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(Erk) or (Pent)?

Im planning to make Erk a sage but then i remembered pent,
im already raising nino but is pent or erk better.

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Thanks everyone for th answer. highly appriciated.

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ScaredyLuigi answered:

No Erk means no anima magic until Chapter mid 20s. (Unless you REALLY like Priscilla)

However, Erk has a high potential for being RNG screwed while Pent is almost guaranteed to be good.

He also has a handy Staff rating.
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Wondergarcon answered:

Erk has a higher stamina, but Pent's final smash is more powerful
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Distant_Rainbow answered:

If raised, Erk beats Pent statwise IMO.

However, Pent's strong point is that he can use high-level staves from the start. something Erk and Nino will (almost) never be able to do. It all comes down to whether you love Physic staves that much, or not.
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gameguiy answered:

My erk has speed maxed out
but pent and louise together are almost unstopable.
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Sir_Demii answered:

Pent's better than Erk overall, but in the end, a well-trained Nino is better than both Erk and Pent.
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Noogy91 answered:

Personally I believe that leveling up Erk makes him better than Pent. In actuality a leveled up Erk and Pent are pretty equal so its more of a preference choice but I presonally liked Erk better.
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Asbel_Lhant answered:

Honestly, I was with pent, that comes in an excellent level of arms and is very easy to do subie levels
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rookiesensation answered:

Pent is a stable character but if your erk is at Pent's level when you got Pent, chances are Erk will have better stats than Pent. Though you'll need to train Erk's staff weaponry for it to weird high level staffs.
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thunderzap7 answered:

I didn't use it, never cared for Pent either, I trained Nino she turned out better than both (Non staff wise)
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MegaFireGamer answered:

Pent is better than Erk but Nino is by far the best when trained
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IronKramer answered:

Train Erk until you get to Pent, at that point compare their stats. Use the better until you get to Nino. Overall, Erk has more potential.
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MaxStar360 answered: many different answers. I'll try to help.

One thing I know for sure is if you Lundgren abuse Erk, you can fly through the first half of the game, which is cheating essentially, but very useful when you are doing repeated runs.
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magus_of_cookie answered:

Okay, for some reason aforementioned users are missing the point. They all say "Oh you have no anima user till mid 20's" or "Erk has slightly better stats".

Here is the crux of it.

In a HHM ranked run Pent absolutely dominates Erk (Even in a non ranked/Hnm/enm/whatevermode/ run)
Mainly because you don't have many guiding rings. At all. You have two iirc without secret shops, which kill your funds rank. So you probably want one for Lucius, your best light magic user, and probably a healer most likely Prissy because she has a horse.

So there they go, too bad for erk, he can no longer promote. But Pent comes in already a sage. So Pent>Erk.

Also you could just use erk until you get pent then swap them over?
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