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How do you pick between Harken and Karel?

I thought it was random which one you get. What do you do to choose which one to get?

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DoublePie answered:

All right, pay attention class! This could get tricky.
This largely depends on which version of chapter 25/27 you get.
If your opponent is Jerme, you have to open about 4 doors to get Karel. Any less, and you'll score Harken.
If your opponent is Kenneth, you'll have to kill at least 2 promoted enemies to obtain Karel. Otherwise, Harken will appear.
Both of them will appear on the beginning of turn 10.
Also, I've never been quite sure if the map doesn't matter and either rule applies, but those are usually the best ways to go about it.
Karel can only be recruited by your main Lord or Lyn, but Harken can be recruited by Eliwood, Marcus, Lowen, Hecotr, Oswin, or Isadora.
After that, I guess it's really just a matter of preference, friend.
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UltimaFireXXX44 answered:

In the version where you face Jerme, it determines on how many doors you have opened.
Not sure on the one where you face Kenneth.
Either unit is great.
Harken is a little better than Karel, harder to recruit, better weapon.
To decide see if your guy or raven is stronger.
If raven is, choose Karel and vice versa
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