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Super Mario Advance
* Yoshi's Challenge *

About Yoshi's Challenge
After beating Wart (world 7-2) the Yoshi Challenge is opened up. (Thanks to
Fabio Scafa for telling me you DON'T need all the coins for this the happen).
If you want to go back and replay a certain level to get the coins, press left
and right on the game selection screen on your saved game. A level with all
coins collected will show up with a red dot on the overall level overview at
the start of each game.
The idea of Yoshi's Challenge is to replay the levels to try and find two eggs
that are hidden away in the dark world. The only problem is, if you die, you
will loose any eggs you have collected on a level so far. So the added
challenge is to finish a level in one life.
After unlocking Yoshi's Challenge the blue sky of the title screen will turn
into a red one. Also a Yoshi's egg appears underneath the title.

NOTE: I was planning to write a full Mario Advance FAQ but I just don't have
what it takes. It took me long enough to write all this without having to go
into the whole process of explaining where every coin is and every mushroom.
The game is straightforward enough, Sure, there are some hidden warp areas and
some shortcuts, a few areas where only clever playing (or playing Luigi) can
help you access them. etc. but I am just not a Mario-otaku enough to deal with
all that. Sorry.

General tips for those who don't want to use the walk-through
The fun of this challenge is trying to find the eggs. The challenge is to
finish a level in one life. I found that, after beating the game with all the
coins, you will@be such an "expert", it will be a lot less difficult than you
expect. I found that trying to get all 5 coins in a level was, on the whole, a
more frustrating experience. A lot of these tips will sound obvious, but maybe
there are one or two you haven't thought of:
- Try to find the extra mushrooms! Because some eggs take the place of the
hidden mushrooms, you will have to look for them elsewhere. In the earlier
levels I doubt very much you will need more than two hearts of health, but on
the later ones you will be extremely frustrated if you don't.
- Spend some time exploring. What I did was play a level over and over, not
worrying about finishing it. Find the egg locations, find the mushrooms,
practice. Then, when I felt confident and knew exactly where everything was, I
restarted my GBA, played the level in one go with the two eggs.
- Respawn items. If you are low on health but are near a floating piece of
heart, or if you waste a potion, enter a door or a vase and immediately go back
again. The potions and the hearts will all be regenerated (along with the
enemies, of course). I used this trick a LOT trying to find the eggs.
- Don't beat yourself up. In retrospect the eggs were in very obvious
locations. Not once did I find an egg hidden somewhere inconspicuous and
impossible to find. Try looking around "landmarks" and pits.

Yoshi's Challenge Walk-through (contains spolier)
These descriptions may seem vague but I hope they make sense when you are
reading them alongside playing the game. I haven't written any FAQs since 1989,
so I am out of practice.

World 1-1
Egg #1
On the second screen there is a tall pillar which you can reach my climbing a
vine. The first plant you come across is a potion. Jump down the pillar and
throw the potion to create a door in between the vine and the first wooden pole
after it. You will see the egg fall from the sky after a second.
Egg #2
After climbing the vine at the end of the second screen you will find yourself
in the clouds. After a few jumps up you will see a vase on a cloud on the left
hand side of the screen. Jump into the vase. Pull the left plant for a potion.
Use the ferriswheel contraption to get back out of the vase. As soon as you
leave the vase you can throw the potion to create a door but before you enter
you should make sure that the screen is scrolled up as far as possible by
pressing the L button. After entering the door you will see an egg sitting on a
high ledge at the top of the screen.

World 1-2
Egg #1
After your little carpet ride, the first plant to the left of the two vases is
a potion. You could throw it immediately after the first vase and you will see
both a mushroom right in front of you and the first egg where, in the light
world, the two purple enemies were jumping (you won't have time to pick them
both up, so after picking up one, enter a vase and back out again to respawn
the potion plant and try again).
Confusingly, this egg will show up as the SECOND egg.
Egg #2
After going through the locked door you will come across a bricked off area
with a spitting Shyguy behind it. Pull up two bombs and destroy the wall. Climb
up the ladder and pull the first plant to the right of the ladder for a potion.
If you throw it there you will see the second egg down below where the shyguy
was and you can get to it by climbing down the stairs or jumping down through
the wall you just blasted.

World 1-3
Egg #1
On the first screen you will come across a high wooden pole acting as a bridge.
The second plant in front of it is a potion. Jump down and over the jumping
enemies and throw it before or after the hole where the fish jumps out. You
will see the egg easily under this bridge.
Egg #2
After you have gone inside and are on your way up to grab the key for the door
down below, you will come across a vase on your right hand side. In this vase
is a potion. If you throw the potion immediately after leaving the vase you
will see the second egg on a platform near the vase.

World 2-1
Egg #1
About halfway through the first screen there is a small "building" made up of
brown blocks. On top is a potion. If you throw this potion immediately on top
of the blocks you will see an egg fall into the quicksand just after the
blocks. Quikcly retrieve it before it is lost.
Egg #2
Right at the very very end of the first screen is a potion. Take it back to the
pyramid made out of brown blocks earlier (the one with the spitting plant on
top). The egg is on top of this structure.

World 2-2
Egg #1
About halfway through the second screen there is a door. It is pretty easy to
miss it. It is just before the series of vases with snakes in, just after the
very fast quicksand. Inside, blow up the wall and go left to pick up the potion
from on top of the brown block structure. Carry the potion back to where you
enetered this room. The egg is to the right of the door (the left, in the
Egg #2
After you climbed down the vine at the end of screen two, you will find
yourself in a pit with sand. Dig all the way to the bottom, down the left where
a vase is. To the left of this vase is a potion. Now travel ALL the way back up
to the top and throw the potion and you will see the egg just sitting on the

World 2-3
Egg #1
This one is easy. After you climbed the ladder at the start of the level, there
is a potion immediately to your right. The egg is to the right of the ladder on
the brown blocks.
Egg #2
After you enter the pyramid, jump down the right hand chute but keep pressing
left. You will land on a small platform with two plants. One of them is a
potion and the egg is on the platform you are standing. (Don't fall down too
far - if you see the locked dor there is no way to get back up to get the egg
without killing yourself first, and thus loosing the first egg).

World 3-1
Egg #1
On the second screen jump down the waterfall (don't worry - it's safe) and
enter the door at the bottom. The 10th plant is a potion. The egg is next to
the vase at the end of this tunnel.
Egg #2
After you are high in the clouds, avoid the huge shyguy abd make your way
right. After the first spitting plant there is a green pillar. The left plant
on this pillar is a potion. The egg is on the cloud immediately above this

World 3-2
Egg #1
Right at the very end of the first screen there is a small green pillar. The
potion is the first plant on that pillar. The egg rests on the breakable blocks
to the left of the pillar.
Egg #2
After going underground and making your way back to the beginning you will come
across a wall which you have to break by dropping bombs by timing them. After
this wall is a ladder which will take you to the end of the level, but ignore
this ladder and go further left. You will see two small pits covered by
breakable bricks and containing hedhehogs. The leftmost plant is a bomb, use it
to blow the cover of the leftmost pit. The rightmost plant is a potion. The egg
is in the leftmost pit.

World 3-3
Egg #1
After entering the level by going through the door you will soon come across
three wooden poles, each one higher than the previous one. After the third pole
is a power block. The fourth plant after the powerblock is a potion. The first
egg rests on the highest wooden pole immediately before the power block.
Egg #2
This one was a pain. After going through the locked door later on in this
level, work your way up the screens until you come to a door on the right.
Don't enter this door! You should see some blue blocks with jumping guys on it
and about three of those sparks. Carefully try to jump onto the blue blocks and
you will see two ladders leading up. Climb up the right ladder and you come to
a large clear area with a few plants and one spark somewher up high. The
rightmost plant is a potion. Jump back down to the blue blocks structure and
create a doorway. The egg is on top of these blue blocks.

World 4-1
Egg #1
In the first screen you will come across a heart floating high in the air.
Underneath is a single plant - the potion. Lure the pink creatures into the
hole to the right of the plant so you can jump down and get it safely. The egg
will fall out of the sky a little to the right where the fish is jumping.
Egg #2
Right at the end of the first screen, where the plant is that pulls up the
rocket. Just before is a plant with the potion. Make sure you scroll far enough
to the right so you can jump down to get the egg.

World 4-2
Egg #1
After the screen with the birds, you get to the screen with the whales. After
entering through the door, go immediately left, to the first whale. The first
plant contains the potion. The egg is on the second whale.
Egg #2
After the first couple of whales you come to three progresivvely higher
pillars, each with three plants on (there is an 1UP bubble just before them).
The rightmost plant on the rightmost (highest) pillar is a potion. The egg
rests on top of the little icecube staircase immediately to the right of the
highest pillar.

World 4-3
Egg #1
After entering the world through the doorway a birdo will be shooting eggs at
you; avoid her. The leftmost plant you see is the potion. Now walk to the left
and you will find a strange little structure of three portrusions. The egg is
on the middle, highest one (where in the nomral game you would have found a
Egg #2
After going inside, working your way up and going outside again, you will come
to a screen which, on the surface, just looks like a little go-between. It is
just a door, two plants and another door. However, pick the first plant for the
potion. Walk left and jump up the clouds. The egg is on the first "battlement"
on the first tower.

World 5-1
Egg #1
These two egga were quite nasty. One you enter the large screen with the water
and logs, the first plant is a bomb. The second one the potion. Take it with
you ALL the way to roughly 1/2 of the level  First you come across a gap you
have to cross by jumping on logs, then one by jumping on fish. Then there are
two pillars, and just before the second pillar is one single log, which you
don't need at all. The egg is on this second pillar.
Egg #2
Once you get to the end of this screen, jump over the logs so you end up in the
top of the screen, above the door leading to Birdo. There are two "stoppers"
here. Pick up the first one, and fall down. The first plant is the potion. If
you throw it immediately and go to the dark world, after a second orso the
second egg will fall down right on top of you.

World 5-2
Egg #1
Play this level until you come across a vase. Jump down the vase and use the
plant/bomb to blow a hole down to the second level. The right plant down here
is a potion. Leave the vase and carry the potion along with you. Use the bugs
as elevators along the way. You will come to an area where there are four
narrow pillars, two bugs and a plant spitting fireballs. Throw the potion down
here. The egg is on the pillar nearest to you.
Egg #2
Another nasty one. After reaching the end of the second screen you will climb
up into the clouds on a vine. There are two huge shyguys here. Climb up the
vine until you see shyguys spitting at you. The potion is underneath the first
shuguy to your right. Climb a little higher, jump on him and throw him off his
ledge. Now pick up the plant he was standing on for the potion. Now jump left
onto a small cloud right underneath the first shyguy on your left hand side.
Wait for a bug to appear down the vine to your left and jump on him. He will
carry you ALL the way to the top (beware the bullets). The egg is on the cloud
in front of the door there.

World 5-3
Egg #1
I have always hates every Mario level that featured things falling from the
sky. This one is no exception! In the second screen the annoyance begins. (The
vase above the ladder is a warp zone, by the way). Get the potion, which is the
second plant on this screen you come across (or the first plant in the first
cluster of three, or, well, you know whwich one it is). Take this with you to a
wooden T-shaped set of logs (with a heart floating more or less above it). The
egg is in the gulley BEFORE it.
Egg #2
After you clear the bit with the falling Bob Ombs you will come to an
underground area. There will be a huge shyguy to your right and a covered
generation vase. Uncover the vase to let out the Bob Ombs. Lure them around to
make them blast away the breakable blocks allowing access to the lower level,
just near the ladder you came down on. It is wise to cover up the vase again
after you have accomplished this. Jump down to the lower level; the potion is
the first plant you come across there. Now jump back up to the first level. The
egg is just to the left (right in the darkworld) of the breakable blocks you
just blew up, to the left of the ladder.

World 6-1
Egg #1
Go into the first vase you come across for the potion (be sure to get rid of
the snake hiding in it though). Then jump onto the skeleton platform just after
the vase and create a doorway there. After a second orso you will see an egg
fall in front of you into the quicksand. Quickly retrieve it before it sinks.
Egg #2
At the end of the first screen you enter a doorway to a large room filled with
vases and snakes and a locked door at the end. The key is in one of the vases
(fifth from the end) but you don't need that just yet. Go to the locked door.
The potion is the second plant on top of that. Walk back to the vases. The egg
is roughly in the middle of this sea of vases.

World 6-2
Egg #1
Again, two extremely nasty eggs. First, after going through the doorway, you
find yourself in the level where the back of a bird is the main mode of
transportation. Jump on the first bird flying to the right, use your
Mario-playing skills (this is, sadly, not that kind of FAQ) to get to the first
tall pillar. The first plant there is the potion. The egg is on this first tall
Egg #2
From where you got the first egg, wait for a bird flying left, and jump on its
back ALL the way back to the beginning. Go through the doorway and immediately
back again. This respawns the potion on that first high pillar again. Go to
that first pillar, pull out the potion and immediately jump back on the bird
that brought you there to travel further to the right. When you come right to
the end you will see a string of jumping enemies guarding the door leading to
the end. The second egg is on the pillar just BEFORE all that.

World 6-3
Egg #1
After climbing the ladder, the potion is the first plant you come across. Carry
it with you over the cacti, and create a doorway on the second skeleton
platform. The egg will fall inbetween the two very small cacti immediately
after that and will sink FAST!
Egg #2
When you get to the bits in the clouds with all the vines, climb up until you
seem, pretty soon, a vase on a cloud. This vase contains the potion. The egg is
on the cloud immediately to the left of the one with the vase.

World 7-1
Egg #1
Once you get to the second screen, travel all the way to the right. On a
Greek-style pillar at the end, before the shyguys spawning vase, there is a
potion. Throw this BEHIND you onto the breakable bricks. The egg is right there
(NOTE: do NOT put the doorway in the middle! As soon as you go back to the
light world two Bob Ombs will fall towards the middle, and if you happen to
reappear there, it would severely hurt you! Just but the doorway to the side
somewhere and you'll be safe).
Egg #2
After a while you get to a vertical screen with clouds and sparks. Make your
way to the top where there is a doorway. Before that however you will see two
clouds on either side of the screen with a spitting shyguy on the left one.
There is a plant on the right one which is a potion. If you throw it there you
will see the egg sitting on the other cloud.

World 7-2
Egg #1
This one requires a lot of backtracking. First, when you get to the big room
with the convayor belts, go to the far right first and climb up the chains.
Avoid the sparks, move left and go up the chains again. Climb up, avoid more
sparks, until you get to a section with blue blocks platforms and even more
sparks. The path splits here. Go up the left hand side of the screen until you
come to a doorway leading outside. Fall down, ALL the way down and you will see
another door. Go inside again and you will be in a room with two plants and
some pillars. The potion is the right plant (the left one is one of those fast
exploding bombs). The egg is on one of the taller pillars.
Egg #2
Backtrack to the room with the convayor belts and take the other set of chains,
these ones leading down. Do all the way down the next room and through the
doorway, The next room has more chains and sparks. Hallway down this room is a
doorway, inside another room with pillars and plants. The potion is the
furthest plant. The egg is not, however, on the pillars but on the outer ledge
of the alcove near the door where you came into this room.
Now good luck trying to kill two Birdos, that beaky door-thing and the "great"
Wart without dying once!

Finishing Yoshi's Challenge (the spoiler?)
What do you get? ZIP.
A little graphic saying "Perfect" will jump around on screen, making you "ooh"
and "ahh" at the GameBoy Advance's sprite scaling and rotating effects, a
little Yoshi will be waving on the title screen where he was previosuly just an
egg, and that's it.
I have no idea to varify if something opens up in multiplayer because I haven't
looked into that yet. (if someone can varify, please email me).
I was a bit dissapointed, but what else could they have given me? To be fair, I
can't think of anything that would have satisfied me after the hours of
frustration I went through to get this far. It might have been cool to get
Yoshi as a playable character, but then again, not really.
Oh well...

Email, credits and copyright and stuff
If you have any comments, alterations or additions, please email
if your contribution is helpful it will be added to the FAQ and you will be
credited accordingly. Don't come with any questions: I am not a Mario expert
and there are a lot of elements of this game I have not tackled and probably
never will. Also, don't bother me with little sock-watcher comments like "you
were not calling the spitting plant things by their proper name" because
frankly, I feel sad enough having written this thing without having to decend
into the pit of utter nerdiness (just yet).

Me, I wrote this FAQ (jupe2010@hotmail.com)
Fabio Scafa (timewolf@timewolf.mig), contributor

Copyright: Nothing in this FAQ may be copied without prior permission of the
author. Etcetera.