory's, Armors) throughout the game that will GREATLY 
increase your chances of winning.  Keep a keen eye out for them.
4.	Use common sense - If a boss stands there doin' something weird WATCH 
OUT. He's probably going to attack soon and you better stay out of 
the way.  Likewise if he's standing right there with no defensive 
measures ATTACK.  There are exceptions to this but it's a good rule 
of thumb to attack him whenever he's vulnerable.
5.	MOST BOSSES CAN BE STUNNED - If you hit most bosses hard enough 
(damage-wise) then the boss will flinch giving you time to prepare 
for your next attack and possibly stopping any attack he was about to 
6.	Keep plenty of Recovery measures handy - I don't care how good you 
are...YOU NEED HEALING CHIPS.  NEVER fight a new boss without some 
means of healing.

These are the mandatory bosses in the game.  If you have any intention of 
beating the game you MUST beat these bosses.

Here is how to read the Boss Strategies...

Boss: Name of the boss/Description
Hp: Amount of health the boss yields in order of his versions
Versions: How many versions this boss has.  
Location: A short description of how to find this boss
Prize: Any chips or special items you get for beating the boss
Difficulty: How hard the boss is anywhere from Very Easy to Very Hard.  I 
may exaggerate a little...
Strategy:  How to beat the boss.  I generally like to put his attack 
patterns first and how to counter them second.
*special note* - If there is anything else I need to tell you I'll put it 

Now on with the Bosses...

-Versions: 3
-HP: 200 / 400 / 600
-Location: You can fight his first version after the first day of school is 
over.  You can fight his second version at Dex's house.  His third version 
is at the WWW lair.  Talk to Dex at any of these locations to fight him.
-Prize: *Dex's link* / GutsMan / GutsMn2 / GutsMn3 / GutsPnch
-Difficulty: Easy
His moving patterns consist of jumping twice then stopping to attack.  His 
attacks move down the whole row so stay out of the way.  He occasionally 
cracks all the tiles on a row rather than attacking.  Attack him right after 
he's through attacking or you could get up on the front row, wait 'til he 
tries to punch you (I don't need to tell you to avoid it) and then attack.  
He should go down in no time.

-Versions: 3
-HP: 300 / 400 / 500
-Location: His first version is at the end of the Oven Network.  His second 
version is found at a dead end in Internet area 1.  After finding his second 
version his third version will appear randomly in that same area.
-Prize: Fireman / Firemn2 / Firemn3
-Difficulty: Very Easy
This guy's a cinch.  He jumps around most of the time.  He attacks by 
crouching and letting loose some fire down a whole row.  When he stops and 
crouches get out of the row in front of him or diagonal to him.  Attack him 
whenever he stops to attack or right after he attacks. It is best to use any 
long-distance or water attacks to defeat him.

-Versions: 3
-HP: 500 / 600 / 700
-Location: The First one is at the end of the "School network" level. His 
other versions can be fought at either the machine in Higsby's shop or at 
the WWW lair.  Talk to Higs at the Lair or the machine at the shop to fight 
-Prize: NumbrMan / NumbrMn2 / MumbrMn3
-Difficulty: Very Easy
All he does is stand in one spot and hurl various attacks at you... all of 
which can EASILY be countered.  At first He sends some large spheres with 
numbers on them at you. These numbers indicate how much damage they can take 
before they disappear.  Target the lowest one with your buster or a weak 
attack then target NumberMan himself.  Once he takes enough damage he will 
start setting bombs in your area with a counter (much like a Timebom chip).  
When this counter hits zero your whole area will be bombed.  Dispose of the 
bomb before then and continue attacking him.  After a while he starts 
dropping dice on your area as well.  These dice do 10x the damage of the 
number it lands on.  Again, dispose of it and continue attacking. 

-Versions: 3
-HP: 600 / 700 / 800
-Location: His first version is at a dead end in internet area 2. once 
you've defeated his first version, his second and third version can be found 
randomly in internet area 3.
-Prize: StoneMan / StoneMn2 / StoneMn3 / Rockcube
-Difficulty: Very Easy
Like NumberMan He stands in one place and attacks the whole time.  He mostly 
just stomps the ground to make boulders fall to the ground in hopes that one 
will hit you.  If this is your first encounter you don't want to get hit as 
they will do plenty of damage.  He also places a block of sorts to get in 
the way sometimes.  Merely avoid his attacks and counter with strong long-
distance attacks and he should be gone in no time.

-Versions: 3
-Location: All of his versions can be fought by talking to Sal at the food 
cart outside the waterworks.
-Prize: *Sal's link* / WoodMan / WoodMn2 / WoodMn3
-Difficulty: Medium
He is slightly more challenging (actually that's an understatement) but he 
shouldn't be impossible for an average player.  He literally jumps around 
his area causing large wood towers to appear from the ground when he lands. 
He also produces some seeds which release wood towers or a tree with an 
apple.  When he hits the ground after a jump watch the ground for any 
flashing tiles. Those are where the Wood towers will appear.  Quickly move 
from any flashing tiles to keep from getting hit (these do large amounts of 
damage the first time you can face him).
When he releases the seeds try to stay in the back row until the wood towers 
they produce pass.  If the seed produces a tree QUICKLY KILL THE TREE.  If 
you leave it an apple will grow from it.  This apple RECOVERS WOODMAN'S 
HP!!!  You MUST destroy it quick!  Attack him fiercely when he lands on the 
ground (while avoiding his wood towers) and he will give in eventually.

Polar bears (Ice Cube and ...other thing)
-HP: Ice cube: 250     Other thing:300
-Location: At the end of the first part of the "Water Network" level
-Prize: nothin' but cash
-Difficulty: VERY Easy
Ok...The brown one isn't really called "other thing" but it isn't an Ice 
cube virus (technically) so lets leave it as other thing.  No real strategy 
is needed really...they just shoot ice blocks a lot.  Pound 'em with attacks 
until they die...

-Versions: 3
-HP: 500 / 600 / 700
-Location: The first version is fought at the end of the SECOND part of the 
"Water Network" level. The Second and third version are fought at either the 
Waterworks control room or the WWW lair.  Talk to Froid at any of these 
locations to fight Iceman
Prize: IceMan / IceMn2 / IceMn3
-Difficulty: Medium
He's a step up from most of the bosses so far (except WoodMan) but he's no 
problem for a seasoned player.  He starts off by creating a row of ice cubes 
on the front row and then attacking with some sort of ice bomb.  Avoid this 
bomb 'cause it not only hurts a good deal but it freezes you (It hits in a 
cross-like pattern).  Rapidly press the control pad and the B button to 
escape.  Use a WideSwrd to dispose of the ice cubes in your way and attack 
him with your quickest attacks.  He moves quickly so try and keep your aim.

-Versions: 3
-HP: 600 / 700 / 800
-Location: All three versions can be fought at the Dentown Antique Shop.  
Talk to Miyu to fight SkullMan
-Prize: SkullMn / SkullMn2 / SkullMn3 / *Miyu's link*
-Difficulty: Medium-Hard
SkullMan Will present you with your first real challenge in the game.  He's 
not hard for his speed but for his patterns (and his high damage).  He 
starts out just breathing blue fire down your row, but it soon gets tricky.  
After some breathing he will send two spinning blades that move about in 
your area.  Dealing with these AND avoiding the fire at the same time is a 
real pain.  To counter this, smack 'em REAL hard (damage-wise) right when 
he's about to send the blades in (he sticks his arms out when he's about to 
do this).  This will cause him to flinch and start his attack pattern all 
over again.  Keep up that pattern and he will FINALLY die...
Special note: If he DOES get away with sending his blades into your area 
then you can just destroy one and he won't regenerate it.  That way you will 
only have to deal with one blade.  However if you destroy both blades he 
WILL send them again.

-Versions: 3
-HP: 600 / 700 / 800
-Location: the first one is fought in the Bus during the crisis in dentown.  
The second one is found at a dead-end in internet area 9.  After finding his 
second version his third version will appear randomly in that same area.
-Prize: ColorMan / ColorMn2 / ColorMn3
-Difficulty: Medium
Probably one of the most tedious bosses ever.  He is accompanied by two 
Bowling Pin type objects that do most of the attacking by releasing Aqua and 
Fire towers randomly or when hit.  They also block attacks for Colorman 
making this a very frustrating fight.  The best way to go about hitting 
Colorman is to use Navi chips or Dynawave chips (they just go right through 
the pins).  Colorman also releases his midsection (?) as bubble that 
explodes when hit.  To take care of this hit him with an attack that will 
stun him to make the "bubble" disappear.  Keep using penetrating attacks and 
he will kick the bucket.

-Versions: 3
-HP: 600 / 700 / 800
-Location: the first one is at the end of the Power Plant network.  The 
second one is at a dead-end in internet area 6.  After finding his second 
version his third version will appear randomly in that same area.
Prize: ElecMan / ElecMn2 / ElecMn3
-Difficulty: Easy
Not to terribly difficult.  He starts off the fight by setting down some 
electrodes that can shock you if you stand between them.  He also sends 
several lightning bolts from the air to hit you (the tile will flash before 
a bolt hits).  Dispatch the electrodes with buster fire and avoid any 
flashing tiles.  He has to stop when he attacks so if you can stun him when 
he stops you can cancel the attack altogether.  Using these tactics he'll 
have a blackout for good long time...
Special Note:  You fight him in an event based battle before the real one.  
To end that battle all you have to do is let your custom gauge fill up 3 
times and the battle will end.  You can't kill him in this battle so just 
keep yourself alive.

-Versions: 3
-HP: 500 / 600 / 700
-Locations: You fight his first version right after ElecMan. His second 
version can be fought at central dentown.  His third version can be fought 
at ACDC town near Lan's House or after you beat MagicMan at the WWW lair.  
Talk to Chaud to at any of these locations to fight him.
-Prize: ProtoMan / ProtoMn2 / ProtoMn3
-Difficulty: Easy
You fight him the first time RIGHT AFTER Elecman without a chance to prepare 
so prepare for this fight previous to the Elecman fight.  He is slightly 
harder than Elecman but never fear... He's and idiot (No, nobody's here).
He will move five times and either approach the front column and slash down 
the row OR he will charge up (this is an indicator) and Slash the whole 
column that you're on.  The only way to really counter this is to hit him 
hard when he approaches to make him flinch and cancel his attack.  Don't try 
to attack him otherwise he will just block it.  Navi chips will work ANYTIME 
however 'cause he won't have time to raise his shield

-Versions: 3
-HP: 800 / 900 / 1000
-Locations: The first version is fought at the end of internet area 8.
The second one is fought at a dead-end in internet area 11.  After finding 
his second version his third version will appear randomly in that same area.
-Prize: Bombman / Bombmn2 / Bombmn3 / *WWWaddress*
-Difficulty: Medium-hard
An experienced player will have no real problem from this guy but the less 
experienced will have trouble.  He will set three bombs in his area and 
after awhile he'll kick them in your area. They explode in cross pattern 
when they land so be wary of that.  He will also place a Mine in your area 
in hopes of you stepping on it.  Throughout this time you should be 
destroying the bombs he sets down and avoiding the ones he kicks.  Counter 
with navi chips and various other attacks.  After a long fight he should 
be...whatever's left of a bomb after it explodes (?).

-Versions: 3
-HP: 700 / 800 / 900
-Locations: The first version can be found at the end of the Elecman section 
of the WWW lair network.  The second can be fought at a dead end at area 
14(?) of the internet.  After finding his first version his second version 
will appear randomly in that same area.
-Prize: MagicMan / MagicMn2 / MagicMn3
-Difficulty: Easy-Medium
He isn't as difficult as he is annoying.  He starts by shooting some "Magic" 
down the center row (he does this the whole battle).  After a few blasts he 
disappears and comes back with reinforcements.  The reinforcements aren't 
particularly hard but be careful of the AquaSword enemies he calls as they 
have a nasty tendency to use Steal on your side of the field (It goes 
without saying you need to dispatch them...quick).  Attack with chips that 
hit the whole field like Gaia's and such.  He should go down fairly quickly.

Life Virus
-HP: 1000
-Location: At the end of the WWW rocket area.
-Difficulty: Hard
The difficulty takes sharp turn right after MagicMan cause this is a hard 
fight.  He has many different ways to defend as well as attack but not all 
of them are that effective.  He will start charging the moment battle 
starts. Once he's done charging he will either
1.	Shoot a thick laser down the center row
2.	Use a large blade to slash down the first two columns
Or 3. Send a comet to hit the area causing a wave similar to the Gaia attack 
chip.  For some time all he will do is charge and let his little clones do 
the attacking for him.  When the energy on his head turns red that means he 
is about to attack so secure yourself in the top or bottom left square to 
avoid his Laser and Blade attack.  If he uses the Comet attack then try and 
move through the wave as if you would for a gaia attack.  Your offensive 
measures must be quick and precise in order to get anywhere with 
this...thing.  Your first order of offense should be to dispose of his 
shield.  His shield drops automatically when he attacks but you'll be busy 
evading his attacks then. I recommend Dynawave's or FighterSwords for that. 
Once it's gone bust him up with your navi chips and HeroSwrds.  Keep up the 
pressure and he will fall after the coolest battle in the game.

5.)Hidden bosses
This section explains all the hidden bosses in the game.  You don't HAVE to 
fight these bosses, but it's HIGHLY recommended and it's great to feel that 
feeling of satisfaction after beating Bass or ShadowMan...
To fight these bosses (except for Sharkman) you need to beat Life Virus 
first.  To fight Bass you need to get EVERY chip except #127.

-Versions: 3
-HP: 700 / 800 / 900
-Location: Talk to Masa at the Fish Cart outside of the WaterWorks to fight 
-Prize: Hpmemory / Sharkman / SharkMn2 / SharkMn3
-Difficulty: Very hard
Man this one's a whopper.  He has a unique (but effective) combat style.  
There are three fins but only one of them is real.  When you hit the real 
one (it will flash and make the "clang" sound any enemy makes when hit) 
SharkMan himself will come up and shoot a water tower at you...Dodge 
accordingly.  Throughout the battle the two other fins will be dashing at 
you CONSTANTLY and they are quite fast...these pose quite a problem as there 
is no real way to deal with them.  All you can do is integrate your dodge 
and attack tactics. Elecmn3 REALLY helps here 'cause Sharkman is a water 
type and it automatically hits him as long as he's not in the middle of a 
dash.  With a little luck and some Madd skill you can pull it off.

-Versions: 2
-HP: 800 / 1000
-Location: The first version is right in front of a KngtSwrd chip in 
internet area 12. After finding his first version his second version will 
appear randomly in that same area.
-Prize: PharoMan / PharoMn2 / PharoMn3 / Anubis
-Difficulty: Easy-Medium
He doesn't put up to big a fight.  He moves along the back row while calling 
a coffin to do one of two attacks.  One is a large laser and the other is 
three rattons.  Every once in a while he'll set a trap down.  I've never 
stepped on this trap so I don't know what happens... Constantly attack him 
with whatever you want while staying away from the coffin and off the trap.  
He goes down pretty fast despite his high HP.

-Versions: 2
-HP: 800 / 1000
-Location: His first version is found at a dead-end in internet area 15.  
After finding his first version his second version will appear randomly in 
that same area.
-Prize: ShadoMan / ShadoMn2 / ShadoMn3 / Muramasa
-Difficulty: Very hard
Whoa!  Believe it or not this guy isn't even the hardest one!  His attack 
patterns are simple enough but he pulls 'em with such speed and efficiency 
that it's very difficult to know when he's going to attack.  You should look 
for two key signs...
1.)A puff of smoke - This means he is about to use his ninja star attack.  
When you see a small puff of smoke, MOVE... I mean MOVE!  Keep moving until 
he throws three stars.  After the third star he will reappear.  THIS IS WHEN 
2.)He splits into three - when he does this try not to stay in front of him 
or his clones.  This means that he and his clones are about to shoot down 
any row they happen to be on.  This can also lead to his ninja star attack 
so keep watching for that smoke.
The only way you can really counter anything he does is use a navi that hits 
one particular enemy or the whole area.  You should also try stunning him 
with HeroSwrd's as well.  He takes some effort but you'll get 'em 

-HP: 1000
-Location: Once you've gotten all the chips EXCEPT #127 then he will appear 
randomly in internet area 16.
-Prize: Dream/Life Aura
-Diffculty: VERY HARD!
-This is it...If you've made this far then you must have played for about 40 
hours worth.  I won't lie to you.  He will probably kill you MANY times 
before you actually win with a busting level of 2.  Your first order of 
business is to get rid of his shield.  It takes 100 damage collectively to 
destroy it.  You can accomplish this with a couple of charged shots or any 
kind of Depth-3 sword (fighter, kngt, etc.).  Stay out of his way 
though...that will only prompt him to shoot you with his buster(s).  When he 
raises his hand he is about to do one of many different attacks on your 
whole area.  It doesn't matter which one it is...It will hit you constantly 
wherever you stand.  The ONLY way to avoid this is to stun him with a strong 
attack right before he raises his hand.  There isn't much more to tell you.  
It GREATLY helps to have many ShadowMan chips and Heroswrds at your disposal 
as well as PLENTY of healing chips.  This is the hardest battle in the game 
but never give up!  If I can beat him I'm sure as hell you can too.

6.) Special Thanks
This is where I thank anyone who helped me with this FAQ 

Zmaster13 - for helping me correct some errors.  Thanks man!
The12eturn - for his valiant attempt to keep me from looking like an idiot.  
I don't owe ya nothin'
I also received some aid at the GameFAQs message boards.  Thanks people! 

1.0 kinda did most of the FAQ here...I'll update it as I feel fit from here 
on in...
1.1	corrected some errors...nothing major
1.2	reconsidered the difficulty level of some bosses.  Corrected more errors
1.3 corrected even more mistakes thanks to Zmaster13.  

8.)Legal junk
This FAQ is copyright of me and only me (BigNRagland).  If you want to 
borrow something from it ask me and give me credit.  I don't mean to be 
greedy but those are the rules...

9.)Frequently Asked Questions
...nobody's asked me any questions

10.)Stuff you might care to know
You can e-mail me at
Questions answered in this FAQ
Bland, groundless criticism
Offers for friendship
Questions for getting through the rest of the game...there are other FAQs 
for that...

You MAY e-mail me for...
Things not covered in this FAQ that should be in this FAQ
Constructive criticism
Helpful info that could go in this FAQ
To point out mistakes - Make absolutely sure it is a mistake before telling 

I apologize in advance for: 
My numerous mistakes (I'm sure there are)
My constant use of caps
My constant use of the same words 
My constant use of parenthesis
And anything else that might seem wrong...