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Where can I find (Silver Card)?

Hey, I'm looking for the Silver Card in this game. I've played through it in Eliwood mode, and stole it from one of the ch. 20's. However, when playing through Hector mode, I have yet to see it. Is it appears as an item from someone whom comes as a reinforcement? Or, does it come from a specific person? I looked throughly, and made sure I stole all the items I could get up to where I'm at.

Still, I would like to know, where the heck is it located? Thanks to all whom respond.

Forsaken_Knight provided additional details:

yeah, but, he didn't carry it when I was doing it, and I've reseted a bunch of times, thinking that it would. The thing is, I haven't played Hector/Eliwood hard mode. Only normal for Lyn/Hector/Eliwood, and Lyn hard mode. I got it during eliwood normal mode, so, there is where the confusion is. I thought that a reinforcement may have it in a different chapter. Sadely, I have exercised this to the point where I just don't know. My current goal is the max everyones level before the end of my gameplay in Hector normal mode.

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zack6pack answered:

You find it on Eliwood's Hard Mode on Chapter 18x and Hector's Hard Mode on Chapter 19x. You have to steal it from Aion. It only appears on the Hard Mode of each of those 2 story line
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Kirbix answered:

Maybe you're thinking of the member's card? That's stolen from a thief in chapter 19- Dragon's gate.

You cannot get the silver card in normal mode- only from Aion in one of the hard modes. If you did, that was most likely a glitch.
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