Classic Mode FAQ by Icefox2k

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          M        M     A      RRRRR   III     OOO
          MM      MM     AA     R    R   I     O   O
          M M   M  M    A  A    R    R   I    O     O
          M   M    M   AAAAAA   RRRR     I    O     O
          M        M  A      A  R    R   I     O   O
          M        M A        A R     R III     OOO
              *    ***  *     *    *    *  *  ** ***
             * *   *  *  *   *    * *   ** * *   ***
            *****  *  *   * *    *****  * ** *   *
           *     * ***     *    *     * *  *  ** ***

Classic and Battle Modes FAQ by Icefox2k 


1.Version History

0.2 10/13/02
    Added info on POW block
    Added section on Garbage Can Gambit

0.1 10/07/02 
    Original version


2.Table of Contents

1. Version History
2. Table of Contents
3. Introduction
4. Important Terminology
5. Gameplay
  5.1 Controls
  5.2 Enemies
    5.2.1 Scoring
    5.2.2 Details
  5.3 Levels
  5.4 Items
  5.5 Why the POW Block is treated like a God
6. Classic
  6.1 Levels
  6.2 Bonus rounds
7. Battle
  7.1 Levels
8. Variations
10. Legal/Contact Info


3. Introduction

This FAQ focusses on the multiplayer and classic versions of Super Mario 
Advance. I can honestly admit that I am not the best at it but I can 
also safely say that I probably have some of the most experience around. 
In the many multiplayer games I have played, various phrases or terms 
for actions in the games have formed one way or another. These terms 
will be used in this FAQ and without referring to the terminology below 
you may find yourself lost. Feel free to use them yourself, It adds a 
more humourous approach to the game. ~Icefox2k.

Hi I'm Fastman, Icefox's co-writer and researcher. I can also say that 
Icefox is not the best player since Jack Ruddy and I regularly beat him 
in our many hours of play I have added some to this but Icefox has done 

Health Warning: Any multiplayer vesions of this can get tense and can 
lead to screaming. This game is not advisable to play if you have a 
heart condition or high blood pressure... or maybe it's just us.

Music note: If you have the time to listen to the music you will notice 
to your amusement how light and bouncy the music is in the face of such 
killing and destruction in battle. In classic I think the music comes 
from somewhere in Mario 64, but I'm not sure where. Disclaimer- We 
accept no responsibility for any music you can't get out of your head 
due to listening to it too much.


4. Important Terminology

Mazza: Mario- everyone knows that

Stuntified: Reduced to mario size- from the fact that Mazza's 'growth' 
is stunted

Hobbitified: Same as above- Hobbits are small

Hobbits R Us: All players hobbitified

Stunnified: Temporarily stunned- from stuntified

Shcatomping: Standing on person/enemy- don't ask

Bonus Coin: Purposely getting stuntified after you know you have won- 
see below

Rectal Probe: Kill person by pushing up into underside of enemy- work it 
out yourself

Nasal Probe: Kill person by pushing up into front of enemy- from rectal 

Shellzo: Spiny- From Beezo

Beezo: Fighter fly- due to original name mix-ups

Flipping: Performing a super jump not carrying an item- you flip

Sniping: Performing a super jump to stunnify people- can be done over 
long distances

Brawling: Variation on gameplay- see below

Death sports: dangerous ways to play- see below

Snow boarding: Death sport- see below

Farming: Death sport- see below

Fire Flipping: Death sport- see below

Bowser jumping: Death sport- see below

Chicken Farming: Death sport- see below

V.I.M: Variation on gameplay- see below



5.1 Controls:
The Controls are the same as the main game but here goes anyway.

D-pad- move Mario/camera once dead
A- Jump
B- Pick up item/person
   Throw item/person
   Hold to run faster
L- Scroll camera up/down
R- Hold to run faster


5.2 Enemies

There are 3 types of enemy at 3 speeds The colours of speeds will be 
listed in ascending order.

Spiny: Shell with spikes on- red, green, blue
Fighter fly: Winged hopping creature- blue, green, red
Crab: A crab (duh), takes 2 hits to stun them- red, green, blue

There are also 3 others to avoid and merely take 1 hit to kill

Fireballs: These move a lot and take good timing to kill
Freezy: Only in classic, these freeze the entire ledge it is on
Icicles: Only in classic, these fall from the top ledges and pipes and 
can often lead to your demise.

To stop all enemies you must bump the floor underneath. The first 3 must 
then be touched to kick it away and kill it. Other mazzas in multiplayer 
can be stunnified by bumping them or even by standing on them.


5.2.1 Scoring

In Classic:
  Shellzo: 800 pts, produces coin
  Beezo: 800 pts, produces coin
  Crab: 800 pts, produces coin
  Fireball (grn): 200 pts
  Fireball (red): 800 pts
  Freezy: 500 pts
  Icicle: Nothing, yes nothing, surprising since it can be hard to hit
  Pick up coin: 800 pts

In Battle:
  Shellzo/Beezo/Crab: produces coin
  Fireball (both): Nothing
  Pick up coin: 1 coin point


5.2.2 Details

  Crab: Speeds up after it has been hit once, then becomes stunned the 
second time.
  Freezy: Only freezes when it reaches the centre of a ledge so destroy 
before then
  Icicle: Forms a small wet patch first, this does nothing. Forms a drip 
second, this is the only time you can destroy it. Finally forms an 
icicle, hitting this will kill you. It then falls, dive for safety, the 
centre is good.


5.3 Levels
         |      R              R |
         |    R   R           R  |
         |  R       RP      R    |
         |TT G G G G R G R G G TT|
         |TT______     R_______TT|  F/I<--
         |G G G G G G G G G G G G|
         |_     _____________   _|  F<--
         |G G G G G G G G G G G G|
         |________   P   ________|  F<--
         |TTG G G G G G G G G GTT|

NOTE- If you go off one side of the screen you will reappear on the 
other side.

T: Tube- sends and recieves items/enemies
F: Frozen floors for various reasons
P: POW block
R: Red fireball trajectory (occasionally 3rd floor)
G: Green fireball trajectory
I: In classic icicles can fall


5.4 Items

  POW block: on all levels- see below
  Koopa shell: damages everything in its path
  Fishbone: does nothing- throw away
  Egg: Contains one of 3 items:
      Coin- 1 coin point (uncommon)
      Heart- restore to super Mario size (rare)
      Invincibility- temporarily invincible and damage everything you 
touch, CAUTION, stops suddenly often leading to accidents (common)


5.5 Why the POW Block is treated like a God

First, it can do a lot of damage. It stuns everything touching the 
ground and clears all fireballs, Freezys and icicles. Enemies stunned 
will be revived and can kill players.
It collects all coins touching ground in classic and makes them bounce 
in battle which can be used to your advantage occasionally. It also 
makes shells bounce making them impossible to stop. (Fastman doesn't 
know what hit him ~Icefox). 
Like other items, when held you cannot be picked up, use this to your 
advantage (see brawling).
Finally, this recent discovery was made by Fastman, throw it at the 
ground just before you enter the bin and you will be instantly released 
with an item. Mmm, handy!


6. Classic

Super Mario Bros Classic is a level based game for up to 4 players, for 
multiplayer though you must use a multi pak link. The objective is to 
progress through the levels achieving the highest possible score and 
phase you can.
You begin with 3 lives and gain one life for completing a bonus round or 
for killing 5+ enemies in rapid succession.(5 gives 1 life, 6 gives 2 
etc.) You also have 2 continues which allow you 3 more lives worth of 
play but reset your score.
Phase 3 is the easiest phase to get extra lives from because it is easy 
to pile up 5 or 6 enemies quickly.


6.1 Levels

The levels progress as follows:

Phase 1: Game begins, Shellzos introduced
Phase 4: Bonus Round
Phase 5: Crabs introduced
Phase 7: Beezos introduced
Phase 9: Bonus Round
Phase 10: Freezys introduced
Phase 16: Bonus round, these continue every 7 rounds
Phase 17: Single icicles introduced, top floor frozen
Phase 20: Double icicles introduced
Phase 24: Enemies recover in half time
Phase 31: Triple icicles introduced
Phase 40: Quadruple icicles introduced
Phase 41: Game difficulty levels out here
Phase 63: Fastman's high phase- score:563040 (I hadn't lost all my lives 
but it was about 1:30 in the morning)
Phase 99: Game round counting ends
Phase 99(115):Icefox's high phase- score:866040


6.2 Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds have no enemies, no obstructions and have 10 coins to grab 
in total. Bonus rounds also restore the POW block if used.

The levels vary as follows:

The first is ordinary and has a 20s time limit
The second is icy and has a 20s time limit
The remainder have invisible ledges and have a 15s time limit

This is the fastest method of doing bonus rounds:
         |                       |
         |                       |
         |       10  P 9         |
         |TT                   TT|
         |TT______      _______TT|  
         |6 5                8 7 |
         |_    _____________    _|  
         |         4   3         |
         |________   P   ________|  
         |TT       1   2       TT|


7. Battle

Super Mario Bros Battle is a multiplayer for 2-4 players using a single 
pak link. You can also use multi pak to cut out loading times. The 
objective is to be the first to collect 5 coins or be the last mazza 
standing. Each round won is tallied up and the first to 5 rounds is 
declared the winner and the process is repeated.

The term 'bonus coin' derives from tricking ignorant people into killing 
themselves. If the ignorant person wins by being the last alive and they 
are stuntified, before the score screen appears, tell them that if they 
run into an enemy they will gain a bonus coin. If they then proceed to 
do this they will kill themselves and force a draw.

Garbage Can Gambit: Also shortened by us to 'bin matches'. In two player 
matches a bin is placed at the bottom of the screen and items can be 
retrieved from it. In bonus rounds you rarely seem to get anything but 
fishbones from it, I once got a POW block from it, but that's it.


7.1 Levels

These vary with difficulty and come in 4 round cycles. Fireballs are 
optional. POW blocks are restored every level.

Easy: Round 1- No ice, Shellzos
      Round 2- No ice, Shellzos and Beezos
      Round 3- No ice, Shellzos
      Round 4- Bonus, Shellzos

Medium: Round 1- No ice, Crabs
        Round 2- No ice, Crabs and Beezos
        Round 3- No ice, Crabs
        Round 4- Bonus, Crabs

Hard: Round 1- Ice on all, Shellzos and Beezos
      Round 2- Ice on 4th, Shellzos and Crabs
      Round 3- Ice on all, Shellzos, Beezos and Crabs
      Round 4- Bonus, Beezos

Bonus Rounds are non icy rounds with 5 coins available around the level. 
Only one enemy at a time is ever in play. Bowser, who is indestructible, 
walks back and forth along the 3rd floor breathing fire when he reaches 
the ends. Touching him causes damage. On hard difficulty a rogue koopa 
shell is also thrown into play which can be picked up and used.


8. Variations

Brawling: This variation is very popular. It is mario battle but you 
must not collect coins and have 3 or more players. You must kill each 
other one way or another. If someone gets five coins the game must be 
restarted, unfortunately people tend to do this on purpose when they are 
losing. (I personally prefer to force feed other players by killing 
everything around ~Icefox)

 A good tactic to use, I pride myself on this discovery, is to grab a 
POW block, any size, and stay on the bottom floor. You cannot be forced 
to drop it here unless you run into an enemy and you will eventually win 
by default. ~Icefox

My favourite way to get enemies stuntified and lose their POW block is 
to stand on them just before am enemy reaches them and they will not be 
able to escape. You can also hit them underneath to dislodge the POW 
block. ~Fastman

Death Sports:  These are variations on play which finish rounds quickly 
because they are so dangerous. They can be done for fun or played as 
last mazza standing.

Snowboarding: Death Sport- This is played on a icy top floor level. You 
must move in one direction across the screen constantly sliding and 
performing super jumps.

Farming: Death Sport- Before you start play, turn everything its maximum 
speed. Crabs are preferred since once they are blue they can be hit 
again to speed them up again. After this process is finished, continue 
to brawl as normal without killing things as this undoes all your work.

Fire Flipping: Death Sport- Crouch under Bowsers flame in bonus rounds 
and just before he finishes flip through his flame. If you are not 
skilled enough, you will be damaged.

Bowser Jumping: Death Sport- When hobbitified, it is just possible to 
jump over Bowser. You must attempt to jump over him but there is a high 
risk of landing on him.

Chicken Farming: Death Sport- One player must stand on the 3rd floor 
side ledge and the other player(s) must knock a blue crab across to the 
ledge where the first person proceeds to try and jump it.

The V.I.M (Very Important Mazza): A game for three players. 1 Mazza is 
the V.I.M and disposes of the POW block and the other two mazza's stand 
equal distances from the V.I.M. One Mazza's mission is to kill the V.I.M 
the other's job is to protect it. Note the V.I.M cannot move,only to 
break out of an enemies grasp. Four players can be used to create two 
assassins or bodyguards if wanted.

You may also mix and match various different styles into your normal 
gameplay to add to your skill. (i.e. watch their face as you jump over 
bowser while they're chasing you with a shell and they run into him.)


9. Credits

CjayC: For posting this.
Jack Ruddy: For helping us 'research' this over many months of 
You: For taking the time to read this.


10. Legal/Contact Info


This FAQ copyright 2002 Icefox2k and Fastman

This document should only be on the following sites unless we grant 
permission otherwise. If this is used without our permission then SEE 
YOU IN COURT! Have a nice day.


Contact Info:

Icefox2k: If there is a mistake or query email me at:  Do NOT instant message me.

Fastman:  Do NOT instant message me.