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Asked: 4 years ago


How do I get 5 stars in Ranking on the preparations screen? It went from 3 to 2.

Accepted Answer

From: Distant_Rainbow 4 years ago

Which ranking?

There are 5 categories which are ranked, which all use different standards for being ranked.

Tactics - Total number of turns taken for playing the game. The less turns you took, the better the rank.
Survival - Whether all of your recruited characters are alive. If someone died and you saved afterwards, too bad, you have irrevocably damaged this rank.
Funds - Total monetary value of all items you currently possess, plus the gold you have. The more money, the better.
EXP - Total experience gained by all your units. The more EXP you gained, the better.
Combat - Your battle efficiency. The higher the ratio of (battles that ended up with you killing an enemy unit) / (total number of battles initiated by all of your characters), the better.

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